Quake, not tsunami, may have caused damage that led to meltdown — Within 16 hours, No. 1 reactor core melted and made a hole in pressure vessel

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 3:35 pm ET


Key facilities in Fukushima plant could have collapsed before tsunami: report, Xinhua, May 15, 2011:

Key facilities at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power may have been damaged by the quake itself that day rather than tsunami-caused power loss that failed the reactor’s cooling function, Kyodo News quoted a utility source said Saturday.

Data taken by workers entering the No. 1 reactor building at the crippled plant on the night of March 11 showing the radiation level was as high as 300 millisieverts per hour suggest a large amount of radioactive materials from nuclear fuel in the reactor was already released. […]

Kyodo said a source at TEPCO admitted the possibility of key facilities having been compromised before the tsunami waves, saying, “The quake’s trembling may have caused damage to the pressure vessel or pipes.”

Two Other Reactors Suffer Serious Damage, Wall Street Journal by Mitsuru Obe, May 15, 2011:

Tepco separately released its analysis on the timeline of the meltdown at unit No. 1. According to the analysis, the reactor core, or the nuclear fuel, was exposed to the air within five hours after the plant was struck by the earthquake. The temperature inside the core reached 2,800 degrees Celsius in six hours, causing the fuel pellets to melt away rapidly.

Within 16 hours, the reactor core melted, dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel and created a hole there.

Published: May 15th, 2011 at 3:35 pm ET


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39 comments to Quake, not tsunami, may have caused damage that led to meltdown — Within 16 hours, No. 1 reactor core melted and made a hole in pressure vessel

  • Can we ever believe these asshats anymore!! 60+ days after the readings before the data is released, on a Sunday, no less!

  • TraderGreg

    We need to boycott all Japanese products: cars, computers, etc. until these assholes (goverment+TEPCO) get the message, loud and clear.

    We need to get it going as a worldwide grassroots movement.

    • kx

      we need to help japan buying whatever is safe, cars and computers, not seaweed im afraid… 🙁

    • Cassie

      The best thing we can do for the world and the Japanese people is to force the Japanese government to do the right thing: start telling the truth, and bring in world experts who are standing by ready to help.
      BOYCOTT is one way to do this since the Japanese government seems obsessed with maintaing profits at the expense of life.

    • Cambie

      Of course we would also need to boycott any other countries still using the same reactors.

    • Ian

      I completely agree. The Japanese nature of duplicity has put so many people in danger, many in the US and Canada who have no control over the Japanese government or their incompetent handling of the situation. I’m personally upset because I’m a big milk drinker and I have to stop for a while because of the radiation risk.

      Remember when this disaster started they said it was no worse than Three Mile Island? Now it is over 60 days later and they are saying they knew fuel melted through the containment, meaning there is a full meltdown.

  • hawkeye

    wee bit of shaking when you build on backfill

  • hawkeye

    well one good thing ,,,you can say it was the act of the gods
    when your in court
    an they bring in the backhoe operator

  • hawkeye

    another idea they have to can
    the ground wont support the poles they were going to use to hold up there polyester ,hay its there idea,,tent

  • shockwave

    Idiotic Japanese!

    It’s not the quake and wave that damaged the reactors, but your maimed brains.

    No matter what reasons, BURY the damn thing with your lives before it’s too late. At lease do a little good thing to mother earth before you die.

  • hawkeye

    they cant bury the reactor its on a filled marsh

  • hawkeye

    hells 1/2 acre

  • cossack55

    Really! At this point does it even matter. Whats not going to get broken in 9.0? Whats not going to get wet in a tsunami? Please.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    When will we get the hole truth?

  • Not Sure

    TEPCO is trying to pretend it’s still March 10.

    I was listening to radio ecoshock, and the host mentioned that at some point these TEPCO executives may be hunted down like Nazi war criminals. That’s what they are.


    • cossack55

      So you mean they will be employed by the CIA/NSA?

      • kx

        unfortunately I suppose they already been offered the contracts

      • Cassie

        Possible the CIA has been involved in the nuclear industry for some time? Contracts were signed a long time ago then.

    • tony wilson

      a nice mossad style hunt like Operation Wrath of god.
      this was the mossad project to track down and kill the men behind the munich olympics massacre.
      my problem with that project was it killed the black september people very quick.
      with the tepco clowns death should come very slow.
      maybe start by droplet skin testing using various isotopes culminating with plutonium.
      and some kicking and punching in the head.

  • Vtech

    I strongly encourage to watch 6 part youtube about the Chernobyl and combined effort of 0.5 million people + 19 billion dollars to prevent the catastrophe on unimaginable scale – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSRC1_OZPIg&feature=related
    Now, if we try to compare both incidents as well as the amount of deadly load and location of both plants.
    Greedy inbreeds don’t learn and history repeats itself. Price we pay gets higher and higher.

  • CR

    Wasn’t it known that #1 had a manufacturing defect in the CV? And why was it installed regardless of flaw? (I may have the Unit # wrong) I remember hearing that early on…no wonder it failed so epicly.

  • CR


  • Jack

    Hunting down the many GE Mark I reactors still in service!
    GE is NBC and Disney?

    • Cassie

      All in some sort of incestuous relationship with comcast.
      Corporate/media mafia.
      Explains the black out, no info on TEPCO.

    • Dbug

      I think GE has part of Comcast/NBC/Universal. With Comcast I think they’re down to 49%
      When GE got NBC, they also got RCA. The former RCA businesses that I was aware of were all killed off. RCA made much better television sets. GE was the one in the 1960’s that had to be recalled for giving off radiation.
      Maybe some remember the GE carousel of progress at Disneyland?


      Although there’s definately been a dumbing down of the NBC news and showing fluff stories, I think much of it is also cutting costs. They’re more into the news entertainment thing. They’d have to do something better if people just stopped watching.

      ABC is not part of the deal. They’re combined with Disney and have several movie brands, including Pixar, the addition of which gave Steve Jobs a stake in it all. I wish he’d do something to make the ABC better, but he’s a busy guy. May he live long and prosper. Well I guess he’s already prospered…

      It’s good to see at least one executive worthy of our respect.

    • Ian

      Toshiba and Hitachi made reactors for the plant too. The responsibility lies with the Japanese who built the nuclear plant in a earthquake and tsnami area and for operating it for more than 40+ years.

  • Lill

    i found this a while ago. why am i not surprised?

    Witness Says Nuclear Crisis at Fukushima Plant Partially Man-made (has a video)


    i don’t know if anyone may have posted it already or not – couldn’t find it on site search.

  • LP

    I think the problem is that the media is blocked from sharing the truth.

    The article cited below was posted today. The truth about radiation in the air due to the F’ meltdown is not even mentioned.

    (NaturalNews) A new study published in the journal Diabetes Care reveals that diabetics have a nearly doubled risk of developing certain types of cancer compared to those without the disease. Dr. Chaoyang Li from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Ga., and his colleagues found that 16 percent of diabetic men and 17 percent of diabetic women develop cancer, while only seven and ten percent of the general population, respectively, develop it.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032405_diabetics_cancer.html#ixzz1MTRQAIVs

    Hmm,I think our concern now is how about that royal hat?

  • anne

    The study cited by LP deals with certain types of cancer with respect to diabetes. The statistics I cite deals with all kinds of cancer. I don’t know what the cancer rates are post 2007 or what they will be post-Fukushima.

  • Jack

    for some great cancer research citations and editorials,
    Whatta trip that there was/is not some fundamental contingency plan
    to keep such Dee-zasters from happenin’….you woulda assumed they
    could never move forward with these risk-insurance-management
    nightmare scenarios. Obama promising Dee-zaster relief to everyone,
    but now we see that FEMA wants refunds of past mistaken payments.
    “here’s yer monopoly cash, pink, blue, goldenrod”.

  • ME likes the goldenrod ones!

  • Dose has no meaning! The Chernobyl disaster has caused some 800000(eighthundred thousand) human still births and human infant mortalities in India alone according to my studies based on data available for India for both the prenuclear and nuclear age. And all this for no energy available from the nukes for society outside the nuclear industry. The trouble lies with modern greedy civilisation which is corrupt to the CORE. As some comments have mentioned the complicit including IAEA and WHO must be tried for crimes against all life for all time by peoples’ courts everywhere and retrbutive justice handed over to the evil so generations may life a healthier life- Yablokov’s book on the Consequences of Chernobyl(2009) published by the New York Academy of Sciences in her annals is TRUTH OUT -a must read for those earthlings who will spearhead the process to stop nukes NOW and practice CONSERVATION.

    • Cassie

      Amen to all you say.
      Can the people on this planet start acting in a
      sane and rational way? We will not survive unless we do.

      • mark V

        The very least we can do – not allowing us being kept blind and shut silent. Many thanks Ramaswami

        • Cassie

          Good point Mark.
          At least we can demand the truth and speak out.
          That seems to be all we can do right now.
          Oh and pray if we are so inclined.

  • god bless us all.

    and, as i just decided to ask #twitter directly, were the #fukushima human/machine-interface #controls digital?#SCADA? still #analog? ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE?

    if you know, please, reply here or @twitter or email directly at female DOT faust AT gmail….