Book: US gov’t was considering plan to evacuate all 90,000 citizens living in Tokyo — US knew fuel had melted early on via Global Hawk data

Widespread concern amid radiation spread — Gov’t now ordering complete ban on all shipments of beef from Miyagi prefecture, Iwate may be next

Internal radiation dose of around 80 microsieverts from eating 2 pounds of radioactive beef

TEPCO redefines “cold shutdown” — Only bottom of pressure vessel has to be under 100 degrees celsius, not reactor-core coolant

Updated roadmap no longer mentions how holes in reactors will be plugged — Kyoto prof perplexed this “most important” point was left out

Japan officials claim Fukushima plant is stabilized, then admit radioactive releases won’t be reduced until 2012

Japan nuclear group says vital info still has not been released, such as temperatures of the molten nuclear fuel and lower section of pressure vessels

Japan Times: No one yet wants to think about potential effects of radiation on babies born around this autumn

Radiology experts find up to 45 microsieverts/hour near school zone — 90 times higher than Chernobyl evacuation threshold

“A sign that a grave contamination is in progress in Tokyo” — 2,300 Bq/kg of radiation detected in soil near plant in Koto Ward

Oil spill at Fukushima — Near Reactors No. 5 and 6

“Pump failure nearly brings No. 5 to a boil”

Anything above might cause the water to evaporate and expose the fuel rods.

TEPCO waited for morning to work on broken Reactor No. 5 cooling system “rather than to start working while it’s dark”

TEPCO: Water level data from Reactors No. 2 and 3 “may not be credible” after what happened at No. 1

“Dangerous spike in reactor 3 radiation” -Japan Times

Japan report: “Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors” — Risk of “massive radioactive release”

“If too many of the melted fuel fragments puddle at the bottom, they can generate enough concentrated heat to bore a hole in the pressure vessel, which would result in a massive radioactive release to the environment”

Swedish embassy tells citizens to begin taking iodide tablets if within 150 miles of Fukushima — Includes Tokyo

Japan Times, March 29, 2011