Japan gov’t to finally admit indefinite forced depopulation of large zones around Fukushima plant

186,000 bq/kg of radioactive cesium found 100 km from Fukushima plant

Radioactive iodine found in 50 percent of children’s thyroids — Up to 35 millisieverts (35,000 microsieverts)

Public anger “exploding” as Japanese discover more about gov’t downplaying spread of Fukushima radiation, health dangers

Radioactive Fish: All 21 samples caught 50+ km from Fukushima plant exceeded maximum cesium level

“Most” of the fuel at Reactor No. 3 may have breached vessel after melting down twice

ABC affiliate: “New and amazing things” being uncovered every day at Fukushima nuke plant — “Deadly Easter eggs” generating radiation higher than 10 Sv/hr

Tepco: Ultra-high radiation levels may be from melted fuel that leaked out of containment vessel (PHOTO)

New indoor radiation dose record at Fukushima — 5 sieverts per hour detected at Reactor No. 1 — May be higher as it exceeded capacity of measuring device

NYT: Fatal Radiation Level Found at Fukushima — “Exceeded” 10 sieverts per hour, measuring device was maxed out

NHK: TEPCO doesn’t know where melted fuel is at in reactors or actual level of radioactive particles still being released — About to start checking

U.S. commander in Japan says “the reactors exploded” after tsunami — “I could probably teach a course in nuclear reactors”

Document: 1600 Fukushima Workers Thought to Be Exposed to High Radiation

Typhoon increases level of radioactive water in Reactor No. 1 basement by 17 inches in a day — Likely to continue rising

NHK: “High levels of radioactivity found extensively” — Japan says air 150 km from Fukushima plant is as radioactive as areas close to meltdown

Japan nuclear expert warns of further radiation releases from Fukushima — Risks should be explained to nearby residents (VIDEO)

U.S. continues advising 50-mile no-go zone for Fukushima plant — “Citizens who are still within this zone should evacuate or shelter in place”

Indoor mushrooms contain 1,770 bq/kg of radioactive cesium — Gov’t “determining the cause”

Worse than a ‘melt through’ – a ‘melt out’? — See Graphic

1,800+ bq/kg radioactive cesium detected in tea 160 km from Fukushima plant

Trouble at Reactor No. 3: Unable to inject nitrogen in containment vessel to prevent hydrogen explosion

98.6% of time, air contamination around Fukushima plant is not measured — TEPCO says it lacks qualified personnel to “change the filters”