Tepco Alters Again: “We replaced photo for physical protection of nuclear materials”

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 1:21 am ET


First, Tepco released the badly altered photo, which was deleted and replaced with an alteration of the original alteration. Now Tepco has altered their original statement on the alterations.

Perhaps they will elaborate on what ‘nuclear materials’ are visible in that area around Unit 4, and why the materials need ‘physical protection’.

Title: Results of the Second Soundness Inspection of Unit 4 Reactor Building at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Source: TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY – Photos and Videos Library
Date: September 4, 2012

(5)West wall (Exterior wall)

Photo taken on August 22, 2012

We replaced the photo for physical protection of nuclear materials.

Original Statement:

(5)West wall (Exterior wall)

Photo taken on August 22, 2012

We had fabricated a part of the photo in terms of physical protection. We replaced the photo of which the fabrication may be taken inappropriate.

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 1:21 am ET


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38 comments to Tepco Alters Again: “We replaced photo for physical protection of nuclear materials”

  • norbu norbu

    huh. say what?

  • TerraHertz TerraHertz

    TEPCO: "We replaced the photo for physical protection of nuclear materials."

    Oh? What nuclear materials do you mean? Supposedly all the new and spent fuel in Unit 4 is sitting in the fuel pools, and only accessible via the operating floor (now the top of the building, and accessible via that external lift you _didn't_ photoshop out.)

    So TEPCO, please tell us about the 'nuclear materials' that are somewhere in the building _other_ than the SFP. Would they by any chance be some easily portable plutonium or weapons grade uranium, that is stored in Unit 4 and accessible via that truck portal you photoshopped out of existence? This one:

    And how come when a country like Iran is claimed (Israeli lies) to be acquiring weapons grade materials, the west is outraged and itching to go to war. But if Japan might be stockpiling the same stuff, in civilian power reactors no less, no one says a word?

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      Now it's time for Bu… umm Obama to start Operation "Island Storm" to stop these heinous Japanese doing nuclear weapon programmes impudently in the presence of bribed NPT officers!

  • norbu norbu

    They are hiding something big!

    • Mack Mack


      "While Japan has refrained from deploying nuclear weapons and remains under an umbrella of U.S. nuclear protection, NSNS has learned that the country has used its electrical utility companies as a cover to allow the country to amass enough nuclear weapons materials to build a nuclear arsenal larger than China, India and Pakistan combined."


      "United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium"


      • The Blue Light.

        Japans Plutonium stockpile is abit of a red herring, I wouldn't dare try to assemble a fission weapon from the plutonium you get from reprocessing civilian spent nuclear fuel, too many spontaneous neutrons, very dangerous. The US, Soviet union, UK and France all tried to seperate the two main isotopes but it messy and dangerous, none of us succeeded. Japans got loads of plutonium but its only good for reactors, not bombs, thats why they are trying to use MOX if not its just waste.

        • Mack Mack

          Actually, if you read the article it discusses weapons-grade and says this:

          "Japan had a dual use nuclear program. The public program was to develop and provide unlimited energy for the country. But there was also a secret component, an undeclared nuclear weapons program that would allow Japan to amass enough nuclear material and technology to become a major nuclear power on short notice."


          • The Blue Light.

            My point was that the hundred or so tonnes of plutonium that japan has stockpiled cannot as some people have claimed, on this site, be made into fissile components for 20000 weapons at 5kg per core. The Indians used a percentage of plutonium obtained from used commercial fuel and they only just managed to explode it in their first test in the early seventies, there's no way you could weaponize it. Now if the Japanese government has persuaded a power company to remove fuel rods from the reactor every three to four months then the isotope ratio of the plutonium would be suitable for making fissile components because that's how we do it in the US, UK etc.

        • TerraHertz TerraHertz

          ALL plutonium is derived from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. There is no naturally occurring plutonium on Earth, the half lives of all the Pu isotopes are too short for any to remain.

          It's been clear for decades that Japan's plutonium stockpile was intended for potential weapons use.

          The Mox fuel being experimentally tried in Unit 3 came from the USA, not Japan's own plutonium stockpile.

          The neutron activity level of material used for nuclear bomb cores just sets the design parameters for the critical mass, degree of separation, and geometry of compaction. And plenty of neutrons means not so great requirement for a neutron pulse generator to initiate the reaction either. Though since Farnsworth's fusor device, the triggering is not much of a problem either.

          Finally, a hint. When you are trying to sound like a helpful bystander who just happens to be playing down the nuclear sins of governments, best not to refer to them and yourself inclusively like "none of us succeeded."

          • The Blue Light.

            I have been posting on this site since Dysharmd made the first post and I have been totally open about the fact that I worked at AWRE Burghfield for 27 years until the end of the cold war. Since then I have worked on the decommissioning of Dounreay and now as a part time consultant on the decommissioning of Calderhall. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my past, your perhaps too young to remember Stalin, you know, the guy who killed more people than Hitler. Well he wanted to flatten my country so I did what I did and would do it again.

            • lovehopefaith


              AGREE OR DISAGREEE?

              • The Blue Light.

                I did what I did to defend my country. Nuclear generation? Just plain stupid.

                • The Blue Light.

                  Please don't call me 'Mcfly', its John.

                • lovehopefaith

                  Well then, Sir, if you, as an employee of the nuke industry, have come to the conclusion that Nuke Electrical Power Generation–particularly in its current incarnation of a head-strong embarkment with no solution for the toxic waste problem–is indeed stupid, in concert with the often cited Einstein quip that "Nuke power is a stupid way to boil water", then I salute you in respect.

                  • The Blue Light.

                    A hell of a lot of physicists think it stupid. I mean why build any more where the bloody fuel going to come from? we are down to 50 parts per million in new uranium ore bodies. After enrichment and processing that goes down to 6 parts per million. Not to mention why should the next 100000 generations have to deal with our crap, its just plain immoral.

          • Wreedles Wreedles

            "ALL plutonium is derived from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel."

            Yes. But…

            The problem with using reprocessed civilian nuclear fuel to try and make weapons grade plutonium is that the fuel has remained under irradiation for too long, and the ratio of PU239 to PU240 is problematic. PU239 and PU240 are practically impossible to seperate, and PU240 undergoes spontaneous fission, making it extremely dangerous in a nuclear weapon.


            • PattieB PattieB

              I posted a link to the process they use to effectively "Clean" it up. It has a reactor run-time of 140 days, and yes, it uses "CLEAN non-Radiological" rods in the mix. Such rods come out NASTY DIRTY! It's a transmutation cycle, and the PTB attacked my system for having posted such a thing.

          • The Blue Light…????
            Talk about clue-less-wonders!

            There is no naturally occurring plutonium on Earth, the half lives of all the Pu isotopes are too short for any to remain.????

            What Karking nonsense! WE, as in Humanity came up with this shite! too short to stay around!? 240,000 years of half-life is a short time is it!?

            Can't use reactor plutonium… humm… seems THAT little farce has already been busted-posted!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Norbu, I also think they are hiding something big.

      They can't even show an honest picture.
      Deceiving others is not a sign of caring
      Trust…I don't think so..That's earned and they have failed.

      When I see Nuclear Power Plants..I also see the products of Nuclear Weapons. I doubt these greedy people would miss a chance to make more money.

      They have proven they don't care about the environment, I doubt they care for the innocent well being of children and adults.

      They are in it for profit no matter who pays.
      Greed, Power, Ego have over powered them.

    • TerraHertz TerraHertz

      Looks like my website fell over. So, that image I had here http://everist.org/archives/Fukushima/Composite_shop.jpg
      is now also here: http://imgur.com/d4uYg

      • ISPC

        Yes. TerraHertz. TY. This is one of the best photos I have seen indicating an explosion in the equipment pool pierced holes in the walls, and pushed the walls outward. From the size and shape of the holes splayed outward, it must have been a very powerful, if somehow tightly massed, directional, explosion. Another photoshop opportunity missed. Peace

  • norbu norbu

    At the that angle of the photo without photo shop, we might have been able to see something that they and others do not want us to see. Not sure what, but I will send the photo to my uncle who helped build a couple of nuclear plants in the U.S., see what he think's.

  • jedi jedi

    Bomb making factory is my 2nd guess !

  • razzz razzz

    Probably lost something in translation, as usual. Nuclear fuel does not have to mean bomb material is laying there.

    Knowing TEPCO, without planing ahead, they had no where to put the 2 unused assemblies they removed from 4's pool and have them propped up against the building's outside wall until they figure out what to do with them.

  • markww markww

    SOMETHING DIRTY WEAPONS GRADE BOMB MAKING MATERIALS and shipping them to countries that are not supposed to receive anything

  • dosdos dosdos

    Probably just hiding earthquake damage that is badly degrading, because they know revealing the truth would cost them money they don't have at this point. TEPCO is trying to deal with Daiichi as cheaply as they can while funneling money into their own pockets in the process. If they were up front about the state of the #4 structure, they would have to spend some real money shoring up the structural support, and that would take money out of their pockets.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Fukushima Reactor 4; Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road

    Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

    Japan is bankrupt, but so are many other countries. The effort to keep all of that secret will be engaged in, no matter what else happens.

    Short of hyperinflation or handing out all of the national gold and silver reserves to citizens (who are the original owners anyway) there is more than likely no way to pay off all of the debt that has been created to date. Most efforts to solve this huge global financial problem involve creating MORE debt on top of existing debt, or printing Trillions more fiat money to 'stimulate' the economy.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    When I look at the photos of the west wall of Building4, all I see is the bow in the middle of the operating floor, and the drooping at the left corner, as if the foundation for the building had been eaten away by Corium3.

    When I look at Building4, all I wonder about is how could a building with an empty reactor and a full SFP come to be in such a condition. What possibly could have blown up Building4?

    Lies? TEP.gov always lies. What is new about their lies?

  • minkxy minkxy

    Ah. The good ol' fallback line. For "security" reasons.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Got to keep all of the dirty little secrets… OMG if anyone ever finds out, they are going to be in BIG trouble…

    Mom will not give them any more apple pie for dessert and they will be GROUNDED for a couple of months..

    We can't have that now, can we?

    Got to keep those secrets…

    Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone…..

  • rambojim

    For the officials who run Tepco,

    A firing squad is to good for these scum of the earth….

  • norbu norbu

    They are not worth the bullets, besides we do not want to stoop to there level. make-um clean it up one piece at a time.