Rapidly intensifying Hurricane Irene heading for Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina — Could become massive Category 4, up to 155 mph

Cops: Florida teen killed parents with hammer, had house party with bodies in bedroom — Father worked at St. Lucie nuke plant

Melbourne, Florida had highest iodine-131 reading of any CTBTO monitoring station in the world from March 22-23 (CHART)

Radionuclide Station 72 (USA Sud-Ost) in Melbourne, Florida is the light blue line with triangles

EPA: Florida rain has third most Cs-134 and fifth most I-131 of 72 samples taken in US

Precipitation, EPA RadNet Laboratory Data, April 13, 2011

SURFACE forecast shows radioactive Xenon-133 lingering over Florida, Eastern Gulf (VIDEO)

Fukushima potential releases from 0 to 100 meters above sea level March 21-25, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)

Japan quake so powerful it reached South Florida after 30 minutes