Japan gov’t to finally admit indefinite forced depopulation of large zones around Fukushima plant

Radioactive cesium now contaminating rice, boar meat — Both found outside Fukushima Pref.

NYT: Fatal Radiation Level Found at Fukushima — “Exceeded” 10 sieverts per hour, measuring device was maxed out

Mainichi: Collusive relationship between gov’t and nuclear power industry

Japan reactor forced to shutdown after loss of pressure in tank

Ft. Calhoun nuclear workers carrying in fuel cans by hand in order to keep pumps running

NYT: Local fire chief says Los Alamos wildfire is entirely uncontained and highly unpredictable

100% chance of reactor core damage if floodwaters went above 1010 ft. at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant, NRC said in 2010 — River now around 1,007 ft. and expected to rise

NYT on Ft. Calhoun: Equipment ‘nicked’ 8 ft high, 2,000 ft long berm causing it to deflate

Auxiliary building at Ft. Calhoun surrounded by water after berm failure — NRC letter said if water enters auxilary building, could have station blackout with core damage in hours

8-month-old NRC letter: At 1,010 ft water would enter Ft. Calhoun’s auxiliary building, shorting power and submerging pumps; Could then have a station blackout with core damage within 15-18 hours — Water now at 1,007 ft

WSJ reports press release from NRC saying Ft. Calhoun’s flood deficiencies were remedied — No mention of recent NYT report that NRC’s evaluation of plant’s new defenses is not complete

NRC yet to complete its evaluation of flood defenses installed at Fort Calhoun nuclear plant — Other flooding matter “still under investigation”

Ft. Calhoun nuke plant now around 3 feet from 500-year flood levels

NYT: Fire before Ft. Calhoun’s spent fuel pool lost cooling power “remains under investigation”

NRC in 2010: Major flood could cause core damage at Ft. Calhoun nuke plant– Cited for second most serious category of violation

After explosion at Reactor No. 3, TEPCO said it was too dangerous and time to evacuate plant

Obama told by Kan that helicopter’s failed water drop was a “success”

Residents thought winds usually blew south from Fukushima — So sure they fled north

Japan gov’t now admits 40% of total Chernobyl radiation was released in just one week at Fukushima — Still a “wide margin of error”

NYT: TEPCO had hoped that Reactor No. 1 was the “easiest to bring under control” as No. 2 and 3 are believed to be breached and leaking

Breakdown: “I cannot allow this”… government not protecting public from radiation — “Highly unusual” for an academic to quit in protest (PHOTO)

Japan’s Prime Minister Defends Handling of Nuclear Crisis, New York Times, April 30, 2011