Telegraph: US gov’t was secretly planning to evacuate 90,000 citizens from Japan — Fukushima 50 forbidden from speaking publicly — Terrified of agonising death from radiation poisoning — New BBC doc Thursday

Published: February 20th, 2012 at 10:45 am ET


Title: The aftershocks still hitting Japan – Telegraph
Source: Telegraph
Date: Feb 19, 2012

[…] Until now those engineers — known as the Fukushima 50 — have not spoken […] forbidden from speaking by Tepco […]

BBC researchers spent eight months persuading them to talk on camera, for a This World programme […]

Some admit they thought of escaping, terrified of an agonising death from radiation poisoning […]

One who spoke on film was Takashi Sato, a reactor inspector. He recalls: “In the control room, people were saying we were finished. They were saying it quietly — but they were saying it. We felt we had to flee.”

[…] the US government was secretly planning to evacuate 90,000 citizens from Japan. […]

“It was an emergency operation and we were in a hurry,” one said. “No one complained, we all understood. Even if it broke the rules, we kept quiet about it. I felt the weight of Japan’s future on my shoulders. I felt that I had to carry the flag of Japan.” […]

Read the report here

‘This World. Inside the Meltdown’ is on BBC 2, 9pm, Thursday

See also: Book: US gov’t was considering plan to evacuate all 90,000 citizens living in Tokyo — US knew fuel had melted early on via Global Hawk data

Published: February 20th, 2012 at 10:45 am ET


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49 comments to Telegraph: US gov’t was secretly planning to evacuate 90,000 citizens from Japan — Fukushima 50 forbidden from speaking publicly — Terrified of agonising death from radiation poisoning — New BBC doc Thursday

  • Dr. McCoy

    Well it ain't a secret anymore. And what is the condition of those 90,000 irradiated Americans?

  • many moons

    The US was secretly planning to evacuate 90,000 americans-til they got the bill-then they decided it would be better to just mention it in the abstract. "we were going to…but we decided to reconsider…we have got to give more thought the the Katrina victims!

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      All should take note that this claim comes from the supposed Fukushima 50 of which I strongly doubt are still alive to even make such claims as they were exposed to radiation doses that in reality should have killed them within a couple of weeks. If they are still alive then as I asked before where is the video that shows the direction of travel of the radioactive clouds from the explosions.

  • Dr. McCoy

    This article is yet another whitewash that tries to make the case that all is okay with the all off the reactors and sfp's. What a shame.

    Shame on the Telegraph.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Unsung heros, those working to save the rest of us from this disaster.

    I bet the plan to evacuate is still in place, just on hold, because the U.S. government knows better than we do how precarious this situation still is.

    What are they waiting for?? This all just a calculated risk and the U.S. government is rolling the dice.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Gov Gamblers on our dime and our lives =

      Know when to hold em, know when to fold em….
      Best THEY can hope for is WE'LL die in our sleep.

  • Tokyo; Is It Safe From Fukushima Radiation?
    via A Green Road Blog

    Feel free to share the above via twitter, Facebook, other social media. Send this via email to your friends, family, co workers and elected officials.

  • entropy

    Tis article is more subderfuse. Poor journalism at its worst.
    1. Two unrelated subjects in one 'news article'.
    2. (no defense of the US) but they were initially concerned and wanted to extend the evac zone.
    3 Japan and the world seemed to ridicule that and like woosies we stepped back. Or we were told to.
    The editor said through in a scapegoat when the reporter submitted true accounts from the 50 .

  • That 90,000 citizens lave left Japan a long time ago I'd bet, I have heard to much of people in Japan saying how much emptier the streets where in Tokyo last summer !

    • What I said months ago, the insiders were informed and made their retreats in all $$, business, stocks and realty affairs then left the country quietly as to avoid panic in the streets of for their benefit ! The rest of Japans people will see soon enough what they didn't foretell to them ! For they were not in the club !

  • Myme

    Many people in Japan are still buying the government spin that Tokyo is safe, Japan is back to normal, no need for concern. I just got an email from a professor of Yamanashi University, saying "people of all areas except Fukushima are living very satisfactory" (exact quote) and "many international conferences are attended in Tokyo without cancellation," in response to the concerns expressed by overseas attendees for an upcoming conference.

    He and his committee (Japanese Union of Scientist and Engineers) even rejected a proposal to have a back-up plan. That is the organization known for the Japanese quality standards and training like "Quality is Number One" "Safety is Number One" (the same kind Toyota always screams)… Well, Fuku proves how BS Japanese quality concept is.

    • many moons

      That just goes to prove that the mass media controls peoples thoughts and behavior.
      Most people want to believe the threat is over, and when they don't hear otherwise, they accept it as truth. The truth is the danger is being hidden. people don't SEE the sick, people don't SEE the radiation, they don't see TV journalists mentioning radiation levels in the food…what they don't see they don't think about and everything see-ms OK. The industry is doing a wonderful cover-up job, too bad they aren't as cleaver with nuclear meltdowns.

    • Myme,
      Runaway Toyota's and Lexus's to runaway nuclear reactors !

  • bleep_hits_blades

    SFP 4 Forum, anyone?

    I am wondering if we should have a SFP 4 discussion group, or forum; wondering what you people here think of that, and what admin. thinks of it. It would loosely center on SFP 4 and other major events/threats/possibilities that would/should cause many of us to evacuate/leave where we are now.

    It has slowly dawned on me (it is rather alarming, just HOW slowly) that SFP 4 right now is VERY important. It is really a proverbial Sword of Damocles hanging over all our heads, especially all of us on the West Coast, in Hawaii, and in Tokyo/Yokahama.

    Last night rather late, not too many were here commenting, and MaidenHeaven gently suggested that I 'just go' – get out.

    In a way, this was rather a shocker to me. She made a very good point, I thought, and that was – WILL THEY TELL US when/if SFP 4 goes? Will they delay telling us or will they in some other way keep the truth from us, while we waste time and are poisoned, rather than getting to a safer place, for those who can do so.

    We all know the psychological defense mechanism of denial, for all of us have used it (of course mostly unconsciously) and we are baffled by our friends and family now who just don't know/don't wanna know the truth about what is happening in Fukushima.

    But I realized, when MaidenHeaven suggested that to me, that I while thinking myself so much in touch with the realities – I have not really faced the fact that the probability seems to be much better than 50-50 that SFP 4 will go – and then the radiation coming towards me (and my adult sons on the West Coast) will be bad, bad enough that Arnie says his advice to friends is – if that happens, just get on a plane and GO.

    • Hawaii will fall into anarchy in like 3 days
      50/50 sounds a bit high, even if an 8 hit it may not go down.
      But I am getting further away….moving for 4 reasons, this is one of them.

    • alexa

      I also think you should move from the West Coast to somewhere to an area less affected like Quebec or to Sotuh America. It is possible the level of radiation in BC is close to Tokyo because the wind blows it dire fly there from Fukishima.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      The answer to your question is when did they inform ANYBODY about the truth of what HAS happened to #4. There is nothing, only commentary about it's condition after something happen to it but they can't seem to decide what caused that kind of damage.

    • blades,
      "WILL THEY TELL US when/if SFP 4 goes?"

      That has been predetermined between the 2 country's I would think, say a minimum of a million people knew and decided to leave the west coast in a 3 day period … over already numbers in transit, … Personally I do not think they will for both have minimize this catastrophic event too much already !

    • trinityfly trinityfly

      Getting on a plane and going is one thing…where do you go and how do you live? If one is to bug out successfully from here on the west coast, I would think that you should do it before the apocalyptic news hits the mainstream. Once that happens, most countries in the southern hemisphere will probably shut there borders to the rad refugees. Maybe heading to Ecuador and living on the cheap in the jungle might work. Decisions decisions…. The scarey alternative is to sit and wait till the stampeding sheeple wake up and panic. Then it will be a Mad Max world…..

  • Myme

    This may not be a correct thread (dear Admin, please move this if necessary).. but this is from the female Fukushima blogger who has been writing about her symptoms since Aug. 2011.

    "The health monitoring of Fukushima Prefecture residents:

    As of now (Feb. 20, 2012), out of 9,747 people examined, 4,111 people (40%) exceeded 1 millisieverts radioactive exposure (both external and internal exposure combined). Out of them, 71 people exceeded 10 millisieverts. The highest was 23 millisieverts (woman).

    "Is this test result really something that we can rely on or not… we are wondering. Professor Yamashita, Vice-Chancellor of Fukushima Medical University, commented "This is hardly any risk for causing cancer."

    Her recent teeth photo:

    • stopnp stopnp

      There was a similar post an xskf. It was a different woman though. Horrible

    • James2

      I don't think 10 to 23 milliseverts over 10 months is enough to make your teeth fall out.

      Remember a CT scan is around 5-7 milliseverts – and that happens in 30 minutes. Normal background radiation is about 4 milliseverts per year.

      By this account 40% of Fukushima residents are actually avoiding 75% of the normal background radiation – not likely in my book.

      Which makes me think there's no "testing" going on at all. How do you test internal and external exposure of people? You can't do it. You have to monitor the exposure as it happens with dosimeters – and test all the food as it is consumed, which of course they can't.

      This is some kind of PR stunt spreadsheet estimation job. NO IT CANNOT BE RELIED UPON

      Like everything else Fukushima, it sounds to me like they are getting many times more than they are being told.

  • CB CB

    Enformable – Potentially deadly: A radiation monitor indicates 102 millisieverts per hour at the plant, more than 100 times acceptable level…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Other opinions welcome/solicited on this subject, but I just do not see the Japanese govt. evacuating Tokyo/Yokahama, OR the USG evacuating the West Coast, if SFP 4 goes or in any other eventuality.

    As I have mentioned before, this is a logistic impossibility – who would pay, where would these tens of millions of evacuees be taken to, where would they be housed, who would feed them, etc.

    It cannot be done.

    So the tendency will be, more disinfo and lying, denying, minimizing, etc.

    If/when SFP 4 goes – how long will it be before we even know about it? Actually – how much more is there to this story that we DO NOT KNOW NOW?

    • could be quite a bit more, but the reality of that already admitted and obvious is bad enough, without even more conspiracy.

    • blades,
      There was the GOM and the extremely high readings off the chart in many case's, and the continuous spraying of deadly Corexit, where could they have put 40 million, as in Katrina and they were overwhelmed at only 20 thousand people to move from New Orleans !

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Myme, does radiation poisoning do that to the teeth?

    What other health effects is this woman experiencing?

    • stopnp stopnp

      There was a similar post on xskf. The woman on there was losing her hair her fingernails and toenails and her teeth were worse off than the 1 in the above mentioned. Blog.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ Stock, where, if you don't mind my asking, do you plan to move to?

    Re Hawaii falling into anarchy in 3 days, I wonder if you are right, because there are so many military stationed here, and they would be used to help keep order, don't you think?

    Also – if SFP 4 goes – well, are people going to be informed of the risk/implications? I highly doubt it. In fact as MaidenHeaven pointed out, efforts will doubtless be made to keep that fact from the world and to minimize the dangers, as it does become known.

    • many moons

      None of us will out live the problems of FUKU and they are getting worse cause it's all an accumulative problem.
      I live in the southern hemisphere and intent to stay here, if I lived in Japan i would move know it won't get better. This stuff is forever.

  • many moons

    It was an emergency operation and we were in a hurry,” one said. “No one complained, we all understood. Even if it broke the rules, we kept quiet about it. I felt the weight of Japan’s future on my shoulders. I felt that I had to carry the flag of Japan.” […]

    Do we really need an industry that when something goes wrong the people who stay and fix it know it will kill them AND that the future of the country is in jeapordy….
    Unite to stop the crazy!!!

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    If you really want to know how bad things are in Fukushima let alone Japan all you have to do is listen to the deafening silence coming from the mainstream media for the past 9 months.

  • When I went to the article I thought I had been redirected to another article as the first half is a story about a woman finding her son after the tsunami. Heart warming though it is it has nothing to do with the ongoing nuclear crisis. Easily a whole article could and should be devoted to the ongoing nuclear disaster, which has global implications. Lots and lots of spent fuel needing to be cooled for a long time before it is stable situated in a ruined (they call it crippled) melted down melted through complex of multiple ruined reactors. The real danger is that if whatever they are doing to try to control the melt throughs goes south the plant will be too radio active for humans or robots to service the irresponsibly large amount of spent fuel on site. That and the plutonium in number three are the two issues mainstream are unwilling to talk about. So I call the article a whitewash. Or spin. Or….. oh wait we have to keep it classy, dare I say male cow excrement?

  • many moons

    what if TEPCO and the industry know there is nothing they can do…perhaps they are hoping for an earthquake to save face…Maybe they will come up with something like this…."the reactors were in cold shutdown, everything was going as expected when suddenly an earthquake came and ruined everything"
    Nuclear energy is safe, even a three way meltdown was nothing for our heroic nuke meltdown techs…but we have to make them a little more earthquake proof and the problem will be solved!"

    • truthseek truthseek

      Ouch! many moons…

      Thatcut close to the bones.
      Very very likely. scary!

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      I believe you are right, many moons.

    • James2

      makes no difference – the problem was built in place 40 years ago.

      I don't blame Tepco for the disaster – or the workers who are giving their lives to stop it.

      I blame those who knew that these things were a bad design and let them operate.

      And I especially blame the liars and disinformationalists who have covered up the truth – I wish for them to feel the seething heat of radiation coursing through their veins for eternity. They have taken away humanity's possibly only chance to survive this disaster.

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    On CBC television on "The Nature of things" Dr. David Suzuki here in Canada is doing a story on the Japanese disaster. This should be an excellent show not to miss. He is usually very thorough.

    Journey to the Disaster Zone: Japan 311

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:00 PM on CBC-TV
    Thursday March 1 at 10 pm ET/PT on CBC News Network