Tepco: Radiation levels from Fukushima increasing — Now releasing 70,000,000 Bq/hr

Published: January 23rd, 2012 at 5:15 pm ET


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Title: TEPCO Notes Rise in Radioactive Leaks from Damaged Reactors
Source: Jiji Press
Date: Jan 23, 2012

[Tepco] on Monday reported an increase in radioactive materials leaking from damaged nuclear reactors […]

The total amount of radioactive cesium that leaked from the containment vessels of the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors reached 70 million becquerels per hour, up 12 million becquerels from the December level […]

It seems that radioactive dusts were stirred up because plant workers went inside reactor buildings and removed rubble […]

Last month, the leaked amount was put at 10 million becquerels each for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors and 40 million becquerels for the No. 3 reactor.

Read the report here

Title: Amount of radioactive materials released from Fukushima plant up
Source: Kyodo
Date: Jan. 23, 2012

[… Tepco said] that the increase is attributable to displacement of radioactive materials that had settled on facilities and equipment, as a result of work conducted near the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors there.

The operator, known as TEPCO, has recently probed the inside of the container vessel at the No. 2 reactor with an industrial endoscope and conducted scrap work around the No. 3 reactor. […]

Read the report here

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Published: January 23rd, 2012 at 5:15 pm ET


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210 comments to Tepco: Radiation levels from Fukushima increasing — Now releasing 70,000,000 Bq/hr

  • dodge

    This is sad news, not unexpected but sad. It is criminal that main stream news fails to cover this story, and that people continue to function as if this problem did not exist. This cannot but find it way into the food chain, and unfortunately will find its way to us.


      @dodge: I agree, this is sad.

      Likely you’re unaware, Fukushima radiation has already made its way into much of the northern hemispheres food supply. It seems the worse predictions of many within this newsgroup, may well become reality.

      The only consolation is in the justice that if this happens, those who did their best to underplay the importance of this catastrophe, will themselves (and their families) be likely victims. I genuinely wouldn’t want to see anyone suffer the horrors of radiation poisoning, regardless what part they may have played in what can only-now be seen as a conspiracy-of-silence. Yet, they’d have no one to blame but themselves…


        @dodge: grammatical correction in order:

        “Likely you’re aware, Fukushima radiation…” was my intended statement…

    • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

      [[Jumping position for comment]] Forgive me.

      Didn’t take long to get 116 comments on this article did it.

      I have monitored an posted on this site since it’s onset but observed an ancient truth…
      one learns little, with lips moving.

      • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

        I do express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has contributed to this discussion of such a dire reality. Truly. I have gained insight and education because of your diligent efforts in seeking answers and resources. Last and, certainly not least, ENE personal, Mr. Gunderson and staff.

        Top of the shelf, as they say. The best of truth seekers on the net.


        There has to be a beneficial result from such a noble, and monumental effort. All efforts seeking valid data, resources and logical conclusions will become of no value if one thing does not occur. And that is obviously… action.

        What is any of this worth unless you (we) fail to act on a personal level to protect ourselves from this physical and physiological assault. The way by which we live and conduct our very lives. The measures that we incorporate on a daily basis to protect life as we know to be right.

        Point being, take measures to protect yourself, family and loved ones. Crying and complaining to “officials” will not gain you much ground. There are exceptions but they are becoming more scarce. Incorporate this reality into daily activities.

        Survive and Thrive.

        • Nuclear Ninja Nuclear Ninja

          The information being posted here not only by the admin, but the tons of other relevant info by those commenting on articles, has definitely helped me.

          I unfortunately did not start looking into this much until mid-April, but thanks to infowars I started searching around more and eventually found enenews. I’m sure I got some of the worst of it being in California and not wearing a mask until then, but for the months after while outside and traveling to work, I wore a CBRN mask which I hope saved me from some hot particles.

          I have also learned about many of the isotopes, bequerel/curie, alpha/beta/gamma/x-ray/neutron, decay chains, half lives, fission, and much more than I am willing to type out using my phone.

          I built my own geiger counter with the same tube as the inspector alert when there were no good meters available some months ago. I have avoided dairy (minus cheese), some leafy vegetables, tap water, rain, since then as well.

          Basically what I’m saying is, the information provided here does help and you are making a difference for those who choose to inform themselves and take action. Don’t ever give up, and even if its been said before, say it again as someone may have missed it.

          Had this site and others like it not appeared, I would have still been under the horribly wrong impression that the nuclear disaster was only affecting Japan.

          -Nuclear Ninja
          Twitter: nuclearninja311

      • ion jean ion jean

        Survive and Thrive that is KEY! With tens of millions of Becquerels per hour we’re in Billions per Day and Terabecquerels by the month…yet the boundary (HORIZONTAL) reads millisieverts? WTF?!?

        We live in a THREE dimensional world! So, unless they are doing helicopter readings, which knowing TEPCO I doubt, they have no idea how much of that is going VERTICAL, far far away into the jet stream, over here over there over everywhere, not just cesium, but two thirds of any cesium 137 will be the amount of STRONTIUM and being No. 3 MOXED-up we can assume plutonium in a smaller quantity, uranium as well…

        I have learned that I 131, C 137 and S 90 will tend to gravitate to the above ground portion of the plant (they don’t uptake plutonium as readily) so when in doubt, eat more root veggies! As well these three isotopes also concentrate in the reproductive organs…fruit and seed.

        Grow your own produce cause you can stop a lot of cesium uptake by adding potassium to your soil and the strontium will be discouraged by neutral salts like calcium chloride added to soil…strontium not only replaces calcium in your body, it will also actually bind with calcium in the food chain to become Sr/Ca…even harder to flush.

        This will help you all here grow healthier food…also think nutrient dense sprouts as a main veggie staple and hydroponics, avoiding the soil problem all together (if you use distilled water or reverse osmosis, add back some minerals for healthier water).

  • jackassrig

    The is a good article over at zerohedge.com. I hadn’t realised TEPCO head drilled under the buildings and did not find the corium according to a blogger.

    • jdotg


      Is this the article your referring too?

      Ive read it and came to the conclusion that you have misread it.

      The article didnt say a word about drilling “under” any building.

      It simply explained the endoscope operation at Reactor 2.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        No.. there has been mention of drilling in a few different reports.. Can’t remember them all but here is one..

        “Boring survey around reactor 2 is coming to the climax” from http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/breaking-news-whistle-blower-talks-container-vessel-is-melting-like-honeycomb/

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Hi jdot…you still trying?

        • jdotg

          Was anything I posted, Incorrect? What exactly am I supposedly trying? As i said the article he (jackass) referred to had no mention of any boring around any building, period.
          No goal here. Just stating and asking for clarification.

          Now the link cataclysmic posted, does. Also, this is the first and only mention Ive heard of mentioning boring operations. Fukushima-diary is not my favorite source for multitudes of reasons. I prefer Ex-Skf.

          Now, the link, you posted shows pictures of boring equipment, not it actually deployed in Fukushima. Personally, I haven’t seen the equipment required to bore through concrete around reactors on the web cams.

          He also states the dust from the boring is too radioactive. Im sure it is, but its commonly known carbide tungsten dust is a carcinogen also. Notice, he said they switch from diamond to carbide tungsten due to temperatures.

          This information is wrong and here’s why:

          Wiki-“PCD has good fracture toughness and ‘good thermal stability’, and is used in making geological drill bits.” PCD are formed at 3500 degrees C, surely they can handle 500 C.

          “Diamond tools are suitable to process the following materials: Carbide alloy, Hard or abrasive non-metallic materials, for example, stone, concrete, asphalt…”
          So Diamond tools produce carbide tools.

          Also, mentioning a section of radioactive concrete, which was supposedly bored from underneath an unspecified Reactor, referring to it as a “concrete slag sample.” Doesn’t appear to come from any boring machine, as it doesn’t resemble the previous samples shown above it.

          “These yellow concrete slags come out from under the building one after one.”
          In the next translation the story changes to
          “Can you believe it is out of the container vessel.”
          The primary containment is certainly not under the building.

          Wherever its from it was radioactive

          Finally this so called,”report” is taken from a online forum and translated. I can go on but…

          • The primary containment is now mother earth, your drinking water, your rain, your air, your food.

            • jdotg

              Typical response. And that’s not the case at all, primary containment 1, 2, and maybe 4 are still mostly intact. No idea about 3.

              Operating as designed? No. Breached? Possibly. Completely vaporized? No.

              The fact still remains, primary containment is not under the building. For several reasons aforementioned above, I’m calling into question the accuracy of the fukushima-diary article.

              • Wow, you really are just a troll. For obvious lies I shall report you.

                • jdotg

                  Report whatever you’d like, that’s why they put it there.
                  What did I say that wasn’t true? You neglected to tell me.

                  If your reporting me for lying, I shall report you as being the troll.

                  The first to say troll is normally trolling by spouting the nonsense.

                  By definition trolling is posting irrelevant things. Look at your responses to me.

                  Consider this. After reading my lengthy response to an article, which I felt was misleading, I explained my position on the article within said response. You proceed with your post of a smart ass reply. I then call you out on the “obvious” nonsense comment. And queue the name calling. (Who is trolling, again?)

                  B&B pretty much started my troll fan club stalking each one of my posts, (thats trolling) because I have a different view.

                  Posting meaningless replies, ignoring the contents of my response.

                  Is trolling.

                  Me, intelligently stating my opinion and then supporting it, is far from trolling, so take that crap somewhere else. All it achieves is anger,hate, and a war of words.

                  Get over yourself. Your shit smells just as bad as mine.

                  • Take a cue from nuclear boy


                    Just even saying the words “operating as designed, no” is such a gross absurdity, and insult to anyone with half a brain.

                    Unless of course you consider the sacrifice of the human heritage of our DNA as operating as designed.

                    • jdotg

                      Steve, Is that right?,
                      I was initially angered after going through the effort to pose a rebuttal to the article. Re-read what I have said and the response to Misitu, to get a clearer understanding, following this post.

                      Your initial post disregarding my entire response was simply, infuriating. Then you begin insulting me in responses to me, and then indirectly. A person has only some much of a tolerance.

                      My comments, also may what seems like, undercut the severity of this incident. NOT MY STANCE ON IT!

                      Also, by no means, did I directly and purposefully try to insult you or any poster here, that wasn’t warranted.

                      I strive to be respectful, seem educated, and argue my points clearly. What is the “golden rule”?

                      A primary containment operating as designed is doing what its named after, containing, the nuclear element within it. They are even designed to supposedly withstand such a disaster, at least that’s the official story.

                      With nuclear plants dotted the globe and not many official accidents. They are labeling it green, and full steam ahead. Newer designs, I feel are the answer to these aging beasts.

                      And obviously, no i dont think this is the be all end all. Not yet.

                      1979: It took them a year to get inside the TMI containment. 1985:It took them 6 years to begin getting the wreckage. 1987: It took them 8 years to realize half the core melted. 1989: 2 more years to realize it migrated to the bottom.
                      It was brand new, fukushima is on age around 40 years old.

                      Until we are told the truth about Japan, which hopefully, will be when somebody gets a good look inside these reactors. It will be a long ride. But the amazing thing about our species is the ability, to adapt and to learn.


                  • Misitu

                    re post from jdotg on January 24, 2012 at 1:48 am”By definition trolling is posting irrelevant things. Look at your responses to me.”

                    No, dear chap. The accepted definition is

                    troll –
                    person who deliberately stirs up trouble

                    • Misitu

                      Hence, a controversial first post in a thread, which is counter to the accepted norms of the forum it’s found in, COULD be defined later as a troll post depending on the original poster’s response to challenges from other forum members.

                      If a user name pops up with more adjudged troll posts than the norm, they can be labelled trolls in order for the rest of the contributors to avoid being drawn in to trolling, or trolled, threads. Nobody who is here for a reason enjoys wasting time or being made a fool of.

                      Some supposed trolls have been reevaluated as honest enquirers once their other later posts evidence that frame of mind, but this is rare.


                  • Jay, because it is simple, your statements are preposterous in their certainty of “truth”
                    as you stated—
                    The fact still remains, primary containment is not under the building

                    That’s a fact? I think otherwise

                    Why did I inhale 2600% background levels of uranium in air, 5000 miles away? The only way to create that level of uranium in air is to aerosolize tens of tons of uranium, it is simple high school math, density (reported by EPA)* volume = mass. There is no option, tens of tons were vaporized.

                    The news blackout, the explosions, the lies, THE LACK of a good solution, there are none for Japan. All these point to the obvious.


                  • billythafish

                    I really should not get involved, but there seem to be so many ‘anti nuclear’ trolls with absolutely no knowledge or even the ability to critically analyse articles or data on this site, it is getting so it is not worth reading comments any more. I almost wonder if TEPCO is paying shills to flood comments with nonsense to make it hard for people find the facts and thoughtful analysis among all the idiot posts?.

                    I should say I am not anti or pro nuclear, but I am pro safety and avoiding catastrophes like this. I think we all should realise that eventually mankind will need nuclear energy, but I do feel cutting corners and rushing into things is exceptionally bad. I feel the nuclear industry should at this stage still only be in a research phase, the budgets doubled but only maybe 10 or 20 sites in the world should be operating reactors, and containment engineering and backup systems should be made fail proof regardless of expense.

                    I suppose the problem with this site is that really there is nothing that can be done about fukushima and the accident will cost millions of lives(though this number does not really mean deaths I think shortened or unhealthy lives would be better description). There seem to be only doom sayers and really what good will that do anyone?. We all know its bad, but why not STFU if you have nothing constructive or factual to add to what we already know, if you are against nuclear write to you political representative.

                    Everything has risks, coal and oil also kill many millions, and the centre of the earth is a huge nuclear reactor that spews radiation whenever a volcano erupts.

                    It would be nice if this site had some sort of rating system so comments and even users could be categorised and ranked by other users.

                    I would love to be able select to read only posts made by people judged to be pragmatists, or emotional anti nuclear, or pro nuclear, or shills, or trolls, etc….

                    I think there is too much hysteria and doom in…

            • lokay5 lokay5

              …your Kool Aid

              • lokay5 lokay5

                The primary containment is now mother earth, your drinking water, your rain, your air, your food, and in your Kool Aid, Jason.

          • Misitu

            erm, it’s not carbide tungsten (a violation of technical nomenclature), it’s

            Tungsten Carbide.

            Please, more attention: otherwise, obvious credibility issues.

            • jdotg

              Doh! Apologies.
              My personal take on the article is its main idea was lost in translation. The idea rather, my idea is this:

              Was that radioactive concrete pictured, actually from the bore? I suspect not.

              Yes they bored, I know when and why, they bored right through the primary containment, for the endoscopy.

              December ex-worker leaked drilling. Then confirmed later, they are drilling a hole in Reactor 2. Turns out, it was 1/3 or following week/s, Sea side, date of posts on forum by worker. Two weeks to the day, 1/17, NHK announces”hole drilled”, I saw on enenews, they are going in. 1/19, they are in, “wheres the water?!”. A week after NHK announcement, press announce, radiation is slightly up compared to last month.

              Is this really come as a surprise as they just tapped the containment? Rumored they inserted gas to prevent escape of radiation, but no word from Tepco, that I gather.


              • Misitu

                I had a look at Mochizuki’s article with the photos. The photos seem to be a miscellaneous assortment with no clear story or interpretation otherwise than a diversionary plant to confuse.

                They have nothing to do with the recent endoscopy of unit 2 which operation as I recall was to have a look inside the building (the SECONDARY containment) not the pressure vessel.

                If we remember, the explosion at unit 2 was in the torus, result: the building became filled with water vapour to 100% humidity before eventual venting to atmosphere after the robots went in and vision was lost due to fogging.

                It’s good to try to get a clear picture. I’ve made mistakes – we all do – and it’s not helped by deception at source and misinterpretation down the line.

                The only way to achieve this is by honest forthright peer review and diligent research.

                That’s one of the reasons for contributors to this site being very sensitive to “deliberate disturbance”.

                Hope This Helps,

                • fellfromthesun

                  >I had a look at Mochizuki’s article with the photos. The photos seem to be a miscellaneous assortment with no clear story or interpretation otherwise than a diversionary plant to confuse.

                  Hardly the first time you could say that!

                • jdotg

                  Uranium is not a primary containment. You are arguing apples and oranges here. Uranium is the nuclear fuel. Secondary Containment is the entire steel and concrete Reactor building. The Primary Containment Vessel is a stainless steel shell, lined with concrete shaped like a beaker. They call it the dry-well, which is where they bored into, inside of the PCV, is the Reactor Pressure Vessel, again encapsulated in stainless steel, inside of this RPV, finally is the uranium, which itself is contained by Zircaloy.

                  Your statistics are skewed much the same as mine. The great thing about stats. If i have 1 penny then go grab 26 more. Thats an increase of 2600%.

                  Do you even understand the minute amount of which is an atto-curie? It is a decimal point followed by 18 zeros.

                  As for the rest of your paper. I dont have the time to review it. But im positive its flawed, just by you claiming “195 tons then saying possibly as little as 24.”

                  So basically to me it seems like you have no idea, just like tepco.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


        • Havent noted that troll before, looks clearcut. what a shame that good bandwidth gets wasted by purveyors of death

    • I agree.. I have not seen ANYONE do anything to either monitor, find, or prevent any corium from escaping the reactor containment and going down into the ground in any of the reactors either at the DAICHI or DAINI complexes.

      By comparison, Russia with ONE reactor melt down recruited 500,000 plus people to help clean up the site, cover up the melting reactor with sand, boron, and lead.

      Many miners were recruited to dig under the reactor and prevent it from going down to groundwater.

      The amount of nuclear fuel at Fukushima is HUGE by comparison with what was at risk at Chernobyl, by orders of magnitude, but the response is tiny in comparison to what they did at Chernobyl.

      I am concerned that all of humanity will suffer as a result of this lack of response, lack of interest, lack of transparency, lack of press coverage and lack of concern for future generations.

      When they cannot even admit that reactor #3 blew up and the spent fuel pool along with it, containing MOX plutonium containing fuel, which was spread out over a two mile surrounding area, it illustrates the fallout/consequences of this type of coverup for everyone after that.

      They do not want to admit or even talk about the fact that up to 600 pounds of plutonium was liberated into the air, and those hot particles went around the world.


      Destroyed Spent Fuel Pool SFP3 of Reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011

      Follow up for vaporized nuclear fuel after melt down

  • ruth

    Thank God for Enews and all of the other alternate media sites that are telling the truth about what is happening at Fukushima. Anyone who wants to find the truth can find it online by a little searching. Even people who do watch a lot of television are not totally blind to the fact of advertising dominating the news. A lot of people look elsewhere for the real news or at least different opinions. We need to keep up the good work here at Enews as we one of the lights of truth.


      @ruth: …agreed!!! You are one-hundred percent correct. What’s equally important, is the high-quality of this venue must be maintained by its participants. We must make a point of being balanced and non-confrontational. It seems to me, ninety percent of the participants already get this. They appear patient and willing to guide each other. My hat’s off to admin too!

      This is an awesome newsgroup…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Confrontation is healthy as long as the person being confronted “gets” that it’s not a personal attack. That is, if it’s not a personal attack! There can be no honest and open sharing of thought and logical debate w/o some element of “confrontation” IMHO.


          @HoTaters: Sorry for not having returned sooner to your response.

          As I don’t know everything, I’m compelled to be considerate of all positions. Spewing invectives or inferring less than honorable intent at others, guarantees close-mindedness. Ignore the puerile and continue guiding the uninitiated towards light. It’s imperative that the quality of dialog be representative of your goal. And if you’re looking for consensus on issues, then it’s important that alienation of others be kept to a minimum. The us-versus-them paradigm was-what got us here (in every sense). It’s time for a more measured approach…

      • There are trolls now frequenting this place, and we should expose them and eliminate them, as they waste valuable time and space.

      • truthseek truthseek

        @AFTERSHOCK… This is a great place to gather and reason this together. Collectively – reflectively together drawing upon the breadth of talent and perspectives of all here. There is no place dervisive personalities and shills… I am grateful to have a place to come and sort through all of this with other like minded, reasoned and empathic souls.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        “This is an awesome newsgroup…”

        We is da enewsers!

  • Blown Camaro

    But the TEPCO ostrich said they were in cold shutdown! How is this possible? /sarcasm

    • The brains of the government and company may be in deep freeze.. I could agree with that statement. Complete cold shutdown.

      Or, we could possibly agree that their hearts are in the freezer. They do not care that millions, possibly billions will suffer and die as a result of what happens here. Again, cold shutdown… I could agree with that statement as well.

      Or, we could possibly say that the mass media is in a state of cold shutdown. They are not covering a potential life extinction event, and are not doing their part to spread the information that this plant is constantly releasing radiation, is in danger of further disasters and that plant operators do not even know where the melted corium blobs are, much less what temperature they are at, wherever they might have ended up.

      Even PBS did a good white washing, cold shutdown program about Fukushima.. When even the public access channels are corrupted and compromised, that is a sad state of affairs.

      But then, there is always hope. A candle in the darkness still gives light, even if the whole cave is dark.

      Those who seek the light can find it. The light of truth is always there.

      • Bones Bones

        Not a care in the world too important enough to stop the profits of these crooks. Did you hear what Chris Dodd just wrote on behalf of the MPAA to Foxnews. He blatantly told congressmen that if they expect his money to get into their pockets they had better start listening to what MPAA and the RIAA want.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Do you have an email contact for the Venerable(?) Christopher Dodd? I used to have it when he was a Senator, but no more. I’d love to tell him what’s on my mind.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        The appearance of having things under control and “saving face” are apparently more important than the welfare of other people.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        “Those who seek the light can find it. The light of truth is always there.”

        And the clarions of the cathedral of natural beauty and harmony chime in an angelic way…give thanks…give thanks is what we say!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Tepcrap PR Dept: Do not question any differences in what we say, just believe the latest statement….~~~

  • sworldpeas

    70 million Bq per hour? Well thats only 1 billion 680 million per day… I don’t know how much longer I can keep this smile going.

    • CB CB

      Remember Tepco low balls the hell out of their findings.

      • sworldpeas

        aah yes the ol Tepco low balling… not to worry using their numbers over 30 days it’s only 50 billion 400 million Bq of radioactive isotopes released into the atmosphere.

        (damn it! there goes another nail)

        • I am amazed that TEPCO did not put this figure out in terms of bq’s per cubic cc, per hour. That figure would be tiny and make this look a lot better.

          I guess they figured people would not freak out with a couple million bq per hour…

          So far, it seems no one even cares.. The focus is on ships sinking, the dancers, the singers, the murders, and the minutia. The movie stars are much more important..

          Keep dancing, keep singing, and keep waving those flags.

          And certainly, keep voting and sending your money to the corporate sponsored candidates that support nuclear power (clean energy), while not paying attention to what is going on in the real world.

          Meanwhile, in the REAL world, the BILLIONS of Bq’s of invisible poison keep pouring out in an endless river of death and suffering. Pandora’s Box is wide open.

          Maybe we need some female Medusa’s to turn these people into stone, due to non action around Fukushima?


        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Don’t you wonder when the hell the cavalry is gonna get a call?

    • Anthony Anthony

      Massive accumulation. It has changed our world.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Weren’t there supposed to be several Terabequerels (7 or 70?) of radiation being emitted daily? I thought that was reported here about one month ago.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        That was trillions of Bequerels, not billions!

        • jdotg

          Yes it was, and this article is about millions,

          not billions or trillions.

          Not out of the woods, but at least it has decreased by a factor of a 1,000,000.

          And who did the math?
          “Last month, the leaked amount was put at 10 million becquerels each for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors and 40 million becquerels for the No. 3 reactor.”
          “The total amount of radioactive cesium that leaked from the containment vessels of the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors reached 70 million becquerels per hour”

          10+10+40=60 70-60=10

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Trillions…billions…whats a few zillions of difference?

          It is all radiation coming at us daily.

          And since when have we believed anything govtepco had said anyways?

          • pacific

            Yes, sloppy and confusing —

            And I only skimmed, so maybe this is my own sloppiness, but the releases stated above don’t include the waterborne washing-out releases ongoing, right?

  • jackassrig

    I said a BLOGGER had reported drilling under the buildings.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Can you add a link or a time stamp or a poster name or some such so we know where to look?


        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Thanks, Cata. I remember that one now – didn’t put two and two together.

        • Yeah good find, I remember that one also.

        • Misitu

          I personally have seen no “drilling under” news items, and it is fair to say that the excellent ZH once made a post much criticised for a basic misunderstanding of some of the laws of nuclear physics.

          I did go to Mochizuki’s site and the article contains a bunch of assorted photos that don’t tell a coherent story and 99% probably don’t represent anything at Fukushima Dai-ichi.

          Comments awaiting moderation there, have a look in a few hours’ time for them to appear, if interested.

          It’s a Real Shame when something we want to be positive – or at least truthful – is packaged with rubbish.

          Sorry I missed this the first time.


          • jdotg

            I debated whether to post there or not, after reading your comments, I will if I have further objections in addition to yours. Hopefully you included some aspects from above. Me too, about missing it, not the first time I saw that article.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Update on Fukushima | ZeroHedge http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/update-fukushima-0 VERY SCARY! GOVTS LIE-INCLUDING USA-FIGHT 4 TRUTH
    9 minutes ago


      @Whoopie: thanks for the flag. Though a bit on the rough side, the blog responses are a blast!

      Going off topic for a second: I doubt we’ll be able to get together for martinis, so here’s my recipe: four-liquid ounces of Hendrick’s brand Gin and only the slightest splash of Vermouth. If you can get them, we’ve discovered that Caper berries far-surpass stuffed olives as a final touch. We’ll even get crazy and use as many as four – plump – Caper berries per drink. In keeping with an all natural drink, we even use wild Caper berries (Whole Foods). Enjoy good lady!

    • Anthony Anthony

      From article: ***The probe Thursday successfully recorded the temperature inside the containment vessel at 44.7 Celsius (112 F), confirming it stayed below the boiling point and qualifying a “cold shutdown state,” the stable condition that the government had declared in December despite skepticism from experts.
      The government has said that it would take 40 years until the Fukushima plant is fully decommissioned***

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        My understanding is that the “cold shutdown state” is a euphemism coined when they couldn’t find the core, but the leaky containment vessel had cooled somewhat.

        Is this the general understanding here or have I missed something important?

        • Anthony Anthony

          I thought cold shutdown is industry wide jargon indicating a pressure containment is reading 100 degrees or less. In other words, a reactor under control! Either way its quite dishonest to state cold shutdown when the coriums are unaccounted for, having criticalities and producing out of control levels of emmissions. Its deceptive in that cold shutdown simply translates there’s nothing to be concerned about. There’s a Fukushima worry everyday.

          • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

            So true Anthony!

            Deceptive being the keyword.

            Basic physics will tell you that a breached vessel (at atmospheric pressure)cannot obtain water temperatures above 100 degrees C. Since the core is no longer in the vessel it is only the steam rising from below that will heat up the vessel. As we saw in the rectal exploration of RPV2 there is plenty of steam and water inside. To continue using the temperature of the broken vessel as a proof of anything else than basic physics, is 1st degree deception.

            Cold shutdown has definitely been accomplished in the hearts and minds of the people behind this deception.

          • aigeezer aigeezer

            Yes Anthony, I agree about “cold shutdown” as standard industry jargon. If I remember correctly though, there was some fuss here and in the media when they coyly changed the phrase to “cold shutdown conditions”. There was much skepticism that they had moved the goalposts.

            It seems we’re all in agreement that some kind of deception was and is happening.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yes. And from what others here have said, when the top of the corium cools (but inside it’s still molten) it will appear to be cooler than it is. The crust cools, but it’s hot inside. Point well taken below, there is no containment so therefore no cold shutdown!

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Yet more chilling details:

    1. They mention only cesium.

    2. Stirring up dust added 12 million becquerels per hour (if we believe them). That must be some dust!

    3. They apparently were caught by surprise by the effects of the dust. Who would have guessed it might be radioactive and dusty in there?

    4. Apparently this precedes any changes that might arise from today’s earthquake. I wonder if it might stir up a bit of dust also.

    For me, the “dust” excuse seems as phony as the “cold shutdown conditions” fairy tale.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Aig, agreed.


      @aigeezer: I was thinking that it might be due to disruption of the coreum slag; stirring the pot as it were…

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      I think we all know it is BS that all this increase is from stirring up the dust.. unless of course you stirred up the dust by collapsing a fuel pool or something, …and had monkeys carrying glasses with old watches and bananas doing the gosh darn hokey pokey in it..

      …as many have witnessed.. there is plenty of recriticality going on over there.. hello Tepco light show.. and maybe ye ole corium has cracked the earth and is steaming becquerels up through the ground.. and down into the earth and out into the sea.. and don’t forget the drinking water.. my understanding is they don’t have a clue where the fuel is.. and some are hypothesizing much of it just vaporized.. lovely hot particles thank you.. Nuclear power the gift that keeps on giving.. JUST SAY NO!

      • Misitu

        Corium gets dusty when it crusts over, as the crust contains a variety of radioactively decaying materials, bits becoming more or less denser with time, liquefying, evaporating, etc., so creating its own radioactive dust over time.

        I wonder if I should try to make the picture clearer.

      • Shut them all Down, the sooner the better.

        Shut them down in logical fashion, logical balanced, unforgiving, and steadfast manner. Kill them in a loving manner, and at the fastest rate allowed by reality.

    • pacific

      Agreed here also.

      And if kicking up a little dust can increase emissions by … what, almost 25%, up from 58m to 70m? — then let’s go in and pour a *lot* of dust over everything and that oughta about block it all. /sarc/ Sweeeeeet!

      Sorry. Frustrated at my own inability to really sort it all out and track it all, and utter lack of HELP from our media and leaders.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    What happened to the quadrillions of bequerels a day? I think that 70,000,000 Bequerels is a dramatic decrease from previous estimates.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      I realize that’s 70m Bq/hr., which still only equals a small fraction of quadrillions of Bq/day emissions.

      • Radiation measured in becquerel is per second, not per hour. Saying 70 million Bq/hr is the same as saying 252 x 10^9, or 252 billion becquerel per hour. Which is not that outlandish in that it would mean an average of just over 68 curies’ worth of radioactive isotopes are escaping per hour from all sources on site. The cesiums for sure, strontium no doubt, and God only knows what else. There are millions of curies in the corium and spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi.

        In order to get a total of 70 million disintegrations per hour, the contaminant release rate would be a bit less than 19,500 disintegrations per second – becquerels. I suppose they could just be using sloppy shorthand, but if so why not use the smaller (and more accurate) figure? Lots less scary sounding.

        • So how much is that Joy, relative to releases

          Japan Times reported on August 27 that Fukushima’s “Cesium Leak Equal to 168 ’45 A-Bombs.”

          As of September 2011, the situation at Fukushima continues to worsen. Dr. Chris Busby reported on the Russian television network RT on August 17 that air filters from Tokyo are showing levels of Cesium-137 that are 1000 times higher than the levels of that radionuclide found in the air at the peak of atmospheric atomic weapons testing in 1963.

          Busby also stated that plant emissions were reported to the Japanese Prime Minister by Tepco to be 10 to the 13 becquerels per hour.

          During an interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, broadcasted online in September of 2011, Arnie Gunderson stated that he had been told that Fukushima was currently emitting a gigabecquerel per day (gigabecquerel or GBq 109 Bq), in radiation, which he described as over 2 billion decays per second a day.

          • Cesium Leak Equal to 168 ’45 A-Bombs: NISA Compares Contamination to Hiroshima Blast,” Japan Times (2011, August 27): http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110827x3.html.

            Dr. Christopher Busby interviewed by Russia Today (RT) and uploaded to YouTube “Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo,” [RussiaToday] YouTube (uploaded 2011, August 17): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNzDg4O9dkw.


            Helen Caldicott interviews Arnie Gunderson: “Arnold Gundersen with a Fukushima update,” If You Love This Planet (2011, September): http://ifyoulovethisplanet.org/?p=4952

          • Well, hard to tell. It could be the 68+ curies per hour, which would be 1,632 curies per day (at current release rate). I’m an old-timer, curies (and rem for dose) are what I’m way more used to than becquerels and sieverts. Becquerels are really a too-tiny-to-be-noticed amount of radioactivity – a mere 1 disintegration per second. A curie is 3.7 trillion becquerels. Curies work much better for meltdown related releases, obviously. And 1,632 a day isn’t out of line at all considering the scope of the Fukushima disaster and what there is to get out.

            So I’m leaning toward the phony TEPCO figure of 70 million becquerel as just what it is – 70 million dps coming right on out. Per second.

            Conversely, sieverts are a huge degree of radiation dose. 1 sievert = 100 rem. So when they talk millis and micros, it flubs me due to those sub-divisions of rem are not much radiation dose overall. I hate having to do math… §;o)

            • Thanks for the input!

              I do qualitative research so I hate the math too–especially with all the unknowns given how many forms of radioisotopes are present and the tendency, as Aigeezer notes in this thread, to only report cesium releases and generalize as if the cesium figure is exhaustive…

              Exhaustive it is.

              Night all…

              • jdotg

                Cesium-137 is the major factor of contamination in the event of a meltdown, because of its 30 year half life. Most of the other isotopes are shorter lived. Hours and days for a half life.

                • Indeed, 37 Billion Bq=1 Curie.

                  However, since TEPCO lies by a factor of 10 I am restoring to the original

                  68 Curies per hour, LOL!

                • Misitu

                  and because it’s chemically closely related to sodium and potassium, both of which are essential to biological cell processes

                • The fiction from the nuclear industry is that ‘most’ of the fuel will be ‘gone’ in a few short years… How long do nuclear breakdown products really hang around, compared to the industry spin?

                  How about 93 different long lived radioactive elements lasting anywhere from 17,000 years to BILLIONS of years in total decay life, in addition to those that do not last as long?


              • And since becquerels are a concentration of radioactivity per given volume, I’d have to guess they’re talking cubic meters of air. Could be cubic centimeters, but that’s pretty outrageous. But then again, everything about this disaster is outrageous.

                • jdotg

                  There is nothing about concentrations or more specifically, volume, in any definitions of a becquerel, That i’ve seen. I believe you are again mistaken.

                  • If you are measuring a concentration of radiation, you will measure it (most applicably) per given volume. That is how air sampling systems work. Attached to the vent stack (of a not-melted and not-blown up) reactor system is an attached diversion pipe onto which is attached a flow meter and a couple of filer slots. Escaping gases are calculated to flow rate per cubic meter (usually). One filter is for trapping whatever non-noble isotopes of gas and the other is for particulates.

                    Now, due to the near impossibility of getting a decent release figure for all of the sources at the Daiichi reservation (we know of 3 melted reactors, 4 wide-open spent fuel pools and a common SFP that’s got some issues), they could hire a brave helicopter pilot to fly over the plant and follow the plume for a bit, taking readings the entire way. But he’d be using a system calibrated to volume as well, which is then extrapolated as need be with nifty exponential formulae and lots of positive or negative zeroes.

                    Last I checked TEPCO wasn’t monitoring by helicopter. So they’re guessing based on a few air samples (per volume) taken here and there where it’s not too radioactive for workers to actually be there. On the ground. Which is not where the greatest volume of collective releases are located.

                  • Misitu

                    I have seen becquerels per kilogram and becquerels per cubic centimeter and per litre. All these are valid because they don’t re-include the time divisor.

            • jdotg

              252 GBq = 6.810810811 curie

              Redo the math 🙂

              • PS and don’t forget the Bogeyman, he will get a complex, Strontium, also 30 years close enough.

                Indeed, 37 Billion Bq=1 Curie.

                However, since TEPCO lies by a factor of 10 I am restoring to the original

                68 Curies per hour, LOL!

                • Zeroes are the First Line of Coverup. Always add at least a few to whatever they’re trying to cover up.

                  • PS a Bq is a disintegration per second.
                    Doesnt tell you whether alpha, beta, gamma were emitted, just tells you that some atom became “less” of an atom and emitted one or more high energy particles (radiation).

                    Indeed the units are confusing by nature and by usage of those want to keep people confused and scared so their money and their liberties may be taken, stolen, thugged.

            • pacific

              I agree Joyb and Stock and Majia — a little sloppiness applied to varying units of measurement and they about can tie all our tails in knots!

              @JoyB, like you say, it’s gotta be 70 millions of Bq per SECOND, not per hour. Otherwise, that reactor is only throwing off as much radiation as 2,000 kilos of legal-to-eat fish , and that doesn’t seem right…..

              If we take TEPCO at its word, 70million Bq/hr:
              70,000,000Bq/hr / 60min/hr / 60sec/min=

              Japan’s new limit for radiation in fish is 100Bq/sec per kilo, isn’t it? So……
              2,000kilos of fish at 100Bq/sec wd emit 200,000Bq/sec, about the same as Tepco says Reactor 3 is putting out?
              That can’t be right…

              I’ll apologize right now if my late-night figgerin’s are off. We’re just about reduced to guesswork anyway at this point, tho it seems important somehow to *try* to wrestle with the info.


              • pacific

                sorry, second fail with the bolding. tried to only bold one sentence. should just quit with the bolding already.

            • lokay5 lokay5

              I’m with ya JoyB re rem /rad. It was much easier. Maybe they thought “If we could just confuse ’em with the measurements …”

        • Dec 9 Fukushima Diary posted a tweet from a worker who stated that releases today are 60 million Bq/h

        • Tepco has a history of deliberately understating releases by strategic mistakes.

          Matthew Penney Jul. 01, 2011. Japanese Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation
          Former Minister for Internal Affairs Haraguchi Kazuhiro has alleged that radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than the numbers released to the public.

          Joy I bet they meant becquerels and added the hour to confuse people.

          • And it’s definitely confusing, ain’t it? I swear… this corporation needs very badly to be relieved of duty. Let their engineers and ops and such stay to work, but a multi-national (ALL nuclear nations) need to send in some serious “Peacekeepers.” Create a multinational, multi-govt. sponsored ‘receivership’ for the entire reservation and Daiini to boot. It would be the best hope anybody has for somewhat responsible stewardship, even though it’s likely there’s not a thing all the nukes in the world put together can actually DO to control this disaster. They could at least do the best minimization and mediation possible, things TEPCO obviously isn’t capable of doing.

        • jdotg

          Joy, I believe your math is wrong in the curies.
          How exactly did you come to that conclusion that MBq/hr is actually equal to GBq/hr?

          Ill answer!!

          “One Bq is defined as the activity of a quantity of radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.”
          70 million bq would be 70 million disintegration per second by that definition.

          I got, First , 70 MBq = 0.001891892 curie

          either way, your off by a factor of 10.

          252 GBq = 6.810810811 curie

          70 MBq = 70,000,000 disintegrations/second
          70 MBq = 4,200,000,000 disintegrations/minute
          70 MBq= 252,000,000,000 disintegrations/hr

          Oops, Math fail, found your figure…My head hurts, I have no idea how its measured, or which would be considered correct and more accurate.

      • pacific

        @Pallas and HoTaters, you’re pointing out another clue: if they meant 70mBq per SECOND, not hour, it gets into the trillions per day at least:

        70million Bq per second x 60 sec/min x 60 min/hr x 24 hr/day
        =6 trillion Bq/day

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, PJ, I noticed that, too.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Good to see you there Self!! Me-self too. 🙂

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        From Huff Post,

        “The photos that were the first inside look since the disaster found none of the reactor’s melted fuel or its cooling water but confirmed stable temperatures and showed no major damage or ruptures caused by the earthquake last March, said Junichi Matsumoto, spokesman for the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co.”

        Dontcha just love the ” … but confirmed stable temperatures and showed no major damage or ruptures caused by the earthquake last March …. ” I guess the explosions and meltdowns don’t cause major damage.

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    Don’t take the bait!

    This is just another classic TEPCO obfuscation. They are talking garbage!

    “Bequerel per hour” DOES NOT compute!!!

    Definition of ONE Becquerel (1 bq): A quantity of radioactive material where ONE nucleus decays in one second.

    In other words: Becquerel means decay per second

    Hence “70 million bq/hr” does not make any sense. It could be translated into “70 million decays per second per hour”.

    It is NONSENSE!

    What should be stated is the quantity of the radioactive material. Omitting this information further obscures the message.

    Don’t take the bait and go to some other forum/blog and argue with nonsense data like this. It will only make you look the fool in a discussion if you do. Pronukers would love to pin you to the wall, so please don’t take this bait!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Ouch! Last week I knew that. Today, I had forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder.

      Is there any way to make sense of the data that you can see? Is it some kind of translation slip?

      Presumably they were trying to say something (rather than just noise). I like to look for contradictions and so forth in what they say, but if it’s just mush then there’s not much point.

      • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

        It is like saying “Total Company Salaries are now $70,000 per hour per week”, without mentioning how many employees work for the company. It makes your head spin, it makes no sense.

        If we assume that the bq/hr is just a slip, then I suppose the only meaningful sense we can make of it would be to erase the “per hour” and thus assume that they meant 70 million bq.

        “70,000,000 nucleus decays per second” that would be my guess.

        But without a specification of how they calculated that number, based on measurements of radioactivity and quantities of escaping water and gases, it all just tells us that things are worse than last month, which I presume we all suspected already.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        “but if it’s just mush then there’s not much point.”

        Exactly the point. Mush!

        They are not the babalonians for nothing. We are supposed to be confused by all the different measurements and amounts. It is the typical divide and conquer chaos methodology. Keep them all confused and divided so they are easier to vanquish and kill off.

        If the people were told how dangerous this Extinction Level Event really is, they would really freak out and the panic would ensue that would tear the world a new understanding. After the people tore up those who gave us this catastrophe of course.

        I hear there is party…On the Beach.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      How about 70 million decays per second, hour after hour, with no end in sight? 🙁

      Seriously – any actual data to be salvaged from their “news”?

      • Yeah, the problem is really big and getting worse.

        • jdotg

          Contrary to your opinion, this information would be a reported decrease in radioactivity, compared to the beginning, suggesting its actually getting slightly better. Only by a FACTOR(meaning you multiple) of a million though. Ill gladly take a decrease in emissions any time its offered.

          Initial radiological releases were reported in the Tera-becquerel range. Now only in the Mega-becquerel range. A reduction of 6 zero’s, fairly significant.

          • You are found guilty of lying with intent to do great bodily and DNA harm to all of humanity.
            Comparing an initial series of explosions to the current month over month increase, is a blatant use of false statistics.

            You should be ashamed. Your argument is 1e6 % slanted to pro-nuke

            • jdotg

              Ok, well I’m not. I’m actually rather elated by this news. Dec to Jan is actually only one month to month interval. And secondly, this is the first report of an emissions increase I’ve seenhere at enenews, but I haven’t researched it. I look at as two choices, 17 TBq or 70 MBq. I know my pick.

              And anyone thinking its a lie. Possibly the figures are understated, but why lie about an increase in radioactivity ?

              • You appear to be a higher level of troll, and some of the smartest can fool themselves the most.

                Seriously, how did Einstein let himself be used as a tool of destruction, it was his ego to impress the ladies with how smart he was. Sad indeed.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Looking again… there are definitely translation issues… “has announced the most recent value of 1.07 becquerels per hour”, for example.

      I’ll wait a bit for the dust to settle (sorry, bad joke).

  • It is interesting that the Jiji report linked here only includes radiation from reactors 1-3 and DOES NOT ADDRESS SPENT FUEL POOL #4:

    “The total amount of radioactive cesium that leaked from the containment vessels of the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors reached 70 million becquerels per hour, up 12 million becquerels from the December level, the power firm said.”

  • Jebus Jebus

    Someone posted earlier the number to remember…

    36 million

    36 million seconds in a year.

    If 70 million decays a second or 70 million becquerels a second.

    Times that by 36 million for a years exposure.

    36 million….

    • Jebus Jebus

      correction 31 million or 31,556,926 seconds in a year

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        2.21 X 10 to the fifteenth power.

        2,520,000,000,000,000 if the decimal is in the right place!

      • jdotg

        And then account for the different isotopes in varying quantities , and distance from source, and isoptopes half lives, along with whatever else is between you and source. And then you get your equivalent dose. Derived from that Becquerel amount.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The big picture seems to be what it appeared from the start – radionuclides spewing forth – a lot of them, for a long, long time. It’s looking more and more like an ELE. From the start, it seemed it had to be that but I kept thinking/hoping, What do I know… and, Surely not…

    Re Chernobyl, I remember reading that the frozen ground under the reactor created a barrier to the melt down, down, down and into ground water. That is one reason that the Chernobyl solution would not work there at Fukushima.

    Also (others have probably seen the movie about it, which is were I got this) it was brutal for the workers, long hours, horrible conditions, pressured to work really fast, and they were pretty much a slave labor force – little to no choice in the matter, little to no protection. And they got badly contaminated with radionuclides. They were definitely considered and treated as expendable.

    Scratch the surface and you see governments for what they really are behind the PR lies – organized crime.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    So this is cold shutdown. Still pathetic.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh, yeah, nothing to do with the #radiation in our #atmosphere from #fukushima and #vaccines #poisons >> http://t.co/b3ZS4uec
    5 minutes ago
    OMG! Get a load of that article! The same SYMPTOMS AS RADIATION!!!
    miscarriag­es, stillbirth­s and congenital abnormalit­ies, mainly in sheep but also in cattle and goats. BUT NOTHING IN SAID ARTICLE MENTIONS RADIATION!!

  • Nigwil

    (Useful source of Tepco’s press releases. Taken with a grain of salt it gives an idea of what they think they are up to.)

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Why do I keep having these images in my mind of the fate of Mussolini?

    Why do the phrases, capital crimes … crimes against humanity… criminal collusion … constructive treason… mis/malfeasance of public office … betrayal of public trust…and etc. keep running thru my fevered brain…?

    Any lawyers in the group?

    I wonder how the ‘responsible parties’ are sleeping these nights?

    Maybe they’re even having to cut back a bit on the coke snorting… dip into the Xanax supplies to get to sleep…

    I wonder how much they had to slip the NPR talking head…

    Yes they have the centers of power wrapped up all nice and secure… they think…

    If only the Sleeping Giant public (at last report, it did still have a pulse) could be stirred from its long slumber…

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Yeh, any lawyers at enenews?
      What about the RICO statutes to get some of these guys?

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Not sure if RICO applies to international crimes.

        If there was a place that could make an issue out if it, the Hague would be it even though it is owned by the same criminals that own the reactors. All part of the over all agenda of cover up and die people.

        If there was a world wide version of that law that would include all the webs of the evil money god profiteers from death and destruction in it’s jurisdiction, it might be worth a shot at filing such a case. You have to remember that the courts are no longer common law courts, they are Admiralty courts, or the law of the sea courts.

        Hey! Maybe we can prosecute them under pirate law.

        Yeah, Parlay! You be guilty of poultin the good oceans with poisons and murderous radiations, and for the murders of zillions of beqerals of fishies and those bottom living animals of the sea. Argggg…

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      And don’t forget his best:
      The definition of fascism is the merging of business with government.

  • The 30 million billion or 30 hectares or 30 with 17 zeros behind it is disentigrations going into OCEAN. PER SECOND. EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. Per Arnie on 12.27 interview if you love this planet.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The ocean is going to change in ways humans have never seen before. This much radiation released into the ocean will kill species never seen before. I don’t plan on swimming in the sea ever again. The rain is already lifting some of the radiation into clouds from oceanic evaporation. More screwed up weather and hot particle peppering for us all! YAY PREGNANT MOTHERS! YOUR IN LUCK! RADIATION IT F*KING GOOD FOR YOU ACCORDING TO ANN COULTER! (where is that bitch right now? probably sucking on a chicken bone in a bunker under the “doomsday” arks).

    • Anthony Anthony

      LOL but also true….we have no idea what’s ahead. Imagine a tiger shark in the pacific ten years from now two to four times its size?

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        “Imagine a tiger shark in the pacific ten years from now two to four times its size?”

        And ten times as crazy and aggressive.

        How about the rest of the mutated ones that will mix and interbreed in a last desperation to survive?

        Radioactive Flying Jaws crab vs King hydra Octopus in Topica, Kansas!

        Coming to a theater near you soon!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ….well..time is short for games of aggression… thanks ALOT gov/mil for leading the way….perpetuating war and death ….
    ..ad finitum…..
    …..their side…our side…what a crock..
    Humans are evolutionary failures…
    The human race is destined to be MORONIC… until it’s last breath.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      We in the U.S. are being drawn into the unenviable position of being the Nazi Germany of the 21st Century. We are being drawn into WWIII, with China and Russia siding with Iran. God help us all.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Oil…get that price of iol up to finally kill the amrican spirit anf economy…aftet hat they will be glad to die in a world war we are being setup to lose.

      This is also why the powers that be do not care about all this fukushima stuff and laugh at us as we give it so much energy. They know that sooner or sonner there wil be lots more radiation int he earths environment from the nuklear war they are going to initiate as the final solution in the rothschilds plan for population reduction and cultist world domination.

      Did you see the movie “The Calling” yet?

      It gives you many explanations as to why things are happening the way they are.

      Open your mind and your heart will see.


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Sleepy eyed.

        Oil…get that price of oil up to finally kill the american spirit and world economy. Make things really bad and chaos really rampant. After that, people will be glad to die in a world war we are being setup to lose. Can you say draft? How about “change?”

        Here is another big piece of the puzzle. Any sixth grader can see this is a close blue print for what is happening today. What people better prepare for are the next stages of this plan.


        Add this knowledge/light to your understanding of the bankster plans in the movie “The Calling” in the link above and then prepare for babylon!


  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Nuklear Blitzkreig uber alles…
    Nein kampf, nein kampf, nein kampf!

    Till my last breath I will say “NO!”

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Wrote this to an e/m friend – trying to understand how this came to pass…

    I don’t have a firm theory of it all – but at this stage of my understanding,I tend to see it as more like – GREED got them into this, & now they are in over their heads (to put it very briefly). So I see the ELE (on a large or planetary scale rather than a mere population-thinnning operation) as an unintended consequence.

    For sure, it is hard to figure out. Leuren Moret sees (at least, when last I heard her speak of it) it as a deliberate pop. reduction operation-but looking at ALL the plutonium & other very long-lasting & highly toxic radionuclides, it looks to me like the chances are that it will end up being an ELE – at some level, to some degree – perhaps close to 100% of higher life forms incl humans.

    If I had to commit to a position right now, that would be it.

    I would certainly like to have a better understanding of it all.

    Right now my view of it is that greed drove these guys, one step at a time, just short-sightedly wanting to get the sweet $ deals first, before some other smart SOB could beat them to it, & worry later about the consequences down the road. (This seems to have been the modus operandi throughout the history of human civilization – use new technologies to go in & grab the wealth & resources etc. of other individuals & nations, using force & government power to do so.)

    That approach had worked so far (before nuclear technologies/ capabilities were developed,) BUT the stakes kept getting higher in terms of the dangers & destructive capacities of the weapons etc. they were working with.

    Basically, with the development of nuclear weapons & power, it was suddenly, overnight as it were, a whole new world & necessitated a whole ‘nother and radically MORE CAUTIOUS approach … but the ‘naked ape’ miscalculated, was ruled by the same old competitive ‘get there first’ greed & ‘might makes right’ approach.

    Evolutionary failures…

    • Dr. Wellington Yueh

      Quite right, bleep.

      I’ve read elsewhere (a while back, so I forget) that humans don’t even have their s#!+ together enough to be using fossil fuels, so nuke power is obviously a couple steps too far down the road.

      I remember a good Larry Niven short story about a species of dumb ungulates buying a hyperdrive from the Outsiders and becoming permanent nomads. Heh…what a risk!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      ‘Makes sense to me. I’ve wondered about the same … if it has just gotten away from them. Their hubris finally has been their undoing (and ours too).

      • pacific

        Yes, HT, hubris! Greed like bleep said, but also false confidence that they could control it. Keep it all *contained*. I think it was nuclearcrimes.org’s creator who pointed out:

        it’s ALL ultimately, eventually going to be released, ALL the containments are temporary.

    • Agreed 98%, but ELE not yet, not close unless R4 collapses even then that will probably only kill say 50,000,000 in the next year or two, but the long term effects will be hard to deal with.

      Carrington Event would pretty much be a throw in the towel event…. get a sailboat, some chicks, some X, and some guns and go for an adventure. Sheesh, doesn’t sound so bad except you are sailing into ELE…..

      • lokay5 lokay5

        “say can I have some of your purple berries?
        I’ve been eating them for 6 or seven weeks now
        Haven’t got sick once
        Prob’ly keep us both alive”

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Hey Bleep,

      You said:

      “I would certainly like to have a better understanding of it all.”

      You do have a good understanding. There is so much to know to understand. No one really can understand it all, but we can get a good grasp of the general parameters of our world situation.

      Here is the best I have offered again in these links below. If you take all this into account, you will understand a cult of evil that seeks only for it’s own self and yes, greed is attribute of the disease of luciferianism/satanism that is at the core of it all. Ego is too.

      What most people do not understand or know is, these people sit right next to them in church and are working 24/7 in a united way. These crazies are very serious about what they do and the ways they do the serious esoteric hoopley-doo underground in circles painted on dark stars. It is mostly all centered around their god money, but there is also good cause to wonder about what happens to all those missing children every year when you consider their religion is one of blood letting and sacrifice.

      We have done all our best to rid the money changers from the world, and yet they creep back into history because the people fall pray to the ways of vice and hedonism. The material world is the real world to most people, and the spiritual one, or the real one nonexistent.

      There used to be human qualities that were held high in value. Honesty was one of them. What we see today is most people would rather run from the truth than face it. Honesty is something that is feared instead of revered. Be honest with yourself, and you will always see the truth and light that is alwyas in front of your face.

      Here are the parts about the world biggest problems in these links below that you wish to understand. Well speaking on a earthly plane of course. What comes from the Sun is also a big deal, remember?




      • James Tekton James Tekton


        (Lots of cussing, but get to the illuminati bulletin plans)

      • StillJill StillJill

        Here, here, James T! -“a cult of evil that seeks only for it’s own self and yes, greed is attribute of the disease of luciferianism/satanism that is at the core of it all. Ego is too.”

        Thinking last night about how ‘IT’ shows up early in life sometimes. Like playing Monopoly. Remember the ‘Park Place’ ones? The utility ones who bankrupted you,….and laughed and geer’d whilst doing it? Yeah.

        I was the one loaning the lossers money, and playing with the dog under the table,…feeding him cheese balls. Money never held sway.

  • Anthony Anthony

    On yahoo:
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The sun is bombarding Earth with radiation from the biggest solar storm in more than six years with more to come from the fast-moving eruption.

    The solar flare occurred at about 11 p.m. EST Sunday and will hit Earth with three different effects at three different times. The biggest issue is radiation, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Colorado.

    The radiation is mostly a concern for satellite disruptions and astronauts in space. It can cause communication problems for polar-traveling airplanes, said space weather center physicist Doug Biesecker.

    Radiation from Sunday’s flare arrived at Earth an hour later and will likely continue through Wednesday. Levels are considered strong but other storms have been more severe. There are two higher levels of radiation on NOAA’s storm scale — severe and extreme — Biesecker said. Still, this storm is the strongest for radiation since May 2005.


    • It can blow up transformers and shut down grids to millions.

      I detailed the Carrington Event here

      We got a class 9 coming at us right now.


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        How amazing that we are all on the same page.

        Let me add a caveat.

        I have spoke to this before and encouraged plans to shelter in place and be prepared to hunker down for some time if this happens.

        We are talking the potential of a Carrington Event, or a mini-Carrington event. For those who do not know what this is, it would be a solar blast right at the planet that would take out power grids and much more if it slams us like it could. Another quinkie-dink was I found this article that came out recently on another site and it hits the exact nail on the head that we have been harping on for a while now.


        Maybe they got this from our enewsers conversations about this subject of an EMP effect last year. I posted many articles on EMP’s and what they can do to the power grid. Here they are again to study and understand:




        The greatest concern and vision I have seen is the total end of the power grid system which of course will lead to the meltdown of over 400 nuklear reactors world wide. And we think fukushima is bad?

        Maybe this is what the 2012 Mayan dates are in relationship to. Maybe there is something happening to cause the Sun to be going off now. I have given comment to the green grass growing not only here, but also in Japan as it is snowing indicating that the solar warming of the earth is effecting us all like the radiation is.

        But wait, did you know that electromagnetic energy propagates radiation and electrical fields do have profound effects on the radon particles increasing in larger amounts that we inhale? Well, I am doing a report about all that and will post it somewhere soon.


        • James Tekton James Tekton


          Stay tuned!


  • jonjon

    Tepco admits radiation is increasing, but won’t admit it’s due to criticality and boiling water and steam released into the atmosphere with a mega cocktail of radioactive isotopes.

    Of course, how could they admit it when cold shut-down has been announced? This would discredit the government and TEPCO beyond repair.

    I wonder if anyone here realised this report by TEPCO, that rubbles moved from the reactor building caused this increase in radiation, is at best ridiculous and laughable, and at worst a cover-up of what’s going on with reactor 4 fuel pool… Let’s not forget Iodine has been detected in tokyo snow on the 20th.

    • Meh. Credibility index for TEPCO and the Japanese government is already so low they’ve literally got nothing to lose. But witness the spectacular juggling act going on day after day! They’ve got so many disasters going on that they can easily divert attention from whichever’s going bonkers today by pointing at another that went bonkers last week. And when the whole damned thing at Daiichi looks like one big mess of melted ice cream, they can simply issue a public ‘apology’ for the accident at Daiini.

      That’s gotta be a 10 on the scale of Vegas quality entertainment…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good point, jonjon.

    Sometimes I need to have things spelled out for me. This is all such a mind&*#k that I am at times in a bit of a daze, a state of semi-shock.

    And the most sinister part of all, that chills my blood to the max, is mentioning this to various people I know, and meet –casually mentioning this ongoing deluge of radionuclides, and being met by stunned surprise, blank incomprehension, and that old standby, denial. Wheels turn behind smile, answer pops out of the little slot, not voiced of course, but duly noted: “Oh, she’s just a nut. One of those conspiracy types…”

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      …and being met by stunned surprise, blank incomprehension, and that old standby, denial.

      I’ve been there. But then I think, what do I want them to do? Do I want them all to panic? Because that is what they would do if they knew what we know. A terrifying truth which none of us can change. Should we evangelize? To what end? I’m not so sure.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    True enough, Bob Hardin…

    Of course there are the measures one can take to help the body deal with it – the zeolite and bentonite and probiotics etc. Go out and blow a few hundred on all that stuff. Avoid leafy greens. Avoid milk. Avoid fish, seafood, meat … Avoid the rain.

    But as this thing progresses, I am wondering if it will be possible to – pausing for a word here – to survive, I guess I am thinking. (btw I am in Hawaii, getting dosed good and proper, and am 68 and have been major stressed out since this happens which – emotional stress – is not good for the body/health.)

    All along I’ve been in a kind of double-think quandry – alternately thinking, What’s the use, then bouncing back and resuming my efforts to ‘help the body deal with it.’

    As it continues, out of control, oozing radionuclides, sometimes more of them, sometimes less, with ALL the PTB lying, minimizing, ignoring, covering-up… as it continues to ooze death over there, I feel like this is really it, the big nuclear armageddon that was – backward engineering it – pretty much inevitable all along, a when-not-if kind of a deal.

    I think back to a couple of books I’ve read – or read in – UNDER THE CLOUD; THE PLUTONIUM FILES – that tell some of the early history of working to develop the bombs etc. – and the main impression that I got from those histories was just the shocking naivete of those high IQ idiots, Teller, the lot of them – blithely messing around with that stuff, like kids with a new toy, developing bombs with it, dropping them now here, now there, as ‘tests’… and it gives me a kind of sick feeling in my stomach.

    If this is the human raw material we’ve got to work with and rely upon, we are SCREWED. And it is. And we are.

    I mean – humanity is really an accident waiting to happen, has been all along. Kind of ironic that it has turned out that the smartest ones have been our undoing. Brainy but not wise.

  • ruth

    I’ve been blessed with 18 years of life beyond cancer. Every day of life is a blessing. I will die and it could be from a thousand sources. I can’t control my death but I can control how I live as long as I live. I choose to try to prevent and attenuate as many of the side effects of the Fukushima radiation as I can. I choose to keep informed of potential dangers and to try to avoid or cope as best as I can with what comes my way and live each day as enjoyably as possible as it could be my last. Enews is providing a great service to human kind and hopefully will help save some lives or at least extend them.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      All I can do is hold a Candle up to that and bow down to you in honor mam.

      Big hugs and huge support!

      This should be embossed at the top of the Enenews page for all to see as our best daily philosophy. Copied and posted on the refrigerator for sure!

      Many thanks for your beautiful and positive contributions to this forum Ruth.


    • StillJill StillJill

      That WAS lovely Ruth! So encouraging to again hear of cancer beaten for DECADES! 🙂

      Agree whole-heartedly about enenews extending some lives–it already has I’m pretty sure in my case. 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @Bob Hardin…
    Well…I’m a geek ..few have understood me through the years anyway…..I have an easy out…I quit talking.
    Truth must be told…enenews is brave.
    What one does with that knowledge…the amount of fear..is self-dosed.
    Many of us..have known the full extent here for a long time.
    We have to deal with it…
    I ..want the world to know that there are people on this planet that care…care enough to find and tell the truth.
    …hopefully in the future (if we have one)..the people will remember that they were loved.

  • StillJill StillJill

    “…hopefully in the future (if we have one)..the people will remember that they were loved.”—Heart of the Rose,…may she always get the love she gives.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    This has become one of the more interesting threads of late. Lots of good insights from various perspectives. Forgive me for going back to pick at Tepco’s dreary numbers a bit – I know we flogged that horse a lot already.

    I just want to flag that any of their numbers that ends in a long string of zeros is virtually certain to be an estimate, rather than a calculation or measurement. Real-world measurements almost never conform to humanity’s labels (million, trillion, quadrillion…) so conveniently, and calculations done today, using calculators or computers, do not require rounding to help understanding – the machine can handle an arbitrarily-long string of digits without complaint, and the chance of the last dozen or so digits happening to be zero is, um, close to zero.

    Therefore, if these numbers are almost certainly not measurements or actual calculation results, but are estimates of some kind, then it gives Tepco even more wiggle-room for spin.

    In fairness, it’s possible that the numbers started out as measurements but were dumbed-down (rounded) for media or public consumption. Even giving that benefit of the doubt, it’s not helpful when they don’t tell us exactly what and where they measured.

    Anyway… one more reason to be wary of the numbers. They are almost certainly ESTIMATES, and in Tepco-world that probably means spin or worse.

  • jec jec

    In the TBS/JNN webcam, Reactor 2 shows combustion/red at the right lower corner. Its covered up with pasted images, but on a laptop, move the screen towards you so you see at an angle..you will see the art work. Pretty disappointing–and more than yesterday morning.

  • This is who prints this confusing, misleading spin..

    How about complaining to them and asking them to make their ‘news’ a teensy weensy bit more clear and easy to understand?

    Maybe the news reporter that puts out this kind of story can ask a FEW more questions and probe just a little deeper?


    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, AGR. A few hours ago, I was sure that the story link pointed to a Japanese-language page, but now it’s an English-language (subscribers only) teaser. No big deal, I guess.

      Anyway, your suggestion got me following a trail that led from Jiji Press to its president Seizo Wakabayashi to his directorship listing:


      to here:

      Company Description: Founded in 1901, Dentsu Inc. is one of the largest advertising companies in the world and has held the largest share of the Japanese market for years. The Dentsu Group has more than 15,000 employees around the world, and its diversified portfolio of more than 6,000 clients includes long-standing relationships with many leading domestic and global corporations.


      Of course I may be misunderstanding something, but I think I just learned that the source of our mushy Tepco information is “ONE OF THE LARGEST ADVERTISING COMPANIES IN THE WORLD”.

      Now what?

  • StillJill StillJill

    aigeezer,..NICE WORK! Why am I not surprised?

    Probably that is who pays our pet trolls, and shills? 🙂

    I think they are dying a natural death,…I truly do.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, SJ. Hey gang, sorry for the bump, but would you take a look at my post above stamped 3:07 and offer any thoughts, preferably with evidence but opinions welcome too, on whether:

      1. I’ve got it wrong, or it’s no big deal.

      2. It’s a very big deal, and we’ve stumbled onto a major nuke industry spin machine.


  • vital1 vital1


    I suggest that we create a dedicated survival page as a community effort. This page would be filled with survival suggestions and information on it.

    There is a huge amount of information in enenews and also a great resource of human skills and knowledge here. I feel the survival info should all be in one location, as it is to fragmented over lots of pages at present. Here are a few suggested subjects, everyone please feel free to add others.

    1. Suggested Geiger counters to buy, and how to use them properly, and prevent contamination.
    2. Food testing equipment that is cost effective in detecting radiation contamination in food. May mean communities pool resources to purchase the equipment, plus tips on how to use it.
    3. You already have a great source of food suggestions to help remove radiation, and keep people healthy. We need these suggestions in one place.
    4. Suggested water and air purification equipment.
    5. A frequently asked question page.

    You get the idea. I feel lots of enenews users would be willing to contribute drafts in specialist areas. Then you would add them to the survival page. This way it spreads the work load, and gives hope to the enenews community, and to others who may venture here.