Tepco: Recent quake caused water level drop in tank next to Spent Fuel Pool No. 4

Published: January 2nd, 2012 at 5:55 pm ET


*UPDATE* EX-SKF has a translation of Tepco’s press release: Fukushima Reactor 4 Skimmer Surge Tank Latest: Earthquake Caused the Water to Go from SFP to Reactor Well Instead, Says TEPCO

“Tepco officially admitted the decreasing water level of the tank at reactor 4 was caused by the earthquake on 1/1/2012. (Source) Tepco states the water did not flow into the tank from water cooling system but flew into the container vessel in stead. However they still have not announced they managed to fixed the broken part of the reactor.” –Fukushima Diary

Mainichi Shimbun, January 2, 2012:

Google Translate

Headline: <1 Fukushima nuclear power plant> No. 4 tank drawdown effects of earthquakes and announced …

TEPCO two days, the water level decreased by more than one day of the tank adjacent to the spent fuel pool of the first nuclear power plant Unit 4, Fukushima, said the cause, effects of earthquakes announced four largest intensity observed in northeastern Kanto was. TEPCO, flows into the opposite side of the reactor containment tank of radioactive contamination in pool water, and found that it caused by loss of water supply to the tank from a temporary pool. The cooling effect of the pool, he said.

According to TEPCO, the tank water level is usually about 1.6 inches per hour, such as reduced natural evaporation, after the earthquake, were down by 8-9 cm per hour. Polluted water in the tank is removed from heat and dust through the filter and an external heat exchanger and returned to the pool again.

Babelfish Translation

Headline: < Fukushima 1st nuclear plant > 4 machine tank water level decrease…Influence of earthquake it announces

As for Tokyo Electric Power on the 2nd, Fukushima 1st nuclear plant 4 water level of the tank where it adjoins to the used nuclear fuel pool of the machine decreased 1 days abnormally, cause announced the same day, influence of the earthquake which observed largest seismic intensity 4 in Kanto northeast district. As for Tokyo Electric Power Company, the radioactive contamination water inside the pool flows into to the containment vessel side of opposite side to the tank, it sees as cause that supply of the water to the tank stops temporarily from the pool. As for influence you call to cooling the pool that it is not.

According to Tokyo Electric Power Company, water level of the tank with such as usually about 1.6 centimeters decreases per hour natural evaporation, but after the earthquake, per hour by 8~9 centimeter it had gone down. As for the contaminated water inside the tank passing by the heat exchanger and the filter of external, heat and the rubbish are removed, are reset to the pool again.

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Published: January 2nd, 2012 at 5:55 pm ET


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