Member of Parliament: Health Canada “negligent” on Fukushima radiation threats

Fukushima children go to Vatican, promise Pope they will “never lose their smiles, which are a source of hope”

“Gleeful Vultures”? England’s Sellafield plutonium (MOX) facility to close because of Fukushima — 50% of fuel was for TEPCO

Mainichi: Collusive relationship between gov’t and nuclear power industry

Japan gov’t: Agency funding project to monitor online info about Fukushima crisis — Around the clock monitoring of “blogs on nuclear power” and “Twitter accounts”

“Highest radiation level since the start of the nuclear crisis”: 10 sieverts per hour measured outside between Reactors No. 1 and 2

Japan gov’t told power company to deceive public by staging questions during nuclear forum

Damaged nuclear fuel rod stuck in Japanese reactor for 17 years — Experts have been unable to remove it, no solution so far

Widespread concern amid radiation spread — Gov’t now ordering complete ban on all shipments of beef from Miyagi prefecture, Iwate may be next

So far 154 U.S. servicemembers have “elevated” internal radiation, up to 250 microsieverts — Military declines to release radioactivity levels where personnel worked

Germany discontinuing forecast of radioactive plume on July 29 — Final animation shows it heading south over Tokyo (MAP)

U.S. commander in Japan says “the reactors exploded” after tsunami — “I could probably teach a course in nuclear reactors”

World’s most dangerous nuke plant located in Ohio, ranked by exposure to radiation — Fukushima was #5

Japan scientists say gov’t testing may be missing radiation threats

Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

Report: University radiation test finds 56.9 microsieverts/hour at elementary school drain — 20.8 at gov’t building, 20 times higher than official numbers

Cesium-134 in water near Reactor No. 3 climbs to 30 times maximum limit — May have been caused by typhoon

6.2 quake hits Fukushima — 6.4 quake in same area Saturday

Now over 1,300 cattle suspected of radiation contamination have been shipped

NHK: “High levels of radioactivity found extensively” — Japan says air 150 km from Fukushima plant is as radioactive as areas close to meltdown

Japan nuclear expert warns of further radiation releases from Fukushima — Risks should be explained to nearby residents (VIDEO)

Bloomberg: Busby to speak with Japan lawmakers; Calls for investigation into contamination levels — Radioactive beef may have been exported