Officials unsure what to do next — Korea calls Japan’s handling of Fukushima “incompetent”

Published: April 10th, 2011 at 5:36 pm ET


Japan fails to stop radioactive discharge into ocean, Reuters, April 10, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

… China and South Korea have also criticized Japan’s handling of the nuclear crisis, with Seoul calling it incompetent, reflecting growing international unease over the month-long atomic disaster and the spread of radiation. …

TEPCO… has been pumping in nitrogen to cool the core, but officials say they are unsure of what to do next.

We cannot say what the outlook is for the next stage,” Hidehiko Nishiyama, a deputy director-general of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said on Sunday. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 10th, 2011 at 5:36 pm ET


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38 comments to Officials unsure what to do next — Korea calls Japan’s handling of Fukushima “incompetent”

  • Start the blame game then escalate it to war. That will be China’s move. Hope you like eating MREs we wont be able to eat any food grown here in the USA. But hey the rest of the world will starve to death since we wont be producing crops for them to eat.

  • xdrfox

    These folks should be that depending so much of food sources from the oceans and being so close getting lapping of the radioactive clouds ! Imagine how high the readings are their !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Forget the blame game, pointing fingers, and everything else, we don’t have time for such nonsense.

    Get your very best from all over, coming together to figure out a plan.

    This is a time for all Countries to pull together.

    This is no longer just one Country’s problem.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    It can’t be just left to spew.

    If it doesn’t get fixed, who knows what can happen globally.

    The people who know about the workings of all this and who is trained, knew the dangers of this job.

    Many more could very well die

  • cuica

    It seems that our survival depends on fixing these broken reactors…..but at this point it is looking impossible to fix.
    Even if the problems were resolved, nuclear energy would continue until we back ourselves into another corner that we couldn’t get out of. It seems that greed has over taken common sense.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi cuicu

      I agree, I think they would rather fix the problem.

      I would like to see them dismantle all Nuclear Power.

      Risk is to Great

  • James

    If you can listen to Arnie Gundersen’s reports over at Fairewinds Associates you will get a serous taste of what genuine experts are thinking about this ongoing disaster – nuclear engineers, plant managers, US NRC personnel, as well as others, including a group from the French nuclear industry cartel Areva.

    The picture that emerges is so grave that it is truly jaw-dropping – three meltdowns all reaching 5,000 degrees F, two of them probably breaching containment, and according to NRC personnel, Plutonium being blown three miles from the plant, etc.

    And then comes Reactor 4, with no fuel in containment. Instead, there are the tons of nuclear waste in the spent fuel pools. The Areva report says that it is completely possible that ALL of the fuel has been volatilized. Unbelievable. Now that is about as bad as you could ever expect it to get.

    But it could get worse…

  • mark

    Radiation and rods and slurry won’t go to the center of the earth, there are still a few things that can be done to solve the problem. One is 6 basic chemicals to cover the whole plants reactors. Second the cores if they melt through go down just a few feet to the water table and then you have the largest explosion of radiation that will circle the globe and its over with a cinder planet of radiation

  • JB Hickock

    This is unprecedentedly bad. This is the worst manmade catastrophe in this history of the world. There will be a global famine. The entire northern hemisphere is permanently contaminated. The elite have their taxpayer subsidized bunkers. What do we have? Doom. Nothing but doom.

    • Afu

      Stop the BS, man.
      This does not even reach the level of all the nuclear trials of the 1950ies and 1960ies.
      Sensors implemented around the world to see if somebody is cheating with nuclear treaties cannot even detect Fukushima thin air.
      There’s *nothing*.
      You have more natural radioactivity in your body than this.

    • debris

      whoa baby..! slow down there… better to get some facts first, THEN get depressed..! 🙂, actually, it’s NOT the worst ever etc… and the amount of radiation released so far is surprisingly small… especially if you simply stumble along with the ‘jello journalism’ being flaunted in the west… this was interesting..

  • Noah

    On Thursday we learned from the Wall Street Journal that TEPCO only had one stretcher, a satellite phone, 50 protective suits, and enough dosimeters to give only a single one to each worker group.

  • violator

    I would be worried if i lived in the US or Europe! lucky Australia is not effected.

  • Now, with more radiation leaking and being deposited through the air by rainfall, one should know:
    How to protect your garden patch or field against radioactive fall-out

  • John thompson

    Time to nuke japan, and destroy the nukes once and for all… This is war!

    • debris

      so John, where r u from? just so you know… the U.S. has more reactors than anywhere else.. wanna nuke them too? ..while yer at it..

  • Gary

    Actually the gulf oil spill is worse

    The gulf region is dead

    US and BP are still spraying poison

    Spraying is intentional, Japan is natural

    Rather die by accident than murderfrom my own government

    OH! unless you are Japanese

  • Gary

    I am totally surprised they were not attacked adn destroyed but then again they will die on there own.

    Why is the Nikkei or the country even listed now.

    Honestly the whole island should be destroyed or

  • whimbrel

    Gary – 9 11 was done on purpose. The Gulf was too (go back and study the posts in How do you KNOW the japan quake (s) are an accident? have you heard about HAARP?

  • badluckcharlie

    Incompetent? Gosh, really? Such name calling surely won’t help things get better.

    How about taking ‘les incompetants’ to trial for criminal negligence?

    Who would be on that list? GE for designing a global time bomb? TEPCO for managing the time bomb with scant safety checks and a cavalier attitude to the reality of the giant quakes that can hit the island?

    How about Japan’s government leaders who obviously give this type of foolishness the wink and nod treatment as it’s been ongoing for decades.

    I think the people who are profiting from this should pay the price for their criminal negligence.

  • radegan

    GE’s liability would be limited if the plant were in the US. Not sure what liability they may face in Japan. Here’s a question – what is GE’s liability for design flaw leading to radiation release and losses here in the US? Some losses would be very easy to document – crops in California, contaminated milk.

  • Money talks and it is time to change to a sustainable society.

    A resource based economy not one on money.

    How to fix this mess I have no idea of. to find out more info.

  • It’s truly mind numbing that there could be so much repeated mishandling of something so serious. Surely salt water has the same chemical reaction in Japan as it does in the rest of the world, yet they continue to pour it on the “leak” Isn’t this truly beyond incompetence?

    My belief is that TEPCO is trying to protect profits and hope that a band aid will work on a mortal wound.

    Who will bear the accountability for this continuous disaster? And how can Chernobyl burn for 10 days and TEPCO believes that Fukushima might be decommissioned in 10 years.

    What are we missing?

    I lived through Chernobyl and will survive through this as well, detoxing, building immune support, aggressive antioxidants etc. You can too!


  • ZION


    3/11 seismic terror : Seismic wave shows clear evicence of man-made quake!

  • Cambie

    Too late now. The incompetance was in continuing to run those badly designed obsolete reactors, building several of them in the same place, and piling them full of spent fuel – the same practices as in the United States.