Canada nuke plant shuts down after two malfunctions — ‘Heavy water’ leaking for months unannounced to public

Canadian gov’t to test caribou for radiation levels from Fukushima — An attempt to answer questions by citizens

Marine biologist in Canada: Salmon species needs to be tested for radiation — Gov’t doesn’t want us to know

Paper: Group wants radiation tests done in Canada — Health Canada calls 300 times background levels of iodine-131 “minute”

B.C. Canada sees spike in number of sudden infant deaths — “Why so many of those have come up this year, we don’t know”

Canadian newspaper tries to get soil tested for radiation — Private companies, gov’t agencies, and universities all refused to get involved

IAEA expert predicts radioactive cesium will be carried across Pacific to West Coast of U.S. and Canada in one or two years

Workers enter Japan nuclear reactor building, AP, May 5, 2011

April 16 forecast shows radioactive cloud stretching from Texas to Canada

Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for April 15-April 19, 2011, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 15, 2011

Canadian political leader “shocked” by country’s Fukushima response — “Could not get answers”… Another accused of “fearmongering”

Elevated radiation levels detected in Canada, Globe and Mail, April 12, 2011

Local official in BC, Canada connects with pregnant moms and those with newborns after seeing radiation levels in rain rise steeply — “At the end of the day, the community’s health is at stake”

No-drink order in Old Massett, following radiation increase, Queen Charlotte Islands Observer, April 8, 2011

Chernobyl coverup in Canada revealed by local BC official — “My hair stood straight up” when told not to worry about radiation from Fukushima

“They found two types of radiation were at the danger level”

Should Canada be concerned about radiation from Fukushima? Doctors, local officials say yes

Member of Canada’s legislative assembly says “I’d be very hesitant in saying everything is safe”

Canada: Local official advising residents not to drink rainwater after tests find increasing radioactivity — Under pressure from Gov’t to stop testing

“Many elders in the community like to make their tea with rainwater and others have rainwater systems that supply their homes”

Vancouver, Canada radiation tests show iodine-131 in rainwater at almost 100 times above US drinking water limit

Radiation from Japan reaches B.C. shores, Simon Fraser University Media Release

Canada suspends mobile radiation measurements around Vancouver, BC “until further notice” as radioactive cloud looms (VIDEO)

Nuclear Emergency Response, Health Canada, March 31, 2011

Physicians have “deep concern” about Canada being impacted by radioactive isotopes from Fukushima

US RadNet monitors are unlikely to detect radiation as close as twenty five feet above or beside them