Gov’t, TEPCO claim radiation releases down to 200 million becquerels per hour, 80% lower than July — Then admit it’s just an estimate “because the exact emission levels cannot be accurately measured”

Radioactive iodine found in 50 percent of children’s thyroids — Up to 35 millisieverts (35,000 microsieverts)

NHK: Magnitude 6.0 quake shakes Fukushima

Report: “Severe internal exposure” — 252,422 Becquerels of radioactive cesium detected in person outside evacuation zone (PHOTO)

Hundreds of tons of very highly radioactive water found in another building at Fukushima plant

Gov’t says 1,500 tons of highly radioactive sludge may end up as “soil for gardening”

Japan gov’t told power company to deceive public by staging questions during nuclear forum

NHK: TEPCO doesn’t know where melted fuel is at in reactors or actual level of radioactive particles still being released — About to start checking

Reactor No.3 requiring more water than No. 1 and 2 because of leaks and “other problems”

Cesium-134 in water near Reactor No. 3 climbs to 30 times maximum limit — May have been caused by typhoon

Fukushima Blackout: Cooling at SPF No. 3 stopped for 5 hours, still on backup power — TEPCO says no ‘major’ change in temp

TEPCO probes Fukushima blackout, NHK, July 22, 2011:

NHK News Flash: Electricity cut at Reactors No. 3 and 4, cooling system shut down — TEPCO says no “major” change in radiation around plant

Typhoon increases level of radioactive water in Reactor No. 1 basement by 17 inches in a day — Likely to continue rising

Japan nuclear expert warns of further radiation releases from Fukushima — Risks should be explained to nearby residents (VIDEO)

Indoor mushrooms contain 1,770 bq/kg of radioactive cesium — Gov’t “determining the cause”

Reactor No. 3: Containment vessel not holding air pressure — Gas may be leaking from damaged part of container, says TEPCO (VIDEO)

Cows fed hay with radioactive cesium at 250 times legal limit — 75,000 bq/kg

New long-term roadmap says removal of melted nuclear fuel may begin in 10 years… “If technology essential for the work has been developed”

1,800+ bq/kg radioactive cesium detected in tea 160 km from Fukushima plant

Trouble at Reactor No. 3: Unable to inject nitrogen in containment vessel to prevent hydrogen explosion

TEPCO halts water circulation due to leaks

TEPCO adding boric acid to No. 3 spent fuel pool to prevent situation which could lead to re-criticality