Nuclear engineer: NRC now says reactors and containments have breached and released plutonium off-site — “Much worse” than if from spent fuel pools (VIDEO)

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Senators demand congressional investigation into safety at US nuke plants — Public concerns heightened after recent news reports

EPA radiation monitoring exists so Feds can say they have a system — Not to report data that would undermine public support for nuclear power, thinks watchdog

“The easiest way to not have any concern over data is to have no data at all,” said Hirsch

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Enlarged 50-mile evacuation zone by US was because of spent fuel pools, not reactor meltdowns: NRC official

The NRC also had “suspicions” about the conditions of the spent fuel pools, Borchardt said… Based on that assumption, he said, the NRC recommended that U.S. residents in Japan stay 80 km away

US nuclear industry was “fortunate” that BP Oil Disaster happened — Helped shape communication strategy for Fukushima

US Nuclear Industry’s Response To Fukushima Shaped By BP Oil Spill, Dow Jones Newswires by Tennille Tracy, May 26, 2011

Fukushima reactors will be releasing radioactive steam for a year or more: US nuclear official

-John E. Kelly, deputy assistant secretary for nuclear reactor technologies at the U.S. Energy Department

Top DOE official: US “had difficulty grasping what was actually happening” at Fukushima (VIDEO)

NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS)

Fukushima, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), May 11, 2011

Physician: US should continue monitoring milk, rain because of Fukushima — It “always” turns out that radiation is higher than first thought

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New EPA radiation tests show Cesium in California rainwater at highest level since crisis began