Tepco to try and remove steel debris on top of fuel racks in No. 3 pool — Concern about liner? (PHOTOS)

Published: November 9th, 2012 at 4:52 pm ET


Title: Debris Removal from the Upper Part of Unit 3 Reactor Building at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station [Removal of the Debris Under Water]
Source: Tokyo Electric Power Company
Date: November 9, 2012
h/t Enformable

In order to improve the visibility of Unit 3 spent fuel pool, the cooling pump has been suspended since November 6, 2012. As a result of visibility evaluation, the visible distance* remained to be approx. 2.5m.

In prior to removing the steel beam which fell into the spent fuel pool on September 22, 2012, liner curing of the pool will be implemented in mid November once the preparation is complete.

The underwater debris removal is planned to be carried out in late November to early December after a mockup test based on the visibility evaluation result.

* Distance from the water surface which can be visually confirmed

Watch: [intlink id=”japan-tv-steel-beam-found-beside-fuel-rod-assemblies-tepco-mentions-possibility-of-damage-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 9th, 2012 at 4:52 pm ET


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20 comments to Tepco to try and remove steel debris on top of fuel racks in No. 3 pool — Concern about liner? (PHOTOS)

  • RADS

    What could go wrong? only fuel bundles colliding with each other, vibrations so on so forth… Children with tonka toys..

  • dosdos dosdos

    What's a little MOX among friends?

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      A little mox here, a little mox there, everywhere a mox mox

      too bad mox causes pox, a little pox here, a little pox there, everywhere a pox pox.

      • Nicolasin Nicolasin

        Brillant lololol…had my geiger in the rain in south west england..in general the readings are normal but the rain is hot even a little bit…go 0.2 instead of 0.1 n had a kinda .47 n .37 for a few moments…whehey!!! It's like driving through a safari park in an open top jeep wearing a pork pie hat and corned beef boxer shorts…..lets go!!!

  • Stephengn

    Y'all have probably already heard this, but remember that nuclear sub fire in Maine a few months back?

    It was arson


    Disgruntled employees with malicious intent – one more reason nuke is stupid

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the pool of water may exist only so long as water is being continuously pumped in from the outside.

    So, could the high pixilated images and pinkish emissions seen recently at the plant have been from Tepco's suspension of the cooling pump since November 6, 2012?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    anyone want to take bets?

    Is it the underground out of control nuclear fires?

    Is it the spent fuel pool, boiling and roiling?

    Is it the steam from fission happening in one or more broken reactors?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-dangerous-is-400-600-pounds-of.html

    Nuclear Plants And Radioactive Water Contamination; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/nuclear-plants-and-radioactive-water.html

  • weeman

    Once again you did not read between the lines, we are supposed to be commenting on the current story, the venue for other points are in the threads, thank you no malice.

    The point is this is from tepco, to be taken with a pinch of salt but as far as I comprehend they are only removing the beam that fell into the pool not all the debris or that big hulk if steel beam.
    Next the viability is already at 2.5 meters that's over seven feet in a fifty foot pool surely that is enoughi do not know what liner curing is but a presume it is shielding, please clarify.

    I know I may not be the most educated person as you can tell from my grammar and spelling etc that does not mean that I am a fool, please try to answer my questions tell me I am out to lunch, agree to not agree, I will not take it to heart, I believe that the Internet can give humanity a voice were the majority rules for better or worse, things as they are democracy is a farce and my ansestors did not fight for freedom to be ruled by billigerent people, by the way I am Scottish and if you have a parliament then we had alot to do with that, look at your founding fathers. Be well and prosper star trek we can't quote religion, peace brothers and sisters that goes without saying, we the people.

  • richard richard

    "Be well and prosper star trek we can't quote religion, peace brothers and sisters that goes without saying" – that gave me a chuckle for some reason πŸ™‚

  • weeman

    But do you comprehend what is your opinion

  • razzz razzz

    I was wondering where the refueling machine was in Unit 3's spent fuel pond and TEPCO found most of it last month.

    Some don't like Fukushima Diary because of the broken English translations but Mochizuki there has a background in civil engineering.


    • weeman

      Can you speak and write in Japanese, probably not he does, maybe not to a high standard but he can communicate, he is truly a brilliant individual and I have the highest regard for him as I have for you, to take the time to get involved, get my drift brother.

    • corium pudding corium pudding

      I think Mochizuki's English is pretty good. Much better than my Japanese, anyway. He is a deep thinker — almost a poet — regardless of the language he chooses to use. He is the tragedy of Fukushima personified.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      I haven't heard anyone complain, Iori Mochizuki is eloquent, a very effective English writer.

  • patb2009

    if someone could make a spatial wiki of the plant andhotlink all the different articles to
    each area, that would be fantastic. I've seenone, but i don't know how to do it.

    frankly i think TEPCO is just screwing around. They could have removed the big beams a long time back and then put powerful suction pumps to pull the debris off the top of the racks and removed the fuel bundles.

    getting these fuel pools empty is the biggest priority.

    That it's being messed around with indicates the Japanese government has no interest in this.

  • razzz razzz

    I am not sure what a spatial wiki is but it would have to be maintained to keep it up to date.

    I just Google everything to get the latest. Any searching I need for this site or any other I just type in what I remember into Google i.e. date, names, sentence or a word or two that I recall then last I type in Enenews or the site I want to search in, for instance Fukushima Diary so Google can look there or in both sites first.

    Bookmarking sites of interest (in a folder) can grow into a very long list for reference but necessary if you have a metal sieve of a mind like mine or the subject matter gets extended into other areas of interest.