Little Chance: TEPCO expects to miss decontamination goal at Fukushima plant

Method for cooling Reactor No. 3 “isn’t cutting it” — Using triple the water as No. 1 and 2; A ‘considerable’ amount of water is missing target

TEPCO says it has yet to be able to grasp “entire situation” at Fukushima — Will have to “drastically modify its plans”

Melted fuel in Reactor No. 3 appears to have burned through pressure vessel — Loaded with rods containing plutonium

Rapid meltdown happened at Reactors No. 2 and 3 — Indicated by black smoke at No. 3

New video of Reactor No. 3 spent fuel pool — But where are the fuel rods?

TEPCO unable to verify water levels at reactors No. 2 and 3 — Suspects water is leaking from damaged containment vessels

Japan nuclear agency says No. 1 reactor container may be leaking — Problem revealed after “unprecedented and potentially risky” flooding operation began

Kyodo, April 26, 2011 at 3:29 am EDT

Fukushima crisis level raised — Now 6 on INES scale