Army Corps warns of forecast calling for up to 3 inches of rain in Missouri River basin — Record dam releases to continue as reservoirs “so close” to crest

Army Corps predicts Missouri River will overflow up to 70 more levees

Spillway gates at Big Bend Dam now closed to inspect how water has affected the structure: “We expect repairs when this is done” — June was first time in dam’s history that gates had been opened during a flood

Corps stopping releases at Big Bend Dam upstream of nuke plants to check for possible erosion — High release rates have caused erosion around spillways

NRC concerned about what would happen if a dam fails upstream from Nebraska nuke plants — They’ve had some ‘issues’ corps tells Omaha official

Senator concerned about massive dams upstream from Nebraska nuke plants — Army Corps alludes to ‘issues’ that are being monitored closely

4 to 5 more inches of water at Nebraska nuke plants after 7% flow increase from dam: Army Corps of Engineers

Army Corps worried they are running out of space in dams on Missouri River, forcing even more releases: “At this point, we have very little flexibility remaining”