Potent radiation leak discovered: Pipe emitting 3 sieverts per hour

Man selling highly radioactive cattle feed blames gov’t: “I never thought it was contaminated” because city is 150 km from meltdown

‘Unbelievable’: Shock over revelations that radiation contamination occurred so far away from Fukushima meltdown

Elderly woman hangs herself over nuclear crisis — Please tell your readers why she committed suicide, son tells Mainichi

Man arrested after collecting radioactive rubble 60 km from Fukushima plant

Brochure from France’s largest nuke company describes fuel melting in spent fuel pool at Fukushima — Concluded that TEPCO apparently had not released most information it held

CNN: Floodwaters closing in on Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant — Officials concerned about deep water around facility

Mainichi: “The melted nuclear fuel is sinking toward water under the ground”

Tokyo region residents increasingly worried over radiation exposure after hotspots discovered in and around capital — Local gov’ts calling for calm

Japanese professor: Melted fuel has gone through containers and is on concrete foundations sinking into ground below, as far as I can tell — Underground dam was being prepared, but TEPCO resisting

Major Japanese Paper: Not clear what officials mean by ‘stability’, when melted fuel may be outside containment vessel

Young parents leaving towns 50 km from plant — Local officials unable to encourage residents to evacuate until national and prefectural gov’t says so

100,000,000 becquerels per cubic centimeter of radioactivity estimated for Fukushima sludge