Fire from Unit No. 1 transformer at French nuclear plant — Residents reported thick black smoke (PHOTO)

Gundersen: Water boiling up from hole in floor at Unit No. 1 (AUDIO)

There is a picture of scalding hot water boiling up through a hole in the floor at Unit No. 1… that room was 400 rem per hour, lethal in one hour.

Yellow-colored water found in Unit No. 3 — Believed to have come from inside reactor (VIDEO)

Winds have turned, hot particles to head south from Fukushima — Advice is to leave Tokyo if Unit No. 4 collapses (AUDIO)

Real severe problem cooling Unit No. 3 reactor — Hydrogen explosion possible (VIDEO)

Fairewinds Associates, May 13, 2011

Most likely ‘solution’ to fuel melting through reactor is a concrete wall around Unit No. 1 — “Could now take years” to encapsulate because of high radiation

UPDATE 2-Fukushima reactor has a hole, leading to leakage, Reuters

TEPCO: Unit No. 1 is now “in a state of meltdown” — Suspects there are holes in bottom of reactor (VIDEO)

“Very, Very Serious”: Unit No. 4 leaning, in danger of falling — Gov’t confirms stabilization efforts underway (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Gundersen confirms massive explosion at Unit No. 3 was in spent fuel pool (VIDEO)

Did Fukushima Daiichi Unit No. 4 catch on fire today? (VIDEO)

Enormous amount of high-level radioactive waste coming from Unit No. 2 — Reactor and containment are breached (VIDEO)

“When you see those clouds of smoke coming out of the unit, that’s not steam, that’s radioactive steam”