“Tends to concentrate in the testicles”: 360+ atoms of radioactive sulfur per day may have been inhaled by Californians after Fukushima

Hole in Human History: The Great Hiroshima Cover-up — Suppression of nuclear truths stretched over decades (VIDEO)

Forbes: Biophysicist casts critical light on gov’t assurances that Americans were never at risk from Fukushima fallout — I watched officials attempt to minimize public alarm

New long-term roadmap says removal of melted nuclear fuel may begin in 10 years… “If technology essential for the work has been developed”

Report: Radioactive tritium very close to Los Alamos fire, about half a mile away — Lab would be the last to tell you if there was a serious problem (VIDEO)

Senators demand congressional investigation into safety at US nuke plants — Public concerns heightened after recent news reports

AP Investigation: At aging US nuke plants Feds are repeatedly weakening safety standards or simply failing to enforce them

Expert thinks US West Coast might see contamination of water and fish by 2013

Strange: U.S. made “strong request” that radioactive water be dumped in ocean says special adviser to Japan gov’t

Report: Obama administration urged Japan Prime Minister’s government “to take steps to prevent a further decline in Tepco stock”

Top DOE official: US “had difficulty grasping what was actually happening” at Fukushima (VIDEO)

“It’s Official: Fukushima Was Hit With a Full-Blown Nuclear Meltdown” — Pool of radioactive lava could be melting its way out

“All of a sudden, people start asking questions about U.S. plants” after NRC Chairman’s recommendation of a 50-mile evacuation zone at Fukushima

Confidential U.S. document reveals “new threats” at Fukushima: Risk of explosions inside containment structures… “Likely no water” in No. 1 reactor core — “Could persist indefinitely”

The document was prepared for the NRC’s Reactor Safety Team, which is assisting the Japanese government and TEPCO

EPA: Radioactive isotope levels are increasing in US — “These types of findings are to be expected in the coming days”

March 28, 2011