Tepco to dump groundwater from under reactor buildings into ocean — Kyodo: 1,000 tons a day; “Tepco would check contamination level before releasing it”

Published: April 24th, 2012 at 7:34 am ET


Title: TEPCO seeks to reduce groundwater flowing into reactor buildings- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)
Source: Kyodo
Date: Apr 24, 2012

[TEPCO] aims to halve the amount of groundwater flowing into the reactor buildings by building about a dozen pumping wells. […]

[TEPCO] wants to use the wells to direct part of the groundwater into the Pacific Ocean, likely to be about 1,000 tons per day […]

The utility known as TEPCO would check the contamination level of the groundwater before releasing it into the sea. […]

A government official, who briefed reporters about the meeting, said the groundwater bypass is likely to start operating around September or October. […]

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Published: April 24th, 2012 at 7:34 am ET


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41 comments to Tepco to dump groundwater from under reactor buildings into ocean — Kyodo: 1,000 tons a day; “Tepco would check contamination level before releasing it”

  • Peaceismyfriend Peaceismyfriend

    "TEPCO would check the contamination level of the groundwater before releasing it into the sea".. Why don't I feel reassured reading this?… 😛

    • Peaceismyfriend Peaceismyfriend

      (The smiley was supposed to stick it's tongue out…)

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yup,..'Peaceismyfriend',…that's the line that really jumps out, huh!! TEPCO'S gonna check it out for us, eh? Phewww,…I was almost worried myself! I'm sure they'll be honest in all their numbers, findings, and reportings! (sarc)

  • richard richard

    So is this 30,000 tons a MONTH on top of the 'feed and bleed' ocean cooling system (TM) of 30,000 tons a DAY (in my guestimmates) ?

    Whatever did happen to that super-duper tanker ship thingy ? The transformed floating golf course, i think it was.

    • StillJill StillJill

      richard,…well, that floating golf course (thingy), wound up looking like TEPCOS white 'pool cover' for unit 4's 'photo-shoot'.

      She's not quite ready for her 'runway' moment,…..but along with the robots (technology) that has not YET been developed,…the golf course is on it's way. Let's all just keep (invisioning the pretty golfy course—-oh, and thinking happy 'golfy-coarsy' thoughts, shall we?)

      • richard richard

        I thought I saw shots of it arriving at fuku harbour.

        But now I recollect that the 'harbour' was questioned by some.

        There was some fanfare for that ship .. then it fell into a whimper.

        I think probably because it was underwhelming in it's ability to transfer any of the tsunami of waste water coming out of fukushima daiichi.

  • jec jec

    Just like TEPCO checks all radiation? Fallout? The international community needs to send observers –with geiger counters. And the devices should not be "checked" by any Japanese government or TEPCO employees or customs inspectors. This is an expected "next step" as Japan does not seem to feel the radiation is a problem. Smile…be happy is NOT appropriate method to stop radiation contamination.

  • cossack55

    Don't worry about it. Its not like we get food or anything else from the oceans. Bunch of worrywarts.


  • andii

    It seems pointless to measure the contamination level. This is nothing but the fluffy words to me. After all, they can only remove Cs & iodine and the rest like Sr-90, Pu, Uranium etc gets chucked into the ocean. They are just making it official by announcing it but they've been dumping (wheter intentionally or unintentionally) since the beginning according to one fukushima worker. Nothing new. 🙁

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    TEPCO is telling us that the water table has changed. We knew that the water table was high, due to proximity of Fuku to the Pacific Ocean. The nukes are mere feet above sealevel. Now we are told that the water table is now above the level of the basement floor in the reactor buildings, and that groundwater is flowing into the buildings. Water is making its way into the buildings through the many cracks caused by the earthquakes, and holes caused when coriums burned through the basement floors and into the ground. Perhaps corium is now in groundwater, acting to push groundwater upwards and into the buildings.
    While this may have occurred, as described by TEPCO, it is more likely that the water flooding the reactor basements is a portion of the water TEPCO injected to cool the corium in the containment. This water leaked out through holes in the containments and torus bottoms caused when corium exited. Understandably, the water flooding the basements is very hot, and needs to be removed before work can begin in the lower floors of the buildings. This highly contaminated water is not TEPCO's fault, they are saying. This is just groundwater that has made its way into the basement. Probably pretty clean, but we'll measure the radioactivity before pumping it into the Pacific Ocean. Making certain that all of the Fuku mess gets dumped into the environment is what TEPCO does!


    at this point, I wouldn't trust anything that TEPGOV says. They are an organized crime syndicate and nothing more.

    They played-away their precious time at the Pachinko parlor. Now, not even secret pinkie-handshakes will get them a reprieve.

    My family will be turned to dust;
    intermingled with the dust of yours;
    quiet harmony welcomes them all;
    soft whispers spirit'way welling regrets;
    tender touch where tears once flowed;
    we are all-now the great unwashed…

    From me to those who endure the truth…

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Common Dreams just posted Robert Alvarez's article
      Disgus Commenting if you want to weigh in.

      • Plan Nine

        From the Alvarez article:

        "Also, it is not safe to keep 1,882 spent fuel assemblies containing ~57 million curies of long-lived radioactivity, including nearly 15 times more cs-137 than released at Chernobyl in the elevated pools at reactors 5, 6, and 7, which did not experience melt-downs and explosions."

        My question: REACTOR SEVEN???

        "The main reason why there is so much spent fuel at the Da-Ichi site, is that it was supposed to be sent to the Rokkasho reprocessing plant, which has experienced 18 lengthy delays throughout its construction history. Plutonium and uranium was to be extracted from the spent fuel there, with the plutonium to be used as fuel at the Monju fast reactor."

        My question: And all the MSM worries about is IRAN'S nuclear ambitions, but NOT JAPAN'S???

        • andii

          The thing is there is no more space at the Rokkasho RP that's why all these spent fuels were stored where they shouldn't have. And four….six reactors are not supposed to be built so closely. I think two is supposed to be the maximum number they are allowed to build together on one site. Anyway, TEPCO is not known to go by the rules. Just making up as they go along. If the west doesn't intervene, it's as good as you've given your life away. Ultimately ELE…end of.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            And about the reactors, andii got that. 🙁

          • Plan Nine

            Please note my FIRST question above:

            REACTOR SEVEN???

            • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

              Plan Nine: Mr. Alvarez was focusing on the SEVEN SFPs at Fuku. He misspeaks when he used the phrase "reactor…seven", since there are six reactors at Fuku. There are 7 SFP, including a common SFP7. Serious flaw in an otherwise good article.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          That's such a good point. I assume it's all about MONEY. As we heard yesterday, that company (forget the name) plans on going into Japan, offering their "EXPERTISE" to … (WHERE is my memory this a.m.!) to decontaminate or something like that. THERE IS MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE FOR BIG ISA INDUSTRY IN JAPAN. Iran we just want the oil+

    • StillJill StillJill

      Bloody heck AFTERSHOCK,…..I'm going to have to chew on THAT little 'beauty' ALL day! 🙂

      Thanks,….good food! 🙂

      Sad too,….but so ripe with TRUTH!


        Agreed Jill. It was a harsh but I'm getting furious with these 'people'. They've run out of excuses. And if they're deemed irredeemable, they'll be no place for them to hide…

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Beautiful poem. Aftershock…

  • mark_eric

    From what I can understand of the plan, it will be to reduce the groundwater flow by drilling wells "upstream" of the reactors, then diverting the water direct to sea, thus keeping it from seeping into the reactors, where it gets juiced by the reactors remains before flowing on it merry way.

    "Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream!"

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      mark_erik: Makes sense that these new wells are up the hill, inland from the reactors. They want to reduce the flow of water past the below ground coriums on its way to the sea. Good observation.

  • Sickputer

    > Alvarez quote about reactor 7

    SP: Cherobyl only had 4 reactors. Two more were in planning. Fukushima has 6 and Unit 7 was planned for construction this year along with Unit 8 later.

    In answer to your question… My best guess is typos or misinformation in the Alvarez article.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Hey, the groundwater, which is contaminated by the reactor remains, is already finding its own way into the Pacific. TEPCO is just going to put it into the Pacific a little quicker. Nothing changes there.

    Stating that they will check it for radioactivity doesn't mean that their data will stop them from pumping. It's not like they'd tell the truth anyway.

    • Sickputer

      They might as well dig a big water trench to the shore and forget about drilling. They probably can't pump it fast enough from wells unless they have a couple dozen.

      As I have said many times…the push of the entire plant into the sea using neutron bomb shaped charges is looking more and more like a lst ditch option.

      Consider the options: Wait and hope Unit 4 never collapses in the next two to ten years before they can contain it….if it does collapse then there will be a global massacre by atmospheric toxic smoke. Out of control burning rods on the ground and the probable domino effect of other plants when workers flee the island. Fairly good chance for the entire extinction of humans in the Northern Hemispher.

      Other option: Bomb the units into the sea and take your chances on the unleashing of 85 times Chernobyl into the ocean, but other Japanese plants don't domino.

      My guess is they will never make a decision until Unit 4 collapses and then it will be ten times more difficult to achieve a lateral push of the island.

  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    They will check contamination before releasing, but will it change, if released or not.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The so-called leaders of other countries seem to be fine with this radiating flowing into the ocean.

  • StillJill StillJill

    The illusion of dilution! Our poor oceans!

    As long as nothing upsets their 'profit margins', and stockholder 'checks',…No,…THEY don't mind the 'release of WATER into the ocean'. Ho-Hum.

  • StillJill StillJill

    It occurs to me this morning that I (we) may need to shorten our message. Their attention span, which was never good for 'practical things' anyway,…is even worse now. They look at me when I talk about FUKU,…just like 'the bovine stare' someone here coined.
    I think it was richard who used a term 'we' sometimes us,…in passing last night. The term was, 'Feed and bleed'.

    So here's my shortened Motto:
    "Fukushima Feed and Bleed-Day 409"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So..TEPCO..so you just say it now?
    Does it roll off your tongue all easy like?
    "We are releasing radioactive water into the ocean"
    This is insolence to God.
    I could ask… how dare you?…but then I remember..
    Cowards will do anything…

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Contaminated water being sprayed on Tepco's 1.2 million meters of land.

    Posted on October 8, 2011 by fukileaks The picture shows them spraying the water.

    17,000 tons of groundwater leaked into #5 and #6 now sprayed around the site

    TEPCO plans to release 100 tons of decontaminated water daily on about 1.2 million square meters of land in the compound.

    radioactive groundwater from the basements of the undamaged #5 and #6 reactors is now being sprayed around the site to evaporate (at about 1 litre per sq metre) after the 17,000 ton storage tanks filled up.

    The water was taken from facilities for temporary storage of water with low levels of radioactivity that had accumulated in the basements of 2 reactor turbine buildings.

    The company also says local communities and fishery associations approved the operation.



  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    The water in the harbour has a radioactive density averaging at least 150 Bq/L, and every day about 35,000 tons of water enter and leave the port on the tides, carrying about 5 GigaBq of Cs137 and Cs134 with it.


  • They basically have no choice but to dump into the ocean. This is just their way of admitting it. If they stop dumping water on the mess we will have a bigger nuclear fire to deal with. Spent fuel pools in 1 &3 are not even approachable. Whatever leaks in the cooling system of 1 & 3 cannot be fixed so there is no choice but to dump into the ocean. Just we all are supposed to be ok without all.
    They want us all to just keep working at our slave wage jobs and ignore it. Apart from the minuscule amount of aware people here the strategy is working.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    I love Adnin's choices for "Related Posts"! Like this:
    "Groundwater now flowing into Fukushima reactor buildings via cracks in walls — Up to 500 tons a day September 20, 2011."