Tepco says fuel in Reactors No. 2 and 3 may have melted — Announcement about the two reactors “will be made later”

Published: May 16th, 2011 at 10:36 am ET


Tepco Says Fuel in 2 Reactors May Have Melted, Bloomberg by Michio Nakayama and Yuji Okada, May 16, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said fuel in other reactors at its damaged nuclear plant may have melted, after confirming rods in the No. 1 unit had fallen from their assembly, potentially delaying plans to resolve the crisis.

“The findings at the No. 1 reactor indicate the likelihood that the water level readings in the other reactors aren’t accurate,” Junichi Matsumoto, a general manager at the utility known as Tepco, said today. “It could be that a meltdown similar to that in the No. 1 reactor has occurred.” […]

An announcement on the status of the two reactors will be made later, Matsumoto said, without giving a time frame.

Meltdown may have occurred also at Nos. 2, 3 reactors, Kyodo, May 16, 2011:

An adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Monday that the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had failed to inject water into the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors for more than six hours after the March 11 massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

Goshi Hosono, tasked with handling the nuclear crisis, said at a press conference that Tokyo Electric Power Co. had not been able to cool down the reactors’ cores due to loss of external power for a long time after the quake, acknowledging that fuel in the vessels might have largely melted “in the worst-case scenario.”

Published: May 16th, 2011 at 10:36 am ET


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44 comments to Tepco says fuel in Reactors No. 2 and 3 may have melted — Announcement about the two reactors “will be made later”

  • hawkeye

    news at 11pm

    bbaaa sheepe

  • SteveMT

    MOX Reactor #3 melting down has much more dire implications than the others. Environmental plutonium is a death sentence for all life that absorbs/ingests it.

    FYI for some: Plutonium-238 has a half-life of 88 years and emits alpha particles.

  • Steven

    Surreal vid of ongoing ground disturbance in Japan… makes you wonder how stable the ground is around the various nuke plants:


  • mikael

    Its all as predicted and its no “news”, just a confirmation of the continous lies and insane coverup.
    And the near Tokyo readings gives a clue to the magnintute, and thats probably(sorry, but highly lightly) mutch bigger and widespread then admitted and the litle we are feeded and read is werry disturbing.
    When wil the people of Japan wake up, they are been slowly killed by greed and lies.
    From their goverment and TEPCO.
    They have lied for weeks, and they are still lying.
    People of Japan, the sons and dothers of Nippon, realise this, they are chriminals and their chrime is against us all, but formoust the people of Japan.
    I will say something that can be a serious problem, where are the People of Japan going, if this turns out to be far more serious that the impresions given to day. Maybe we will see the biggest mass movent of people in our history. The potensiale is mindboggling.
    Wake up, Japan, they are destroying your country, and moust of you will never be able to return.

    Its one stepp closer to the nightmare senario.

    • SteveMT

      mikael, See my post below in answer to your post.

    • Anthony

      I think if they HAVE to move it should be to where food is plentiful and of lower (?) overall contamination levels to reduce their continued exposures, no? Probably NOT North America then. They have to save the people, you`d think with all their reputation management Japan would avoid accidentally killing its people like the plague.

  • SteveMT

    I know just the place for the Japanese People, if the nightmare scenario occurs. [see amazing pictures at link.]

    The ghost towns of China: Amazing satellite images show cities meant to be home to millions lying deserted
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 10:53 AM on 18th December 2010

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1339536/Ghost-towns-China-Satellite-images-cities-lying-completely-deserted.html#ixzz1MWrQKTD6

    • Cassie

      China has the space, but they do not like the Japanese, so that is a hurdle. Also China already is overwhelmed trying to feed its own people and it is doubtful they want to take on 32 million mouths to feed (the population of Tokyo.)

      • SteveMT

        Japan has money. It’s true that China and Japan are not exactly friends, but all of these empty new mega-cities are all in remote places within China. For the right “rental fee,” China and Japan could reach an agreement for a lease in renewable 10 year increments. I’m just thinking out loud here. Where else can a country obtain an immediate solution to this mass-transport of an entire country?

        • Cassie

          I am just thinking out loud here too.
          Yes you are correct.
          China will do just about anything for a price.
          That would appeal to them I think.
          Make a gazillion dollars off the Japanese and get
          a lot of international brownie points.

          The one other hurdle is that China would not want
          a huge population used to democracy contaminating
          their population with ideas. They will have to keep them isolated or threaten them in some way to keep them quiet.

        • Cassie

          We are still talking about a huge population.
          Japan is 130 million.
          Tokyo 32 million.
          How do you move that many people?

          And perhaps it is all a moot point.
          Is China going to be any safer a locale at the end of the day?

        • Anthony

          Exactly. They have to remove the citizens from the immediate danger of 3 or 4 runaway reactor meltdowns. Japan should pay for and organize what is necessary to extract and protect its citizens. Japan has an opportunity to modernize its reputation and sense of Pride by helping its people survive instead of working the crowd and being a control freak. Once it has taken care of its own they have the same duty likewise to us and our health and safety.

      • dan

        They can have Detroit. Nobody will mind.

  • cossack55

    Gee, with all this breaking news for the last two weeks, why are tehre not big name newsies on the scene? Hahahaha. They may be propaganda tools, but they are not stupid.

    • too true

      yeah, the cover-ups are usually a bit more subtle. Now between the recent Obama/Osama slip-ups, which defy credibiliy in one glance, to the overt exclusion of the biggest news story in the world at Fukushima, it’s like they’re not even trying to use skillful artifice anymore. The evil ones are probably so taken with having gotten away with so much, they probably are getting sloppy with the plan. I also think the key backdrop of world financial collapse is in high gear & keeping them busy.

      The media nonsense over the past 10 years, particularly the slant during elections, was putrid. The cover-up of Bush’s idiocy and illegal, destructive actions, such as hiding the death toll of ‘Mission Accomplished,’ hiding prosecutions and violations of Cheney and Halliburton, all the way to the Gulf disaster and bizarre failure of the Feds to address it timely…….

      However, Fukushima tops them all. It totally defies commonsense that we are not getting ANY updates on this issue on CNN, for example. That leads me to believe that if we DO take precautions, we still have a chance because they don’t want us to have fair warning, at all. The power structure’s hostility toward average Americans has become painfully obvious.

      • Heart of the Rose

        Yes..usually more subtle..they honed their skills with the DWH disaster.

        • too true

          The system is getting the sloppiest ever. It’s getting baldfaced now. Maybe some are having second thoughts? Clearly, the blow-back of letting these disasters run too far will now impact THEM & theirs. Usually criminals get sloppy when they think they may get caught or when they are sustaining “injury” at the same time. Something is amiss with their polished plans on some level…

      • too true

        i.e. They want us dead and/or weakened, but they are very scared because there are just so damn many of us.

        • Heart of the Rose

          Yes..almost temper tantrum.. in intensity.
          They hadn’t counted on a REAL anomaly.(please don’t go movies on me folks).
          There is a section of the population..that understands perfectly the “song and dance”.
          Why well..if caught some of them would face criminal charges…
          They will do anything not to be exposed.
          Like Thad Allen..who knows how it goes..why…. he should walk the plank.

          • Heart of the Rose

            oh ya… and plenty of falling on swords in Japan

          • Heart of the Rose

            Such disgrace to continue to live….

          • too true

            “They will do anything not to be exposed.”

            yeah, this is a major psych game. ‘Anything’ is a wide range of options. It seems that Japan was about to pull the plug on the fiscal fraud mess prior to the earthquakes. It appears that the evil ones take a lot of pride in their dirty work and in staying out of prison. They still want to maintain their “reputations” and Presidential libraries…crazy, but true. Someone needs to profile and crack these crazies. They already are starting to crack!!

            The heat is on… Someone is dropping the ball.

          • too true

            The whole arrest of the IMF head is another tell-tale sign of the paranoia at the top!!…..

            A good forensic psych. needs to crack these crazies wide open… They are leaving such a foot trail.

          • Heart of the Rose

            It needs to happen…
            Please write the Joint Chiefs of Staff all branches of our corrupted government..the MSM….and political hubs.
            If for no other purpose ..do it just to bug them..let them know we know.
            Support the resistance organizations
            like the Oath Keepkeepers, etc.
            When our active trops call home try to talk some sense into them.
            Speak in your places of worship…beg them to reconsider their political and financial motives.
            And be true children of GOd and help the people.
            Seek truth and comfort ..where it suits you best..
            But fight…fight for your lives and the life of this country.PLEASE.

          • too true

            I think the most encouraging thing is that it shows FEAR from the top, on the inside, lots of fear..Fear on their part..Fear of retribution, escalation, realization of their fantasies?….

            It’s been terrible, but we’re not ruled by fear. We remain brave and enduring!!

          • Heart of the Rose

            Ah.. come on..at LEAST one fight in the barracks ..over killing our own citizens…PLeezzzee!

          • nyc

            Speaking of psychologists, what’s people’s take on Steve Pieczenik? You may have heard his interview on Alex Jones; this is a later one I found on Coast to Coast (this link cuts to where things start getting interesting, but rewind if you want to start from the top):


            I’m not sure what his angle is, but he might have the clout to kick up some dust.

    • Poor Daddy

      I sent email letters to both my Senators and Congressman last week requesting info on radiation levels, demanding he put a staff member on this issue to bring each of them up to speed on the biggest threat to humanity in human history. I leaned heavily on Pac NW as thats where I live, Jet Stream, inserted a couple of Tepco’s own releases, mentioned I was a vet and concerned for my grandkids, etc. I tried to be as reasoned and logical as possible while still conveying the gravity of the situation and the MSM and Gov blackout on info. This morning I got back a form email extolling my congressman’s virtuous stance on clean energy, blah, blah, etc. No direct mention of Fukushima from him, or radiation levels.
      If I would have sent him an email 6 months ago re: Global warming, I would have received the same email.
      They are as clueless, and probably more so as I’m sure the NRC, IAEA, etc. are filling their heads full of how safe nuke power is in the US, Fukushima is just a Fluke-ashima, rad levels safe, eat a strawberry, go shopping.
      Whatever you are doing out there to stay alive, don’t expect any assistance or even suggestions or info from your representatives. You won’t get it. We are on our own.
      His response was predictable, but outrageously maddening with a dash of surreal. NO response from my 2 Senators at all, not even a form letter. Maybe if the bastards got 300 or 3 million emails a day, they could no longer ignore or patronize.
      Fuk-em, Shima!

      • too true

        That’s great that you did that!! I suggest CALLING them, going to their local offices in person, and making that PERSONAL, LIVE CONTACT.

        They are afraid of us. But, the staffers, aides, and Congressmen/women are just people living here, too. We can play the same persistent drip, drip, drip media mind games that the powers like to play, but reversed in OUR FAVOR. Marketing technique number one-repetitive suggestive sales & product placement-the drumbeat that doesn’t end. It’s proven to work, so every bit that you do does add up!

        • Heart of the Rose

          Right..invade other blogs..especially mainstream media…
          Start with the ones that ..you think will budge the least.
          Also… talk to people you think will support us.

        • too true

          Also, having worked with law enforcement…here is the mind game at play: When dealing with crazies, who are, in fact, enabling this crisis now, you have to maintain the upper hand of the Fear equation. If you are not afraid, they will be…(in fact, trying to hide that is what is at the core of the criminal behavior). You stay firm and keep the upper hand, unafraid (they smell fear!), you are not motivated by Fear…it washes them out and calms them down and you can maintain the upper hand to correct the situation.
          (an extrapolation, but it works in dealing with felons and sociopaths) You have to out-think them, and frankly, out-BRAVE them, calmly. Essentially, you have to keep the faith because they have lost it.

          • too true

            I’m not saying that local leaders and Congresspeople are all crazies, although there is a lot of fear and threats being issued from on high. I am saying that the masterminds at the top are crazy and getting crazier by the looks of it.

            The current dynamic shows that we have an “in” on the Fear equation at play. 🙂

      • Found the same lack of concern via zero responses to several emails to my “public Servants” here in Florida. Ditto that with all attempts to major media sites. Could we hope they are packing their bags to survey everything there in Japan? Nah, didn’t think so either!

        • Heart of the Rose

          Yes..but see.. they got the call..it’s on their consciences..
          Let’s dose them good.

          • too true

            I’ve gotten responses from the local Health Dept. after making a direct call & speaking to the guy in charge. Polite, but firm and VERY interested in this subject as a citizen. His office posted new test results that had been “held back” by IT the very next day!!

            The whole thing is a psych game.

        • Cassie

          Half of this is technical.
          Half is psychology.

  • radegan

    All three of these reactors were not cooled for many hours, 16 hours according to one report, certainly long enough to boil off most of the coolant. How long does it take for an uncovered Uranium rod to reach 5000 degrees? I’ve read about a minute. So, they must have at least suspected something melted.

    “No, it didn’t melt, Yoshi left his Big Gulp sitting on top of the reactor vessel, so I’m sure that kept it cool.”

  • Dr. Stranglelove


  • JWS

    And we all know what “may have” means!