Nuclear specialist: Corium hitting water table is “big concern” — Once fuel hits groundwater the concern is “it just blows right up” (VIDEO)

Highest Yet: 512 Sv/hr at Reactor No. 1 — Still reads ‘defective meter’ (CHART)

Paper: Japan raising radiation limit to 20 millisieverts/year leads to 160,000 lifetime cancers per million people

Dr. Kodama: Tokyo radiation “continuously high” since raining on March 21

Radiation increased to .2 microsieverts/hour

Radiation team “got out of there quick” when trying to identify isotopes outside evacuation zone: We “found things we weren’t expecting at all”

Gundersen on lethal radiation levels: Even higher measurements to come — Nuclear core has leaked out and is on floor like a pancake working its way down (VIDEO)

Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

Radiation dose near Tokyo higher than some locations inside 30 km evacuation zone (PHOTOS)

Radiation data from Seattle-area survey may be withheld by Feds for national security purposes

Radiation data from 36 air monitors around Los Alamos still not released, “should be available soon” — Feds say preliminary sampling showed no ‘dangerous’ or ‘significant’ levels

Radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than numbers released to public, says Japan’s former Minister for Internal Affairs

Radioactive waste was dumped in trenches along six acres above town of Los Alamos — Dept. of Energy official says radiation threat is ‘pretty limited’

Fox News: “U.S. is receiving a steady flow of radiation from Fukushima” — Media paying little attention to radiation in food, as if problem only involves Japan

High potential for “major calamity” at Los Alamos if fire reaches 20,000 barrels of nuclear waste in fabric-type building, says former top security official

Fukushima Weekly Wrapup for June 24

Reactor No. 2 basement filled with radioactive “rust red” colored water measuring 430 millisieverts per hour at surface (PHOTO)

Work begins inside No.2 reactor building, NHK, June 22, 2011

“They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)

Fukushima ‘still a ticking time bomb’, CNN, June 21, 2011

Radiation levels spiked 155 miles south of Fukushima after 1st explosion — Nuclear industry insiders told by officials to keep findings quiet

Radiation hot spots found in Tokyo — 3.5 times limit set by Japanese law (MAP)

Radiation level in Tokyo much higher than publicly announced (VIDEO)

Radiation 1,000 times safe levels far outside no-go zone — “Very, very dangerous levels” (VIDEO)

Highest Yet: Radiation inside Reactor No. 1 drywell rises to 250 Sieverts per hour