Japan gov’t: Agency funding project to monitor online info about Fukushima crisis — Around the clock monitoring of “blogs on nuclear power” and “Twitter accounts”

AFP: Fukushima parents extremely worried for children’s health — I want to know if my baby’s illness is from radiation (VIDEO)

Radioactive ash at 70,000+ bq/kg found near Tokyo — Collected in late June and early July

Japanese professor: “Soil contamination is spreading in the city” 60 km from Fukushima plant — “Evacuation must be conducted as soon as possible”

TEPCO shares now under $2 — “Share price will just steadily trend towards zero”

Japan bans radioactive green tea from area 40 miles SOUTHWEST of Tokyo

Hong Kong finds radioactive iodine in fish — Almost 2,000 miles from Fukushima

Fire breaks out at Fukushima Dai-ni nuclear plant — Started in basement near Reactor No. 1

70,000 more “must evacuate around Fukushima” — Contamination up to several million Bq/m2

Move Japan’s parliament to Fukushima says lawmaker

Tester finds radioactivity levels up to 50 times maximum limit on container from Japan at Dutch port — “Could be dangerous”

Dutch find radioactivity in container from Japan, AFP, May 6, 2011

More plutonium found in Fukushima Daiichi soil – Detected in four samples

Fukushima: plutonium detected again on the power station site, AFP, April 6, 2011