Radiation skyrockets to 100 Sv/hr at Fukushima reactor No. 1, along with sudden rise in temperature immediately after 7.4 quake

Published: April 9th, 2011 at 6:25 am ET


TEPCO steps up effort to remove contaminated water, NHK, April 9, 2011:

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… The plant operator says a strong aftershock on Thursday night did not damage any facilities of the compound, but the surface temperature of the Number 1 reactor rose sharply immediately after the tremor that hit northeastern Japan minutes before midnight.

The reading stood at 223 degrees Celsius at 7 PM, but it rose nearly 40 degrees just after the quake. The temperature had fallen back to 240 degrees at 6 AM on Saturday.

TEPCO says it will continue close monitoring as what caused the sudden rise in temperature is not known. …

Read the report and watch the video here.

In addition to a sharp rise in temperature after Thursday’s quake, the radiation dose appears to shoot off the chart at the No. 1 reactor dry well between April 7 and 8.

The radiation dosage either reached the chart’s 100 sieverts per hour limit exactly or it exceeded the chart’s maximum range by an unknown amount.

Until April 7, the chart shows the radiation dose remained relatively stable throughout the crisis.

Chart published by Japan’s Ministry of Education at http://atmc.jp/plant/rad/

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Published: April 9th, 2011 at 6:25 am ET


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22 comments to Radiation skyrockets to 100 Sv/hr at Fukushima reactor No. 1, along with sudden rise in temperature immediately after 7.4 quake

  • radegan

    Acute radiation sickness begins at 1 Sv absorbed. So unprotected and naked, you could last 1/100th of an hour or 36 seconds before vomiting starts. Of course, the maximum the instrument read was 100 Sv/hr so who knows what the actual dose was.

    I hear the Emperor called Prime Minister Netanyahu last night and told him that documents discovered in the palace conclusively prove that Japan’s leading families are all Jewish and eligible for the Law of Return.

  • xdrfox

    Every shake from a quake may undo days or weeks of work or add to damages, any number could again start to leak water or move the melted fuel enough to ooze out through the crack in containment vessel !

  • PNutts

    I remember TEPCO saying previously that the radiation levels were lethal within moments but I didn’t see details. The chart indicates this wasn’t true recently. This is very disturbing.

  • Magus Incognito

    With the planet of deception sitting alongside the planet of abundance Jupiter in easy energetic connection to the Sun in the natal chart you can be sure that not only are we not being told the whole story, the whole story is much worse than we think.


    • pha*Q

      your superstitious gobbledygook sure was the clincher for me;
      I would certainly ignore all the scientific evidence if it wasnt for your esoterically nonsensical affirmation. You are a big help.

  • ElMagnifico

    Chernobyl’s exposed reactor reached ~300 Sv/h. >100 Sv/h (if correct) means exposed nuclear fuel (breach).

  • imp

    Guess how many commercial nuclear reactors there are in Israel.

    • skizxq

      uess how many nuclear weapons are in Israel, or planted in various American cities by same?
      It is called thermonuclear blackmail.

  • stargazervcr

    1 Sv is equal to… 1 Sv = 100 REM which to determine the RAD or radiation absorbed dose the number of Sv gets multiplied by the Quality Factor (QF) for the particular type of radiation exposure. A chart to determine the QF can be found in the following link. http://web.princeton.edu/sites/ehs/radsafeguide/rsg_app_e.htm#60
    Hope this helps everyone understand the critical nature of all this minuscule radiation being detected that we are being told is not harmful. No radiation air reading hurts our biology until the radiation detected gets absorbed in tissue. Where are the experts on this in not informing people of the risks of exposure depending on the elevated detection of various radiation and its effect on our tissue? There would be far less hysteria and much more benefit for Nuclear governing agencies to come forward with the facts on what is in the air (radiation-wise), in what amounts and where and what are the risk factors if someone has experienced exposure?
    Enough is enough… where is the help to understand all this? It is like the blind leading the blind to get any help on this.This is simply wrong to be treated so inhumanely over a power company’s deadly crisis originating over 5,000 miles away, but affecting all life on the planet!

  • xdrfox

    Reactor 1
    Outer building is damaged and it is presumed that there was a partial meltdown. Small amounts of radioactivity have been vented and some may have leaked. Operators have had trouble cooling down the reactor. The reactor has 400 fuel assemblies and the spent fuel pool has 292.

  • David

    Nuclear fuck!

  • MelissaLawrence



  • This is my favorite converter site.

    I am used to working with bq. We went though the Chernobyl fallout in Germany. Strahlentelex is an lab that independently measures radioactivity in foodstuffs. I got their newsletter every two weeks for years. Their guideline suggested a maximum 5bq of radioactivity per kg/l of food stuffs for pg women and babies. Up to 20 bq perkg/l for adults. (Cesium 137, Strontium 90) The German govt. was putting on the shelf at the grocery store up to 600bq kg/l. Farmers wanted to push it to 1000bq kg/l of foodstuff.

  • Ooops,
    I thought it was gong to print the website in the little box that said Website. So here is the website:

  • Anna

    Sorry about the typing errors : )

  • TOKYO — Radiation readings spiked sharply in one reactor at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after a powerful aftershock late Thursday, according to data released by the government, a development that might indicate new damage to the already compromised reactor.

    But the plant owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, said the gauge used to measure radiation was most likely broken.

    The high radiation was measured in the drywell of Reactor No. 1, directly below the reactor pressure vessel and part of the primary containment that is a crucial barrier preventing the escape of radioactive materials. The drywell reading raised the worrisome possibility that some of the nuclear core, perhaps molten, had escaped from the vessel, although this was far from certain.

    Experts said, however, that keeping water in the drywell could prevent such a disaster.

  • Anna

    Don’t you think that could be why the west coast is expecting a big waft around Tuesday?

  • Michelle

    I don’t know what to think, Could last weeks earthquake have caused the instruments to malfunction and cause a faulty reading? I guess but I tend to doubt there accuracy after seeing the damage inflicted by water, smoke, etc. And TEPCO, for various reasons is not transparent by any means. I’m just as confused as the so called experts appear to be. Until, someone gets a robot in the reactors to take a look, the best the pros can do is take an educated guess with data that could be accurate or may not be, while we try our best to deal with the crap that is heading our way. What can you do? There really is not much we can do, perhaps that is why the govt. is not saying a word, what can they say? It truly is as I have read, Fu… Up Shit Man a sobriquet for Fukushima