TEPCO admits it may need to change plans and ‘slow down’ repairs because of extremely high radiation in Reactor No. 1 (VIDEO)

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 10:59 am ET


High radiation may slow down TEPCO’s repairs, NHK, May 10, 2011:

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says it may need to slow down some repairs at the Number one reactor due to elevated radiation levels. […]

The tests yielded a maximum of 700 millisieverts per hour, thus workers can only stay in the vicinity for around 20 minutes. […]

It will continue checking the levels but is worried that it may need to change plans depending on the results.

Watch the video here.

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 10:59 am ET


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44 comments to TEPCO admits it may need to change plans and ‘slow down’ repairs because of extremely high radiation in Reactor No. 1 (VIDEO)

  • Anthony

    Change plans to WHAT? OMG we are out of time already, aren`t we? Well I guess I shouldn`t bitch about updates, the alternative is getting no info at all.

  • radegan

    “We found we can only work for 20 minutes, so we have decided to wait until we can work the normal 8 hour day.”

    Twenty minutes? So get them in there ! Russians worked a few minutes at a time, but got it done. Not enough voluteers? Use the Army. The Emperor should get in an NBC suit and pick up some radioactive litter, is he the soul of his nation, or not?

  • xdrfox

    As I said last week, it will be impossible/too hot for them to put the cooling fans/filters and this will turn out to be another false hope !

    • xdrfox

      The buildings themselves are becoming as hot as the source, absorption !

      • Deetu 3

        @Dr.Fox-Xactly my feeling…apart from almost certainly under reporting the actual levels(a la GOM)as I was saying to “nah/rx/physicist/harry/homer” yesterday-this in no way compares with the chernobyl situation…that was a cake walk in comparison…if humans or robots can’t get near to do anything meaningful it doesn’t really matter what the “plan” is……

        • xdrfox

          A new containment structure is scheduled to be completed by 2011, as well as other radioactive treatment plants to handle the waste from the Chernobyl site.

          Major improvement work was carried out on the structure in 1998 and 1999, but the structure, which keeps more than 200 tons of radioactive material beneath from escaping into the air, has recently sprung some leaks.


      • xdrfox

        Shielding from gamma rays requires large amounts of mass. They are better absorbed by materials with high atomic numbers and high density, although neither effect is important compared to the total mass per area in the path of the gamma ray. For this reason, a lead shield is only modestly better (20–30%) as a gamma shield than an equal mass of another shielding material such as aluminium, concrete, or soil; lead’s major advantage is its density.

        The higher the energy of the gamma rays, the thicker the shielding required. Materials for shielding gamma rays are typically measured by the thickness required to reduce the intensity of the gamma rays by one half (the half value layer or HVL). For example gamma rays that require 1 cm (0.4″) of lead to reduce their intensity by 50% will also have their intensity reduced in half by 4.1 cm of granite rock, 6 cm (2½″) of concrete, or 9 cm (3½″) of packed soil. However, the mass of this much concrete or soil is only 20–30% larger than that of lead with the same absorption capability. Depleted uranium is used for shielding in portable gamma ray sources, but again the savings in weight over lead is modest, and the main effect is to reduce shielding bulk.


  • Jean

    Change plans? TEPCO had no plans besides the generators.

    Plan A: Generators will take over in the event of a power failure.
    Plan B: What? We don’t have one, we’ll just make this up as we go along….
    Plan C: WTF should we do now???

  • mark V

    It’s funny how they release little-bit of bad-news once-in-a-while, but not bad enough to get the world markets really worried.

    How about 3 melted cores that may be already deep in the soil? How about tens of thousands tons of water that still have to be poured into reactors and put somewhere afterwards? Please convince me it is not going into the ocean.

    Also funny how Korea, China, Hong Kong and other countrie’s officials happy reporting “radiation levels below dangerous treshold”. When it starts to show above the threshold, it will stay like this for thousands of years, and could only increase, there’s no way back.

    Two months into it, and and still sometimes asking myself am I dreaming.

    There are good news in some parts of the world btw, read this from the Guardian


  • I think if they have to change gears they should try this…. as long as they can entomb it, they should. As long as doing so doesn`t create some type of bomb, at least if they can curb the emission maybe we have a chance and a breather here in North America. I know topping it without a proper bottom sealing means ground water contamination but I argue the groundwater is ALREADY contaminated and probably more then we`d want to know about. And while topping it is probably not the final solution, maybe it is better than the rest of the world being poisoned due to one countries issues of being out of control? I can`t believe the North Americans Obama and Harper are SILENT about this. I have never felt more untrusting of two people in my life.

    • Moco

      Obaby and haarper, never gave a shit about you. Never.
      The society is geared for “everyman for themselves” mentality, and this is the result.

  • Darth

    They will soon realize that the radiation levels are too high for humans to work at this site. Even robots will not be able to function when radiation levels are too high as they found out at Chernobyl – the electronics become overwhelmed with radiation noise.

    Soon the underground nuclear explosion option will be considered – something that creates a bowl shaped cavity on the surface into which the entire Fukushima site will descend. This was mention in a Busby video as something quietly being proposed by the USA to the Japanese about a month ago – can’t find the link again – sorry. This bowl can then be filled with water – stopping the harmful radiation exposure to workers who could then use robots to fish out nuclear debris – something that would take decades. Of course the ground water table and ocean will take a big hit but the atmospheric vector will be eliminated. In any event the ground water table is already effected as #5 & #6 reactor sites are experiencing its underground radiations.

    It would still represent a slow death to much of the planet with untold Godzilla effects ready to manifest in the years to come.

    I guess it will take something like this to cause humans to realize that the fissioning of the atom is not a good thing to do on planet Earth. The headache is not worth the benefit.


    Check out this Internet Global Map of hits on a website tracking the Fukushima disaster – a lot of interest. Hope the link works.


  • Heart of the Rose

    Anyone heard from Mothra?

    • Deetu 3

      JUST what I was thinking.

    • xdrfox

      I saw where she posted a link to another site that she has been going to, very intellectual discussions. I don’t have it, posted here 1st of last week, may be there !

  • Heart of the Rose

    Ah..hell.. let me say this over here too..
    then back to getting radiated.
    Two wells plus Matts.

  • Here’s news on Japan: Japan shifts,….towns now flood twice a day with the high tide. People rush home frantically, wading through salt water and fishes,….Ya think? Yet, they are learning to adapt! WTF?

  • Slow down repairs… need more money too….

    TEPCO asks gov’t to help pay nuclear disaster damages

    TOKYO, May 10, Kyodo

    The head of Tokyo Electric Power Co. asked the government Tuesday to help it pay the enormous costs expected in compensating victims of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant while promising to streamline the company’s operations as urged by the government.

  • Well I guess he is workjing for free for the rest of his life. Maybe he knows he will be gone by June….
    Kan to forgo PM’s salary until nuclear crisis brought under control

    By Takuya Karube
    TOKYO, May 10, Kyodo

    Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday he will forgo the monthly salary and biannual bonuses paid to him for serving as Japan’s leader, starting from June, until the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is brought under control.

  • beachbum

    Not a word out of our leaders mouths in Wash. D.C. Are they joking? It’s like: “Did you hear the one about the minister, the rabbi, and the priest who went into a bar.” Or the one about The Volcano, The Earthquake, and The Tsunami went into Japan… Only it is not funny! The joke is on us! I showed my good friend this a.m. some of this info and he acted liked a deer in the headlights. Blindsided! He has been in Brazil for the last two months. News to him. He’s 35 years a boat captain in the oil fields. Mostly Mexico and Brazil, but started in Louisiana.
    Shocked! Broke his heart, tears in his eyes. He did make some resolutions about his activities for the near future.

  • Lill

    “Two months into it, and and still sometimes asking myself am I dreaming.”

    mark V, i feel the same. the worse agony, as several have mentioned, is the (willful) blindness by others. i’m exhausted. i try to inform people and get ‘that wacko-lady’ reaction. so many ignoring all this like they did the GOM, life as usual at all costs. the not being successful trying to get people to take it seriously is every bit a nightmare scenario as those dreams where you run and can’t escape the danger.

    i’ve been packing, sorting, trying to get us ready to go. how i don’t know; no car, no city bus service here, taxis are insane expensive. i guess we hoof it. either way, this neighborhood is terrible on a good day, i don’t want to wait for what i am sure it will become later, once a few do realize how deep in it we are. heh, i need a Noah and an Arc i guess (trying to daydream a little and find a sense of humor in all this insanity). hey there imaginary Noah, hire me; i can use a hammer and clean stalls. done it before many a time, i can do it again till the end of time.

    thanks again everyone for all the links and for Enenews. Beachbum, all of you guys are heroes. getting this info out is needed. i’ll try once more to get word out.

    • Anna

      Where are you Lill (generally speaking)? West coast?

    • misitu

      I know what you mean. It is difficult to find a dialogue anywhere. People do not want to hear this news, even when they are making decisions about family travelling to Japan.

      Just a few of us are concerned enough to weep for all the rest.

      As for doing anything even minimal I asked my friends on facebook to demand answers from their parliamentary/congressional representative.

      A very bad thing is happening and most of the world cannot be effed to exhibit some basic curiosity.

      Good luck to those of us who are making decisions about our futures.

  • ocifferdave

    I watched my own “American Idol” Friday night. My vice. Super hero movies. Thor was great. Too bad the Japanese government doesn’t have a “Thor” of a politition that can kick some ass on this sitch and keep us informed Ron Paul style.

  • Lill

    @ Anna

    far northwestern Ala, near to TN. plus V are out, so ^ looks like the better of many evils, you know?

    @ misitu

    exactly. i debated posting something on my FB. there seems a surprising lack of interest. biz as usual. my dad was a gvt man from 40’s – late 60’s, he extricated himself as he could as soon as workable; he smelled a skunk as far back as early 50’s, i grew up thinking in terms of an emergency bugout for a variety of reasons. back then, folks would have responded to this current situ entirely differently. in many ways, dad was shockingly like the dad from “Blast from the Past”. tho he never got to construct any such protection as in that movie.

  • Lill

    oh! sorry, seems to have eaten the arrows except for that one. V=south.

  • Anthony

    Fukushima Daiichi: Japan asks banks to help Tepco with loans

    Fukushima Daiichi: the massive loan burden for Tokyo Electric Power Co and it’s creditor after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster exceeded $23.4 billion. The Japanese government is asking other banks to help ease the burden despite risk in return.