Both cesium-134 and cesium-137 increase in latest San Francisco Bay Area milk sample (CHART)

Member of Parliament: Health Canada “negligent” on Fukushima radiation threats

Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

Idaho Paper: EPA’s “RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday” — Don’t expect an update any time soon

“They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)

Fukushima ‘still a ticking time bomb’, CNN, June 21, 2011

Cesium-134 reappears in test results of Bay Area milk

Hawaii dairy farmers fight radiation by feeding boron to cows, goats

Highest Cesium-137 level in nearly a month for N. California raw milk

Highest Yet: State of California finds Iodine-131 in milk sample for first time since March

Physician: US should continue monitoring milk, rain because of Fukushima — It “always” turns out that radiation is higher than first thought

Canada and U.S. cut back radiation reporting, CBC News, May 9, 2011

EPA will no longer conduct radiation monitoring related to Fukushima — Results have not been updated for almost a week

Cesium detected in breast milk

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hawaii Milk

Disinformation by nuclear proponents tries to confuse public about effects of external and internal radiation

State of Arizona found I-131 in Phoenix milk at levels 500% higher than EPA’s top reading for anywhere in continental US

Almost half of Japanese women tested show radioactive iodine-131 in breast milk — Highest contamination found 150 miles from Fukushima

“We want the government to conduct an extensive investigation swiftly”

San Francisco Bay Area milk shows highest Iodine-131 found in U.S. since the Fukushima crisis began

Highest Yet: UCB finds 13+ pCi/l of Cesium-137 in store-bought milk from San Francisco Bay Area

Radioactive iodine found in breast milk near Tokyo — Mother of 8-month old baby has 980 pCi/kg

Kyodo, April 20, 2011

Radioactive cesium levels continue to rise in milk from San Francisco Bay Area

UCB Milk Sampling Results, University of California, Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering:

Top Hawaii health official calls out Forbes’ journalist for reporting Hilo milk exceeds EPA radiation level… then admits he is “technically correct”

Honolulu Star Advertiser, April 12, 2011

Amount of radiation in 3 gallons of milk from Hilo, Hawaii surpasses annual maximum contaminant level set by EPA