Tepco releases video of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4: Debris that fell on racks of fuel rods “apparently” caused no damage (VIDEO)

Published: February 10th, 2012 at 9:31 am ET


Title: TEPCO says no damage to spent fuel at Fukushima
Source: NHK
Date: Friday, February 10, 2012 20:37 +0900 (JST)

[… Tepco] on Friday released video of the storage pool at the No.4 reactor building taken by an underwater camera the previous day. 

The utility says the footage shows debris fell onto the rack containing the fuel rods but apparently caused no damage. Visibility in the pool is reportedly about 5 meters. […]

The No.4 reactor was offline and had no active fuel when a powerful earthquake and tsunami disabled the plant on March 11th last year.

But a hydrogen explosion blew off the reactor’s roof and sent wreckage into the pool, making it difficult to assess conditions inside.

Read the report here

From last April: [intlink id=”disturbing-nuclear-expert-says-photo-clearly-shows-there-is-no-water-in-spent-fuel-pool-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

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Published: February 10th, 2012 at 9:31 am ET


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173 comments to Tepco releases video of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4: Debris that fell on racks of fuel rods “apparently” caused no damage (VIDEO)

  • bleep_hits_blades

    So, SFP 4 is damaged, in bad shape, has been dry, may be dry right now(?), has had fires, even?

    I apologize for being so non-tecchie, but I am sure that there are other non-tecchies – and/or those with limited time to pour over all of this – who, like me, would appreciate a summary and brief discussion of implications here.

    Arnie said that if SFP collapses or blows, that is all she wrote and Tokyo would have to be evacuated. I think other areas would be equally seriously affected, like the West Coast of North America – and the Northern Hemisphere in general would get more poisoning.

    So all of this damage to SFP 4 looks to be flirting with/skirting that extreme SFP 4 damage scenario – am I right?

    Also – how many spent fuel rods (from other reactors) were blown sky high, and where are they and what are they actually doing – heating up and maybe fissioning?

    Sorry if these seem like stupid questions. But I’m sure there are others who are to some degree befuddled and would appreciate some answers to my questions.

    I am wondering if Arnie or others of our trusted gurus would themselves ever withhold important info. I trust Arnie as a good man, honest and brave — but pressure could be applied to him, could it not? (Him and others who have dared to stand up and give us the truth about all of this.)

    Once again I am in that zone in which the p word might be bandied about – paranoid, paranoia…

    But if anyone had warned of this scenario that we have been witnessing and experiencing for the past year – they would have been dismissed as paranoid or some other out-of-touch-with-reality extremist.

  • PattieB PattieB

    The pool isn’t dry… it’s the open-topped and mostly loaded core, that’s what had the fire.

  • PattieB PattieB

    But read this… get some idea of what contents of fires smoke / steam releases have been doing.


  • bleep_hits_blades

    When posting a link – it would be so helpful to write a short blurb telling us what it is about. There are so many links posted – which is great! – but most of us haven’t time to read them all, and a brief descriptive phrase included with each link given would be very helpful and much appreciated.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    PattieB – that was a general comment, not directed at you or anyone, and just happened to appear right after your link, which I will check out right now, and thanks for your knowledgeable contributions here!

  • PattieB PattieB

    The amounts released so far..? Is now measured in TONS! NOT GRAMS!

  • PattieB PattieB

    Latest messurments and estimates say 10-12 TONS of this material has gone airborn!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes,PattieB, I already did look at that,it is a great post with lots of good info – I will go over it again.

    I have read previously of the extreme high toxicity of plutonium. My understanding is that it is VERY bad if inhaled. If taken other ways, it is not necessarily so very highly toxic, which is why the Japanese dis-info talking heads could say that you can eat it and mostly it will be excreted, and NO PROBLEMO COMPADRES!

    Their diabolic (criminal) disinfo – when of course they know the truth about it, that inhaled it is next thing to a death sentence – and ALL OF US in Japan and the N.A. West Coast, and many other areas, have inhaled plutonium particles.

    Like me here in Hawaii, I have probably inhaled a lot of them – probably one reason for that deep cough that I have had for the past 10-11 months.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    So Pattie, I’d like your opinion – do you agree with me that this is looking like an ELE or at least a massive, massive die-off of life, probably globally?

    To me this is a slam-dunk. The amounts and variety of radio-nuclides released (and still being released, no end in sight!) are just STAGGERING and fine-tuned calculations seem un-necessary.

    I’d love to get your opinion.

  • PattieB PattieB

    The ‘Glowing Blob’ or so-called ‘Orb’ was the burning-off of the ‘Special-purpose’ Plutonium Breeder rods in the pool due to reduced boric acid in pool to save the cooling pipes made of PLASTICS… they up the boric acid when needed to work in the area… thereby ‘CALMING’ the reactions to non-death-NOW levels!

  • PattieB PattieB

    Those rods are what was being study-focus of this survey… the entire tops of them are now missing! Yes.. this is a large-scale die-off event that’s being covered up!

  • PattieB PattieB

    That chart-listing was for MOX fuel rods… that’s 6% Plutonium, 94% Urainium. The special rods in the pool of #4 and that were in both the pool & core of #3 that made it go BOOM!? They are recycled weapons-grade, semi-depleated (Decayed, to much PU-240 & PU-241 now for bombs ) Plutonium ONLY!… packaged by Ariva in france and shipped to tepco… but were meant for their failed fast-breeder plant that had fire. That plant got start-up canceled after massive fire.

  • PattieB PattieB

    So… #’s listed in it need to be adjusted higher by several orders of magnitude!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Thanks for dialoging with me! I appreciate it more than you know.

    You seem to have a good grasp of the science here. I am a non-tecchie but an above-average smart person with a thirst for knowledge and an instinct for what is important.

    And this has freaked me out and pushed all my buttons to the max.

    So do you have any ideas – what to do? I have concerns for my sons, ages 34 and 42. I wonder, what would be their best course of action?

    Do you think heading for So. Hemisphere, perhaps someplace in South America, would be the best thing to do at this point?

    Me, I will stay here and die. I am pretty old and also my spirit and will to live, already damaged by the criminally irresponsible doings and agendas of the ruling elites, has been dealt a mortal blow by this latest mind-blower, and that is just the facts, not whining or crying or anything like that. It is the young people, all the young, for whom I cry.

    • Bleep, here’s the science: You can breed plutonium from uranium-238, but you can’t breed plutonium from plutonium. The reaction in reactors is fission. Plutonium fissions – splits apart, releasing energy and producing some nasty daughters we call “fission products.” None of the daughter products are plutonium. Honest. See: NRC Fact Sheet on Plutonium.

      The thing in our nuclear WMD arsenals that needs occasional ‘refreshment’ is tritium. Which is the heavy hydrogen that fuses into helium in what we call a “fusion bomb,” or “H-bomb.” Tritium has a half-life of a bit over 12 years, so the tritium in bombs made just 12 years ago in 1999-2000 would be half gone by now. And that is why our warheads are occasionally ‘refreshed’ with replacement tritium. The plutonium is not replaced because it doesn’t need replacing or ‘refreshing’. The half-life of plutonium-239 is more than 24,000 years, and weapons grade plutonium is more than 90% P239. Decay of <2% of the plutonium [P241] does not affect the stability or the yield of the weapon. So the plutonium components of our arsenal do not get 'depleted' and do not need replacing.

      • PattieB PattieB

        They have a long-term means of effectivly ‘Cleaning’ the un-wanted out of old PU from bombs. You get your original PU-239 cleaned, the bad ‘fizzle’ PU240 locked via transmutation in the moderation rods, and the PU-241 is force-transmuted to U-235. It a slow way to do it. But, on the good side, you run your core at 100+ and have to throttle it closely, and it uses 120-140 less rods in the core while you do it.

        • In order to re-fabricate the plutonium cores from bombs, the metal must be ‘dissolved’ as was done with the original bred fuel in order to recover to >90% P239. Because it’s already >90% P239, so there’s no reason. The bombs work just fine at >90% P239.

          Fabricating full plutonium rods from >90% P239 and putting them into a fission reactor – ANY fission reactor – is entirely pointless as well as suicidal. Fission of P239 does not produce more P239 from P239 or any other plutonium isotopes. Of course, full plutonium rods would be more likely to explode than heat water in a semi-controlled manner, but even by exploding all you’d end up with is fission products. That’s what the bombs already do, quite efficiently.

          There is nothing in the plutonium cores of our weapons arsenals that degrades and needs refreshing. There is just the less-than 10% extraneous isotopes that don’t matter. 8% is P240, which has a half-life of 6,500 years and isn’t going to decay enough to measure in a <10-pound bomb core not even half a century old. About 1% of the metal in the core is P241. NOT a problem, even after it decays to Americium-241. Which has a half-life of 432 years. The extraneous isotopes were always present in the metal and cannot increase their percentage by decay. They remain at >90% P239 until they fission (the bomb is triggered).

          Commercial nuclear reactors are not used to produce bomb-grade plutonium. Too much trash. They can and are used to burn up bomb-grade plutonium via MOX fuel which is NOT full plutonium – it’s mixed with mostly U238. Fission of plutonium in MOX can produce plutonium from U238, but it cannot produce plutonium from plutonium by means of fission. It just can’t.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Nuclear Power Plant Fuel–a source of Plutonium for Weapons?

            “Many people may not realize that every nuclear power plant — as a normal part of the fissioning process — produces plutonium. Plutonium and/or highly-enriched uranium are essential ingredients of nuclear bombs.

            “Every year the thousand-megawatt Callaway reactor in Missouri, for example, produces an estimated 293 kilograms of plutonium 1. — enough plutonium every year to make forty nuclear bombs (each containing about 7.3 kilograms [16 pounds] of mixed isotopes of plutonium per bomb).2

            “If the nuclear power reactor continues operating for a total of 30 years, it will have produced enough plutonium for at least 1200 bombs.

            “Every year and a half, some of the irradiated fuel rods — all of which contain plutonium 3 — are removed from the reactor vessel and are replaced with fresh uranium rods. The irradiated rods are then stored in a concrete spent-fuel pool or in dry-storage canisters — on site –for an indefinite amount of time. No permanent repository exists anywhere for the irradiated rods.

            “’Reprocessing’ technologies exist that can extract plutonium from irradiated reactor fuel. Although no commercial reprocessing plant is currently operating in the U.S., reprocessing is under way in Japan, England, France, Russia and India. And the Department of Energy and Japan are expending significant funds here in the U.S. on research, development, and demonstration projects for cheaper, faster, more efficient ways to reprocess irradiated fuel….”

            • A commercial reactor burning UOX fuel produces plutonium by neutron capture from the ubiquitous U238. But they produce a full range of plutonium isotopes, not that easily separated from the P239 they need for bombs. So the DOE has specific breeder reactors at Hanford and Savanna River that do nothing but produce lots of P239 from U238, and are not in existence for the purpose of generating X megawatts of electrical energy for public consumption. The less time the fuel stays in the reactor, the more P239 you can get out of it, and in greater concentration.

              You could produce your basic dirty bomb out of any amount of spent fuel you could get your hands on if you didn’t mind dying while making it. All the nasty stuff in spent fuel is “dirty” enough for that, but it’s not fission or fusion. You could make a fission bomb from several concentrations or mixtures of uranium or plutonium isotopes – if you could do the separating without dying – you couldn’t produce a reliable fusion bomb. Which needs P239 at greater-than 90% concentration. That’s what the DOE breeders are designed for. It’s not what your friendly neighborhood nukes is designed for.

              All of it qualifies as “evil sh*t” and by rights ought to be unthinkable in any application. But to do the things they do with some of this stuff, you need high quality stocks. There’s lots and lots of “evil sh*t” in spent fuel pools. None of it’s worth the trouble it would take to make a bomb out of, and it doesn’t need bombs to be extremely deadly and ultimately harmful to organic beings. Witness: Fukushima. It’s out now. And more of it’s coming out every day. Who needs bombs?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            • Thorium fuel can be made to burn longer with the addition of increased quantities of plutonium to the mixture – up to 16% Pu – which is much higher than the 7.5% to 10% found in standard MOX;
            The results of these factors will be:
            • More waste plutonium can be incinerated, and it can be incinerated in such, so as to leave no remnants of itself, or any other minor actinides in the waste;
            • The increased energy efficiency, and the ability to burn fully, will yield 30 to 40 times as much energy as standard MOX or UOX.

            Here is Bobby1’s post:

            February 7, 2012 at 1:19 pm

            There is a version of MOX fuel that contains thorium. It’s called TMOX. It has much more plutonium in it than regular MOX.
            “This fuel design is for a thorium-plutonium mixed oxide fuel, which Thorium One refers to as “TMOX”…
            TMOX is designed to be manufactured in existing MOX fuel fabrication facilities. TMOX is designed to burn in any reactor that is licensed to burn regular MOX…
            Thorium fuel can be made to burn longer with the addition of increased quantities of plutonium to the mixture – up to 16% Pu – which is much higher than the 7.5% to 10% found in standard MOX.”
            Their claim that U-233 is impossible to weaponize is refuted at:

            “In addition, the IEER challenges the claim that the fuel for these reactors is proliferation-resistant. That’s because thorium is converted into (what IEER calls) fissile uranium-233 in the course of the reaction. “U-233 is as effective as plutonium-239 for making nuclear bombs,” according to the report.”

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              The claim that it can burn fully is probably a inaccurate claim. In general, transmutation creates many additional radioactive radioactive elements.

              • Yeah, bomb grade plutonium from bomb cores can be burned as U-MOX or T-MOX. T-MOX might even be better (relatively speaking), because it produces U233 instead of more P239. But as you mentioned, for bomb purposes those are both efficient.

                MOX fuel is ‘enriched’ to a higher degree than regular UOX, which is about 5% fissile U235. In other words, a MOX fuel would have more than 5% of P239. But absolutely nowhere near >90%, and nobody makes fuel rods out of 100% bomb-grade plutonium. They’d be useless in any imaginable reactor, and also useless as a bomb. Except for killing lots of workers and blowing up the fabrication plants and stuff. Pointless, really. Since the POINT of the technology from its very inception was to kill innocent members of the general public who had no clue it was coming. A weapon of mass destruction, a.k.a. state-sponsored terrorism write as large as it can be written. The purpose wasn’t to kill themselves inside their secret compounds.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  That’s my understanding also, and I had argued that elsewhere. What about PaiitB’s statement that they were going to use at Fukushima Daiichi fuel prepared for a fast breeder reactor (like Monju)?

                  I feel like I’m always discussing matters with individuals who are getting information from experts but the information gets diluted in the process (either intnetionally or not). Not being an expert myself I find this rather frustrating. There always seems to be some kind of truth masked by the dialogue.

                  When I ask for links, the links usually have some useful information. I notice your statements are without links also.

                • Honestly, Anne, you can do a Google as easily as I can. The World Nuclear Association has a pretty good fact sheet on plutonium – including the different isotopes and concentrations in spent fuel from commercial reactors vs. DOE bomb-breeders, and Hyperphysics offers a fair overview of fast breeders and radios per fuels. It’s all basic physics and wouldn’t be allowed on the publicly-accessible web if it were some sort of Super-Secret, though there’s probably some crazy sh*t out there somebody’s no doubt trying that’s NOT on the web.

                  What I have been talking about here are the assertions that TEPCO for some unfathomable reason decided to use full plutonium rods in at least one of the Daiichi reactors, and was burning MOX in all of them – sans normal public information and regulatory paperwork/approval. I realize it’s been 32 years since I worked in the industry, but these babies were all up and running back then and they haven’t changed their nature or engineering one bit in all that time. Though they did get new vents a few years ago, but those don’t work without electricity so they didn’t help in this disaster.

                  No reactor on earth – old, new, BWR, PWR, CANDU, or any imagined or dreamed-of reactor of any design or any technology – uses rods made entirely of plutonium. None. Nada. Nil. Zilch. They just don’t, and nobody would bother to try it because it’s suicidally stupid and I don’t care WHO you are! The physics of this reality doesn’t allow it. If you really want to die of plutonium poisoning, you’d do much better to just eat some. It’ll earn you a lead casket.

                • A single fuel rod weighs quite a lot (the fuel is ‘heavy’ metal). It takes less than 2.5 kg of plutonium to make a bomb. The configuration wouldn’t automatically be critical mass (you’d need more width, like ~10 cm rather than just 2-3), but an assembly of such rods would be basically impossible. Even if someone could make it possible, what good would it be? It wouldn’t be the least bit useful for boiling water or for making/dismantling bombs. Reactors are big metal boilers. They can only hold so much heat and pressure. Turning one into a giga-bomb isn’t done. Anywhere. There’s no point.

                  You cannot run a BWR with molten salt or metal as coolant. They simply can’t be made to work that way. Nor can you run a CANDU core in a BWR. No BWR reactor owner/operator ever try such a thing. Getting permission to burn MOX is all the power upgrade these plants can theoretically handle, and they shouldn’t even be doing that. TEPCO is a public utility, its job is to generate electricity, not do insane and grossly illegal nuclear experiments. Far as I know or have ever heard even whispered, there is no such thing as a full plutonium fuel rod. There’s no reason or purpose for such a thing. “Cleaning up” old bomb cores is not a credible reason, as old bomb cores don’t need their plutonium “cleaned up.” If they did, it wouldn’t be done by putting full plutonium rods (YIKES!) in an antiquated commercial power BWR, I promise. Physics and thermodynamics don’t allow it.

                  I see people trying to make the worst industrial accident EVER into something worse than it already is. No one needs to do so. It’s plenty bad enough, will continue to be bad enough long after we and our children are all dead, and will get worse here and there well every few months or years for as long as it takes.

                • I’m not trying to be mean. I value this website. This plutonium rod business is simply not credible and can only serve to diminish the overall credibility of the site. One CT [Conspiracy Theory] over the line, so to speak. Anything that violates the laws of physics doesn’t need any links for some kind of ‘proof’ that it violates the laws of physics, and I wouldn’t bother trying to cram years’ worth of physics education into 350 words. Nobody makes or uses fuel rods made entirely of plutonium in any kind of reactor. For excellent reason.

                  Confusing details of the various nuclear technologies is easy. It’s designed to be as confusing as possible so regular people are kept confused. The better to pull off the entire worldwide nuclear scam. The only things this technology is good for is killing people and other living things. And causing tremendous physical destruction (“most bang for the buck”). And boiling water, but that’s the least impressive of its uses. Some fission product isotopes are of relative merit in health care, but there are better ways of treating disease (my opinion, for what it’s worth). We don’t really need any of it. Never did.

                  I just can’t let this fly in under the radar to people who don’t know enough about the physics and technology to see through it. It could just be a communication shortcoming, and that can be worked around. Really believing TEPCO was using full plutonium rods in its antiquated BWR? As Wolfgang Pauli famously said…

                  “Not only is it not right, it’s not even wrong.”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  What I meant is that I doubt it can burn up all the radioactivity so no radioactivity is left.

                • You’re right. Nothing burns up all radioactivity. Bombs are probably as close as it gets to fissioning all the fissionable ‘stuff’, but they still produce fallout because fission products are still produced. All fission reactions produce grotesquely radioactive fission products. So radiation – and radioactive waste – is still a problem.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  It is really hard to carry on a conversation on a page that is longer referred to in the comments section, and where there are not longer any reply buttons in the right place.

                  I do see PattiB’s point that they are going to use as much plutonium as possible as there is tons of the stuff around and much of it can’t be used as bombs anymore. The industry is going to use as much as possible because it is essentially free and no one wants to store it and the earth is running out of uranium.

                  Her point that there is experimenting being done on reactor fuels in Japan is fully documented by the Japanese. They are proud of their experimental reactors at Tokai-mura and Rokkasho.

                  Were they also experimenting at Fukushima Daiichi? Possibly. Is anyone going to be publishing any shared information? Probably not.

                  Keeping the reactors open in Fukushima longer than 30 years, even putting the reactors where they were placed, was a big experiment that we and the earth will never recover from.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  The fast breeder reactors are failing around the world, and will continue to fail as the other nuclear power plants are also failures.

                  Will that keep the military and/or the governments and/or the corporation from experimenting? Probably not until the last person is dead or dying.

                • I agree with you on having to scroll up for the ‘reply’ link. Was just responding to your posts.

                  Situation as it now stands is they don’t have to do anything about the plutonium in the high level waste in spent fuel pools all over the country. It’s mixed up in there right along with everything else they don’t have to do anything about. Though eventually they’ll have to build some repositories, they aren’t doing it now. Nor are they reprocessing it. Which they’d have to do to get the plutonium, and taking that out wouldn’t diminish the radioactivity in the spent fuel significantly enough to notice. It’s also a ridiculously expensive and inefficient means of getting reactor fuel. That’s why they’ve been doing once-through for so many decades.

                  The people of planet earth will be generating electricity some other way long before they could engineer another generation of filthy, dangerous nukes to burn MOX exclusively, just to keep their scam going awhile longer and keep on producing deadly high level waste. And that’s not siting, financing, approval or building things nobody wants or can afford. It’s over, they just have to come to terms with it. Or not. Doesn’t matter in the end.

                  Militaries and governments have newer, more exciting toys these days. They’re as sick of nukes as the rest of us, which is why they’re so busy dismantling nuclear arsenals. The technology is barely interesting anymore. There’s no future in the extinction market.

          • hbjon hbjon

            What was that movie where they were on that island? Was it alcatraz? The substance was what? Curium? Saw the movie ages ago. I always thought it was some burnup element from a reactor. Any thoughts?

      • PattieB PattieB

        As to the PU-241 issue… no, it doesn’t hurt the ‘Bang’ BUT!… it DOES frag your controls once it builds up due to decay… and damages the electronics placed to make it go off when and as you wish it to.

        • P241 doesn’t “build up” due to decay. It is present all along in the plutonium core until it decays into Americium-241. Which has a half-life of 432 years. A ~.2% distributed content of A241 – what you’d end up with after 14 years – isn’t going to mess with the bomb and isn’t radioactive enough to mess with the electronics. It is in fact far LESS radioactive than the original P241.

          Neither P239 (@ >90%) nor P241 (@ 8%) ‘decay’ into P241. The P241 content is simply there all along as P241 until it becomes A241. At which point it’s stable enough not to affect anything, since neither isotope is fissile.

      • PattieB PattieB

        The REASON we don’t do this… as WE, the USA came up with this…? It’s DANGEROUS! And can only work in a water-coold core, and putting PU-ANYTHING in a water coold unit… has always gone BAD when we did it! Add in the needed extra Boric acid to do such..? Something SOME-PLACE on the reactor or sub-assemnly is going to go at some point!

        Which… brings to mind the ass-hat idea of doing change-over of ALL our reactors to run MOX! They can’t even control what boric acid issues we currently HAVE, never mind adding more to cooling systems!

        • I can see why they wanted to burn MOX. It’s the easiest way to get rid of plutonium from way too many bombs when you’ve decided NOT to explode the bombs. A decent MOX fuel isn’t fundamentally more unstable than UOX, it’s just ‘enriched’ with the fissile isotope to a few extra percents (will burn hotter). MOX uses P239 to start and sustain the reaction instead of U235, therefore doesn’t need any U235. It’s mixed with DU (238), and the ‘extra’ plutonium that produces simply provides more fissions for the burn-up process. If we had reactors that could basically “use up” their fuel – burn until it doesn’t produce enough heat to boil water anymore, and that’s a LONG time – we could get rid of lots more stockpiled bomb cores. But that wouldn’t produce a reliable electrical generation quota of ‘trons, so commercial reactors obviously aren’t particularly efficient for the job.

          BWRs [Boiling Water Reactors] do not operate with soluble boron in the RCS [Reactor Coolant System]. They simply are not designed to do so. Because boron is so notoriously caustic to pipes and machinery, and the same RCS that is in contact with the core is the water used to turn the turbines. Using boron would destroy the plant systems in just a few years, they couldn’t even run for 20 years much less 40 or 60.

          PWRs do control RCS reactivity with boron. Because their reactor water is confined (supposedly) to a closed system, and is filtered through the demineralizers on its way back to the core. So obviously if you want to burn plutonium fuel that needs reactivity control via boron, you’d burn it in a PWR. A majority of our reactors are PWRs. Japan’s got more than a handful as well, just not at Fukushima I or II.

  • PattieB PattieB

    At this point?… build a bubble to live inside… including room to grow what need to eat and use only deeper retrived soil to grow it! The souther part of the planet is ‘less contaminated’ but getting the dust from Austrailia… Urainium mining. It won’t be spared though… ALL the oceans and what lives in them have been HOSED! And.. just to cap it all off…? The recent sun activity, coupled with HAARP use… has opened a really BIG hole in our protection. It’s forcast to take our electrical grids dow… possibly for 20 years or so… it takes 2 years to build ONE transformer, you know? So, looking at over 400 MORE of these events will happen before 2013.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    So, was Japan actually involved in producing something for Iran?

    Was Japan ‘spanked?’

    Do you know of Leuren Moret and her theory that HAARP was used to trigger the quake?

  • PattieB PattieB

    We already have in last 2 months… 6 ‘Electrical’ types of problems with reactors all over the world… our atmo is becoming ‘CHARGED’ and is only time before we get ‘HIT’ with a chunk from the sun we can’t handle.

    Can monitor such and get a weeks-out notice. If look here… red bit hits..? It’s game over.


  • bleep_hits_blades

    We seem to be at the point where you don’t have to do careful fine-tuned calculations to know that a ‘tipping point’ has been reached.

    The elites are scrambling and lying their derrieres off to avoid being drawn and quartered, at this point!

    Yes, I have heard of the possibility of a CME knocking out power grids and I know about the transformers and that a lot of nuke power plants would go into melt-down with out electricity.

    In addition to the (very dirty) uranium mining in Australia, there is also all the du ammo used in Iraq and elsewhere (like on firing ranges here on Oahu and the Big Island – also in Australia, I have read) – that is circling the globe too.

    Re building a bubble and living in it, well, first thing that comes to mind is that you would need an armed guard around that bubble! (And could you trust your armed guard!)

    It does seem that one could ‘buy some time’ by moving to South America.

    The elites seem to have their UG bases/retreats all ready and waiting.

  • PattieB PattieB

    The last time.. 11-or-so years back… the NY blackout, due to the grid in Canada being fried. Before that? We only had telegraphs! It fried them all world-wide!

    That time we didn’t even have the big hole in protection. This time? And reactors only keep a single weeks worth of fuel for backup generators… so, get slammed… week later? 400 plants world-wide die.

  • PattieB PattieB

    The south has plants as well…

  • PattieB PattieB

    I’m in MA… and get regular hits of Beta Rads here of 150 cpm. Have had s couple that hit 300+ cpm. that’s caused by the plutonium, strontium, xenon… ect. Clothing doesn’t help. The stuff everyone talks about… long-term death-causes. The beta stuff is more like ‘deform your genetics-and gets passed-on, as it kills you. If you don’t die? It stays in genetics for 10 generations… mutations, deformity…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes that is what I think – game over.

    It’s all over but the dying…

    Some organisms will survive – primitive ones, ones that adapt. Don’t you agree? But ‘re-set’ button has been pushed, on planet earth.

    I wonder if there will be places where higher life will survive.

    Not that I plan to move or seek them out, but it seems possible at this point. To non-scientist me.

    I had a psychic experience about all this, about 35 years ago. In an altered state/lucid dream, I was ‘shown’ a vision of people running away then turning and staring at a mushroom cloud exploding in the city they’d been fleeing. Next images I saw were of kids – two images – I have always thought they represented all children, and my own two – one of whom was yet to be born.

  • PattieB PattieB

    We… as a species… are going to need some serious ‘Non-Terestrial’ types of help… soon. It’s that or we are done as a group. The idiots think they can go underground to avoid the fall-out. But with 24,000 years to ‘half-life’? multiply that figure by ten to get ‘OK to come out!’ dates.

  • PattieB PattieB

    I’m a former USArmy SGT. And been iradiated, microwaved, injected with gods-knows! Did Granada, Lebanon, & Desert Shield. Was Missle team, Communications/ Sat-tech, And N.B.C. rapid responce person. Could get into MOP level 4 gear in a min or less. I’m done. But My 2 girls…? I don’t even have a clue at this point what to tell them to do.

  • PattieB PattieB

    There is no proverbial ‘Safe Place’ to move too. There’s even very little one can do to reduce the time-extended results of what’s been done. That’s assuming we survive to see 2014.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Do you know if thereiIs there any end in sight to this outpouring of radionuclides? How long will this go on?

    Not that it matters because already we know Earth has had/is receiving a lethal dose.

    So it is pretty bad in Maine then, too. I know Hawaii is being hard hit, also the West Coast, where my sons live.

    The radionuclides are getting/going to get pretty much everywhere.

    Yes I have checked out the CME situation. There was a good guest on infowars on that subject last week. Can’t find that program or recall his name but he was very well informed and said there is something that govt.s could buy that costs only as much as a single stealth bomber that would prevent the transformer knock-out by directing the power surge away from them, kind of over-load protection such as you can get for your computer (analogy, not exact same science, I think). But govts. are not taking this precaution!

    Information like this convince one that there is no ‘master plan’, and they (controlling elites are dooming themselves too, one greedy ‘deal’ at a time.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The guys who make the stealth bombers are in tight with the guys in govt. who control the purse-strings; the guys who make that thing that would protect the transformers from destruction by CME are not so well-connected!

    Probably. And there we have in a nutshell how all of this came to pass.

  • bleep_hits_blades


    With that military background, you have been exposed to a lot of du, I would guess. Also all of those mandatory injections are bad news, as you know.

    Do you have any health issues/problems?

    I agree, the ug bases might buy time – but… enough time? Good luck, you evil suckahs. Enjoy living underground for the next however many k years. And then enjoy what you find when you come out.

    Yes, I am a great one for emailing stuff to people, important stuff, trying to save the world one email at a time… lately even my responsive son has lapsed into silence. I think he is just so bummed out. My other son, a scientist working at Salk Institute, has always thought me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘chicken-little’ for whom the sky is perpetually on the brink of cracking and falling. Wonder what he is thinking now. Haven’t asked.

    To my family I’ve always been a ‘paranoid conspiracy theorist.’ Haven’t checked with them lately to see if they have revised that opinion.

    • PattieB PattieB

      Yes… I’m losing body mass, hair falling out, blood in stool, and latest is heart issues. That’s on-top of all the body damage recived as a member of milt. I’m a D.A.V. Been shot and stabbed and quit counting once got past 100 stitches. My back is a wreck. 🙁

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re the non-terrestrial/extra-terrestrial help — well isn’t that just another word for ‘God’?

    People get all metaphysical at these junctures – no athiests in foxholes, etc.

    If these (to me, still hypothetical) off-planet dudes were going to intervene, I think they missed that magic moment when it might have made a difference.

    Also – who can talk sense to madmen?

  • PattieB PattieB

    The thing is… the nuke-plants near you may not as yet run on MOX. The thing with running it? You must run a higher amount of boric acid. That stuff EATS the containments and sub-systems!

    The US GOV… asshats are dead-set on having EVERY plant run MOX! All 104 US electrical gen plants. There’s also an unknown amount MORE NON- electrical generation-types of reactors running who-knows-what inside of them. Figures state possibly as many as 50 more research reactors… but their fuels are not listed.

    Then, there’s all the ones that DID blow-out, or almost did… got shut-down, and all the waste storage sites… the list goes on.

  • PattieB PattieB

    No… when I say non-terestrial… I’m talking about our reluctant visitors from other planets. Some have made ‘Deals’ with gov. Others… not! Very few such races of visitors have out health and welfair in minds and hearts. That may be because of how we treated a number of them on arrival. But others will be quite pleased if we kill ourselves.
    This planet we live on is a… gifting? Replacements for it are hard to come-by out there in the stars.

    We have soooo much tech in the hidden hands of the gov that makes ALL OF THIS nothing but B.S! But it’s held in the hands of paranoid megolomainiacs! We don’t need nukes, wind, fossile fuels… any of it. We already HAVE far better ways that will be kept from public for the sake of GREED! They are making far to much off the current arraingment! It it came out?… they lose their hold on the common people.

  • PattieB PattieB

    I’ve changed my pic… can see… I once looked alot more healthy.

  • PattieB PattieB

    On the tech-front… the ‘Looking Glass’ can’t even see past the 12/21/2012 date. The ‘Gate’ we have (Much like stargate show) won’t let us side-step time-wise past that date. And is becoming ever-more non-funk for even travel as that date nears. Even our ‘Visitors’ are stumped by this fact. The PTB are now forced to push-up their time table… and that’s why they just don’t really care what we say anymore. The ‘Odds’ if you will… of them getting their desired outcome? About 6%. But all time-lines converge on that day… and it doesn’t look good for them. We will see what we see, and deal with what comes… as best we may.

    • GoFrodo

      Clif High at Half Past Human says that their future prediction software shifts into permanent release language after March 2 to 9. He implies we can still change the outcome in the next few weeks. I posted this on another thread. He says:

      “Our data shows a distinct transition point from March 2 through 9 inclusive. Thereafter we shift into release language. Permanently, or as close to that state as may be forecast from this point in time. It makes sense to consider, from the perspective of this moment in the waning days of December 2011, just which things in our environment we can change at this moment, to help tilt the table back away from the death spiral for our species.

      The real reason to bring up the whole ‘time stream’ concept of potential, probability, and outcome, is that most will overlook the idea that, even within the example cited, we are not constrained, here in the matterium, in how we alter outcome. The bad guys ‘cheat’ by trickery, and illusion, and hidden table rigging.”

      I don’t know what I think of it. He says interesting things.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    What I recall reading (actually was on You Tube) about MOX fuel is that they knew from the start that the planetary supply of cheaply available high-uranium-content ore was very limited, and the plan all along was to shift to MOX.

    I don’t know what I think about ETs but am not closed-minded on the subject. It is just very hard to get to anything one can consider solid fact and truth. Have read quite a few books on the subject and finally just stopped researching it because it seemed hard to tell info from dis-info.

    But I remember Phil Schneider – saw him give a talk in Seattle, shortly before he was ‘suicided.’ (He said he was being threatened and looked very nervous.) (look on You Tube). He seemed very sincere, believable, and talked about that shoot-out in a UG base with terrestrials and humans; he was one of few survivors, was wounded.

    I believe that horrible trans-genetic experiments are being done on humans/animals in the UG bases. I think a lot of missing kids end up there. And then of course there is trauma-based mind control (MK-ULTRA, CIA).

    It does seem that there are ‘good’ ETs and ‘bad’ ones, so to speak. Have also read a lot about Montauk. Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. (Remember psychic guy in Montauk ‘chair’ who ‘traveled’ to far future and saw… no human life … at all. That has been coming back to mind, lately.)

    And CIA trauma-based mind control (that’s for real, much supporting data).

    Philadelphia Experiment/time travel – who knows? Could be.

    Hard to get at the truth with so much dis-info being planted. I do believe that the true state of technology is FAR advanced from what is in the open literature. (like, we’s way out-weaponed, compadres…)

  • PattieB PattieB

    About 97% of the so-called ‘UFO’s” people see and take photos of these days..? They are driven by humans. One of the possible-projected scams is an ‘Ailen Invasion” type of false-flag event… to heard us into the FEMA camps. “For our protection” of course… but would it matter if they gassed us while in such shelters!? The one thing that all MAIN sites have?… gas pipes! BIG ONES… ported multi-points in tops of the buildings. They are not fooling around… when comes to getting their prefered outcome.

    But… seems it is mute point with Fuku mess.

  • PattieB PattieB

    Me…? MY security clearence has been pulled… (Under investigation) these days. I just don’t even care anymore. I don’t have any confidence in surviving the comming events… even if things go well. Damage been done, killing me would be a mercy, fact is.


  • PattieB PattieB

    A great deal of things we have are being exposed in movie-format these days… de-sensitize the public. Also was settup for fake-flag possibilites. Like I said, they don’t much care what the gen public thinks or believes at this point. Just push-ahead at max speed to set stage as best they can mannage for their “SLIM-to-NONE” chance on outcome being favorable to their agenda. I.E. They run everything, and we drones live to serve them. But not to many of us, just what they feel is optimal!

  • PattieB PattieB

    So… Tepco, the varied Gov’s are just blackout all news, clobber as much controled realestate as can, then head for bunkers to ride it out.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    There is an information explosion and that is a fact.

    Years ago, when we ‘conspiracy theorists’ were so few, it seemed to me that this info was spreading at geometric rate of progression, and that is like the increase of algae in a pond of the supply of ‘money’ in a fiat currency system. Curve seems ‘flat’ or nearly so for a long while then seems to go vertical fast.

    Lately, the elites are pulling out the draconian measures/edicts just as fast as they are printing funny money… now we all know that slower is better, when you are attempting a gradual silent coup such as the one in progress.

    So what’s the hurry, fellas? Feel hot breath on your necks there, or what?

    But – back to kind of where we began, in this interesting conversation, we all are being nuked into either heaven or hell, so I fear that it is, game over.



  • PattieB PattieB

    Yeppers! Knocking on heavens door… that bees ME!

  • PattieB PattieB

    On Aug 8 2012 they had planed to set-off a nuke at the olympic games in england… not that it matters, they built the damned site on a radioactive waste site. But, they gearing up for it still… who knows if that ‘false-flag’ event will still happen now. Seems to be redundant at this point.

  • PattieB PattieB

    Digging into, and raking-out into the light… all the hidden stuff re: Fuku-Mess… gives me something to pass the time! 🙂

  • GoFrodo

    Clif predicted it would be a March 2 false flag on a naval ship. I took his stuff as mostly general direction.

    The summer Olympic false flag date is on the internet a lot, actually.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Frodo, Clif Hi didn’t see Fuk. coming did he? He has been wrong on stuff. Quite a while back I thought he said he wouldn’t be doing his work anymore. I am dubious about him. But I haven’t been following him lately. Some of his info is interesting, I agree.

    I like your new pic, Patti.

    Yes, Patti, I agree – how to tell the advanced/secret terrestrial from the non-terrestrial craft? And with Project Bluebeam they could stage some kind of fake ET crisis. I think it possible, at least, that all this ET stuff is another huge deception.

    Yes movies can be/often are ‘predictive programming’ – also, I believe, just good old-fashioned gloating – rubbing our faces in it and we too stupid to see that the joke’s on us.

    All these false flag ops and people too stupid to catch on – JFK, RFK, OKC, Waco/Koresh, 9/11, this phony ‘terrorist threat’ – and the phony anthropogenic global warming.

    I actually feel as you do — not too attached to life, these days. It is so tragic, what they have done and are doing. It was looking very bad, and then – Fukushima has been the final blow. I don’t want to be around for what is coming.

    I feel a lot worse for the children than for myself.

    But if we re-set and started all over, I think the outcome would be similar. Human nature is not going to change. The better people are not the ones who are motivated to do what it takes to get into positions of power.

    Not surprising that you have no sec. clearance! I’d assumed you were no longer in the service.

    The FEMA Centers supplied with gas lines – not a big surprise. That is one reason I am not wanting to live a lot longer. It is not looking too good, the future.

    • GoFrodo

      I don’t know about him either, but I never got all my answers about him and left it at that. I think he did predict Fuku, though, it was pretty clear – “ill winds”. I wasn’t surprised at all when Fuku hit, because of that.

  • GoFrodo

    You do look especially strong and bright in that photo, Patti.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good conversations with good people, good info, good ‘brains to pick’ – thanks again to Energy News. I have told several people about this website. But a lot of them are ‘head-in-the-sand’ types.

    Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall scare ye a whole, whole lot and ye shall back off, into denial, and retreat to the MSM, sports, & sit-coms!

    But not all of us will do that, thank God.

  • PattieB PattieB

    Can someone else here do a ‘READING IN’ for CB? I’ve tripped my meter for such remedial instrutions in the world as it is these days….

  • PattieB PattieB

    we seem to have a river flowing out of north-side of #3 and pooling at side of #2… read this for optional flavors in such water..