Swiss Journalist: Marine biologists now telling me there’s been a change in radioactive material coming from Fukushima — More and more strontium being detected in samples, not just cesium — Is gov’t testing for it… is it in our food? (VIDEO)

Published: March 21st, 2014 at 9:11 pm ET


Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Mar. 17, 2014 (at 59:00 in):

Journalist from Switzerland: I talked to some marine biologists a few days ago and they told me that in their samples they see a change in the mix of radionuclides. They’re saying proportionally there’s more and more strontium, not just cesium. The food checking here is purely on cesium, under the assumption there is very little else. But are the Japanese authorities actually measuring the right thing if they’re only focusing on cesium? Or are we getting in our food strontium and I don’t know what else which is simply not measured?

Yukiya Amano, IAEA: Sorry I don’t have the exact answer now. My recollection is that they are monitoring strontium, but the sea monitoring by various agencies in Japan, I do not know. I can’t give you an exact answer which Japanese agencies are monitoring strontium and if they do, in which depth and width. I do not want to mislead you. Sorry I don’t have the exact answer for now.

Journalist: Do you recommend doing it?

Amano: We are recommending the Japanese authority to follow the standard set by the IAEA […] but to be honest I do not know exact facts about this strontium monitoring for now.

See also: [intlink id=”senior-scientist-100-times-more-strontium-than-cesium-in-water-at-fukushima-plant-strontium-gets-into-your-bones-it-changes-the-equation-for-japanese-fisheries-not-too-concerned-u-s” type=”post”]Senior Scientist: 100 times more strontium than cesium in water at Fukushima plant — “Strontium gets into your bones… it changes the equation”[/intlink]

Watch the FCCJ event here

Published: March 21st, 2014 at 9:11 pm ET


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144 comments to Swiss Journalist: Marine biologists now telling me there’s been a change in radioactive material coming from Fukushima — More and more strontium being detected in samples, not just cesium — Is gov’t testing for it… is it in our food? (VIDEO)

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      True that combomelt….it seems to be a recurring theme, the press repeating stories that were on Enenews a year or more ago.

    • Read information from the right sources, that is.
      IAEA nukutainment brochures do not meet this requirement.

    • Cisco Cisco

      "ALL THIS JOURNALIST HAS TO DO IS read, read, read… sheesh"

      Journalist, where are the journalists? They've been replaced as stenographers disguised as journalists. These so called journalists are mere mouth organs for their lords; and, we aren't their lords.

    • OldFool

      We will be the last generation to remember the days when people could eat fish without fear of radiation. And the Pacific Ocean will gradually be lost as a food source for over two billion people. The human race is going to have to find a new source of food, or there will be a sudden and unpleasant reduction in the world's population that will hit mainly poor people – it will probably cause civil unrest and violence.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Ya..Thanks to people like James Conca…and all the other lairs of the industry.

        Waist deep in fish bones..

      • I'd love to call you "old fool", OldFool, but that would not be appropriate, considering the troubles the "old fuel" from NPPs (aka nuclear waste) is temporarily (read: for millions of years) causing here and there (read: everywhere on this beloved but polluted) planet of ours…

      • OldFool

        If anyone was not frightened before, then now would appear to be the moment to become just a little bit apprehensive for the future.

      • rogerthat

        soylent green, yum

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Rogerthat, you beat me to it, how bout some soylent green media whore stew . Feed the hungry and rid the world of the stupid lying fucktards at the same time. It's a win win. Ignorant fools, practiced in the art of deception, sending the sheep to slaughter, not even realizing they're part of the doomed flock. Why is mankind so hellbent on self destruction? Is there even anymore options for us? Wtf? There's like 99 radioisotopes and their daughters and whatever's made when you mix them in a slurry and they're testing for just one. I'm sorry, I have to go have a Tourettesy screaming fit, I'll be back later.

  • bluetick

    Well the answer to your question is "well of course your getting more, most likely some stuff they dont even have a test for but not to worry too much, as most likely its to late if you are having to rely on my answer this far down the road…"

  • RonM RonM

    C'mon everybody we all need to start smiling a lot more and get everyone else to smile to if we are going to have any chance of stopping this disaster!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    If we don't all smile we fry and die!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Marine biologists find Strontium and Cesium in seafood.

    End of story. Don't eat it.

    • Sparky Sparky

      TheBigPicture, We have many voices here on Enenews and I love them all (Ok, the "S" creature was the exception, but still educational). I always appreciate your "cut-to-the-chase" summative posts. In case we get lost in the details (of which there are many) you're always there to put things into perspective. You are a pillar of strength and clarity here on Enenews–Thank you! 🙂

    • Ontological Ontological

      Let us not forget the huge levels of PU in Oysters/shellfish.

    • So simple, yet so many people cling to their version of normalcy and continue eating seafood.

      Biomagnification, people.

      For the rest of us, hope you are all taking nutritional precautions other than just avoiding fish. Take calcium to prevent strontium from getting into your bones, potassium for cesium.

      Remember also that because there were airborne releases, and seawater prevents some uptake of cesium in fish (potassium in the water prevents some uptake), freshwater fish may actually be more contaminated with cesium than ocean fish.

      Now that a bazillion bq of cesium has been released into the Pacific Ocean, I'm not confident that will remain the case, but best to avoid eating fish in general.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Been so long I forgot what fish/seafood tastes like.

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        I have to question that speculation: "freshwater fish may actually be more contaminated with cesium than ocean fish." Do you have any reason to believe that? There's plenty of evidence of marine life suffering and having measured with higher than normal levels, but I have yet to hear of freshwater dwellers being affected.

        A substantial part of the fallout went into the ocean, adding to the waterborne contamination. Probably a much smaller amount of it came over (and continues to fall out onto) the mainland of N. America, so it's likely there were/are pockets of concentrated radionuclides, some of which is bound to join the watershed. But the likelihood of lakes, rivers and streams being contaminated seems to me far less than what has been happening continuously in the ocean. I'm guessing the chances of the freshwater fish being unsafe to eat would be far less, as well.

        Funny thing, though — I am unable to locate any freshwater fish to buy in my area (not even frozen).

  • slayer454 slayer454

    Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself

  • _Anonymous_ _Anonymous_

    Fukushima Our World Threat-Anonymous

  • weeman

    For the next 100 years or more strontium levels will increase year by year, we already have established this on enenews long time ago, just review the post by combo melt at top of page, nice to see the journalists catching up, but you have a long way to get to the cutting edge, keep reading enenews for a education.

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO decided not to test for Strontium because there is nothing they can do about stopping it. Consumers are considered collateral damage when a nuke plant fails.

  • Folks I have some skills that go beyond analysis, and that begets a huge trust in intuition.

    And I feel that in terms of nuclear that we are approaching a tipping point.

    Please put in an hour a day towards the goal of tipping this the right way.

    Tip it

    Tip it good

  • Sparky Sparky

    The US will accept the seafood and other food imports that the Japanese find unfit to eat, given that our levels for "acceptable" radioactive contamination in food is 12X more lax than Japan's.

    • Hillary did that, and don't forget that. I have no problems with having a female president. But not her.

      • Sol Man

        Just can't have too much poison for the People.
        How utterly despicable and soulless of her.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Has anyone seen that movie Knocking on the Devil door. It was where I learned about Price Anderson and it had a part about how Hillary and some other very powerful people all laughingly called themselves nukies. Great movie if yall can find it.

  • chevvvy chev

    There is no change in the radioactive material coming from fukushima
    its all toxic at the atomic level
    Fuku=fuku too!

  • We Not They Finally

    If the Director General of the IAEA had no facts, as he CLAIMED, then why was he even there? All he should have received is a citizens' indictment, not a forum and a platform.

    • Huuwah! I got to get to one of these meetings. Promise you will bail me out because they won't haven't option after they hear my arguments against them.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    I'm not sure how many here have ever heard of the suicide forest in Japan (link included) but sadly there will be another one called the Fukushima Prefecture. Some Japanese will purposefully go there to kill themselves and others will move back in one day believing their government that all things are well thereby unknowingly doing the same. Very sad.

  • Strontium is the Bogeyman, it has a wicked one two punch and a biological half life of 333 years….longer than its activity "gone away life"

    Longer than your life.

    Nice write up here. Spread the word. Tip it now, Tip it good.

    • Angela_R

      stock, "Strontium is the Bogeyman", well it does travel along with cesium and is said to cause the problems you have detailed, but then you come across this:
      Perhaps a case of 'when is a little too much?'

      Personally, I view Plutonium and its offspring as the devil's own. Plutonium was once non-existent in our environment. MadMan thought he was God and developed a process for destruction.

      There were three kinds of plutonium identified in the surrounding soil at Fukushima, shortly after the explosions in the first few days.

      Plutonium was in the Chernobyl reactors. I suspect Plutonium (and/or its mutants,) is to blame for major genetic damage, causing devastation to the future 'unborn'.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        OMG! Are they actually marketing that to people?!!! They should be shot!

        • Sparky Sparky

          RE: Stronium nutritional supplement: I logged-on for the live chat. Here is the "conversation":
          [Sparky, "SP"] OK, thanks, I was just logging-out as I gave up after a 12 min. wait. Question: why are you selling Stronium as a bone supplement? I understand this to be deadly! What is the source of the Stronium?

          [rep]What's the item number of the one you are asking about?

          [Sp.] Hmmm…I'm not sure of the item number. Can you look it up?
          [rep] Sure, one moment.
          [Sp.] Thanks!
          [rep] I looked one up, and here's some information on it: It's molecularly similar to calcium and is found in healthy bones and teeth. Strontium Citrate is a dietary form for supplementation; but because of its close molecular ties to calcium, it competes with absorption. That's why we recommend taking a quality calcium supplement along with our Strontium Citrate.

          [Sp.]Thank you. Is this the same Stronium 90 that is released from Nuclear Power Plants? Have your tested for purity?

          [rep] There was no information about it being harmful, just certain restrictions on certain people who shouldn't take it.
          [rep] All of our products get tested so we can guarantee them for their purity and potency. No, this is not some product we'd from a by-product of nuclear power plants. It's a mineral, that would be sourced naturally.

          [Contnued below]

          • Sparky Sparky

            [Stronium supplement continued]
            Thanks, [rep name] I didn't know that Stronium was a natural product. It may/may not be, I just am not sure. The stuff from the nuclear power plants is scary–it mimics calcium but lodges in bone and later causes bone cancer. Is there a difference in the composition of the Stronium you sell vs. the Stronium 90 that is produced from nuclear power plants? (I don't know enough about this to know whether the numbers after "Stronium" mean something in particular.)

            [rep] I'm not familiar with the one that's emited from nuclear power plants, but I'm sure it's very different from what the one people take as a vitamin supplement.

            [Sp.]With the recent nuclear disasters at Fukushima, Japan and now at the waste storage facility in New Mexico, people are becoming more aware of the radioactive emissions, such as Stronium 90. Having adequate calcium is a good thing to reduce the chances of absorbing nuclear Stronium 90, so perhaps it would be advisable if Swanson was to differentiate between the deadly Stronium 90 and your product.

            [rep] That's a great idea! Thank you for your input!

            [Sp.] You're welcome. But please double check as this is a great concern among people and it would be helpful to be very clear about your product and sources. Thanks much!
            [rep] You're welcome! Have a great night!
            [Sp.] You too!
            [rep] Thank you! If there is nothing else I can help you with right now, thank you for contacting Swanson Health Products.

            • Sparky Sparky

              Question: Is Stronium a natural mineral product???

            • Angela_R

              Hi Sparky and PurpleRain,

              I have done an online search and it appears the artificial isotope produced from nuclear reactions is Strontium 90. I gather that it is only the stable isotopes that are used in the vitamin supplement; not Strontium 90. However check out the link below. The numbers denote the particular isotopes.

              If I have read correctly Strontium has four stable isotopes and a further sixteen which are unstable. Wikipedia has quite a comprehensive article here:

            • bo bo

              So strange…and I'm confused… so the verdict is not out on if this 'natural stable Strontium' is ok to be included in supplements…?

              When an isotope is 'stable' then it is not radioactive, correct?

              Does this mean there exists 'stable' cesium and 'stable' plutonium and so on…? Or is this Strontium – specific thing? Sorry, my science knowledge is beyond basic.

              • Angela_R

                hi bo, I'm also struggling. I studied the nuclear process over fifty five years ago; the knowledge presented then was limited.
                Re: "when an isotope is 'stable' that means then it is not radioactive, correct?
                As I understand, yes. However I am no expert.

                If you go to the index in the link at wikipedia, and click on isotopes, you will see that one of the four, strontium 87, is said to be radiogenic. Radiogenic nuclides can be radioactive or stable. Strontium87 was said to be stable. however I gather that in the decay process 'daughters' can be born.

                As I understand:
                Uranium, which is an element with 6 known naturally occurring isotopes, none of which are stable. (There are many, many more isotopes of Uranium that are artificial)
                Thorium also has 6 natural occurring isotopes, none of which are stable. When an atom of Uranium or thorium is split, they become agitated.

                A 'mined' element is not the same as the element that has endured the nuclear process. The nuclear process engages in a type of fragmentation.

                Please note, as I have stated, I am no expert in nuclear chemistry. However imo, I believe that it is the failure of the proponents of nuclear reactions to understand the chemistry, that has produced the dangers the world has failed to face and which continue to multiple, from the 'splitting of atoms.'

                • bo bo

                  Thank you Angela_R, thought I was going crazy.
                  I looked at your wiki link and it just makes me cross eyed.
                  If anybody can figure out this 'stable strontium' thing, please, do share !

                  • Angela_R

                    Hi again Bo,
                    just ferreting in the recess called my mind for an understandable explanation, so perhaps this thought may help:

                    the natural components of an element are found with 'companions' e.g. as ores or compounds. But the nucleus of each element has remained intact. However, the nuclear process attacks the nucleus of the element. That is what I see as causing the instability.

          • Great stuff Sparky, that is activism, not just ranting to the choir!

            • Sparky Sparky

              Thanks, Stock, Angela_R and PurpleRain. Hereafter, I'll try to get the spelling correct: "Strontium," not "Stronium". 😉

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Went there Stock….I deem this one as a MUST READ!
      Left me not so hungry for breakfast (gut grabbing!).

    • Angela_R

      Stock, those charts on your blog provide a good source of information, thank you.

  • rogerthat

    In answer to the question: ''Can you give us any estimate at all on the amount of people who have died as a result of nuclear contamination since the industry started?''

    Amano: ''I know none by the direct impact of the Fukushima-Daichi accident at this time.
    There are a number – two, i remember two – in the case of the Tokai accident in Japan
    There were some tens of deaths in the case of Chernobyl, they are the firefighters and others
    There were some deaths some 100 years ago among the researchers – at that time people did not know of the harm – but the number of deaths by radiation is quite limited.''

    He also said: ''I understand that the earthquake was not the direct cause of the FD accident but rather the tsunami.''

    –in case anyone was wondering.

  • Shaker1

    One has to wonder if the statement from this journalist is representative of how informed the normal journalists really are. He spoke to marine biologists without getting having background into what they may be talking about? Does one really have the ability to pose critical questions without that background and do anything but report what one's told, or even know what one is being told? "Hey, Mr. Biologist, could you please spell strontium for me? I'm not familiar with the word, and want to be accuate…"

    "The food checking here is purely on cesium, under the assumption there is very little else."

    I'd bet he'd really be overwhelmed with the long list of what's really coming from Fukushima, no less the honest quantities.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Circa 1980, journalism majors had a vocational focus…how to write a story that the average US 8th grader could read and comprehend.

      They spent a lot of time developing the skills of how to get a text message across to the typical 13 year old.

      Another focus topic was to get a "well rounded education" instead of "over specializing" like the math/science/engineering types.

      "Well rounded" would eventually become synonymous with "definitely not sharp".

      The liberal arts curriculum set them up to know very little about a wide range of topics.

      They also had the perception (see my previous post this thread) that their newspaper job after college was going to have them making a positive influence on the spread of information in the public's best interest.

      The highest form of blasphemy in their religion was to imply that the so called "news" they were disseminating was only there to get eyeballs on the advertisements.

      Fast forward 30+ years…..
      Talking heads require little to no college education.
      Or media experience.(Matt Lauer comes to mind.)

      The MSM is much more like "I am not a doctor but I play one in a TV show" so you should give credence to what I have to say about blah-blah-blah.

      The modern day reporter does not have time to learn about the topic he/she is going to be covering. Editors have them scrambling just to keep their job, vs getting the story right.

  • rogerthat

    Those are the things he does know. However, he is a bit unclear about the ins and outs of strontium emissions and the testing that is being done for it at Fukushima:
    ''Sorry I dont have the exact answer now''
    ''I do not know''
    ''I cant give you an exact answer''
    ''I do not want to mislead you''
    ''Sorry I dont have the exact answer for now''
    ''to be honest I don't have the exact facts''

    But who cares about strontium? If, on the IAEA's count, fewer than 100 people have died of radiation in the last 110 years, who in the hell cares about strontium, plutonium, caesium, iodine and the 2001 other dalmations that make up the nuclear puppy farm? What's all the fuss about? Why are people getting their knickers in a twist, why are tens of millions of tonnes of radioactive waste a problem, why bother with spent fuel pools, why not just let all those rads roam free, like the bison, across the endless plains?
    Oh, i forgot, they are almost extinct.

  • Shaker1

    Got me so upset that I can't spell 'accurate'…

    Must be the phase of the moon, huh?

  • New Mexico pulled a draft permit for WIPP to expand, do less testing, and increase to even more dangerous items.

    I wrote this to the NM WIPP Project Manager, please do the same
    Trais Kliphuis, WIPP Project Manager
    New Mexico Environment Department
    Phone: (505) 476-6000
    Hazardous Waste Bureau
    Fax: (505) 476-6060
    2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505-6303


    Good work on pulling that permit!

    The WIPP is already operating outside the bounds of a Pilot Project.

    500,000 barrels is NOT a pilot project.

    And they have lied to the public and endangered their employees.

    Radiation IS NOT good business, find another way to make a living.


    • earthsmith earthsmith

      stock you are a trooper! We are fortunate to have you and all others here on our side. Thankyou and keep TIPPing IT!

  • tpak tpak

    It's there with all the other baddies….they know it & we know it….period.

  • jec jec

    Have a 10 yr old grandchild living on the West Coast USA. She has BROKEN her arms three times in the past two years. Doctors dont seem concerned, but say its is "unusual." She has good bone density per xray, but bones broke when she was playing at school. No other health issues seen. Anyone else know of children with bone issues showing up on the west coast? Stronium can make brittle bones as one 'side effect.' This is our new Real World Order, worry about our children's health; if they are having increased health problems, we will never know what to do!

    • Crickets Crickets

      jec, there are reports of a polio-like illness that is showing up in California. It's causing paralysis in children.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Yes, my son just broke his arm and my daughter keeps telling me her legs hurt. Did you read today about global untreatable TB. Over half the kids in the elementary were diagnosed with strep this year. And my daughter's white blood cell count has been low, the doctor's are mystified.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Lyme .. Not sure about bone breaking though

      • All are exact body signs of radiation poisoning.

        Can also be labeled as many other issues..

        white blood cell count dropping; low dose radiation

        bones hurting; low dose radiation

        bones break easily; low dose radiation

        whole body internal radiation count that has a lower limit of 10 Bq/kg, not the 300 plus that the Japanese are doing.

        Harm starts happening at 10Bk/kg, and permanent harm plus lesions happens at 50bk/kg.. according to Chernobyl studies on 300,000 kids.

        This is why all nations radiation limits of 100 to 1200 bq/kg are completely criminal.. it is a 'legalized' death sentence, nothing more.

    • jec jec

      Strep in schools broken bones, pain in bones. Now what could cause that–radiation! Where do you live Melting Mermaid?

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Be careful od child protective services .. But yes strontium affects the bones , calcium

  • “It was a mixture of patriotism and ignorance, I guess.”

    60 years later and the patriotism and ignorance still rules.

    I had an uncle that worked for Boeing at Kwajelin involved in the ICBM testing, now dead of cancer…….

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Can't recall, not sure, don't remember, I will have to check, I don't know,….kind of like all that dirty bomb material….huh IAEA. Wait, what, who, where?
    Good Times…."it's dynamite"

  • It is precisely for this reason – spiking strontium levels – that North Americans need to start an ONGOING program of testing water, kelp, fish etc along the west coast.

    Current projections of contamination levels are based on strontium-cesium ratios of samples taken in 2011. These samples will under-estimate (perhaps grossly) actual strontium levels:

    Keep up the great work everyone!

    I wish I had more time to participate in discussions.

    • Socrates

      Testing a glass of milk for 90Sr costs just under $500. Too cheap to meter? Too expensive to test for is more like it. Demand testing for and disclosure of 90Sr in milk from your local politicians to see if they even care about children.

      Children use hundreds of times more calcium than do adults for developing teeth and bones. The children are sponges for 90Sr, especially through mother's milk, the most basic succor of all mammals….

      Time to renew the Tooth Fairy studies. Those studies in the early Sixties led to a ban on above-ground testing. Repeating those studies would lead to abandoning nuclear power.

      It is past time to vet all political candidates on his/her position on nuclear energy. Single issue politics works well on abortion and "gun rights." Just say "no" to nuclear energy.

      Put ALL politicians on the spot and publicize ALL political campaign contributions to that candidate from the nuclear industry.

      Our survival as a species depends on the extent to which we can focus light on this issue.

      I corner each politician on the city, state and federal level on the nuclear level. I then make a public record of their position.

      Hard to weasel out of that!!!! Who cares what the "Party" wants? I care about children, not the Party…

      Thanks for all you do, Majia. Others, too.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I think there is one going on now , my computer cannot do favorites and store all I find but I did read it it maybe

    • All that is fine, but what about testing kids?

      The low dose radiation is accumulating in kids gradually over time, building up.

      The ONLY way to detect this and track it over time and monitor the radiation buildup is with internal whole body radiation scans.

      Testing food, water and soil is ok, but will tell you NOTHING about what is going on inside kids, the most vulnerable.

  • Nick

    The Chernobyl accident, perhaps surprisingly, was of considerable interest to oceanographers around the world. The accidental release of substantial amounts of radioactivity to the atmosphere essentially initiated a worldwide transient tracer experiment on a scale that would never have been planned deliberately. Shortly after the accident, fission and activation products released by the fire entered marine waters throughout Europe. They became involved in many of the elemental cycles that oceanographers have for decades been trying to characterize using a wide variety of conventional techniques. Suddenly, immediately after the Chernobyl accident, a suite of radioactive tracers became available as a pulse to trace, rather like a coloured dye, the movement of elements through the oceans. IAEA-MEL scientists took part in this exciting and serendipitous experiment through temporal radionuclide monitoring of both the coastal and open ocean ecosystems"

  • Nick

    ….exciting and serendipitous experiment….???

    All you need to know about the the IAEA.

    How are they going to describe the Fukushima Experiment?

    …dazzling and once in a life time opportunity to study the demise of ecosystems worldwide…?

    • Sol Man

      There never was a need for a super computer to ascertain the trajectory of this failed technology. We knew it, they new it, we all new it- and yet it was done anyway. Follow the money!

  • Dick Shenary

    It should be very clear by now that the government and their publicity agencies (MSM) have no intention of protecting US citizens from nuclear contaminants regardless of where the contaminants came from. Fukushima is a major contaminant source for the west coast, WIPP is now a source for the southwest, and Hanford continues to be a threat in Washington State. We should not be surprised by this response as the US government and assorted corporations developed all things nuclear after winning a tight race with the Nazis to develop nuclear weapons. The US government then went on to push this technology onto the rest of the world. The government continues to this day with their new thorium reactor technology being touted as one of the answers for climate change.

    I think it is time to stop pestering the US government to do its most important job of protecting the citizens. We must learn to protect ourselves and our families because clearly the government has a different agenda.

  • Dick Shenary

    So to whom can we turn to? What other human organizations have power and wealth?
    Possible answer – The Churches! One of the universal goals of almost all religions is the
    reduction of human suffering. Here is a human suffering issue that the churches can really
    sink their teeth into if only they can relate to a present day problem. Many Christians believe
    that Jesus will return to the earth and resolve any technical problems we may be having. This
    type of belief offers no current contaminant protection whatsoever. Here is the idea: for
    those of you who still do attend a church or synagogue, raise your concerns with your pastor,
    priest, or rabbi. For example, before Easter Catholic Christians have Lenten fish dinners every
    Friday night or at least this religious practice is urged by all local priests. Talk to your priests
    and tell them about the contaminants now just arriving on our west coast shores. Tell them
    that until systematic fish testing has been set-up, it would be prudent to source their fish
    from the Atlantic ocean. I don't like sounding cynical, but once the churches figure out that a
    major health care crisis will cut into their donations because the people need all of their
    income for health care, they will act and put alot of pressure on the US government. I plan on
    respectfully requesting an audience with the Pope to discuss this issue. Yes, this issue is that

    In my opinion, it is time to wake up all citizens of the…

  • Dick Shenary

    In my opinion, it is time to wake up all citizens of the earth before it is too late.

    • Socrates

      Agreed on all points.

      The churches have sidestepped the nuclear poisoning of fetuses while preaching against harming the unborn. Total hypocrisy!

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          You are correct VanneV, but it is only a handful and not the most prominent ones that could have a worldwide impact(pope). Kind of like our so called political leaders. I have engaged religious people about Fukushima/ nuclear energy not much different than most other folks I engage. Like other aspects of society I feel most people do it to save face or be a part of something… You know like don't rock the boat. I have nothing against religion but I do have something against any group that feels it is above the rest and has the right to dictate how other people should live their life through self proclaimed righteousness. Unfortunately this is the case with all civilizations. I feel Dick Shenary's point and idea are valid.

          @Socrates, I have had an idea for a while to stand next the abortion clinic protesters with posters and signs of deformed, stillborn babies from nuclear crap just don't have the means to get big poster style stuff printed yet but working on it! And a bullhorn. I figure if they never get arrested I might be able to avoid some expensive bail and jail time. Two for one.

  • Nick

    Don't tell me there aren't studies that expensive computer models have described about awol reactor cores.

    Calculate the amount of material in atmospheric testing, assume residual levels of St-90 from that era.


    Match levels today Fukushima's load – residual levels = Fukushima Experiment.

    No one needs a doctorate in piling it higher and deeper in anything to understand that Strontium-90 levels increase over time.

    Why the hell do you think we protested atmospheric testing all those decades ago?

    Ya gotta know the history of the atomic age to know what's ahead.

    Think of Fukushima Experiment as a massive dirty bomb, endlessly poisoning the biosphere.

    The SCALE, folks. Look at the scale of this fiasco.

    If the Japanese ALPS doesn't filter ST-90 it is a sham.

    To focus on cesium134/137 is a crime.

    Then there are the 1000s of other goodies discharging 24/7, oozing and puffing from the awol cores and fuel piles.

  • Chief

    I have been reading these articles and comments for awhile now and it is apparent that the oceans are wasted. The gulf is a mess and our nutrient sources in the oceans can't be trusted.

    I have started gardening indoors because the wind is carrying bad dust from NM to the plains and beyond. I think that we can also provide an information source to people who are looking for ways to continue on and feed themselves without fear.

    The source of fertilizers is of primary concern to me. I can compost, but farming has moved to heavy use of herbicides and that will kill your plant

    • Hey Chief, have you checked out aquaponics yet? It really seems like the ideal way to fertilize your plants:

      As the video explains, fish poop gets converted to nitrates by bacteria in the grow beds, and then the nitrates are taken up by the plants, with 'dirty' water being pumped from the fish tanks to the plant beds, and clean/filtered water being pumped from the plants back to the fish tanks.

      That video is a good example of how people are getting awesome results with very little $ spent. It is particularly cool too that you can be growing fish at the same time as you grow fruits and veggies, but if you are 100% vegetarian, you can still just use happy little gold fish if you want. The video shows how you can even set up a tiny grow-bed and aquarium in your house, to not only filter the fish's water but also get super-fresh lettuce year round.

      Obviously, what's particularly interesting from a Fukushima perspective is that the system is a closed loop that can easily be cut off from external pollution sources 🙂

      • P.S.: although it isn't mentioned in that video on aquaponics, you do generally need to add some minerals over time (ex: iron in a form that can be taken up by the plants and fish), since you are removing finite minerals each time you harvest your plants and fish from the closed loop (open air) system.

      • SnorkY2K

        A high school in Rockford Illinois is doing aquaponics and is growing yellow perch which is a good dinner fish and does not risk being an invasive species since it is native to Illinois. The class raises money by selling the fruit, veggies, and fish. Personally, I am still doing the hydroponics. But, I am interested in adding the fish.

  • Chief

    That will kill your plants if it gets into the compost. Kelp is now worthless. Any salts mined in the US is worthless. Chemical fertilizers are just bad.

    So what to do? I hope that others on this board have been trying different ways of producing fertilizer that isn't bad for you and doesn't rely on chemicals or organics that are compromised.

    Maybe there is a different place on the forum to talk about this. The organic forums are still pushing kelp and fish. Not good.


    • Socrates

      Trees fall in the forests around Chernobyl but do not rot, according to.a recent article in National Geographic Magazine reviewing a scientific study of this. Therefore, the bacteria and fungi that would compost are threatened by radionuclides from melted down reactors. This is a question of degree. Artificial fertilizers also carry radionuclides. Tobacco is an example of this contamination through use of artificial fertilizers. I would still compost but avoid fish meal unless you know it is safe or not absorbed by plants. Also, cover your plants and soil with plastic sheets to avoid deposition of 137Cs.

    • jcfougere jcfougere

      There is nothing you can do except practice the BIO-INTENSIVE method of organic growing, which allows you to produce your own soil.

      There is no way for you to avoid your crops getting a "dusting" of rads, unless you grow indoors and use filtered water, but then you are needing to bring in soils which would also be contaminated.

      We all have to accept that we are absorbing Cesium and others, and our best defense as far as that goes it to consider yourself a cancer patient now, and do all that you can to help your body reduce it's toxic load.

      Google the Gerson Therapy and go from there.

      I have to seriously consider whether to have children or not…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I've used seaweed for thirty or so years ..great stuff , main already has as of 2012 cesium 137 and that's been around for over 50 years never hurt my plants made them awsume ..but also is cesium 154 that's from fuku ..but to tell if cesium is presenting itself what other nasties as rads are there .. From fuku that is ..there haven't been any tests since then though too .. I soak my sea weed in water for a day with a hose on washing out the salt . Then compost it

  • Nick


    What if some of the warming in the ocean is due to the lack of plankton?

    Is the Polar Vortex shifted in part due to this death zone in the Pacific?

    Don't know, but my gut tells me something is a miss.

    Must be The Fukushima Experiment.

  • GQR2

    The Conference is getting rolling
    ..looks promising 🙂
    Fukushima Solutions in Austin Tx. two days. sat-sun. 9-7pm.
    lots of good speakers 🙂

  • lam335 lam335

    Does anyone know what the explanation is for why Sr contamination is going up relative to Cs contamination? I know there's a lot of Sr in the water that is leaking every where. Is the explanation that Cs was mainly spewed out by the initially releases c. 3/11, but the strontium is slowing leaching from the fuel/corium being in contact with ground water and with the cooling water that is then being leaked and dumped?


      there's some articles, lam335, that ran here on ENENEWS about two months ago, where they discovered unexpectedly high levels of Sr in the monitoring wells; that it was now making its way towards the open sea. From what I gathered from others, the transition has to do with coreum activity and expected progression of radionuclide production. They say the uptick in Strontium production was premature and not expected so early on. This hints there's a lot going on that few could've predicted with these meltdowns. While I hope I've been of some help, others, far more knowledgeable in the physics, are welcome to develop a more comprehensive picture for you…

  • Nick

    Where did the nuclear cores go?

    They went fission.

    The awol cores have been working overtime to create a slew of goodies.

    Strontium-90 is expected to increase.

    Remember, the ALPS system doesnot filter ST-90.

    Bone seeker.

  • CaptD CaptD

    One of the BIG reasons the Japanese are not trying to capture contaminated water is that if they do they will increase the concentration of radioactive pollution in their ground water and sea water measurements.

    They are between the Nuclear Rock and the ☢ Hard Place; since either way they turn they will end up with enormous amounts of radioactive pollution that they continually deny because it will destroy the Nuclear Industry by ending the use of Nuclear power plants in Japan and/or probably the rest of the World!


  • Dick Shenary

    It is time for action. Spread the word. People will not want to hear or discuss this issue because they think that there is nothing that they can do. Not true! They must begin to learn about diet and radiation protection. They should know at what radiation level indicates that it is time for relocation. By the way, does anyone have an opinion as to what this level is in CPM for young children? Please don't say zero as this level is no longer possible.

  • safelyiniowa safelyiniowa

    There is a very relevant study out of Chernobyl. Seems the elevated background radiation is greatly affecting the bottom of the food chain. In this case bacteria and fungi that normally cause dead vegitation to decay. Simply put, they are not causing normal decay of plant matter. Note that the effect on decay happened with uncontaminated samples. It wasn't limited to contamination taken in from contaminated plant matter!

    I would expect similar effects on marine life like plankton.

    Read more here:

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Thanks I've been posting about this in another forum here …what does it say about composting ..but studies need to be done now on stunted vegetable growth

  • Low Dose Radiation Causes Oxygen Depletion Globally, Kills Trees, Corals, Fish, Algae; via @AGreenRoad

  • Nick

    It's another cold morning…

    Caught some thread bits related to decomposition of carbon materials.

    For the past three years, I have noticed stuff staying un-rotted on and in soils.

    It's subtle, but my years of gardening experience tells me there is a shift in the ecosystems. I find bits of manure that normally would get humus-ified, but instead, just sit there.

    Heavy litter drops noticed also.

    If soil bacteria are altered on a planetary scale, I can't begin to comprehend what also is going on.

    Cesium is NOT cesium-134 or cesium-137.

    The key to this mess is understanding electron/neutron/proton decay and interactions.

    TATAL tale. Toxic at the atomic level, biological processes interupted and cellular transport mechanisms altered.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose offering of finality.

    Fukushima radiation near Half Moon Bay? State health officials offer final verdict

    Something about different and types of soil..and this and all that.. different radiation levels in the soil.. a total deflection of the plume of radiation that is supposed to/has arrived.

    Oooh…black streaks and red streaks.

    Record this well.. my friends.

    "As for Miramar, Vetter said he wouldn't hesitate to let his children play in the sand, which is what Anne Crossman was doing Friday afternoon. She stayed away after the video first came out, but once the Fukushima link was debunked, she decided any risks were outweighed by the physical and emotional benefits to her four children, ages 1 to 8, of playing by the ocean."

    Keep a list of those willfully exposing the people..
    Mark it well.

    • GQR2

      The Nuke collaborators hate that raw video made of the high and probably higher now radiation. And people are so gullible,wanting some big daddy or mommy to tell them its all ok. Well its not ok. The radiation is very high and many of these poor kids are going to get sick…soon. Write down these lying fuks names. They are criminals to take advantage of people's lack of knowledge this way.

      The least they could do is say there are risks. blah blah blah..minimize like they do , but at least state the fact that there is most definitely big risks on the sea side. Damn 'em. cowards all.

    • Left a comment, y'all please leave some comments there also

      A huge issue is whether any of this radiation is going to become internal in those kids. It matters by a factor of 20 to 500 times more dangerous if it becomes internal.

      AND it matters a lot more because they are kids, their cells are replicating often and every cell zapped by radiation could become a mutation, a cancer, or just a lousy cell.

      Here is the study on why internal radiation is so much worse, its important, and just 1 page, check it out, stop biting on the lies.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dear Mr. Vetter,
    A real parent doesn't give a rat's arse what you think.
    They'll make their own decisions.
    And if mistakes are made ..may they be on the side of caution.
    A statement of finality is premature.

    PS.Wait for it.

    Heart of the Rose

    • GQR2

      Children will lose their parents early because of their inability to tell the people of the very real deadly risks. This is a conspiracy in plain sight. Do not trust these authorities the average person out there, the science,their own families,the ocean,the ocean's creatures are not their clients. They lie in the service of a pay check,maybe threats in some cases on their lives..not this bunch though. This is their specialty not science but PERCEPTION management of the science.