AP: Strong quake rocks northeast Japan, centered off Fukushima

Series of quakes hit near Japan disaster zone — Magnitude 6.6 followed by 6.2

Strange: Spokesman says workers at Virginia nuke plant were preparing to manually shut down reactors after quake when system went into automatic shut down — Another spokesman says “it was a manual shutdown”

Emergency diesel generator fails at Virginia nuke plant hit by 5.9 quake

Company admits Virginia nuke plant only designed to withstand a magnitude 5.9 – 6.1 earthquake — Today’s quake was 5.9

Virginia nuke plant has lost offsite power after quake, generators being used to cool reactors — “As far as we know, everything is safe” says NRC

Paper: Fears of Fukushima-like nuclear disaster because quake centered just a few miles from an old nuclear power plant — Strongest to hit Virginia area since 1897

Quake rocks Washington DC area — 5.9-magnitude epicenter only 12 miles from Virginia nuke plant

Independent: The explosive truth behind Fukushima’s meltdown — New evidence suggests reactors doomed to fail

Japan government prepares plan to flee Tokyo -ABC News (Australia)

Japan is considering the possibility of creating a back-up capital city

“Stone-cold evidence that earthquake testing at US plants has been faked” — MORE: “Four nervous whistleblowers ready to tell their horror stories”

NYT: Fatal Radiation Level Found at Fukushima — “Exceeded” 10 sieverts per hour, measuring device was maxed out

6.2 quake hits Fukushima — 6.4 quake in same area Saturday

Fukushima plant evacuated after major quake hits northeastern Japan — Largest aftershock since massive tsunami

TEPCO halts reactor’s cooling system at Fukushima Daini after electrical sparks observed

Australia’s nuclear safety regulator decided there is no need to screen any more sea or air cargo arriving from Japan — Dock workers concerned about radiation exposure

“Japan issues tsunami advisory after strong 6.7-magnitude quake” hits off northeast coast

Japan’s recovery from Fukushima to be measured in centuries, judging by Chernobyl (VIDEO)

5.9 magnitude quake hits off Fukushima coast

Japanese gov’t report on Fukushima: “The situation has become extremely severe”

First photo released from inside Reactor No. 4 — Walls and pipes “charred black”

Japan gov’t now admits 40% of total Chernobyl radiation was released in just one week at Fukushima — Still a “wide margin of error”