TEPCO says it has yet to be able to grasp “entire situation” at Fukushima — Will have to “drastically modify its plans”

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 7:14 am ET


Meltdowns also likely occurred at No. 2, No. 3 reactors of Fukushima plant, Asahi Shimbun, May 18, 2011:

“We have yet to be able to grasp the entire situation at the plant,” the [TEPCO] official said. […]

However, given the latest data, the embattled company will have to drastically modify its plans [to reach a cold shutdown in 6-9 months]. […]


Published: May 18th, 2011 at 7:14 am ET


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65 comments to TEPCO says it has yet to be able to grasp “entire situation” at Fukushima — Will have to “drastically modify its plans”

  • J1

    “We have yet to be able to grasp the entire situation at the plant,”

    That’s because there is nothing they can do. The human race is dead. Enjoy these last remaining days, months, and if we’re lucky, year with those you love.

    When you’re at the end of your rope, the last bits of thread come fast.

    • Darth


      Our demise will not be so swift. The frogs will be the first canary in the coal mine that tell us HELL is on the way. Then about 5 years out the children will “sing” – thyroid cancers appear. In about 20 years adults will begin to manifest cancers and die.

      It is a slow “death march” that awaits us. We will all have plenty of time to reflect…

      • Heart of the Rose

        That’s right ..this isn’t going to be a clean kill.
        There will be CHAOS.. if some consideration is not given to taking control away from the buffoons that are in charge of our country.
        There will be famine and epidemic ..do to the weakening conditions of the people.
        “Shock and Awe” tour -Day 6?….The people gasp in shock and horror…it’s a go….

        • J1

          as I mentioned later towards the bottom of this comments section:

          And if the radiation / cancer doesn’t kill you first, you’ll still have to eventually deal with the likes of this:


          Like Celente has said time and time again, “When you lose everything and you have nothing left to lose, you lose it.”

          • J1

            So death by cancer, or death by a bunch of buffoons?

            I’m lock, loaded, supplied, & been physically, mentally, & spiritually prepared due to my “awakening” 3 years ago brought on by the financial crisis as I came to understand the true dealings of the financial markets.

            So if I’m still around 15 years from now, looks like I’ll be putting some skills to work in the meantime.

        • radegan

          Famine, naw, just irradiated food. But the deniers will eat it anyway, they won’t be won over until they’re dying if ever.

          “You’re crazy, I just went to the market and bought some nice fresh salmon and romaine lettuce, there’s no food shortage, silly.”

        • Ashen

          War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Hell and the “man” who will seem to solve it all…

    • radegan

      “But not to worry, TEPCO has hired Sumo wrestlers to teach our executives how to grasp. Once they have grasped the problem, they vow to never let it go until radiation surrenders! “

  • Jean

    “We have yet to be able to grasp the entire situation at the plant,” That would almost be funny if the situation was not so serious. Chances are that TEPCO knew 2 months ago that they were fuk-ed; but had no clue what to do, except try to cover up how bad the damage was.

  • Anthony

    “We have yet to be able to grasp the entire situation at the plant,” Sad & scary statement considering being on top of their plant has been and remains the core area of their responsibility.

    • J1

      Never heard it before but enjoyed the song and could appreciate it’s meaning nonetheless.

  • Cassie

    The truth is there in plain sight for those who wish to see it.
    And those who wish to stay in denial are free to do so as well.

    But it would be a better coping strategy for those in charge of the crisis to be able to see reality.

  • cossack55

    It has plans to modify? When did that happen?

    • Anthony

      Short of summoning Superman, what else could TEPCO be expected to pull out of their bag of tricks? Where is the expertise of the Nuclear Industry in all this? Where is the manifestation of all the promises this was totally safe?

      We are waiting.

      Hello? Anybody there? Hello?!

      • Steven

        Seems like they had the answer back in the sixties, hidden in the music…


        If nothing else, music from that era soothes the soul.

      • radegan

        I’ll bet this slow release of info will be followed by announcing an international conference of experts to assess and recommend alternate strategies (some bullshit like that). I’d like to dub it the “Gunderson Conference” for the one who first called for it. May not help but it will awaken some.

        • J1

          this process of slow release of information is nothing different than what TPTB have been doing on the financial front especially the last 3 years. Housing Starts data, Bureau of Labor / U-3 unemployment data, Economic “Green Shoots”….all bullshit mis-information.

          Slow release of info is required in order for “normalcy bias” to work for it’s intended purposes. Can’t have all the bad news come out all at once. No sir, can’t have that.

          “Normalcy Bias” worked perfectly for it’s initiators as they slaughtered Jews by the masses in the concentration camps. Looks like it’ll work again on the dumb-downed masses of the world this time around.

  • Anthony

    Wow Kyodo News has changed their *story footer linking problem to tsunami* to calling out TEPCO’s competence instead…
    “The world’s worst nuclear crisis since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has yet to be contained, with the government and the utility struggling to restart key cooling functions at most of the six reactors there.”

    Have to watch to see if I am right or if this is a one off! First footer change I have seen on all their news stories.

  • Mick

    Ok first off, the world is not going end from radioactive particles itself. The amount of radioacive substances released in comparison to the atmospheric space is has to occupy is very small. However, this situation is dire and has no end in site. Tokyo and many other parts of Japan will be uninhabitable. The WEST coast of the U.S. will suffer from HUGE radioactive hot spots, but the east coast will be fine. I feel as if the majortiy of the radiation has already been released (especially from the Unit 3 explosion) so if you’re over here on the east coast, you’ll be fine, the rain will drop off the large majority to the west before it reaches us.
    However, you west coaster need to watch out. A lot of the fallout is falling down upon you.

  • mick. You are not familiar with physics, In all reality once the situation finalizes its metamorphosis. The amount of radiation that is potential to be released will likely kill everything on the planet. But if you could tell us all how to fix the mess. Tepco needs a hand. Food for thought, if the top nuclear scientists from every nation across the globe cannot come up with a viable solution, the situation is hopeless.

    • J1

      And if the radiation / cancer doesn’t kill you first, you’ll still have to eventually deal with the likes of this:


      Like Celente has said time and time again, “When you lose everything and you have nothing left to lose, you lose it.”

      • Heart of the Rose

        Yes.. and chaos.. will be the fall of this country..
        Keep calling Washington..
        Push on.. until they wake in terror like the people.
        Let them know that they are sociopaths in doing this evil BECAUSE….THEIR CHIDREN TOO WILL DIE OR NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN
        Radiation is equal opportunity death.

    • Darth

      Crater Formation – this “solution” is something I heard Busby mention in one of his videos (lost the link) about a month ago. He said that the Americans had privately communicated this idea to the Japanese. It would end the atmospheric vector. The ground water and ocean would be strongly effected.


  • misitu

    Hi again.

    I noticed a recent article in the UK Independent and added an amplification. There was some comment both in support and in opposition, the latter of a type well known here.

    The theme seemed to have run its course, however I was able to add a summary from the article that heads this topic. Among which I was able to include the following:

    [** Release of the data, which had been kept at the central control room at the nuclear power plant, was delayed because it took time to restore power and remove radioactive materials attached to the papers **]

    (my asterisks).

    Excuse, Nice Try, was my reaction.

    As a postscript

  • SteveMT

    Isn’t it very strange that everyone else NOT in TEPCO CAN grasp just how severe this situation is?

    TEPCO and our politicians have much in common.

  • Ian

    Fukushima is the WORLD’S WORST NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE. People need to stop giving the Japanese a break on this and acknowledge the situation for what it is. Remember the Japanese insisted the situation in the beginning was on par with Three Mile Island, which they knew was a lie. Anyone with a curious mind would know by looking at the FOUR destroyed reactor buildings at Fukushima compared to the intact one at Three Mile Island would know Fukushima was way more severe even than Chernoybl. The reality is the Japanese have no idea what they are doing. I said that at the beginning of this catastrophe. It’s not in a book, it’s something you can prepare for. The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe has revealed their lack of improvisational skills and lack of knowledge of nuclear energy.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Lack of knowledge of nuclear energy and GEOLOGY…morons.

  • maybe i am not as bright as i assumed i was, and perhaps i’m not as good with geography as i’d like to be. but this just boggles me. someone might have a better idea about this than i do, but i think it’s unwise at the very least..


    New national park planned for tsunami-hit coast

    “…The new park would have facilities equipped with observation platforms where people can learn about the disaster, as well as trails for emergency evacuation that link beaches to communities and mountains.
    As part of efforts to secure regional employment and to promote eco-tourism, the ministry will hire disaster-affected fishermen and farmers as guides.

    Officials with the ministry will consult with relevant municipalities to decide specifics of the plan while carrying out clean-up and restoration of the beaches.”

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011 18:44 +0900 (JST)

    am i nuts, or is THAT? what a heckuva way to secure an economic recovery. of course i’m alright with it if the ‘souvenir’ a tourist brings back home doesn’t leave a lasting mark.

    my pie-in-the-sky-thought: maybe i just don’t understand all this mess as well as i think i do after all.

  • Sense and reason no longer apply to TEPCO or governments. What I’m curious to see is how Rupert Murdock, and G.E. are going to ‘splain away’ not reporting EVEN after we can PROVE they knew? What do they think they will be able to tell their DWINDLING peons? Scarier yet,…will these last denial-nick’s ever demand an answer?

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    The only thing TEPCO is capable of “grasping” is money.

  • Jack

    I gotta copy of the Original Edwin Hawkins Oh Happy Day Album.
    It’s been a fave for many years.
    Get One for yerselves.
    It is the one with the song “Joy, Joy” on it….
    For a Night
    But Joy
    Joy, Joy will Come…
    Thank You, Yahshua, Adonai, my Elohim

  • Jean Tanner

    Here’s an analysis of the melt-dowm in reactor 1

  • tony wilson

    tepco will now have to “drastically modify its plans”

    tepco modified plan now being activated.


  • Jack

    For God so Loved the world,
    that He gave His only begotten Son,
    That WHOSOEVER believeth (Into) Him
    should not perish, but have everlasting Life.
    Thank You for every Breath.
    Whatta Beautiful Creation.

  • SteveMT

    Whatta Beautiful Creation….that is going to have a very miserable and unceremonious exit out of existence if nothing can be done to change this “inevitability” heading straight for us.

    We have succeeded in tying an exquisite Gordian Knot for ourselves, which is beginning to tighten around our necks without as much as a whimper.

  • “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE: And I will dwell in the house of the Lord FOR EVER. Amen

    • 1111

      While there may still be time – everyone should take a spiritual account of themselves,

      everyone mocked Noah – until the door was shut – then they took him seriously – but it was too late – as it was in the days of Noah – so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man – Jesus Christ see Luke 17:26-27

      these may be the last moments that wisdom cries out,

      How long will you simple ones
      love your simple ways?
      How long will mockers delight in mockery
      and fools hate knowledge?
      If you had responded at my rebuke,
      I would have poured out my heart to you
      and made my thoughts known to
      But since you rejected me when I
      and no one gave heed when I
      stretched out my hand,
      since you ignored all my advice
      and would not accept my rebuke,
      I in turn will laugh at your disaster;
      I will mock when calamity
      overtakes you –
      when calamity overtakes you like a
      when disaster sweeps over you
      like a whirlwind,
      when distress and trouble
      overwhelm you.
      Then they will call to me but I will
      not answer;
      they will look for me but will not
      find me.
      Since they hated knowledge
      and did not choose to fear the
      since they would not accept my advice
      and spurned my rebuke,
      they will eat the fruit of their ways
      and be filled with the fruit of their schemes.
      For the waywardness of the simple
      will kill them,
      and the complacency of fools will destroy them;
      but whoever listens to me will live in
      and be at ease, without fear of

      Proverbs 1 vs 22-33

      the condition that matters is your personal spiritual condition – your personal spiritual health – your unimpeded fellowship with the Creator of the universe – my prayer is “whatever it takes Lord prepare me for your eternal Kingdom”, because the world and its kingdoms passes away… certainly the eternal and spiritual trump the temporal and physical.

      .. by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so what is seen was not made out of what is visible. Heb 11:3

      Biblical test of false prophets:

      Biblical prophets were verified in the following manner: If the near term prediction of a prophet was accurately realized – one could be assured that the longer term forecasts would also come to pass. This fellow that is predicting the end on the 21st of May has the track record of previous failed prediction – so with the Biblical formula his next forecast is just as reliable. If something happens it will be pure coincidence – and the probability of an accurate coincidence .. . about -0-

    • Cassie

      Thank you Jill.

  • That was beautiful 1111, thanks, GREAT way to wake up! 🙂