Ft. Calhoun nuke plant can’t be inspected for damage until floodwaters recede — Restart may be some time next spring

NRC Event at flooded Ft. Calhoun nuke plant: Both Fire Suppression Pumps are inoperable — Water levels too high for surveillance tests

Army Corps warns of forecast calling for up to 3 inches of rain in Missouri River basin — Record dam releases to continue as reservoirs “so close” to crest

Army Corps predicts Missouri River will overflow up to 70 more levees

Miltary helicopters looking for new signs of trouble at flooded Ft. Calhoun nuke plant

CNN: Floodwaters closing in on Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant — Officials concerned about deep water around facility

ABC: Federal gov’t “so concerned” about Ft. Calhoun situation that NRC chairman is headed to plant

Water level near Cooper nuke plant expected to rise this weekend, says National Weather Service

NRC says it is “closely monitoring” Missouri River as floodwaters rise at Cooper and Fort Calhoun nuclear plants

Gauge malfunction causes bad data on river level near Cooper nuke plant

‘Event’ at Cooper nuke plant: Uncontrolled release of oil into Missouri River after levees are over topped

Water level rose almost 3 feet during weekend at Brownville gauge near Cooper nuke plant

Several levees failing along Missouri River, officials bracing for more breaches — Flooding alert issued for a second nuclear plant

Another Nebraska nuke plant declares “Notification of Unusual Event” — Made at 4:02 am CDT this morning

Army Corps worried they are running out of space in dams on Missouri River, forcing even more releases: “At this point, we have very little flexibility remaining”

Radioactive releases “not expected” at Omaha nuke plant — “As of now, there has been no risk to the public”

Containment building flooded at Nebraska nuke plant in order to cool fuel rods

Inland Tsunami? Dam breaking could inundate nuke plant near Omaha — Equivalent of Fukushima’s tsunami (AUDIO)

Fire knocks out spent fuel cooling at nuclear plant near Omaha — Operating under heightened alert level because of nearby flooding on Missouri River