Tepco: We are planning to dump water from Fukushima plant into Pacific Ocean

Published: January 24th, 2013 at 11:12 am ET


(Subscription Only) Title: TEPCO plans to dump water from Fukushima plant after cleaning it
Source: Kyodo News
Date: Jan. 24, 2013

TEPCO plans to dump water from Fukushima plant after cleaning it […]

[Tepco] said Thursday it plans to dump contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean after removing radioactive substances to reduce contamination to legally permissible levels.

[…] it fears eventually running out of capacity to store radioactive water that continues to accumulate at the plant […]

Still, the utility acknowledged that it needs to win approval of local governments and other parties concerned in actually discharging the water into the ocean. An official said, “Nothing specific has been decided at this moment.” […]

“It also contains nuclear fuel — There will be uranium in that water and plutonium in that water as well” -Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen


See also: [intlink id=”report-nuclear-pollution-from-fukushima-to-hit-u-s-in-2015-impact-strength-of-cesium-137-on-west-coast-is-as-high-as-4-percent-due-to-strong-currents” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 24th, 2013 at 11:12 am ET


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63 comments to Tepco: We are planning to dump water from Fukushima plant into Pacific Ocean

  • Nukites

    Global Criminal Syndicate- The nuclear waste generation industry.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "The nuclear business is a cruel and deep money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."
      – Hunter S. Thompson (paraphrased)

  • Sickputer

    That's OK… Our president will proclaim: "We don't expect radiation to reach our nation. The Pacific Ocean is vast. Trust me."

    Besides, the French use the English Channel as a liquid Yucca Flats every second of the day:

    "France reprocesses reactor fuel at the vast La Hague facility on the Normandy coast. The so-called low-level liquid wastes from reprocessing are discharged into the English Channel and into the air. However, these “low-level” wastes still contain highly radioactive and often long-lived isotopes. Dumping these same wastes into the sea in containers would violate the 1970 London Dumping Convention….
    The liquid discharges from La Hague have resulted in contamination of area beaches and of seas as far as away as the Arctic Circle and are considered among the ten main anthropogenic sources of radioactive pollution of the world’s oceans.”


    SP: I am surprised Forbes has allowed that article to remain visible so long. When it dusappears you will know that the nucleocrats are worried. Frankly it looks like they are beyond the reach of human pollution laws. They control the judges, the regulators, and the elected officials. YMMV.

  • Outrageous…!!!

    When will the definition of 'out of control' world wide catastrophe of historic proportions be applied?

    "The problem isn't over…"
    "We are far from out of the woods…"
    – A. Gundersen

    (far from) NOT out of the woods:
    meaning… NOT finished with the worst or most threatening part

    What does 'win approval' really mean?

    IMO – It means Nuclear Power is a mega failure and a lie. It means, we need to stop all nuclear power immediately and begin the decontamination process in a calm and orderly manner.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Meltdown ruins a country. Forever. And those downwind, thanks to nuclear reactors.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    If it were only the water in the tanks.
    If it were only the water in the basements.
    If it were only the water in the containments.
    If it were only the water leaking out of the basements into the groundwater.
    If it were only the water that leaks onto the cement outside the buildings…
    But it isn't only all of this water that is the problem.
    Arnie believes the bottom of each containment vessel did not leak, and is still intact.
    He believes that melted fuel may have breached the steel walls of the containment, or perhaps pipes or torus.
    He believes that Corium1,2,&3 is still inside Buildings1,2,&3.
    If only Arnie weren't wrong about this.
    If only the corium hadn't melted through the containment and base.
    If only the corium didn't melt its way into the mudrock under the Buildings1,2,&3.
    If only ground water weren't becomming highly contaminated running past the underground corium, then pouring into the Pacific Ocean day and night.
    Oh, wait. But it is. 🙁

  • Fukushima is an unprecedented disaster for the ocean

    Fukushima nuclear pollution in sea was world's worst: French institute. Japan Today Oct. 28, 2011 – http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/fukushima-nuclear-pollution-in-sea-was-worlds-worst-french-institute

    Ken Buesseler, a scientist at Massachusetts’s Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, told the paper that Fukushima was by far the largest accidental release of radioactive material into ocean waters—exceeding, by a magnitude of 100, the Chernobyl contamination of the Black Sea.
    (cited in Alex Roslin http://www.straight.com/article-491941/vancouver/what-are-officials-hiding-about-fukushima?page=0%2C2)

    Greenpeace Finds High Levels of Ocean Radioactive Contamination

    Mainichi: Cesium up to 100 times levels before disaster found in plankton far off nuke plant
    [excerpted] Radioactive cesium up to 100 times pre-nuclear disaster levels has been detected in plankton inhabiting the sea far from the crippled nuclear plant following the March 2011 disaster, according to a survey conducted by Japanese and U.S. researchers.

    The high concentration of cesium, which is believed to derive from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, suggests that radioactive substances that have leaked from the complex are spreading extensively in the sea.

  • Lets start calling these abominations "Radiation Factories" rather than NPP's

  • Jay

    Can't help but imagine the present storage tanks full of highly radioactive soup , being cracked during an M-8 .
    Then the wide very radioactive pudle will present a variation of the cleaning-puzzel , from concentrated in a building into an unaproachable open area that they will have to buldoze .

    Who was the 'engineer' who missed this scenario ? I have a feel that he is still around …

  • markww markww

    I think I have the answer to getting rid of the water problem.


    The use of BROWN'S Gas

    Q. If you want to neutralize radioactive waste, then:
    A. Brown's Gas is the answer to the largest problem the nuclear industry faces today!

    Build a burner vaporizing system, use brown's gas through the system to vaporize the water and neutralize the Nuclear waste


    • datura17

      tptb dont want that, a lt. col tried to procure research funds at a senate hearing, they bobble headed him too.

    • Sickputer

      markww sez: Brown's Gas to solve the nuclear waste problem.

      SP: The only Brown's gas that is useful is a fart from a cesium-contaminated person. >;-> Might get some poison out of the body.

      As for our long dead former Nazi naval officer and Bulgarian Yull Brown he has been pretty much debunked for claims made for Brown's gas.

      For a better explanation I will defer to a former longtime poster who hasn't been around for about 3 months:

      Andrew Spagnoli: "This is not real. Brown’s Gas (as many snake-oil salesmen call it) is just oxyhydrogen… the same gas that welders used to use, the same gas that was once used in jewelry-making to melt platinum. It has no ability to eliminate, alter, or otherwise purify radioactivity. It ALSO does not allow you to run a car on water (the other false claim being hyped online about oxyhydrogen).

      I suppose you COULD burn material hot enough with it so that the radioactive material vaporized into the jet stream… but that is what they do now only at lower temps. The higher temperatures achieved with a brown’s gas flame would only help spread the pollution more easily to the U.S…. it would do NOTHING to reduce the dangers to us, and would actually increase the amount of pollution here by more efficiently getting the poison into the air."


      SP: Thanks Andrew…hope you are still alive and kicking.

      • datura17

        you call that debunking? browns gas isnt exactly oxyhydrogen, i know it comes from electrolysis like in charging a car battery where one gets hydrogen on one pole and oxygen on the other pole. my understanding is browns gas comes from the middle not the ends, that being the case perhaps it is singlet hydrogen that is h not h2. and that explains why one cant store browns gas. however it may be something else. at ant rate here is a video demonstration of 'hho' gas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilz7zWISfd8
        the maximum flame temp of oxyhydrogen is 2800 deg c so perhaps you can explain how it is that a 2800 deg c flame can vaporize tungsten metal at 5555 deg c? if its just singlet hydrogen then a normal oxyhydrogen torch could be used but with an electric arc being placed in the hydrogen feed line to blow the h2 molecules apart to create singlet h gas. the flame temperature of browns gas appears to change oxyhydrogen doesnt. there is more to this than meets the eye there is quantium physics going on but no one wants to really try and explain it. again, explain how it is that a 2800 deg c flame can vaporize tungsten metal at 5555 deg c?

  • RADS

    These plants have been leaking since day one… *feed and bleed* has been the standard practice .

  • There was a fire in the shared pool last week.. and so now it's just to hot.


    they are now remote-removing the burned-up rods from the pool… likely to drop out in ocean someplace!


    shows 185,000 nSv/h at fuku nightmare.

    • Sickputer

      pattieb shares her opinion: "they are now remote-removing the burned-up rods from the pool… likely to drop out in ocean someplace!"

      SP: If you are correct (and I concur) this means some unlucky workers are getting kamikaze doses very quickly as they help the crane operator by attaching and detaching those hot debris parts.

      There's a new generation of Nuclear Liquidators following in the footsteps of the 1986 heroes and these new guys speak Japanese.

      Bless you guys for trying to save your country and the world. I appreciate your sacrifice.

      Banzai! 大丈夫寧可玉砕何能瓦全 A man would rather be a shattered jade than be a complete roof tile

  • Until they do it..? All work on the buildings is at a stand still.

    that's too hot for even most of the robots!

  • the "water" they now need to dump is the entire contents of the shared pool…

  • I don't even like to think about what went up in the air in that fire!

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      PattieB I think the majority of us here don't like to think about what went up in the air and will rain out on the USA as it has been since March 11. NO NUKES

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Also, I'm not sure why they keep dumping water on these empty reactors as it seems they are just creating more waste but I'm sure they think they are keeping the corium cools? I wish they would have attacked this like the Russians from the very beginning but it seems like they have passed the point of no return, so to speak, and I sure hope I'm mistaken.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      they gotta keep pumping. the water also cools the SFPs. they'll boil dry in a week or so and the fuel thats left will start on fire again, melt and go boom like unit 3.

      the water that goes thru the hole in the floor that the cores left likely does cool the corium somewhat as well as dissolves some of the radiation that is emitted.

      IMHO its better to keep pumping.

      what they need is a better filter system. if only Cs formed an insoluble salt that you could precipitate out…

      • Okay… as long as they keep the top of the burrowing corium cooled with water, It minimizes the amount of rads on campus. What they can't stop, is the amount that comes out of the ground now as steam. There are many fissures and holes it comes out of. They did construction in the ground to minimize the amount of water hitting the coriums. So, to say they don't understand it left the building… is beyond idiotic! It has a long way to go before hitting a hard-aggregate strata that may / may not be enough to form a reflector… allowing it to go BANG! My guess is that they plan to play status-quo, and let it sink… if it can… all the way down to the subduction fault below. It's a well-known formula of depth-vs-blast and its effect on surface (Deformation) and if it's deep enough, AND in a subduction zone… you get lateral release of the blast. Honestly… it's the only rationality I can figure, climbing into there heads… just a bit here.
        I HAVE to believe they are not just saying let it go, and hope for the best. I don't think the guys working there would go-along with that… they know better.
        Right now, if they stopped the water, the corium would form a cavern. Then the next rain or snow would give it a water reflector… BANG!
        Damned if they do… Damned if they don't! But the work should be on securing the coriums before they get too deep!
        We have the tech. Not the will, it seems.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          I wonder what is underneath the reactor buildings? Is it lava rock as Japan was formed by lava. I've heard bedrock, mud rock but I tend to think the corium is flowing in channels formed by lava many moons ago. Hmm just thinking thoughts.


          fascinating thoughts PattieB. They're either refusing to acknowledge their inability to prevent further migration of these renegade coriums, or (as your suggesting) they're allowing them to move lower, in hopes of reaching solid bedrock. Perhaps they plan to cap them off, when the coriums are unable to travel deeper through the preceding (more porous) strata…

          • Anthony Anthony

            But if PattieB's right, at bedrock we'll have explosion (criticalities), right?


              honestly can't answer that question Anthony. There are far too many variables for me to wrap my mind around. None-the-less, I love PattieB's scenario. She's fun reading…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Have been wondering if something more along the lines of a huge phreatic explosion would occur.

            Pattie B. posted a diagram showing the placement of the plant over the geologic strata, a couple of days ago. It almost looks like there's a "crater" or the bottom of a cone, where a sublayer forms a big pocket, right under the plant. That's at a depth of several hundred feet, I think (the red layer in the diagram). It's whatever layer lies beneath the shallow substrate, first layer of soil/rock under the plant. (The original was posted in Japanese, so I haven't reviewed the data yet. It's in .jpeg format.)

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              So, what would water do, at that layer or particular place, underneath the plant? That, to me, is the big burning question ….

              Meanwhile, slow roasting here in Northern California, along with the rest of the beings in the Northern Hemisphere.

              A sante and blessings to all, regardless of the circumstances.


              would surmise HoTaters, equilibrium would be achieved during the migration phase of the coreum(s). You'd have varying quantities of steam over a period of time, as the mass progresses through the porous strata. When it came to 'rest', it's likely it would become completely covered with water, resulting in intermittent steaming geysers. Equilibrium would be achieved with the period transfer of heated steam and water. Of course, I don't need to remind what's being carried within this superheated water…

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Hi Pattie B. would you please re-post the link to the .jpeg file you posted here a couple of days ago? The one showing the geologic strata under the plant?

          Aftershock, welcome back. Was interested in hearing your feedback on all of this.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        What Spent Fuel Pools you never hear about Reactor's 1 and 2 and I tend to think they got blown sky high after viewing pictures from March 2011 but I'm sure I'm mistaken. Reactor 3 has very little left and 4 is going to take a long time to remove if at all possible. I remember all the fires and smoldering right after the accidents, what has man done, considered intelligent life? What a species. JMHO

  • SophieQ

    What recourse does the global population have against these criminal, psychopathic murderers? Where do we need to start to remove the responsible people from any form of decision making? Don't we need to employ the death penalty for crimes like these? If You kill one person in cold blood You will be gassed or electrocuted. If You kill the life of an entire Ocean and hundreds of thousands of human lives You get to hold press conferences. Our problem is deeper that meets the eye. We live under a global miliraty dictatorship, ensuring the perpetuation of the nuclear 'industry' in order to build highly toxic warheads and munitions. Only divine intervention (if one is to believe in those) will save us from the effects of unchecked miliratism the likes of Nazi Germany. The ICM owns the legislative, the executive, the courts on all levels and of course the so called 'free' media.
    What recourse do we have against these FASCISTS? None whatsoever? How do we get our pristine Planet back from these MoFos before they destroy it in its entirety?
    Maybe a drastic reduction of electric consumption would do the NPP's in, but I sincerely doubt that, because whatever we devise will be matched by brutal force. The Future of Planet Earth is indeed bleak and hopefully humans will no longer appear on the stage of terrestrial life.

    • SophieQ

      Some words and abbreviations have been altered to accommodate the incessant spying of the ASN on us. We may have to invent a new language to avoid being carted away…


        your concerns are well considered SophieQ. I am simply curious about something: Were humans to somehow survive the destruction this planet, would you be comfortable with their going forth to other worlds that are sprinkled about this galaxy? They're somewhat delightful in their apparent lust for life, yet inconsistent in their appreciation of lifeforms that don't fit their immediate needs. Such insularity does not serve their case at all…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Sophie, I'm going to post a link. Can't discuss beyond this, because it's OT. RE: Bluffdale, UT, data collection center being built to collect and catalog ALL electronic communication.

        Remember there also highly sophisicated decryption tools at work. There are no secrets. Pretend you're living in the Soviet Union. What did people do, back in the day?

        Check out the interviews with William Binney, formerly with the NSA (USA).


        Assume EVERYTHING you do which isn't spoken to another person, in person, is heard and recorded. (It is likely being recorded.) If that's the case, anyone with half a brain who can think for himself/herself is a "target."

        The fact we visit here, in and of itself, could make us "persons of interest" at some point.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          And according to what Binney says, my spouse works for one of the extended arms of "The Thin Thread" (obliquely).

  • Arnie G has made a slip of facts in the vid above.

    When you do a shutdown, true.. 5% residual heat remains… BUT! that's because of the insert of control rods.

    When you have a meltdown… The control rods are GONE! And it's not just waste-heat any longer… it goes not just Back to criticality.. but even more, as you also have lost the zircaloy clading as a moderation mechanisim!
    Add in the plutonium burning a great deal higher temp than Urainium.? That corium has left the building.

  • Tepco said they are planning to dump water into the Pacific. As if they havn't already. Nobody here in Vancouver talks about Fukushima. It should be on the news still, a triple melt through involving MOX fuel. Nobody knows what MOX is so I guess nobody cares except a few people here at Enenews. I am not a bible thumper but beyond prayer I don't know what else to do. But one thing is for sure, the Fools in charge really are a bunch of Goofs who deserve the wrath of God if that is how things work.
    Sad that most people are asleep at the wheel and we all have let these idiots run our lives……..

    • Steve_G Steve_G

      @Mark, yes, it does appear that the MSM here in Vancouver as well as the rest of the continent have been largely successful in their embargo of the nasty truth of this ongoing psychopathic drama.

      When I bring Fukushima up in discussions with friends or acquaintances, they mostly look at me blankly and retort that this disaster happened almost two years ago but is now being remedied. I am dumbfounded at the ignorance and apathy surrounding this catastrophe. They don't have a clue as to the poisoning that they and their families are and will be receiving far into the future.
      Fascism is gaining a toehold and I'm happy to be older with a bad heart so as not to have to be around when the shit really hits the fan, which it will by the truckload!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        If it's any comfort to you, many people in the medical and veterinary communities understand what's happening. Just had a conversation with my vet, and she "gets it." So do people where I receive my medical care.

        They understand the broader implications of stories like this (dumping radioactive water in the Pacific, as well as the airborne contamination).

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          They're already seeing the increase in 'symptoms', and the medical journals are starting to have regular articles about it – deeply scientific articles that aren't all .gov bs. Doctors don't like being lied to about things that affect their patients, whether human or animal.

          FWIW, vets are considered the 'front line' in public health. They are trained to always consider what they see in animals, as to how it might affect the human population. The vets know the animals are uptaking radioactive poisoning, and they damn sure know what's next after that, so they communicate with physicians and public health organizations. The .gov can get the MSM to lie to the general public, but there's no stopping this information from circulation among the medical community. The rest of the world doesn't have the same ignorant asohole physicians like Japan does. A few here and there, yes, but not enough to stop the flow of information taking place.

          We in North America are only months away from some terrible admissions. Fasten your seat belts.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    I think the coriums are in different places: it melted like glue and some stuck in the torus and some went on out through the outer steel containment. TEPCO has still only admitted to a breach or melt-through of the inner containment, and serious degradation of the concrete in the outer containment, but there have been significant data suggesting the melt-through, or melt-down, has also breached the outer containment structures. For example, TEPCO has poured millions of tons of water into the inner and outer containment structures over the past two years, and it keeps leaking out into the basements and now, as we all have suspected from the rad data, it is going on out into the Pacific Ocean.
    BTW, have you guys all already seen the amazing Ian Goddard videos on radiation and the "new" Fukushima/Japan standard of 20mSv/year? He will give you ammunition to fight any battle: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radhealth/radhealthhome.htm

    • look at the spread map… nobody even informed them folks to shelter indoors!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Question PattieB…What's an "nSv/h?" Is that a "nano?" I know micros and millies and whole S, but what is "n." Apologies for my rudimentary understanding. I await your answer.


        nano dharmasyd…or billionth…

        Don't forget. I still have that avatar graphic for you…

        And it's good to see you're back in the fight!

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    I'm so glad I did my surfing, and enjoyed the Pacific, some 40 years or so ago. Because it is too late now!

  • fierodough

    in case you are wondering JUST how CONTAMINATED water that's been in contact with a nuclear core is… Check this video from Chernobyl. This is a tanker that used or is still storing water from the basement of the Chernobyl accident. Jump to 5:15.


    I doupt this can be decontaminated to safe levels with any technology we have at our disposal…

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Wow! Great video find, fierodough. When the next war comes, this steel will be made into new ships and tanks. Sailors may one day sleep next to some of this steel in a bulkhead, bathed in radiation, wondering why they are throwing up.

  • Sol Man

    In the Black Book released by the Jewish Black Book Committee, cr . 1945, Itzak Fefer wrote, "The globe is too small to hold both mankind and fascism."
    Why is this?
    It is because of the successful fascist system in place the annihilation of humanity will occur. What are our proofs?
    Chernobyl, Bhopal, Hanford, TMI, Simi, Fukushima, GOM- BP, Arctic Ocean-Russian reactors dumped, Bayou Corne…..and more in future.
    And, all the while there will be some making big money in the changing situation. This is the world system as has been mandated for all.