Potent radiation leak discovered: Pipe emitting 3 sieverts per hour

Paper: TEPCO needs to check if high radiation doses are “spreading elsewhere” — Two more spots appear to be above 10 sieverts per hour, but no plans to actually take measurements

Gov’t says 1,500 tons of highly radioactive sludge may end up as “soil for gardening”

Nuclear plant workers developed cancer despite radiation exposure below legal limit — As little as 5 millisieverts

Document: 1600 Fukushima Workers Thought to Be Exposed to High Radiation

Man selling highly radioactive cattle feed blames gov’t: “I never thought it was contaminated” because city is 150 km from meltdown

TEPCO discusses installing structure to support No. 4 spent fuel pool from underneath

Gov’t, TEPCO in uphill battle to contain Fukushima reactors, set to review roadmap, Mainichi Daily News, May 11, 2011

Japan gov’t rewrites key Fukushima radiation information — This poses a problem says Kyoto U. nuclear professor