Radioactive iodine found in 50 percent of children’s thyroids — Up to 35 millisieverts (35,000 microsieverts)

166,000,000 Bq/m² of radioactive iodine, cesium at 21,200,000 Bq/m² was detected by researchers 4 km from Fukushima plant -NHK (VIDEO)

Krypton-85 and xenon-131m detected in samples from Reactor No. 2 — Xenon-131m has half life of only 12 days

Paper: Group wants radiation tests done in Canada — Health Canada calls 300 times background levels of iodine-131 “minute”

Vancouver Paper: Health Canada detected massive amounts of radioactive material from Fukushima — Iodine-131 spiked above maximum allowed limit at 4 of 5 sites

Iodine-131 also found in Philadelphia-area sewage plants; Sludge set off radiation detectors at landfills — Experts skeptical it’s from cancer patients’ urine

Sharp rise in Iodine-131 levels at three Tokyo sewage plants (CHART)

Feds to conduct aerial radiation survey near Seattle to get ‘baseline readings’ — Measuring gamma emitters like radioactive cesium and iodine

45% of kids in Fukushima survey had thyroid exposure to radiation — Up to 50 millisieverts per year equivalent for 1-year-old

Tokyo tea leaves with 2,700 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium — Picked by elementary school children

Idaho Paper: EPA’s “RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday” — Don’t expect an update any time soon

FOX: Is Iodine-131 Killing Babies In Philadelphia? Deaths up 48 percent since radiation levels spiked in tap water (VIDEO)

60 million curies of radiation released from Fukushima — 50 million curies at Chernobyl

Workers found with over 600 millisieverts of radiation after being in control rooms of Reactors No. 3 and 4 — Only tested them for iodine and cesium

High iodine levels mean No. 3 reactor core or a spent fuel pool is “starting itself up” every once in a while, believes nuclear consultant

EPA posts latest radiation data: Cesium-137 in Delaware drinking water above “Maximum Contaminant Level”

Drinking Water RadNet Laboratory Analysis, EPA, June 2, 2011:

Hospital: 40% of Fukushima visitors show internal exposure to radiation

Hong Kong finds radioactive iodine in fish — Almost 2,000 miles from Fukushima

Contamination 50 times safety limit, far higher than initial measurements — Also much higher levels of iodine than expected, indicating continued leakage

Cesium found near drainage gates at Reactors No. 5 and 6

Highest Yet: Iodine-131 in No. 3 spent fuel pool at over 1,000,000 times normal — “Generated during nuclear fission” (VIDEO)

Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected” at Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear plant — Radioactive Xenon up 75,000%

URGENT: Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected at Tsuruga plant: local gov’t, Kyodo, May 2, 2011