Tepco ‘Prompt Report’: Fracture-like traces found on steel bracings at Fukushima Units 1 and 2 exhaust stack — High radiation dose rate in area, had measured over 10 sieverts/hr — Press conference to explain incident (PHOTO)

Published: September 18th, 2013 at 11:08 am ET


Title:Fracture-like Traces Found on Steel Members (Diagonal Bracings) in the Intermediate Section of the Exhaust Stack for Units 1 and 2 at Fukushima Daiichi NPS
Source: Fukushima Daiichi NPS Prompt Report
Date: Sept. 18, 2013

“Workers detected radiation exceeding 10 sieverts per hour on the pipe” –UPI, August 2011

We have been conducting an on-site inspection for seismic safety evaluation on the exhaust stack for Units 1 and 2 at Fukushima Daiichi NPS. Today (on September 18), in the inspection, we found fracture-like traces on steel members (diagonal bracings) of the exhaust stack.

Since the area around the exhaust stack includes a location with a high dose rate, we will start a detailed investigation after examining how the investigation should be conducted.

The exhaust stack in question has been out of use. Neither abnormality in the plant data (the RPV bottom temperature, the PCV internal temperature, etc.) nor significant change has been found.

This incident will be explained in the regular press conference to be held today (on September 18).

UPDATE: [intlink id=”crack-found-200-feet-above-ground-unit-1-2-exhaust-stack-fukushima-worker-be-difficult-deal-contaminated-water” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 18th, 2013 at 11:08 am ET


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29 comments to Tepco ‘Prompt Report’: Fracture-like traces found on steel bracings at Fukushima Units 1 and 2 exhaust stack — High radiation dose rate in area, had measured over 10 sieverts/hr — Press conference to explain incident (PHOTO)

  • I did observe a small crane methodically moving all around the stacks yesterday on the Web Cam.

    "Neutrons also degrade materials; bombardment of materials with neutrons creates collision cascades that can produce point defects and dislocations in the materials."

    "At high neutron fluences this can lead to embrittlement of metals and other materials, and to swelling of some of them. This poses a problem for nuclear reactor vessels, and significantly limits their lifetime…"

    This may be limiting our lifetime too. ๐Ÿ™


    Cranes breaking, towers cracking…
    What else?

    It's obvious they are losing the battle or have been fighting a lost cause all along.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Right there ChasAha. All of the Mark 1's were built with the metallurgical engineering constraints and understanding their expected safe life was 30 years. The reason for the projected 30 year life (now 40 years by some claims) is that there were metal parts like joints, valves, etc. that could not be replaced by humans after 30 years due to extreme radioactive accumulation in the metal, as well as some of the areas they were located.

      Simply put, 30 years of high level radioactivity and corrosion causes metal fatigue, and then failure. If joints, values, etc. can not be replaced by humans or robots, then what to do.

      Decommissioning at 30-40 years was the plan until the green shades and Wall Street got into the business, knew the Price Anderson Act would cover their asses in failure, and elected to run them until they failed.

      The Mark 1's at 30 years are time bombs just from normal operations.

      It doesn't take a earthquakes or other natural disasters for them to fail, just one bad joint in the righrt place and Kaboom.

    • Titantic and Costa Concordia – Example of Normalcy Bias In Fukushima Mega Disaster; via @AGreenRoad

      • Fukushima Daichi had been given a 20 year operating license 'extension' before 3/11.

        If it had been shut down at the end of it's lifetime, we may not have experienced this mega disaster.

        Aging Reactors, Lies, Deceptions, Profits And Earthquakes; via @AGreenRoad

        • gottagetoffthegrid

          Absolutely, albeit with a caviate relating to the SFPs. The engineers, who sometimes get a rough ride here, designed these things to last 40 yrs. if they had asked for a 80 yr design life the capital cost would have been prohibitive. It's the same reason we don't design for 1:200 floods instead of 1:100 like we do.

          No reactor should be allowed to run past it's design life, and all reactors' design life's should be revisited and a mandatory shut-down date be ordered

          And for the love of god no new plants.

          • kez


            One of the most important points made I think. We too often demonize all nuclear engineers.

            It is a clear reality that this world will continue to need them. Even if all things nuke are shut down or outlawed tomorrow ..

            There is waste .. remediation .. decommission .. for centuries.

            The future absolutely depends on talented nuclear engineers.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            any engineer who designs a machine that can wipe out a planet with its poisonous radionuclides, give it a paltry 40 year operating life, and knowing full well that there are natural calamities, unforeseen events, human fallibility, and manufacturing errors multiplied by endless complexity doesnt deserve to have an engineering license, period. There are no words strong enough to properly denounce the nuclear industry and its bedfellows in politics. Kids of 10 should know better. What an outrage

  • nedlifromvermont

    Nuclear power was always a Lost Cause all along. It is a FRAUD perpetrated by a MYTH called "safe nuclear power", which is NEVER safe, nor EVER essential to life;

    The nuclear fission pathway is a King Midas tragedy … a Pandora's Box of Poison … not a promise or hope for a better life;

    It is revealed as a fraud by its reliance on bad legislation: Price-Anderson Liability Protections … which no other industry has ever had, or ever needed;

    What part of this FRAUD do the pro-nukers not see … past the two and a half times average paycheck they receive from their nuclear promoting employer?

    How much longer will we endure this LIE!

    Why is there no noise on this issue? Are there other "News Stories" like Syria or the Navy Yard Shooter, that the MSM somehow prefers? When the anti-nuclear effort embodies the ultimate child protection, civil rights, environmental justice and economic growth strategy our society could hope for;

    Are we this dumbed-down by our life style? That we cannot see, as a modern society, what an abject failure and lost cause nuclear power technology has become, so that we may finally completely reject it?

    The experiment is over.

    That ship has sailed.

    It is time for us to clean up and save what we may … no more nuclear power plants, be they Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian or Yanomami and to that end re-direct and re-purpose the UN, WHO, IAEA and all the rest.

    US Marines may provide enforcement.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    This is all part of the "Decommissioning" process, ChasAha.
    First, TEPCO declares "Cold Shutdown".
    Because all the molten nuclear fuel had dripped out of the bottoms of the broken reactors, and had eaten its way out of the bottom of containment vessels, and through the floors of three reactor buildings by December, 2011.
    ("Three reactor loads of molten nuclear fuel have been decommissioned, as they buryied themselves in the Earth's Crust.")
    Now, they are adding collapsing exhaust stacks.
    ("If the exhaust stack hadn't fallen, we would have had to tear it down.")
    Done and Done! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Phil, I think TEPCO declared " cold shut conditions" not "cold shutdown". ๐Ÿ˜‰

      This amounts to an RPV pressure of 100kpa ( check – big hole in the bottom) and a temp under 80C(check – no fuel left to heat things up)

      Just word games.

  • "we will start a detailed investigation after examining how the investigation should be conducted." They have some investigating to do before conducting the investigation. JapanGovCo is hiding behind Tepco's ineptitude. Do what you have to do as long as you don't spend money are the likely orders. The other choice is to fire Tepco, hire a foreign engineering company at huge expense, and risk having to tell the truth to a foreign entity outside of yakuza influence.
    It ain't gonna happen. Time to look at your own local nuclear politics. We are no better then Japan it just happened to them first.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    the graphic showing hot spots exceeding 10sieverts/Hr is interesting. But why would they say "Since the area around the exhaust stack includes a location with a high dose rate"

    We cant approach the highly radioactive fractures because the area around it is too radioactive…thats how I read it. It would be interesting to see more of those radioactive images

    excessive radioactivity hinders work on the excessively radioactive nuclear plant due to excessive radioactivity, just like Hanford

  • We Not They Finally

    O.k. Just the other day, there were hot spots of 1.8 sieverts per hour, which was said to kill in 2-4 hours. This is now TEN Sieverts per hour? Isn't that death on arrival?

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I think I am beginning to understand TEPCOese.

    Fracture-like = broken
    death-like = dead
    radiation-like = BOY are you screwed!

  • jec jec

    Remember when TEPCO said they would filter all emissions to 99 percent with their technology..so it was safe to vent the gases from the 'cold shutdown' reactors 1 thru 4..??

    Whoops.."The exhaust stack in question has been out of use." We know venting from a steaming pile of broken, damaged and melted reactor facilities –whose cores are now melted thru the containment and are on the way to "china"–is not possible. But now they admit those vents are not used..hum..what in this picture don't I get..?? Sounds like dumping to me..air or sea..not much difference for Japan's TEPCO.

    • Cisco Cisco

      The "stacks"…

      Stacks were constructed to vent high where gases would be carried by the wind, so that regular radionuclide releases wouldn't contaminate the plant site and force its closure.

      It's that simple; you can't clean up radionuclides, so dump them in the wind when conditions are appropriate.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Horrible thought for the day ::

    If the STACK where to collapse into building 1 or 2, what are the chances of it setting off a cascade of collapses that reach building 4 ??

    Rather like 5 giant irradiated dominoes.

  • Just another failure waiting to happen in a long string of failures..

    The whole nuclear industry is one HUGE failure after another, and they get paid for ALL of them..

    There is a huge profit to be made in failing….

  • gmathol

    It will be wonderful – imagine the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 – on contaminated land.

    We already found fish in the Pacific with high radiation content.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Incredulous…no Pacific fish have been officially tested by the US or Canada since those Tuna were in August 2011. NOAA, Woods Hole, FDA, Dept of Agriculture, EPA, State agencies/departments, et al…Zero

      Where's the science here? There is none!

      • gottagetoffthegrid

        They stopped testing a couple of weeks after the conflagration. They did this because they knew it was really, really bad.

        No tests, no FIOP findings, no whistle blower leaks, no problem (for them)

        They didn't stop testing post Chernobyl so you know this was really bad. I mean they must have thought evac the west coast of North America bad was in the mix.

  • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

    10Sv/hour, haha! This is old news with a new twist. Articles about this hot spot on the stack(s) were out a long time ago, but now the new bit about the cracks has come out. I wouldn't be surprised if the cracks were there since the quake. Also, as for the 10Sv/hour, I'm pretty sure that's only the number they get when their instruments max out at 10Sv/hour.

    Further, look at that picture. This isn't the first time we've seen it, but now with fresh eyes that are used to seeing Fuku Dai…Looks like photoshop or some other editing to me. If that really was a picture that came from a "gamma camera", the entire exposure would be showing at least the lowest-range color, right? Like, I call bull-shiz on the gamma densities in that field-of-view being non-existant other than those two, conveniently-ambiguous red zones….haha!

    It's not even coming from inside the stack, right? Aren't those red zones on the structural beams that hold the legs that support the stack? No material flows through those beams during venting, right? So the contamination must be on the outside of those beams, right? haha! So what do you think the surrounding area looks like if the outsides of those beams are pumping 10Sv/hour?

    Really shows you whats up when you see Tepco's press releases that give measurements around the plant that max out at 100microSv/hour, right? Tepco: Oops, meant 10Sv/hour…oops, meant instrument maxes-out at 10Sv/hour…

    • bo bo

      If your assesment is indeed right, I wonder what prompted tepco to all of a sudden coming public with this info.. mental preparation for yet another surprise revelation ?

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        I don't know, but an interesting question to ask ourselves is, "If I was in charge at Daiichi, what would I do?"

        What would you do if you called the shots? Would you even be able to call the shots and make things happen? Like, things need to get done, but who is actually going to carry that hosing, or test that well, or even inspect things.

        Who is calling the shots there? Who does it come down to? How does decision making even occur for Daiichi? Gov owns majority of Tepco, so is Abe the final say? But wouldn't he pass off technical matters to someone nuclear experienced? So who is the head nuclear guy? The president of Tepco? Does he inform Abe and Abe gives yes or no? Where does the Japanese NRA come in for calling shots? Who orders the inspections of wells, tanks, and facilities? Where is the chain being broken? Who's the current Forman at the plant? Is there one? Who are all the workers answering to? Why are these people so gagged? I mean, most people involved must at least KNOW of Ene, right, at least those that speak English? Why has it been 2.5 P.F. and I haven't seen a single legit video or audio or writeup by anyone who actually did any WORK at or near the plant?