TEPCO discusses installing structure to support No. 4 spent fuel pool from underneath

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 10:25 am ET


Gov’t, TEPCO in uphill battle to contain Fukushima reactors, set to review roadmap, Mainichi Daily News, May 11, 2011:

The reactor building of the No. 4 reactor was destroyed by explosions. TEPCO is to set up a structure to support the pool from underneath to keep it sound.

See also: “Very, Very Serious”: Unit No. 4 leaning, in danger of falling — Gov’t confirms stabilization efforts underway (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 10:25 am ET


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24 comments to TEPCO discusses installing structure to support No. 4 spent fuel pool from underneath

  • ocifferdave

    And if this support fails and the thing comes crumbling down will it make the news in USA?

    • xdrfox

      @ ocifferdave
      Pool falls over and spills cooling waters, pool tons more rods exposed !
      Nope ! Nothing compared to Hollywood news or Can Festival !

  • Heart of the Rose

    A support structure..graphite toothpicks and krazyglue?

  • Deetu 3

    Hmmm…be interesting(sic) to see exactly how they are going to get underneath the pool/inside no.4 to do this work…would be a tricky operation even under normal conditions.

  • xdrfox

    I see the news mornings an evenings, what used to be trusted news anchors and others going about their news and other interviews, I wonder how they have to know the truths and not reporting shows they have been silenced and how can they profess to be and not being, must be the money and prestige !
    What are they being told to feel comfortable about their failure to the public here ?
    Are they journalists or Talking Heads !

    • Heart of the Rose

      The credibility of the MSM media is a joke..they can no longer sort fact from fiction ..it almost doesn’t seems to not matter as the sheeple love “reality”.
      Television is awash with these pseudo reality show.
      Our society is blinded by narcissism…it just so much fun to watch our selves having fun.
      Luckily alternative media has been emboldened by this charade.. and the push is on to tell the truth.

  • Blue

    Talking Heads lacking the awesome music.

  • Any solution short of collapsing the entire 6 plant site into an underground nuclear explosion cavity is tantamount to picking out the orchestra play list on the Titanic!

  • Yeah Blue,…Talking heads, “Burning DOWN THE HOUSE”! There’s some sick licks in that tune, can I hear an AMEN? 🙂

  • Indeed, ‘smoke on the Waters’!

    Have you noticed some officials even LOOK like ‘they’ve screwed the pooch’? 🙂

    It’s as though THEY KNOW THAT WE KNOW!
    (She pops popcorn and pulls up chair,….):-)

    • xdrfox

      Yes they know, just no conscious to not to start a comprehensive measure in informing people everywhere how to prepare and try to stay safe !
      In time people will realize the gravity and the growing lack of safe foods !
      No matter what they hold back from people it will trickle out and many will be pissed off !!

  • Yes, “Smoke on the waters”-Deep Purple–that was my very first album when I became a little ‘groover’ back in the 7th grade-1972.

    Thanks for the memory Doc!

  • Novamind

    Is it too soon for a level 5 PRE-PANIC-PANIC to start?

  • charlie

    ppeople are eventually going to find out the gravity of the situation and then they are going to panic – they are just delaying the inevitable.