Highest Yet: 412 sieverts/hr in Reactor No. 1 dry well — Japan says ‘defective meter’

Krypton-85 and xenon-131m detected in samples from Reactor No. 2 — Xenon-131m has half life of only 12 days

Japan nuke expert: I presume melted fuel reacted violently with cement at Reactor No. 3, releasing large amounts of radioactive materials outside — TEPCO responds

“Most” of the fuel at Reactor No. 3 may have breached vessel after melting down twice

Japan nuclear expert: Massive “re-melting” occurred at Reactor No. 3 (DIAGRAM)

Method for cooling Reactor No. 3 “isn’t cutting it” — Using triple the water as No. 1 and 2; A ‘considerable’ amount of water is missing target

New indoor radiation dose record at Fukushima — 5 sieverts per hour detected at Reactor No. 1 — May be higher as it exceeded capacity of measuring device

Reactor No.3 requiring more water than No. 1 and 2 because of leaks and “other problems”

Cesium-134 in water near Reactor No. 3 climbs to 30 times maximum limit — May have been caused by typhoon

Typhoon increases level of radioactive water in Reactor No. 1 basement by 17 inches in a day — Likely to continue rising

TEPCO rushing to shield Reactor No. 3 turbine building from typhoon — Navy: Storm may pass over Fukushima plant by July 21

Reactor No. 3: Containment vessel not holding air pressure — Gas may be leaking from damaged part of container, says TEPCO (VIDEO)

TEPCO having trouble injecting nitrogen to avoid explosion at Reactor No. 3 — Expert concerned about possible explosion at No. 3

High-tech equipment is malfunctioning around Reactor No. 2

Unmanned helicopter crash lands on Reactor No. 2

Reactor No. 2 basement filled with radioactive “rust red” colored water measuring 430 millisieverts per hour at surface (PHOTO)

Work begins inside No.2 reactor building, NHK, June 22, 2011

Reactor No. 3 temperature up 7°C in a day

TEPCO: Excessively high radiation at Reactor No. 2 — Abrupt jump may be from leaking pressure chamber

1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials released from Reactor No. 2 late Sunday, says TEPCO

Reactor No. 1 dry well hits 263 Sv/hour — Highest yet recorded

300 square centimeter hole in Reactor No. 2 pressure suppression pool: NISA analysis

After explosion at Reactor No. 3, TEPCO said it was too dangerous and time to evacuate plant