Feds question whether there was damage to fuel in reactors at quake-hit North Anna nuke plant — The answer may surprise you

USA Today on North Anna: “A lot of people think they’ve hid stuff from us” — “Even if they’re not good to go, they won’t tell us” — “I was and am still worried”

Reuters: It now appears quake caused problem inside both reactor cores at North Anna, triggering shutdown -Officials

“Reactors themselves seem to have undergone changes that caused automatic systems to shut them” -North Anna Official

NYT: North Anna nuke plant in situation that no US reactor has ever faced before — NRC has no protocol to see if design held up after quake

Quake over twice as strong as North Anna nuke plant’s containment structure was designed to withstand: Feds

Gundersen: People around North Anna didn’t lose power, only nuke plant did — Best info says a problem in switching yard (AUDIO)

North Anna: Officials unsure whether control rods fell into reactor core due to shaking or loss of power

Bulldozers begin working on new reactor at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant built on fault line

WaPo: One week delay in revealing whether quake exceeded North Anna’s design basis — Seismic detector failed to record data

Yet nearly two weeks after the quake, Dominion officials were unable to say whether the quake shook the facility more than it was designed to handle

Officials change story about why North Anna reactors went into automatic shut down after quake — “There were multiple trip signals coming in”

Deleted: Major fault line found after wall collapsed during construction of North Anna nuke plant

Bloomberg: Crack in reactor containment structure at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant — Press tour not taken to see in containment or spent fuel pool building

Black smoke seen rising from North Anna nuclear plant after Virginia quake

“He heard a roar from the power plant and saw some black smoke rising”

Time.com: “Augmented Inspection Team” is only used when risk of reactor core damage rises by 100 — AIT already at quake-hit North Anna nuke plant

Spokesman: Quake damaged North Anna’s spent fuel bunkers; Concrete came loose — Not considered ‘serious’

CNN: Officials kept news from public that North Anna’s spent fuel casks shifted — Have known since shortly after quake hit Aug. 23

It is the first time such casks have been shifted by an earthquake in U.S. history -NRC

Strong aftershock jolts quake-hit Virginia reactors — Epicenter in same county as North Anna nuke plant

Quake caused massive containers of spent fuel to shift at Virginia nuke plant — “We’re trying to learn as much as possible” says NRC

Local paper asks “Is North Anna safe?” Did quake damage nuclear reactors or underground piping?

Nuclear Expert: Quake-hit Virginia nuke plant should be distributing bottled water to nearby residents — Pipes under North Anna are potentially a grave public danger

NRC now sending ‘Augmented Inspection Team’ to quake-hit Virginia nuke plant — Does not ‘necessarily’ mean reactors are any less safe, stresses NRC