Los Alamos Officials: Massive dump for radioactive waste “will soon be suitable for residential development”

AP: 33 underground canals of radioactive waste were beneath barrels of plutonium contamination threatened by Los Alamos fire

Newly released chart shows 133 acres burned on Los Alamos lab property — Officials had insisted there were only two tiny fires

France sends irradiated nuclear fuel to US — Six casks off-loaded in Georgia and trucked 1,600 miles to Los Alamos

“Officials are especially concerned”: New Mexico lawmakers hold hearing about Los Alamos floods transporting nuclear material into water supply (VIDEO)

Head of New Mexico department dealing with hazardous waste at Los Alamos labs mysteriously resigns — Officials not providing any details

Whistleblower: Los Alamos groundwater monitoring methods are hiding detection of contamination

Official: Radioactive materials around Los Alamos may get redistributed at “measurable” levels — “Sometimes that will manifest itself as a health advisory”

Difference between Los Alamos fire and other wild fires can be summed up in a single word: “Radiation” — More firefighters on way to battle blaze

Report: Monsoon rains threaten to flood Los Alamos area with plutonium, uranium — “Frantic” sandbagging effort under way in some communities (VIDEO)

“This is our highest priority right now”: Los Alamos lab trying to stop nuclear contamination from spreading — 800 waste sites remain

Los Alamos lab begins removing radioactive soil from canyons to prevent contamination from spreading after fire

Los Alamos lab trying to prevent ‘Cold War-era contamination’ from coming closer as 2 major canyons above lab suffered fire damage

Radiation data from 36 air monitors around Los Alamos still not released, “should be available soon” — Feds say preliminary sampling showed no ‘dangerous’ or ‘significant’ levels

Fire growing toward the east — Los Alamos crews setting up another containment line around city

Los Alamos residents warned they will see smoldering landscapes in hills surrounding town

Press Conference: Journalist asks if contaminated waste was dumped in Bandelier park; Los Alamos official could not answer — Bandelier supervisor says over 50% of area is part of burn

Radioactive waste was dumped in trenches along six acres above town of Los Alamos — Dept. of Energy official says radiation threat is ‘pretty limited’

Los Alamos lab director: “I could feel the heat of the fire on my face as I watched from the roof of our Emergency Operations Center”

AP: Wildfire pushes into canyon that descends into Los Alamos

Video from last night: “Sky finally cleared enough to see the flames licking all around the labs” at Los Alamos (VIDEO)

Fire near Los Alamos lab to be largest in New Mexico history — Bracing for gusts up to 40 mph this afternoon