Nuclear specialist: Corium hitting water table is “big concern” — Once fuel hits groundwater the concern is “it just blows right up” (VIDEO)

Nuclear reactors at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant are “sitting on a fault line”

Report: Nuclear fuel fragments found over a mile away were “ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions” not spent fuel pools, according to NRC (VIDEO)

Jacques Cousteau: Nuclear power the gravest danger to humanity — ‘No Nukes’ concert stars reunite for Sunday show near San Francisco (Crosby Stills & Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Doobie Bros.)

Nuclear plant workers developed cancer despite radiation exposure below legal limit — As little as 5 millisieverts

Japan gov’t told power company to deceive public by staging questions during nuclear forum

Professor: Nuclear scientists claiming radioactivity is a healthy thing for people — An “incredible lie” (VIDEO)

CBS: Nuclear workers “terrified to come forward” — Whistleblower won’t appear on TV fearing retaliation by NRC (VIDEO)

CBS: Whistleblower says “the books are being cooked” — “You can see a Fukushima happening here in the U.S.” — “They wired my car for firebombing” (VIDEO)

“They dropped the universal joint out of my car”

Nuclear reactor on North Carolina college campus leaking radiation since last Friday — Public not told because radioactivity was “compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray”

Nuclear materials expert: Los Alamos lab is potentially vulnerable to this wildfire — “Just hope to hell that the wind blows in the right direction”

300 square centimeter hole in Reactor No. 2 pressure suppression pool: NISA analysis

Nebraska nuke plant totally surrounded by floodwaters: How can Omaha levees hold? Dykes designed for a few weeks of water — 3-4 months expected, with 5+ foot rise

No-fly zone remains over troubled nuclear plant near Omaha — “In effect for flood relief efforts”

Curium-244 detected for first time outside Fukushima plant – Requires lead shield 20 times thicker than Plutonium-238

Kyodo: Strontium detected in groundwater — Says 240 times max limit was actually found in seawater

All 54 of Japan’s nuclear reactors may be closed by next April

More serious than a meltdown — Japan Gov’t now raising possibility that fuel had a “melt through” at all 3 reactors

Top Cancer Doc: Nuclear radiation is the most carcinogenic thing that exists

Nuclear engineers urging IAEA to create “Level 8” on INES scale for Fukushima

“We almost lost Detroit” during 1966 reactor meltdown — Gil Scott-Heron dead at 62 (VIDEO)

We Almost Lost Detroit, a 1975 Reader’s Digest book by John G. Fuller… on the 1966 partial nuclear meltdown. … Spoken word and rap pioneer Gil Scott-Heron has a song titled “We Almost Lost Detroit”, dealing with the same issue.

Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time

“Radiation is being leaked in order to keep the reactors from exploding. So, in this sense, it’s even worse than letting the power plant explode.”