TEPCO is misleading public over nuclear crisis says Japanese nuclear expert

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 8:09 am ET


Tepco Misleading Public Over Nuclear Crisis, Bloomberg by Tsuyoshi Inajima and Yuji Okada, May 18, 2011 1:41 am EDT:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has made misleading statements about when it will stabilize its nuclear reactors crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, said Tetsuo Ito, head of the Atomic Energy Research Institute at Kinki University in western Japan. […]

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 8:09 am ET


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90 comments to TEPCO is misleading public over nuclear crisis says Japanese nuclear expert

  • “Misleading” is the understatement of the 21st century. How about we just call these filthy corporate slime-balls (not meaning to offend slime by making this comparison!) what they really are: bald-faced liars who are confirmed accessories to genocide.

  • Tepco needs to address the actual worst case scenario on record. Even though “its extinction”. It is merely the right thing to do. In all reality, there is no viable solution to this crisis. Its game over.

    Don’t beleive me?…

    Well prove me wrong…

    I did my homework… I am happy to correct yours…

    • ocifferdave - Devil's advocate

      Okay, i’ll bite. I’ll play devils advocate. You. Are. Wrong. The southern hemispher is much safer by far. Life will continue even if the span of each generation is short. Radiation exposure can be measured in plane flights and bananas. Meaning we live in the natural world where we have adopted to survive its radiation. We will adapt. Japan will never call in their iou’s on US debt. USA told the primeminister of japan to not let tepco stock fail. Financial black hole averted. Its only four nuclear reactors/fuel pools in trouble with a finite amount of dangerous material compaired to the entire planent’s nuclear reactors, fuel mines, stock piles, abd weapon systems. A mere drop in the bucket. Btw, the MSM really isn’t covering this so it ISN’t that bad. Otherwise they would cover something if it really was a big deal because they would make money on increased viewers/readers. Lastly if this really endangered the USA and especially japan then there would be a much bigger response to this problem on par with the chernobyl incident.
      Your devils advocate in association with all our desires to here your promised counter arguments and more

      PS. One more thing. Arnie Gunderson isn’t saying ” Game over, man. Game over! We’re all gonna die, man!”

      • mark V

        “because they would make money on increased viewers/readers”

        Wrong. The situation is so grave, that when swallowed, it will end everybody worrying about money. This is the paradox we are now coming through.

        • ocifferdave - Devil's advocate

          Exactly. What about the other points. Tear them down for us.

          • mark V

            I didn’t read it carefully ociffer, shame on me. Being true believer that irony is that necessary ingredient in deciding whether one is trying to deceive you or not, still fail to recognize the intentions sometimes.

      • ocifferdave

        If tacomongoose doesn’t tear down those arguments for “hey its not so bad, normalcy bias is awesome”, etc, then I will. 🙂

        • dave marshal.
          freedom of speech.
          You obviously are picking at my every post and have alerted the thread that your involved in law enforcement. (by foolishly putting ociffer dave), As well as infiltrated the banned by iaea page, and personally made me an addition to your facebook… That’s a sure indicator, that The situation is beyond you and me. While leading others to believe the usa gov. is dis informing the public.. shame on you…

          If you take my posts down, I will repost them. 100 fold. I will repost them on every social network at my disposal, on every account, and there is not a thing you can do about it. Its perfectly legal to have an opinion.
          I have every right to release information I feel is helpful.

          Please stop threatening me for telling the situation as it is.

          Actually, in all reality it only supports proving my point. So in fact feel free to stay tuned. Your just giving me a hand.

          • J1

            big govt trolls are working overtime.

            Rightfully so seeing how their pensions just got raided. LOL

        • extra knight

          just grow a pair and/or make reasonable statements and suppositions and save us all alot of wear and tear. man.

          • MSM wouldn’t report as this would lead to chaos.
            The finite amount of materials is 600,000 spent fuel cells.
            The radiation is effecting human health.
            there is no way to respond.

      • Firstly it has endangered the usa. That is why the radiation is in our food supply. Secondly, by stating the southern hemisphere is safer, only leads me to believe that you in fact not only believe but are certain that the northern hemisphere is indeed tainted. thirdly Your posts as occifer dave, dave mashal d marshal. ect are indicators, you are monitoring my actions. via multiple social networks. While my actions are perfectly legal. fourthly The msm is owned by 6 companies globally. Comcast for example is owned by GE. So I have had enough of your disinformational uninformed Weak arguments. Take my posts down. (id be impressed). Because If I named you correctly and you actually did… I will impress you.

      • extra knight

        you can’t be serious. that bananas/airplane/speedboats comparison is silly, myopic and totally unscientific beyond belief. there is already radiation being detected in the southern hemisphere, this can only get worse. so you get a big instant fail from me.

      • coot

        Wrong – Scientific American says

        • Reactor No. 1: 50 tons of nuclear fuel
        • Reactor No. 2: 81 tons
        • Reactor No. 3: 88 tons
        • Reactor No. 4: 135 tons
        • Reactor No. 5: 142 tons
        • Reactor No. 6: 151 tons
        • Also, a separate ground-level fuel pool contains 1,097 tons of fuel; and some 70 tons of nuclear materials are kept on the grounds in dry storage.

        Here is the link : http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=nuclear-fuel-fukushima

        • coot

          I read that if the storage pool at 4 goes up, in a big enough detonation, the ENTIRE EARTH could be covered with material emitting 3 Seiverts (sp) per hour of radio active whatnot. ‘Devils advocate’ does not mean ‘complete idiot’…….

        • I will try to re post what I found about the total fuel load being 1700 tons on site.

  • Darth

    Poor Obama didn’t get his wish to protect TEPCO stock value… This company is “toasted” history. Now who will assume responsibility for the damage? The economy of Japan begins its terrible decline.

    “Since the accident, Tepco shares have lost 82 percent of their value. They traded at 392 yen at 2:32 p.m. in Tokyo today (17 May 2011) compared with 2,153 yen on 10 March 2011.”

    • GI justice

      That’s still a good sale for something that isn’t worh the paper it’s printed on.

    • Maybe, if and when Japan recovers economically, they will make better and more responsible decision on how to use their money.

      Otherwise, their financial crash may simply be a tough lesson for us all to watch and learn from.

      What the hell other message would one need to understand not to play with something that should not be messed with?

      If it takes being hit in the pocket to change course from a dangerous direction, then perhaps Japan will change its ways for once and for all.

      Change comes from within your heart and your wallet for some of us.

      • charlie

        Japan isn’t coming back from this. Their population is old, the young are being poisoned, the economy was in a slump since the 90s, the earthquake and tsunami were bad enough, the nuclear meltdown the finishing blow, the whole land contaminated, food poisoned, japanese products feared by overseas consumers, social chaos to ensue.

        • Given the facts and evidence, how on earth can you not be right!

          How on earth can anyone living in Japan not agree with you?

          A Stupefying Sunday Morning.A

          • charlie

            Anthony, I feel like we are living a really bad dream that we can’t wake up from. Denial is apparently a powerful force in human beings. Ignorance is a kind of blessing for some people.
            God help us all once the reality sinks in and people start to go apeshit.

          • Charlie

            Agreed with your points – I feel if we push back the right away we could escape the ongoing predicament of continuing on with the people running the show still in control. They ultimately crafted this mess by accident or intention. We paid for it financially, the clean up and possibly this time with our lives. Expecting govts to do better or different is where my hopelessness is borne from. They wont ever be better. Despite the blatant evidence our govt chose many many times to not do the right thing by us. I cant pretend that hasn’t occurred and Fukushima is a magnifier for how wrongly run multiple govts are operating and shows new depths of how much I just want a different life not involving them at all. They might claim some victory of mastering energy corporations but I see for all the benefits they have ruined and or altered what planet earth essentially is, physically. **What will they do next** is all I shudder to think about the future.

  • radegan

    “Now who will assume responsibility for the damage?”

    Why the US Taxpayer will pay for it. AIG reinsurance, funny Wall Street derivs, TEPCO stock held by US as collateral, Japan bonds held as collateral. Obama should at least insist they use their T-bills to buy North American wheat – but they won’t – it’s irradiated and unsafe.

    • GI justice

      Lets do a bail out TEPCO thing….yeah, what a great idea, after all if we don’t something bad might happen like…like a nuclear disaster…..open the safe, take all the gold from fort knoxs let save …TEPCO!

  • ohthehumanity

    And they will never, ever be held accountable for this.

  • Deborah

    I knew when the fuel pool with 40yrs. of stored plutonium fuel rods detonated at reactor #3 that this was going to be a nightmare. And I am not a rocket scientist at that. For TEPCO to deliberately mislead the way that they have for the past 2mo. is as bad, IMO, and amounts to a holocaust. ohthehumanity you are right, they will not be held accountable because it was CORPORATE BUSINESS as usual.

  • freddykruger

    guys,guys,guys im on here everyday the same as some of you and yes its bad and no one knows whats going to happen.but for gods sake stop selling this apocolyptic crap will.your making yourselves look asses.the world wont end ok so grow the hell up and see a shrink.some of you are plain insane and need help

    • J1

      freddykruger meet “normalcy bias”.

      “normalcy bias,” freddykruger.



        • freddykruger

          this just proves my point.get a life you need taking off the streets and sectioned.lunatics

        • freddykruger

          dude you are totally insane.we need people like you off the streets before you go round killing innocent people.you are a frigging lunatic and need help

          • freddykruger

            there is no way im staying here with lunatics like you.and ive emailed the host to tell him so.your sick im outa here

          • J1


          • Moco

            Bye freddy, but the troll will return, with a new name.
            I can smell the shitbreath of a troll, a mile away.

          • freddykruger


          • J1

            I thought you left already Freddy? I suppose the door did hit you on the ass and give you a concussion since you can’t even remember what you said 5 mins prior.

            You should get that checked out. Better yet, go play in the rain. It might soothe that bump on your forehead a little bit!

            Cheerio Mate! LOL

          • actually we need people like tepco off the streets. they are the ones going around killing people. We are having intelligent discussion.

      • Blue

        I think a majority of the general pop. here in the US is suffering from ‘normalcy bias’ to a degree, as people just don’t want to talk about this subject. To each their own but I want to hear info and have a plan as I have young children and if freddy finds comfort in that great river of denial, so be it.

      • ocifferdave - Devil's advocate

        Best. Link. Ever.

      • Also freddy you are the only person in this forum acting crazy .

    • with all due respect what should we make of the 600,000 spent nuclear fuel rods on site. a picknik? You are literally insulting this article: “TEPCO is misleading public over nuclear crisis says Japanese nuclear expert”. You are foul for your actions. No one here threatened anyone. You are just another scared person that cant tell when its time to speak out… NUCLEAR MELTDOWN. THIS ISNT A FRIGGIN PICKNICK. ITS A CATASTROPHY>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank Snapp

      I agree that no “apocolyptic crap” (trying to paraphrase your poorly constrained jingoistic comment) is needed. There are, however, many silver linings in this situation. The most important being that this is the spark needed to overthrow capitalism, which brought us and will keep bringing us to this pathetic, decompensating end-point in history as it is clearly not ecologically or social justice ecologically sustaianable. Time for big change. This is the motivation, as if anthropogenic thermal maximum and anthropogenic mass extinctions were not enough? Thanks. I like people who stir the pot.

      • Misanthrope

        And Chernobyl is where, if you’ll remind me? What’s that? I hear the Soviet Union was really into the capitalism thing back in ’86.

        What brought us to this point, and what will bring us back again and again so long as featherless bipeds run around on this planet, is not some transitory economic system, but the human spirit and its bottomless will-to-power that masquerades as this insatiable progress-mongering. Progress! Everything must be improved! Progress! All hail the future!

      • Misanthrope

        It’s not capitalism that isn’t sustainable – it’s civilisation.

  • Josh M

    I know everything here should be taken with a straight face…

    …But am I the only one who laughed at the “Kinky university”? 😀

    • ocifferdave - Devil's advocate

      Actually, i wondered what the students that speak English there think.

  • J1

    “there is no way im staying here with lunatics like you.and ive emailed the host to tell him so.your sick im outa here”


  • mark V

    NOW is the best time for everybody to:

    1. Learn how nuclear reactors work, to understand the extent of the events in Fukushima, make your own forecast.

    2. Learn how radiation spread and accumulate, the difference between external and internal radiation, to understand how different and thousands times more grave than Chernobyl this catastrophe is.

    3. Learn how radiation affects living bodies, and how to protect.

    Because you will not be told this time. It is very complex situation, but the facts that Japan government has suppressed any information about the disaster going outside the country except the official (it was announced officially), and asked other governments to not allow “radiation rumors” because “it hurts Japan economy”, should give you a clue.

    We all saw horrible views of devastation caused by tsunami, japanese people have been in our hearts for two months now, so yes, we will cooperate and not allow “radiation rumors” and will not allow “Japan economy to suffer even more”.

    This is greatest treason and crime angainst humanity in history. Save the planet.

    • GI justice

      I think now is the best time to organize, march, sit in, intimidate…to stop all nukes everywhere once and for all….just cause there is a 3 way disaster going on doesn’t mean another couldn’t pop up in your neighborhood tomorrow. Global warming has made nuclear energy out dated. With all the violent weather that now exists, we have to shut down the reators!!! It’s called survival!!!!!

      • Frank Snapp

        Intimidate and NON-permitted ACTIONS that are surprising are the most important things we can do. The power elite is too well organized to allow ANY other sort of small-scale actions to have any influence whatsoever over group-think of the collective mind in the countries that have the most pernicious billionaire rulers (the U.S., Europe, Japan itself, China, etc.). Of course, no worries if we have critical mass for real change. However, that still appears to be unlikely, but we must work like it’s always the most possible ongoing thing.

  • VictimofChanges

    Somehow this album art isn’t as quirky anymore http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/840/toxworldcircus.jpg/

  • blackmoon

    I believe that they new it was over on March 15th.

    They say that one picture is worth a thousand words.

    The look on PM Naoto Kan’s face is more frightening than the explosions which preceded his March 16 meeting with TEPCO. He looks like someone who has just realized that He as not only lost his country, but a large part of Humanity as well.


    • Cassie

      BlackM: I agree the pictures on site and pics of the officials involved told the story from the beginning.
      The truth has been there for those who wish to see it.

    • Anthony

      You are really so right. To me its a look of wishing he could be anywhere else and knowing deeply how deeply destined he is with the mess. A look of resignation. I also see sadness and a deep hurting in his eyes. My reaction to him is not anger but I really feel sorry for him. He looks like a person realizing he has deep regrets. He does not appear optimistic whatsoever. Even if pissed at the Paps the look in his eyes seems to come from his soul. A deeply saddened and stressed person.

  • blackmoon


    “The look on PM Naoto Kan’s face is more frightening than the explosions which preceded his March 16 meeting with TEPCO.”

    Should read:

    The look on PM Naoto Kan’s face is more frightening than the explosions which preceded his March 15 meeting with TEPCO.

    • Heart of the Rose

      That’s the look… when one fails to fall one one’s sword …and continues to live in digrace.

  • I AM TRUTH or Whoopie

    Hey a HP poster has a great idea!
    Today is Nuclear Free Call in Day!

    All you have to do is to call (202) 224-3121 and ask your Representa­tive’s secretary whether the representa­tive supports the Title 17 Loan Program to Expand Nuclear energy. The idea is to keep the phones ringing off the hook all day. The media refuses to cover this important issue. The only way to get the message across is by telephonin­g and e-mailing.
    LET’S DO IT!!!

  • Mr Dead Guy

    Breaking news on who decided to dump the radioactive water into the ocean. Ok who is surprised – not me. Really if this was a fictional story no one would believe it.


    • FUD anonYmous

      Or perhaps this article is simply the product of a xenophobic mindset/culture that does not want to take responsibility for the incredible incompetence in handling this crisis. Hmmmm…could be easier to blame someone else, especially the gaijin.

      Think about it.

  • Mr Dead Guy

    Ok the above headline I included is a little misleading. It makes it look like a US cabinet adviser requested that Japan dump the water in the ocean.
    It really says that Japan was pressured – by the US – to dump the water. No mention of who from the US asked them to do it. My guess is we will never know the truth. My money was on Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu but I have no basis for that – just speculation.

    • mark V

      Dumping water was necessary, while they were still trying to contain the reactors. Remember, they had to pump some 5-10 tonnes of water per hour on each of the reactors, and this water has to go somewhere. They have some containers but far too small.

      In any case, this water pumping was not enough, and cores now are in china syndrome phase. I believe they have stopped water cooling altogether.

    • Dancingwithwolves

      Hillary Clinton was in Japan April 17. The water release (in addition to what has been spewing out in massive quantities daily that they don’t talk about) was April 4. G.E.’s Jeffrey Immelt was there April 4.

  • FoulMood

    Is all the relevant info on this disaster in a two month time vacum?
    Everything comes out 60 days after the fact, Obama and his Nuke Loving Backers must have a good stranglehold on the MSM…
    Japan, the ’51st State’ and the 21st Century’s First Leper Colony…Bravo!

  • Blue

    Thermal Imaging recently? Anyone know if this has been done this month?


    Any EXPERTS here, I have a question. Might the slow but total addition of liquid nitrogen (-400 degrees F) be an idea to cooling these rods? Or would there be explosive potential?

  • Close but no cigar—The canary died with Hillary that first visit!

  • I stand corrected–thank you. Hillary just ‘seconded it’ I suppose.

  • Dr.Stranglelove


  • J. jackson

    What just struck me about this sight and what people are saying – no one has said anything about a higher power like God and praying, etc. Why?

    • Cassie

      There are a number of posts mentioning prayer, higher power, etc.

    • SteveMT

      Seek and ye shall find many such posts here.

    • Anthony

      I for one have seen no religious leader step up and even wrap service or sermon around the Nuclear Events. I attended church, full of angst like the other hundred strangers looking for something higher than ourselves to explain our pains. The explosions had occurred earlier that week. The Pastor mentioned nothing even remotely connecting to any comfort for any listening. It was like the elephant in the room. As I am personally spiritual in my way, I felt the need to embrace the facts and follow the truths as I learned them and survive therefore spiritually through this crisis. I am not looking for sheeple staples and I want the truth that lives in facts…. there are lots of people here like that. Most people keep their Gods to themselves to stay on topic. You will often see spiritual reference and exchanges from many people which can be beautiful to read and sometimes very painful as philosophies clash. Most people here love the planet and want to keep hope and vision open most of all for that outcome somehow.

      What if God tells us ” I gave you the Earth so you could have heaven. Some of you worshiped me and others worshiped themselves, and I wanted was for you to enjoy the beautiful place and home Earth provided.

      God as I know God would never endorse or create a path laid with half and untruths as I see before us… when I hear religious leadership discuss the facts fully without beating others about the head with God, I am all ears. I would actually be more of a believer as I find it unsettling that religion joins the infoblackout IN ANY CAPACITY thereby co-creating the confusion as people are making sense of their lives and fears. I am SURE we have all been calling God for answers since 311.

  • Anthony

    The Associated Press May 19, 2011, 7:05AM ET
    Nikkei hit as Japan falls back into recession



  • Anthony

    TEPCO chief’s resignation unlikely to bring necessary reform – activist

    ‘…. According to Philip White, Friday’s announcement that Masataka Shimizu will no longer head the Tokyo Electric Power Company is not an answer to any part of the ongoing crisis.

    “In 2002, there was a big scandal and all three of the top executives of TEPCO resigned, but it made no difference. [Shimizu’s] resignation will not make a significant difference, it’s a symbolic thing. If anything, he is escaping responsibility rather than taking it,” the activist said.’