TEPCO: Recently retired head of Fukushima has cancer — Exposed to 70 millisieverts since March — Said not related to meltdowns

Published: December 9th, 2011 at 8:40 am ET


Ex-chief Of Crippled Japan Nuke Plant Has Cancer, AP, Dec. 9, 2011:

A utility spokesman says the former chief of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant has cancer but doctors do not believe it is related to radioactive exposure.

Tepco says “doctors believe Yoshida’s cancer had been developing for at least five years and is unrelated to the crisis”.

More Details

  • Masao Yoshida “stepped down from his post on Dec. 1, citing health reasons”
  • TEPCO “kept the details of his illness under wraps until Friday, when it confirmed he has esophageal cancer”
  • He “was exposed to 70 milliseiverts of radiation after the crisis began”

UPDATE: [intlink id=”japanese-tweets-suspect-ex-fukushima-boss-bulge-in-neck-from-thyroid-or-lymph-node-photos” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 9th, 2011 at 8:40 am ET


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23 comments to TEPCO: Recently retired head of Fukushima has cancer — Exposed to 70 millisieverts since March — Said not related to meltdowns

  • “Baseless Rumors”: Japanese Twitterers Do Not Believe Yoshida’s Cancer is in the Esophagus

    Partly because of distrust of anything that comes out of the mouth of any TEPCO/government person, but also because of a TEPCO video in which Yoshida appeared to explain to the viewers the then-current situation at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

    They think they see a bulge on the left side of his neck, and they think it is either thyroid or lymph node. Here’s one of the …

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    It seems that there are many cases of cancer caused by a poor improper diet in this world. I wonder if these poor souls in Japan will soon switch to a “Happy Meal” that will cause them to smile!

    My heart goes out to the children who will suffer at the hands of the criminal government people who have sold out to evil.

  • many moons

    It wasn’t the accident??? Then maybe the daily interaction with radioactive material vented from the plants!

  • midwestern midwestern

    “On the basis of data from the cohort of Japanese survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cancers of the esophagus have been conclusively linked to ionizing radiation exposure (25). Women who survived the atomic bombings had an estimated dose of 0.236 Sv to the esophagus and were observed to be at increased risk of esophageal cancer later in life (excess RR = 2.03 per Sv, 95 percent CI: 0.39, 5.31) (25).”
    from “Increased Risk for Squamous Cell Esophageal Cancer after Radiation Therapy”: http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/161/4/330.full

  • or-well

    Can thyroid cancers develop that rapidly ?

    It’s certainly true that diet and exercise are cornerstones of health. I wonder what his lifestyle was like.

    Stress is physiologically damaging as well.

    It troubles me that I feel no sympathy for him, but I have lost capacity for feeling mercy toward the death-dealing overclass and their enablers.

    Where is their compassion for the innocent ?

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I think maybe we should not be to QUICK to jump up shouting Radiation Poisoning, dont you? God all of this is so messed up.

      • or-well

        Hi Whoopie

        I hope people don’t get mad at you for that reasonable statement.

        I blame more than just the nuclear – or should that be “nukular” (haha) – industry for overall health problems.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Hi or-well
          I can take it! 🙂

          Here’s a comment at ex-skf:
          “Well, cancer takes some years to develop even after very high doses of radiation. It either incapacitates you and you die the most horrible death after an onset period of several days/weeks or you have cancer in the future. I guess Yoshida-san could have gotten it from previous assignments in other plants.
          Ummm…think about it. He’s been a plant worker for years. Probably at MANY plants. Walla! Radiation Poisoning!!

    • Bobby1

      Yablokov, p.83:

      Radiation from I-131 and other radionuclides damages the glandular epithelium, which is demonstrated by nodular formations. Autoimmune thyroiditis is one of the first functional consequences of irradiation (Mozzhukhyna, 2004). Among the subsequent thyroid illnesses are hypo- and hyper thyroidism, myxedema, and nonmalignant and malignant tumors.

    • jimbojamesiv

      It’s not quick.

      It was more than six months, and the slug was exposed, if the headline is accurate, to 70 millisieverts since March.

      According to Wikipedia, those who live in the US of A receive roughly 6 millisieverts of radiation exposure PER YEAR which is double the worldwide average…Hmmmm….with roughly 1/2 of those six coming from natural sources, i.e. background radiation, and the other half from artificial, or man made, sources.

      Wikipedia also tells you that the maximum “acceptable” does for the public from any man made source is 1 millisievert per year.

      Thus, the guy received essentially 70 times the maximum acceptable dosage in one-half the time. I forget what the the maximum acceptable dosage for nucular workers is, but I can almost guarantee before Fuku it was not 140 times the norm.

      Heck, I’d say that even the disparity between the worldwide exposure average and the exposure suffered by Americans could be the reason for why we experience so many cancers. In other words, 6 millisieverts per year is bad enough, so more than 20 times that has got to be a shock to the system, and perhaps due to his age or other factors (i.e. radiation exposed to in the past, I believe it is a cumulative sort of thing) his number was up. But that’s like half of the point, even a 100 years from now if some of us are still here, they wouldn’t be able to state with certainty whether this guy died from a lifetime of reasons or if he was part of the statistical spike in cancer-related deaths and other horrible illnesses about to hit us like the Bubonic plague.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi or-well

      Can thyroid cancers develop that rapidly?

      I have no idea, I’m not a doctor. I have heard of boots melting when you get to close to it.

      This is an uncharted horrendous MEGA disaster, who knows what all blew up on March 11 and what has been in the air after that date?

      If I had to guess if we will see problems right away. I would “guess” that it will take a while before we see the full impact of this.

  • Is there a good one stop source to see all of the diseases, genetic problems and cancers caused by ALL radioactive elements released from accidents like this one?

    Or, is this stuff hidden from public view and spread out so that no one can find it?

  • “former chief of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant has cancer but doctors do not believe it is related to radioactive exposure”

    Hmmmm.. I wonder where it could have come from then? Maybe he did not smile enough? Their official anti radiation medical doctor said that radiation cannot hurt you if you smile enough.

    Ann Colter on Faux News said that more radiation is good for you, with no upper limit. Maybe these two reasons are why they are saying that this COULD NOT BE RADIATION CAUSED.

    Follow the logic… it means that the nuclear workers do not have to wear protective suits. They should stop wearing those silly masks. They can stop monitoring for radiation exposure. This is all useless and keeps these workers from smiling.

    Just duct tape the cheeks of all children, adults and seniors, but especially all nuclear workers, so that they have permanent smiles all of the time, even while sleeping. That will protect them from radiation, right?

    Now, how do we get all of the critters, insects and plants to start smiling all of the time?

    And how do we duct tape those fetuses, because I know that they are not obeying this doctor and smiling all of the time…

  • I have an idea…

    In order to get everyone smiling, give away clown face paint. Paint a clown smile on everyone, starting with the medical doctor that is proclaiming a smile cure for cancer..

    Make it a law that everyone is REQUIRED to paint a clown smile on their face. This will protect everyone from radiation..

    But then again, we all know that MORE radiation is good for you, so this does not make any sense, according to what Ann Colter and the nuclear industry scientists say.

    How can a smile protect you from something that is GOOD FOR YOU?

  • americancommntr

    Right, it has nothing to do with the three China Syndromes hydrovolcanically fulminating in the background, which are in cold shutdown.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Among the many oddities to this story:

    1. Why is this man’s employer in charge of releasing or withholding his health status? Obviously Tepco has an interest, but does nobody ask him or his caregivers or his family about it? Where is the normal probing media coverage? Why do the medical providers let Tepco speak for them and put words in their mouths?

    2. Tepco allowed him to give a press conference with that large lump on his neck, and we’ve seen video of it for weeks, along with speculation about what it might mean. Not a peep from mainstream sources though. Why wouldn’t Tepco make him hide that lump from the public? One moment, they are micromanaging everything, the next moment they are paying no attention to perceptions. (Same with perceptions about the strange sights on the webcams recently – no attempt at explanation, information or disinformation from them). Are they unraveling?

    3. The man must have known about his own neck for some time. What, if anything, did he do about it, and when?

    4. … and on and on. Is this man a hero, a fool, a company stooge, none of these, all of these?…

    It just gets weirder.

    Speaking of weird, gentle people, I wish the thread about Mr Yoshida’s situation didn’t keep getting hijacked by discussion of the Great Vaccine Conspiracy Theory – I don’t see any useful connection between the two themes.

    • jimbojamesiv


      All good questions, but you should add those questions to the list of questions that will forever remain unanswered along with why are Dick Cheney, George Bush and at least one-half the entire US military, their mercenaries and stooges not in jail, although perhaps they’ll be answered with a smile, as AGreenRoad suggests, in clown face.