Tepco requests media not film Unit 4 operation — Checking if fuel was affected by UNIT 3 explosion — 2nd assembly to be removed Thursday (PHOTO)

Published: July 18th, 2012 at 11:31 am ET


Title: Fuel rod removed from Fukushima plant pool
Source: Jiji, AFP-Jiji
Date: July 18, 2012

Kyodo News


Television footage showed dozens of workers, all wearing white protective suits, atop the heavily damaged unit 4 building, extracting the fuel rod with a crane. TV crews used helicopters to film the operation, defying requests from Tepco.


The other assembly is expected to be removed Thursday.

Tepco will scrutinize the two to see if and how they have been affected by a hydrogen explosion at reactor 3 and the use of seawater to cool the fuel assemblies.


Published: July 18th, 2012 at 11:31 am ET


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23 comments to Tepco requests media not film Unit 4 operation — Checking if fuel was affected by UNIT 3 explosion — 2nd assembly to be removed Thursday (PHOTO)

  • Max1 Max1

    The citizens of Japan and the world asked TEPCO to be an honest power supplier.
    TEPCO said they would ablige that simplest request.

    Who failed whom?
    Now, why should the citizens of Japan and the world NOT care?
    I mean, it's only our future TEPCO juggles in their hands.

    Remember when BP requested that people not be able to view?
    One US Congressman said America should apologize to BP while a vast majority INSISTED That BP be ever more transparent.

    When revealing ones vulnerabilities to the world, especially when your failure was makes by collusion and lies, IF you ever EVER want any sense of credibility, it is advised to allow others to witness… If anything for citizens reassurance. TEPCO's attitude seems to be nothing but irreverence for citizens of Japan, their culture, their future and ancestors. Nothing but shame they wear around their neck.

    I say, make the diet make the media stop watching TEPCO kill the nation of Japan.
    Make the beast reveal itself!!!

    • Max1 Max1

      Story for typos. Been on iPhone in bad local lately.

    • sadtexan

      Very apt comparison with BP. Very apt. And look at how the Gulf Coast has been abandoned, much like those around Fukushima. Dispersant-related illnesses, mood disorders. Folks are finding deformed Gulf seafood in *grocery stores*. Japan has the conformist bent, we have an appallingly short memory. And all the while, the energy conglomerates make out like bandits. Sigh.

  • crazyjane61

    Hey, I can understand the distraction helicopter noises may cause overhead, and I believe the helicopters should be back a secure distance because of air turbulence (which I'm sure they are), but I also understand the necessity of filming. This hellish nightmare affects the entire world, therefore, the entire world should be able to watch. When dealing with evil there often is no clear path.

  • Sickputer

    "TV crews used helicopters to film the operation, defying requests from Tepco."

    SP: they never would have attempted it in America for a similar accident. Maybe the cracks in the nuclear cabal in Japan are widening…they are despised by the vast majority of Japanese. Get your bets in on whether Noda cashes a payroll check in November. His days are numbered.


    Have any of you looked at the TBS/JNN cam today? Anyone flying around in a helicopter trying to film whatever is going on there right now is a dead man……

  • charlie3

    KONDY, What is visible on the camera? Smoke? Vapor?


    The pixelation on the camera is unreal, the place is spewing like nothing I have ever seen before. The work light, if that is what it actually is, is pulsating and it's like looking directly into the sun. Go to the webcam thread and hit the link for the TBS/JNN cam, it's unreal….

  • brainheart

    The Fukushima Webcams have been very interesting to watch for the last 2 weeks, but very concerning.

    I am posting 2 links where the sky was completely dark and only city lights could be seen and now the sky is lit up at 3:56 AM.



    It does not seem to be sunrise.

  • brainheart

    For comparison see that it is still a night time dark sky


    • Brainheart

      These links are not all working for me.

      Can you please explain what you are saying.

      Are you stating that the night sky has been illuminated by some unknown source?


  • brainheart

    They all work for me. Yes, that is what I was stating. The sky is still pure white in most of them. But, the first time I noticed that the sky was lit was around 3:30 AM Tokyo time. I wasn't able to post until almost 4:00 AM.

    The link below has all of the Fukushima cams listed on a map. I have a few favorites that I watch because they are interesting.


    In the last few weeks and more particularly, in the last few days and nights, the sky looked like it does on the TBS cam when a great deal of radiation is leaking and many colors are being refracted in the lens of the cameras. And, it has appeared as though the entire area is receiving a lot of radiation.

    • I would think that unaturally illuminated skies would be very ALARMING.

      If you are in Japan I hope you are taking steps to protect yourself.

      Any speculation on how this illumination could be occurring?

      It reminds me of the screen shots ChasAha flooded with color



      However, in the current situation it seems that the radioactive glow is clearly visible to the naked eye….

      • brainheart

        These 2 webcams pan the sky for quite a distance and really shows where the sky is being radiated.



        • Is the radiated area to the immediate right of the mountains where the horizon is strangely clouded?

          • brainheart

            When the cameras pan the furthest to the left. There are instances of white light flashing that causes the entire area below the skyline to light up in both of those cameras as well as this camera.


            The Fukushima Horse-race-course cam shows radiation pixelation in the upper left corner of the view and sometimes the entire left side. It laso has white flashing that lights the entire scene. It occassionally pixelates white and rose colors on the upper left.

            • Ok. Good. Your account coincides with my observations.

              I saved a couple of screen shots and added to the collection of TBS and Tepco screen shots of major anomalies and releases.

              This is truly an outrage against humanity–a crime against humanity.

              People need to be evacuated quickly.

              By the way, are screen shots of the webcams copyrighted?

              Distributing the screen shots widely might bring awareness of the scale and ongoing nature of the disaster but not so easy if they are copyrighted.

              • brainheart

                I don't know if they are copyrighted or not. When the Tepco or TBS webcams look concerning, I highly recommend that you watch these webcams. I have witnessed outrageous exposures in the last few days and when I have the time to capture some I will.

                I have not set my software up yet to capture the video and have not toyed with the software corrections that are available. I rarely get the opportunity to comment when I want to.

  • brainheart

    I actually do not think it is visible to the naked eye of someone walking around the environment, but it is visible through the lens. I have watched people walking through their days when the radiation reflected through the lens is very concerning and so noticable that you think they are seeing the same colors and lightworks that you are. I don't think it is seen unless they are watching the webcams themselves.

    This camera has never has the lens glare or squares of colors seen right now and I have watched it for weeks.


    This webcam should be a very busy intersection. Usually people are waiting at the bus stop and there is a continuous flow of cars and buses. Kind of quiet today and glowing white with reflective spots.



    Brainheart – Thanks so much for all the camera links, much appreciated.

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    Does anybody know what that underwater tarpac is for ?
    (at 01.22)

  • Nigwil

    Perhaps the most encouraging phrase in this report is:
    "TV crews used helicopters to film the operation, defying requests from Tepco."

    If Tepco has its every move relayed around the world in glowing moving pictures there is a slightly better chance that we will get some transparency in the overall operations.