Strange: Spokesman says workers at Virginia nuke plant were preparing to manually shut down reactors after quake when system went into automatic shut down — Another spokesman says “it was a manual shutdown”

Emergency diesel generator fails at Virginia nuke plant hit by 5.9 quake

Company admits Virginia nuke plant only designed to withstand a magnitude 5.9 – 6.1 earthquake — Today’s quake was 5.9

Virginia nuke plant has lost offsite power after quake, generators being used to cool reactors — “As far as we know, everything is safe” says NRC

Paper: Fears of Fukushima-like nuclear disaster because quake centered just a few miles from an old nuclear power plant — Strongest to hit Virginia area since 1897

Nuclear engineer: NRC now says reactors and containments have breached and released plutonium off-site — “Much worse” than if from spent fuel pools (VIDEO)

Governor “very concerned” about radioactivity found in shoreline water sample

Highest Yet: 412 sieverts/hr in Reactor No. 1 dry well — Japan says ‘defective meter’

NRC: ‘Special inspection’ underway at nuclear plant near Miami because of cooling system failure and ‘potential generic concern’

186,000 bq/kg of radioactive cesium found 100 km from Fukushima plant

Xinhua: Gov’t says “waters in China have been affected by the radioactive materials” from Fukushima — Contamination levels higher than what Japan claims

Radioactive sulfur in California spiked to highest levels ever detected: University researchers

Rainout of hot particles from radioactive clouds to continue for another year — Not just in Pacific Northwest, says Gundersen (AUDIO)

Officials say radiation levels are minute and present no health risk… I am working with scientists who are publishing a paper that will definitively prove that to be wrong

Asahi: “Horrifying” that Fukushima meltdown equivalent to almost 30 times the radiation released by atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

Little Chance: TEPCO expects to miss decontamination goal at Fukushima plant

TEPCO funds chair/professsorship at MIT — Nuclear researcher: “Nuclear researchers have a stake in reassuring the pubic that nothing bad is happening”

New data shows Fukushima Daini nuke plant prepared to vent steam from all four reactors — Feared that containment vessels might be damaged by pressure

Radioactive Fish: All 21 samples caught 50+ km from Fukushima plant exceeded maximum cesium level

“Most” of the fuel at Reactor No. 3 may have breached vessel after melting down twice

Solar storms threaten nuke plants: Electric power outages could last “for years or even decades” — Risk significantly outweighs that of major earthquakes

Method for cooling Reactor No. 3 “isn’t cutting it” — Using triple the water as No. 1 and 2; A ‘considerable’ amount of water is missing target

Experts: Melt-through scenario means even higher radiation readings to come — Likely many more reports of deadly radiation in future