Official: Tepco has failed at Fukushima, no progress made — Tepco to change name, start new business — Tepco demands nuclear workers return payments, anger passed tipping point

Published: January 11th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET


Mainichi, Jan. 9, 2014: [TEPCO] plans to create a new brand name under which the utility will sell electricity in regions outside its own service area across the country as part of efforts to boost its earnings, it has been learned. […] TEPCO made the decision apparently because the beleaguered utility thought that clients could accept the service more easily if it were provided under a brand name other than TEPCO […] One of the main reasons why TEPCO is rushing to enter into the business of selling electricity throughout the country is that unless it boosts its earnings by increasing the number of its clients, it will not be able to secure enough funds to cover the costs of dealing with the Fukushima nuclear accident […]

Asahi Shimbun, Jan. 10, 2014: Previously, these issues [i.e. Decommissioning, controlling radioactive water, land contaminated by radioactive fallout] were left entirely in the hands of [TEPCO] […] “The coming several years are crucial,” [Hajimu Yamana, the expected leader of government’s new decommissioning division] said. “If we crawl along as we have done, radioactive contamination will spread to groundwater and the sea. We have to pick up our pace.” […] TEPCO has failed to make progress in decommissioning the reactors and dealing with leaks of radioactive water at the plant. […]

Mainichi, Jan. 10, 2014: The employee was among those who worked on the front lines immediately after the onset of the nuclear disaster in March 2011, Amid high levels of radiation, the employee and his colleagues trembled with fear as they worked to contain the unprecedented nuclear plant disaster […] he received a letter from TEPCO last spring asking him to return part of the compensation he received from the utility […] “That can’t be possible,” he thought, and read the letter over and over again. […] He shed tears of frustration and suffered sleepless nights. His coworkers had also received similar documents. A gloomy, depressing atmosphere prevailed, significantly undermining workers’ morale. […] suspension of compensation payouts to employees [started] in 2012 and the demand to return compensation in spring 2013 […]

Mainichi, Jan. 6, 2014: [TEPCO] is demanding that the families of employees return compensation […] In one case, a household is under pressure to return more than 30 million yen in damages from the company, raising concerns about future livelihoods. […] According to the sources, one TEPCO employee under pressure to return compensation was living with his wife and two children in a rented house in an area near the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant — where it has been deemed that evacuees are unable to return home in the foreseeable future with an annual radiation dosage of over 50 millisieverts. […]

Mainichi, Jan. 4, 2014: [TEPCO employees] have been asked to return compensation payments, with the total amount exceeding 100 million yen. One employee said, “Around 100 employees have had their compensation payments stopped, and many of them have been asked to return money.” In October, TEPCO held a meeting in Fukushima Prefecture between company executives and employees. In an audio recording of the meeting obtained by the Mainichi Shimbun, an employee says, “Asking us to return the money sent to us has made everyone’s anger breach the tipping point.”

See also: [intlink id=”nuclear-slaves-at-fukushima-workers-have-debts-paid-off-forced-to-stay-as-indentured-servants-foreign-workers-may-soon-be-needed-at-plant-reveals-tepco-vp” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 11th, 2014 at 7:49 pm ET


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255 comments to Official: Tepco has failed at Fukushima, no progress made — Tepco to change name, start new business — Tepco demands nuclear workers return payments, anger passed tipping point

  • name999 name999

    There ya go…change the name of the company. Maybe it will be Freedom Industries…

    • Tiza Tiza

      No matter how many times they change their name,it will still be crap!

      • OldFool

        Between the money payback demand and the latest total fiasco with the intense x-ray emissions from the water tanks, it is nothing less than a miracle that the employees have not already quit. If TEPCO does not get truly competent technical advisors immediately, I expect them to totally lose control of the facility within 12-18 months. Then the gates of hell will really open and what happens next will probably be beyond human imagination. If any government official is reading this blog, you better tell your slave lords to get off their asses and put some competent people in control – or else billions of people are going to discover how cruel the laws of physics and chemistry can really get.

        • dka

          they will go bankrupt to avoid to have to reimburse all the financial claims. Maybe in 35 years, all the lawsuits will have to start from zero again against the government.

          • Foggyworld

            They for some reason at Tepco think there will be enough people around in 2035 to do them in. Don't think so and hope they will be among the first to fall.

          • We Not They Finally

            dka, WHO was it who said that unbridled capitalism (a/k/a fascism) was the antidote to communism? It's a Tweedle-Dee/Tweedle-Dum world out there, though I hardly mean that as joke.

          • Here is the basis to their behavior.
            Since the workers haven't yet died from their various levels of radiation poisoning, TEPCO is pulling the cash back with blatantly obvious intentions to hurry their deaths.
            Dead men din't talk and don't need their money.

            It's an act of premeditated murder.

        • Loveistheonlyrationalact Loveistheonlyrationalact

          Fuck You TEPCO

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "or else billions of people are going to discover how cruel the laws of physics and chemistry can really get."

          Good morning, Old.

          This is the plan. Why would those who kow-tow to the money-god ever change? They will go down with the ship with the rest of the crew as planned. They have already sold their souls to the nuksatan for all the precious babbles and bangles they have received, so their puppet concerns do not matter. Everybody knows this.

    • robertsgt40

      Yeah, that's the ticket. Change name. What's a turd by any other name? Ask Prince how well name change worked out for Blackwater…twice.

      • Gradius

        Change name will do fucking NOTHING !

      • harengus_acidophilus

        To say it with shakespeare:

        "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
        By any other name would smell as sweet."
        (Romeo and Juliet)

        In this case, it's not a rose, it's a rotten egg.


    • hvypetals

      they should change their name to false flag industries.

      Fukukushima is Japans 911. Of course.. the racist religious fanatics of Israel Did Fukushima

      • We Not They Finally

        You have no more reason to think that MOST Israelis are "racist religious fanatics" as you do to think that of the ill, dying and desperate people of Japan. Or maybe you would like to call all of AMERICA "terrorists" because Dick Cheney orchestrated 9-1-1 and he was an American?

        Do you not even THINK before you spew? You need to zip it.

    • razzz razzz

      The US had meetings with the Japanese governments and instructed them how to handle Daiichi and TEPCO. Soon after the meetings the Secrets Act was introduced and TEPCO began to file paperwork for reorganization, splitting up the company into bad and good companies to better hide their ever rising debts from ongoing Daiichi fallout.

      TEPCO can't go broke, they are now a government holding. If they weren't, bond buyers and holders around the world would be dumping TEPCO debt offerings and shares would be sell off too in mass but since the Japanese government guarantees the bonds, a panic has been avoided.

      TEPCO (actually the Japanese government) is desperate to 'claw back' monies anyway possible from helpless collateral damage victims in an attempt show some kind of profit on the bottom line. Ain't ever going to happen as Russia discovered the costs are never ending in nuclear fireworks even when you ignore obvious consequences. Just default and walkaway and start over somewhere else while the world pickups the tab for cleanup.

      Be interesting to see when and how many nuke plants Japan tries to restart, I think this coming July is the timeline.

      Unit 4's non-action in the fuel pool is worrying. I guess the removed fuel bundles are contaminating the common fuel pool. Either that or after the common building blew up the common pool bundles are in no better condition for removal to dry cask storage which delays the entire schedule.

      • Actually a week or so after 311, the US went to Japan and gave themthe BP playbook and said, unless you implement this, we won't protect you against China…. boom

        • razzz razzz

          Typical nuclear industry maneuvers trying to cover its mistakes for ill gotten gains.

          Since the nuke industry owns Congress, you can't hope for at least a new law like 'The Mark I+ Debilitating Act' where they shut down all Mark I types reactors, immediately. The design failure is proven at least 3 or 4 times at Daiichi, more if count Daini NNP down the road with it 4 reactors. TEPCO said there was abnormally high rad readings in some of the spent fuel pools there but claimed it was from Daiichi's fallout although the buildings at Daini were supposedly intact.

          Instead we (the US) gets the head of GE appointed to head some government bureaucracy and a president that can't understand why there was a moratorium on nuke plants since the Carter years (TMI) and is happy to peddle small nuke generation plants now. At the same time defunds a reprocessing plant, which is fine with me but what the hell is gong on here?

          Then Michigan was in permitting stage for a 'new improved' version of the Mark I reactor (ESBWR, same spent fuel pool high in the sky) on Lake Erie shores which A. Gundersen and friends recently testified against due to lack of chain of custody records and reports for the pile driving foundational supports. I think the permit was suspended for the time being.


    • weeman

      Who on this site believes that tepco is not controlled by Japanese government, who is the majority shareholder, who guarantees the loans to build and operate nuclear plants the Japanese parliament, why Japan is a nuclear free nation, does not mean that overnight nuclear warheads can not be installed into missiles that they store in the nuclear plants, so that they can be hidden from prying eyes and not detectable while in nuclear plant.
      If they want to change the name of the company they should also change their constitution and become a republic, now that would make sense.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      TerCo would be more appropriate. Tokyo Electric Radiation Company. With all respect due.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Names will change but to ask these poor people to return their hare earned compensation is ridiculous. Most of their lives are changed forever. Being poor is the half of it.

    • We Not They Finally

      Not "ridiculous." (Though I know what you meant.) Indecent. Inhumane. I don't identify those people as being in the human species.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Tepco is spinning off a division to deal with the Fuku. disaster. It's a trick so this new division will then file for bankruptcy and everyone can go suck an egg and Tepco can continue to operate liability free. Assuming their laws are similar to ours.

  • Southbound Southbound

    What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      This has everything to do with stockholders and retaining madness . Did I read here or somewhere that they put a cap on the sale of the stock .? Have not gotten the way that it all works stocks that is . Watched every pbs special frontline about it . I apologise if this has been brought up already but I had to do life today and give myself a break . While I'm at it aside from rense are there any audio broadcasts I can listen to about fukishima while. Leaning the house .

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Sorry cleaning the house I have to disable spell check

        • razzz razzz

          The game is rigged and when you think you are about to understand the game they change the rules.

          Educating yourself in nuke basics is the first step and that begins with man-made radioactivity, when it was first discovered, how we are at this point in time and what can be done about it. Specifically, learn and understand about Uranium.

          TMI, Chernobyl, Daiichi will appear to be, "How stupid can humans get?" Once you know the basics about he nuke industry.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Demanding money back? Is that the same as like calling SSI an "entitlement", then taxing your fixed income. LOL… This world seems to already be in hell inside the proverbial hand basket. I cannot think like these esteemed "officials" of our world governments.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Hey TEPCO; Change your name to INEPTCO.

      Hiding behind another name is the old Buck's Furniture "hurry were going out of business sale" you see year after year after year. They learned well from those snakes at Hanford. Yawn.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "They learned well from those snakes at Hanford."

        Indeed, Onto.

        Hanford is still an ongoing American holocaust that spews daily tripe like some here do. Oh, radioactive tripe that is.

        If anyone knew how bad the fallout is now, was then, and still is today, it would horrify most people here. The readings in places like Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming all the way to the Dakotas are probably still off the hook. Sad that since we shined the light on this years ago, they rapidly took down the stations that had been monitoring them.

        What does a snake skin look like?

        No dodging the landslid of lawsuits that are coming no matter what name they have, but they might slip by after the crash and burn of the country, America.

        Are you ready for God only knows what kind of created false flag chaos these crazy hate filled zionist babylonians are going to bring next?

        Are you prepared to stay home and have no electricity?

        Got food and water for months and months?


  • tsfw tsfw

    Well that's really going to encourage people to want to work there. So what happens if they refuse to give the $ back?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      More important, what happens if they can't?

    • We Not They Finally

      It might help if the poor beleaguered Japanese people got a little creative. I would applaud if they collected a carload of horse manure and strewed it in front of TEPCO headquarters in lieu of "re-payment."

      But then THEY would be the ones arrested, yes? I have no idea how these people win…..

  • Veracity Veracity

    Hi everyone. I've been reading this site for a year and always look forward to your comments. I've never felt I have anything to offer scientifically, but do share your concerns and opinions. I want to take the time to thank you for all you share here.

    I also wanted to point out that in addition to TEPCO changing their name, they are requesting their employees compensation back? What kind of people are they anyway? Monsters I guess. I've been sick over this whole thing.

    Anyway, thanks again. I get a lot out of your comments.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Welcome! And you really shouldn't denigrate monsters like that 🙂

      • Veracity Veracity

        Haha…and thanks for the welcome, fist 🙂

        Looks like TEPCO is starting to squirm. They need to stop wasting time on all the bs and start doing something about the real problem. Accept the help that's being offered before it's really too late… If it's not already. Dont they realize they're being effected too? Their families? Or is it REALLY too late and they know it? Is that why we get as so many lies?

    • Welcome and feel free to comment, research, rant

      Feel free to become death, killer of nuke

      • name999 name999

        wow…what an amazing face. His eyes are so internal in that clip, looking inward and watching it
        happen again.

        • I know, first time I saw that clip. Lots of stress on that face.

          • guevara3712

            no comment on how his head swings to the side and back, and his eyes go blank for a second right before the shiva quote? evidence of the same demonic forces that inspired man to pursue nuclear if you ask me. i did some research on the institute him and einstein and others worked at too, strange stuff.

            • I saw that on review, really weird. Like in his moment of weakness, of admitting that he destroyed the world, the Devil sees his chance and makes the jump.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Thanks stock, for the Oppenheimer link at the Institute for Advanced Study … interview with Edwin R. Murrow … watched it enraptured … then watched the entire youtube offering "The Day After Trinity"

        … awesome video footage of the dawn of the nuclear age …

        important info. to continually reassess …

        In Oppy's defense … I will become death … destroyer of Nuke … with your able assistance!

        Don't mind the referee shill/troll … he's got nothin' on you.

        You are enenews! Thank you for being here!!! Nedli

        • Thanks Nedli, the troll has been very good for ENE, brought a lot of lurkers out of the woodwork, inspired a lot of good research.

          Ill be traveling for some solar work, I will only have a small Macbook….so in other words….you guys got the com

          slap trolls with facts and links when feasible.

    • Tiza Tiza


      Welcome! I'm new as well.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I just started posting myself after two years here and I could not have said it better myself , welcome ! It can become overwhelming at times so remember to breath .

  • mindrive mindrive

    watch for this to happen.. tepko changes name and then up and walks away from fukushima. and leaves it in total chaos and under no control and that is when the real trouble begins..

    • Ontological Ontological

      Agreed. Hmmm, sounds like the operators of Vermont Yankee.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "…and that is when the real trouble begins.."

      It began…March 11, 2011.

      There is however, evidence that it began or something was happening BEFORE that horrific date.

      Take our readings here. There have been days all year where the outdoor checks have been well over 60 CPM. Not normal at all. We were just to busy to analyze the results.

      There is little doubt that these bursts of steam both seen and unseen in the heat waves of radiation are getting into the atmosphere more and more every day. That translates to world wide dispersion.

      Pondering the term, Extinction Level Event. As far as we all know, what else can can you call a death dealing situation that is out of control with no real truthful verifiable believable information to be had? It is like the same dumb-flick attitude the babylonians had just before Y-2-K.

      They know nothing!

      • Ontological Ontological

        JT, Las Vegas showed a spike of 1000+ beta on March 9th/10th 2011, BEFORE the earthquake. I have an image but no way to post online. They promptly shut off the RAD detectors here in May of 2011. Israeli Stuxnet aimed at certain middle east Plutonium processing plants, virus in a possible Plutonium refinement Siemens controller;is what I presumed. Anyways something happened, a couple days before the rads showed up here on the west coast. If this is true it unzipped a fly on the fact there could have been a processing plant there in Fukushima possibly under R4. Point is if the rod materials really are just spent fuel, then it would have been ground up and used for road bed cement no doubt by now.

  • Southbound Southbound

    Electricity is what we call a "natural monopoly." When electricity is hooked up to your house, there is only one bill to pay. Therefore, it should be part of the "commons."

    When a private company, such as TEPCO, has reign over both the commons and a natural monopoly, there is something very wrong with this picture. But this isn't only a problem in Japan, it's the same here, in the USA.

    Furthermore, when a NPP melts down, and requires billions or trillions in cleanup costs, this is where we really start to see the inherent problems with private companies owning natural monopolies and the commons.

    There should be no cap on the amount of money we, as a world, should spend on fixing this problem. This effects ALL of us, world wide, and we, as a species, should throw everything we have against this issue.

    Fix this problem, or we are all going to suffer.

    Dear TEPCO, get your heads out of your asses, and accept help from nations willing to pitch in. Don't let your pride and honor distort logic and reasoning, AND OUR SURVIVAL AS A SPECIES, any longer.

    • Ontological Ontological

      I refuse to be like some people, who believe everything they see/read/hear. Nukes are used for Plutonium production period. Also these snakes from S Hemi slithering around in our newly radioactive hell, looking to prey on those in fear as potential slaves can slither back!

      • Southbound Southbound

        To the best of my knowledge, only breeder reactors produce Plutonium. So non-breeder reactors are only used for the generation of electricity.

        But this is besides the point. All NPP's are inherently dangerous. There is no such thing as a safe nuclear power plant.

        Remember, there are two types of bridges in this world. Those that have failed, and those which have yet to fail.

        Can you elaborate on these SH snakes to which you refer? This is news to me.

        • All nuclear reactors 'breed' plutonium. In fact, if your core has been burning for awhile, up to a third of the fissions involved in your chain reaction are from plutonium. Breeders like Monju just produce more of it than regular reactors do.

          • Ontological Ontological

            Thanks @JOyB, Correct. The only thing these money mongers want in this scam is control, and Plutonium RULES apparently. Remember everyone Vermont Yankees huge power lines they trashed Vt's forest and farm lands for, is to PROVIDE backup power TO the plant, not FROM it. The pristine collection of the entire spent fuel inventory in the history of that Mark One is a plump juicy perfect carrot. And these rascally rabbits WANT it bad! Plans to allow it to sit there as long as another 60 years are already in place.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Remember people please don't feed the trolls. \/

    • That all sounds good, but they first have to accept reality.

      An addict living in denial cannot accept help.

      Or, if they do, they just deeper into it, and get worse.

      They have to hit bottom somehow, someday.

      It may have to get much worse… just like with an addict.

  • mindrive mindrive

    BTW.. i just ordered IODINE MAGNASCENT 2% NASCENT IODINE I suggest everyone look into buying some and start by taking ONE drop twice a day and increase the dose every week to two weeks. this way you are protected and when the real trouble happens then you will already be protected and you wont have to take a high dose and shock your system..right now it is available and cheap, but that will not last once the sheeple start to understand and wake up to see that our world is now and forever changed and sick..

    sorry for going off topic..

    • Southbound Southbound

      CAUTION: It is possible to overdose on iodine, and do damage to your thyroid.

      While it is a good idea to have iodine supplements handy for protecting your thyroid against acute exposure to radioactive iodine, it is also important to remember to use iodine in moderation.

      Do your homework, and know how to use iodine supplements intelligently.

      • mindrive mindrive

        thats why i only said one drop.. NOT FULL DROPPER BUT ONE LITTLE DROP…THE SUGGESTION INTAKE IS 10 to 15 drops a day, but i want to build up slowly

      • behappy1

        Yes, its also possible to deprive your body of the iodine it needs by taking stuff that your body only thinks is iodine.

        Sounds like the stuff alex jones is pipin, lol
        Sent a crew to Ca to take readings
        part of the ad campaign?

        Can one find high cpms in Ca, of course
        Does it mean its from fuku, no
        Does it mean your protected if you suck down supplements, no

        Has/will fuku effect Ca, yes

        Never let a good crisis go to waste

        • American Phoenix57

          Alex is selling a watered down nascent version. very profitable but effective none the less. Remember the radiation is real and accumulating. Can't fake a bunch of random YouTubers with Geiger counters all with similar elevated readings in a given area. As this thing progresses you will be seeing more flash Geiger mobs descending on a location and posting their local results online. There is power in numbers. I hopefully will be one of them soon.

          Loading up on the iodine any way you choose is your first line of defense. You fight chronic low level with steady low level supplementation. Your thyroid knows what to do. You don't chug anything down unless you see a mushroom cloud.

          • behappy1

            Well said
            At least Alex is talking about fuku

            My concern is simple, his product may protect one organ in the body but will mislead to a false sense of security. That radiation sickness can be prevented with a pill or a few drops of snake oil.

            I'm all for prevention,
            the best being
            All NPP must be shut down

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, Southbound, and to your caution, I would add NEVER take any supplements which could damage your thyroid without first consulting your personal physician.

        Many people don't understand how vital the thyroid gland's function is, in the body.

        • Ontological Ontological

          Caution indeed, also too much K40 can stop your heart.

          Sorry about Berkeley server info, but some folks there still have common sense.

          • harengus_acidophilus

            Oh, really?

            But it's a property of potassium itself.
            In some of your states, you are celebrating some kind of "cargo cult justice" by sacrifying human beings with a triple poison. One of them is potassium cloride.


          • artika rama

            ontological Thanks for the great info , thats exctly what i was worried about . I have also read somewhere (i dont remeber where it was ) that it could also cause hypothyroidism if people take it for long time . SO A warning to everyone NOT to over doe it .

        • Whoa. People still have "personal physicians" in this day and age? That they aren't related to? Huh…

  • mindrive mindrive

    UM?? what does he mean IF???
    "If we crawl along as we have done, radioactive contamination will spread to groundwater and the sea. We have to pick up our pace..said Hajimu Yamana, the expected leader of government's new decommissioning division..
    if i am not mistaken TEPKO admits to 400 tons (more like 1000 IMO ) of radioactive water being released into ocean every day and has been doing so for 34 months ( its jan 11th were two months away from three years)

  • well well mr socref is that you?
    Richard Blackwell
    Nuclear Plant Supervisor
    US Navy сентябрь 1979 г. – сентябрь 1985 г. (6 лет 1 месяц) Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor – the highest enlisted responsibility in all branches of the military. Special Weapons Security Supervisor – a position requiring extreme reliability and professionalism. Nuclear Plant Training Team. Damage Control Locker Officer for Nuclear Propulsion Plant. Surface Warfare Specialist.
    Soccer Referee
    Checkmate dude

    • Southbound Southbound

      why feed the trolls before they even show up?

      I already sprayed this thread with TROLL-BE-GONE, and here you go baiting them…


    • Southbound Southbound

      But if it's true, nice find!

    • James Tekton James Tekton



    • huh

      Nice bit of detective work here guys, but you have maligned the wrong person – this is me that you have so thoughtfully published. One of my young daughters found this in class and was frightened that this information was on the web in a place like this. Had you done a little more detective work you might have discovered that I'm a green energy advocate and that other than working in the nuc industry 30 years ago I have never posted anything anywhere to indicate I'm your socref or take interest in this topic. I get your need to strike out at this cat, but you do that with facts and truth, not bulling. Would you please remove our information from your conversation.


  • "Quality Troll" list of links of lies
    I am just starting this list, and will add to it. I think it will be valuable to be able to later show the "innocent bystanders" how far the Nuclear Village will go to the wall to protect their "precious". Say that in a Gollum voice. Like Madam Curie delighting in her blue glowing nightlite.

    I will add to this list as people submit comments from Trolls, and if they want the immediate fact and link based rebuttals and debunks.

  • Reality, Fukushima increased the radio nuclides on an Alaskan island 2000 miles away…..the same amount of increase that was caused by a nuclear bomb test on the same island in 1960

    Think about that for a minute

    The data from a 300 page government test in June 2011 and the summary is here.

    Source data and initial analysis is here

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    may I suggest a new name for Tepco….. Glowmart….

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    I live here (Japan) for another 2 weeks anyway. TEPCO is a typical Japanese company in attitude and behavior. Don't be surprised by it. The thing that pisses me off is the Japanese workers take all this crap and never complain. My Japanese wife has had loads of it and just accepts it although now she is becoming a little more militant, my influence? I hope so and I hope I have made a few more of the Japanese I know a little more too.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Good for you Kashiko, keep being brave. What can we do to help spread the word and support the Japanese people?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      hone tatemae. Mommy…. why didn't you say something? 🙁

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      May I ask? Is she Japanese?

      • Kashiko Kashiko

        Yes she is Japanese. We live in Niigata on the opposite coast to Fuku and upwind of it 99% of the time. I have 2 sons aged 4 and 6 and have already arranged for them to be checked out in the UK at the beginning of next month. I will publish the results (Which i hope will be negative) online here for your interest.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Sorry to be off topic for a minute – does anyone know about radiation in Australia? I 've heard that it's not possible for the jet streams to mix, but I've also heard that they had a radioactive cloud in 2012 which of course they said was unrelated to Fuku. I thought Australia was a safe zone- can anyone shed some light on this for me please? Thanks.

  • Tedd Tedd

    Mr. Southbound,

    TROLL-BE-GONE does not work.

    Trolls must be strapped into chairs and beaten
    with hammers.

    Mods too sometimes if they're not paying attention.

  • Jebus Jebus

    There will be many failures as this Fukushima story continues…

    Wheelchair-Bound Sailor's blames radiation exposure at Fukushima, Department of Defense says no

    WASHINGTON (WUSA9) — He served his country, but has his country turned it's back on him? A Maryland sailor says he's now wheelchair-bound, and he blames it on radiation he was exposed to while representing his country at what's been called the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. – Video

  • Southbound Southbound

    Global surface ocean currents:

    Global atmospheric circulation:

  • HoTaters HoTaters


    Written to the tune of
    "Supermassive Black Hole" (by Muse, Matt Bellamy)

    Oh, baby I suffer when you say you hate nukes
    You say you hate the bomb, oh, it makes me moan
    But you accuse me under false pretenses
    Are you sure you want to make me go?

    Ooh, nukes set my soul alight
    Ooh, nukes set my soul alight

    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    (Ooh, nukes set my soul alight)
    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    (Ooh, nukes set my soul alight)

    I thought I could fool anyone
    Oh, baby, I just can't fool you
    You found out I'm the queen of superficial
    And that I'd never tell the truth

    Ooh, nukes set my soul alight
    Ooh, nukes set my soul alight

    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    (Ooh, nukes set my soul alight)
    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    (Ooh, nukes set my soul alight)

    Supermassive nuke swill
    Penned by supermassive nuke shills
    Supermassive nuke swill
    Penned by supermassive nuke shills

    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive

    Reactors melting in the dead of night
    And the gullible sucked into the supermassive
    (Ooh, nukes set my soul…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      (Ooh, nukes set my soul alight)
      Reactors melting in the dead of night
      And the superstars sucked into the supermassive
      (Ooh, you set my soul)

      Supermassive nuke swill
      Penned by supermassive nuke shills
      Supermassive nuke swill
      Penned by supermassive nuke shills

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    If meltdowns could be stopped, you'd have the U.S, Russia and China in there to fix it, as all are in the same jet-stream.

    But they can't, as proven by the fact that they haven't.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      The US is broke.

      • Southbound Southbound

        US wouldn't be broke if we decided NOT to spend something like 40% of all our government funding on the Defense department…

        What a joke!

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          And bailing everybody and their brother out, investing is loser companies, and over paying web developers for obamacare website, and….. Of course it's all a scam to launder money for politicians to buy off election officials, bribe states, etc. We're screwed 16 ways from Sunday. Get the human out of the loop.

        • eyefidelity

          Yet they aren‘t spend a dime to defend us from the nuclear miasma wafting our way from Japan. Meanwhile, the DOD admits that climate change is our biggest security threat and they are the single biggest contributor to it….

    • denial is not a river in Egypt

      Agree, TBP. I don't think we, nor anyone else has the technology to stop this runaway ELEvator.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    TheBigPicture is always correct! 🙁

  • Foggyworld

    But I am not really sure I want to actually see the big picture live.

  • Nick


    Totally Epic Population Control Orgamization

    to soon become

    F20 or Fukushima Fallout Organization

    As we go so you too can glow.

    So long TEPCO. Can't thank you for leaving us with only memories.

    Fission for dreams, catching eternal nightmares

  • We Not They Finally

    I'm sorry. I'm pretty reliable as an opponent of the death penalty. But sometimes it might be apt. And no, it's not for the brave men who risked their lives….. and now are being ASKED TO RETURN COMPENSATION?????

    I don't understand. The world could manage the Nuremberg Trials for honestly, LESS than the total ongoing damage caused for to the entire planet, and now the whole world stands by and does NOTHING?

    And the TEPCO people just re-group and move on?

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Fukushima News. Basement Videos Taken By Robot

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    [Hajimu Yamana, the expected leader of government's new decommissioning division] said. “If we crawl along as we have done, radioactive contamination will spread to groundwater and the sea."


    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      New guy = back to square 1

    • We Not They Finally

      Blue_Heron, now at least we can all see how irrevelant it must be to say that, "Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it." We just have to re-invent the definite past as the "if-fy" future.

      • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

        " We just have to re-invent the definite past as the "if-fy" future."

        And there you have it: the mission statement of Tepco's new decommisioning entity.

  • Nick

    The reason TEPCO wants compensation monies back is because they admit that they can't in actuality
    actually decommission Fukushima, since the plant is already decommissioning itself (spewing into the air and water for eternity) on its own without any help from TEPCO. Therefore why should employees get to keep their compensation money?

    Best let them go ahead with the name change, since they've already changed the planet.

    Into the dust-bin of history they go, now that yj

    they have made our very future irrevocably altered.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Tepco's new is,,,RothschildsNewSon born 3-11-2011 & now has grown into a model of the family ways, kills, steals & all under some ones other name! GE & the tent of MIC's & the world bank!

    • American Phoenix57

      Luckily I had my Captain Crunch Decoder ring on and understood everything you said perfectly.

    • We Not They Finally

      And we needed the Nazis? Why? We have you and Tekton and hvy-something. If you really want to Jew-bash, go to Jeff Rense's website and look up David Duke. Those guys even featured a "Jew Wednesday."

      Heil! Peace.

      • We Not They Finally

        Or check out Alexander Backman. He's GREAT on Fukushima. But he just recently announced that his genetics research concluded that Ashkenazi Jews must be "the bad seed."

        Please either get it or get lost.

      • SadieDog

        @ WNTF – what the hell are you taliking about?

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "We have you and Tekton and hvy-something."

        Yo buckwheat, you want to make this personal?

        No one is "jew bashing" here mr sardonicus.

        We are however, bashing the heck out of the rottenchid zionist bankster slim bag creators of the nazis, communists, capitalists, fascists, socialists, etc, and control them all like puppets.

        The isreallis are worse than the nazis. Look at what they are doing to the poor Palestinian People. Look at what they did on 9/11 at the trade towers. Look at what they did tot he USS Liberty. You want to rag, go rag on them, the real modern ashka-NAZI's, aka NAtional ZIonists.

        There is a big difference between a good Jew, and a slime-bag zionist. Which are you?

        If you don't like the truth, move on and go back to huffpo and bitch where the rest of the communists and anti-Americans hang out at. Only a zionist pig would take offence at the truths that are told here about the nuklear banksters responsible for this Extinction Level Event. They own it all as stated above, and actually have an agenda to kill off the entire planets biological life forms. It is called, fuckushima!

        Now, keep it up. There is much more zionist news to share. Wanna see it all? Got nothing better to do than to give all zionist pigs a piece of the mind. It is the free American way to shine the light on dark cockroaches, and the evil that is responsible for the fukushima event.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          James Tekton, I think you might be more appropriately referring to what has grown into the Likud government and Likud movement. Morphed out of Zionism.

          And Rottenschild just happens to be Jewish, but it's WHAT he is that's far more important than his ancestry.

          I think probably we can all agree on that, yes?

          For cryin' out loud, his son is the leader of the Plastiki expedition, and the biggest phoney on the planet. Looks too much like a certain very famous Jewish person for my comfort (at least the way he's depicted). Check out the symbolism in the logo of David de Mayer Rottenschild's corporate logo and study it, analyze it, if you don't get it.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        'Heil! Peace."

        Wahhhh…I'm tellin my mommie on you…

        Hey, do you work for the mosad?

        Maybe what you really need is a little more attention. Maybe weza all should comment on every cry baby rant you post.

        No one anti-Semites here. We all love the Palestinian people. We very much dislike people who steal their lands at gunpoint.


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "go to Jeff Rense's website and look up David Duke."

        David duke is a puke.

        His radicalism, is as bad as yours.

        Have some more attention.

    • Who said "Jews"? i didn't hear anybody say "Jews".

      Nazis, on the other hand. Can't deny import to the USA

      and they are quite the eugenicists, too.

      curious if the Khazarians were Jews, before they were "Jews"?

      OT, i know

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Honey boo-boo gonna be mighty PO'ed so babylonic mercenaries are getting out of town before the people realize, oh-ooh, there goes the spaghettio's.

    A little warm up background la-la-la.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • westpac99

    It is obvious TEPCO is not letting international help for some reason. I am willing to bet the reason is they are not allowing help from internationa experts is due to the "covered up". This will cover up when the radiation levels get too high to allow humans around the FUKU power plant and its interior. This should hide at least some of the reason they don't want any outside help. I also read here in enenews several months back, the blue prints of the reactors are long gone, been thrown away, missing. I just have a hard time believing there are no backup copies anywhere. What is the International Nuclear Agency office in charge of overseeing all nuke plants doing about this obvious living abortion? What are the industrialized countries USA, UK, Germany, China doing about FUKU? Looks like they all are under a self imposed gag order? by the way FUKU you TEPCO.

  • westpac99

    What exactly is TEPCO hiding?

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "What exactly is TEPCO hiding?"

      The truth!

      It is so bad, they cannot do anything about it.

      Now, it is close to the time of the blame game.

      Soon after, the lawsuits will come.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    This cat speaks to huge failures at the fukushima plant. This was probably already posted. From this story.

    "The leaking tanks are just part of the problem of contaminated water that continues to build up and leak into the ocean from the plant."


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Don't panic! Japan to send nuke fuel rod into MELTDOWN in Fukushima probe
    Experiment will be strictly controlled … honest
    By Phil Muncaster, 10th January 2014
    Fukushima sends Japanese IT to the cloud
    Oh noes! New 'CRISIS DISASTER' at Fukushima! Oh wait, it's nothing. Again
    Fukushima situation as of Wednesday
    Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?


    Japan Earthquake
    Nuclea Meltdown
    The Benefits and Significance of Private Platform as a Service
    Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) will deliberately send a nuclear fuel rod into meltdown after April this year in a bid to learn more about the events leading up to the Fukushima disaster of March 2011.

    The experiment will take place at the Nuclear Safety Research Reactor in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, in order to give investigators a better idea of exactly how and when meltdown occurred at the stricken plant.

    “We’d like to find out what phenomena occurred in the accident and use the data to work out responses in the event of another nuclear power plant accident,” a JAEA official told the Yomiuri Shimbun.

    The citizens of Ibaraki-ken have a right to be a little nervous, although the experiment will be conducted on a much smaller scale.

    A single 30-centimeter-long fuel rod will be used instead of the tens of thousands of 4.5-meter-long rods used at Fukushima, with fission predicted to cease shortly after the controlled meltdown…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Read the comments

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Someone needs to go over an lock all these people up before they accidentally blow up the entire Japanese island, taking out the rest of the those 50+ reactors sitting over there. 🙁

      Such experiments were needed in 1950, not now…a little late I say. 🙁

      Shut these poison spewing Nuclear Power Plants and all their scientific people down! 🙂

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        "A controlled meltdown"???O.k.They have no brains and my mind is warping w/ every expert I hear speak !

      • Oak Ridge did a mock-up BWR meltdown back in the '80s. That's where GE/TEPCO got their nifty little meltdown/melt-through animation, produced to explain the dynamics and the fact that those suckers will melt all the way down and through before your 'management committee' can schedule lunch for the meeting.

  • ShutItAllDown

    Things to do today.

    1. Change company name.

    2. Have the government raise the maximum radiation exposure levels.

    3. Book tickets for my family "holiday" in Peru.

    4. FInd some other sucker to take over as chairman of TEPCO

  • paschn

    These sub-human corporate filth will do as they do. As with the U.S. government, the Japanese "leaders" will do what it takes to screw the public and keep their shares earning/selling well. Also as with the blow-flies in D.C., if the people continue to accept it w/o consequence for their respective "leaders" it will be business as usual. When the demonic/Talmudic monster Kissinger spoke of eliminating "useless eaters", he wasn't speaking only of Yankee fools, he was speaking of world fools. The beat goes on, no?


      if I'm correct, paschn, it was Joseph Stalin who referred to the 'peasantry' as "useless eaters". However, when we're talking the likes of Kissinger, they're all the same murderous trash…

  • uncomfortablynumb

    That's right TEPCO, change your name, that should solve all your problems and everyone will now be healed and on the road to recovery……you motherfuckers.

  • Shaker1

    Well, for us in the US, has anyone really thought about how little money the return of this compensation quoted in the Mainichi article truly is? And, honestly, numbers quoted in the article don't make too much sense to me. At best 1 yen is about 12 cents in US dollars, with the average closer to to 9 1/2 or 10 cents. So if it was 100 million yen, that's probably 10 million dollars. Let's say that's equally divided (which I'm sure it's not) between the original 50 there who stood in the face of this thing. Each then received $200,000 for their efforts. Would you say that's enough for the risk that they assumed?

  • Wow – a brilliant idea just came to my mind: why not rename my profile from "Fukugeddon" to "Armashima" ?
    Could open a whole bunch of new business opportunities, prosperity and happiness will rule again. And the best part: no one will realize that it is still me.
    [Has anybody seen my vomiting bag ?]

  • Shaker1

    (Laughing) A bit early in the morning for me…Sorry. Regarding my comment above, it's one order less. 1 yen at best is about 1.2 cents, and averages somewhere probably about .95 cents. The mistake just came from trying to avoid decimal places of pennies.

    Average compensation would then come to $20,000. A pittance. Stub your toe in McDonalds due to an employee leaving a mopbucket in the wrong place, and you'd get more than that for the asking.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Obviously the bungling of TEPCO suits the powers that be. And what might this value of continued radiation output be for the Power Elites?

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    The only government that seems the least bit interested in the situation at Fukushima is the Japanese–and its interest is in keeping the lid on things, keeping it a secret! Thus one might reasonably conclude that the problem in Fukushima Prefecture is a very local one with little or no bearing on life in the rest of Japan, not to mention another nation. Hence, TEPCO being short of money is pretty much like any other corporation having financial trouble. Maybe they will just go bankrupt; and it will be no big thing because they haven't being doing much anyway except looking as if they were.
    The situation might be comparable to the Emperor having some very embarrassing matter to keep hidden. And the community of nations wisely going along with the Japanese as a result. Or to use another example, the situation in New Jersey with Chris Christie is where we should be putting our attention!
    But somehow this seems completely wacko.