Tepco: Trench connected to Unit No. 2 is what’s contaminating groundwater at Fukushima — Has extremely high levels of over 3 billion Bq/liter of radioactive substances — Water is flowing in from reactor building (VIDEO)

Published: August 12th, 2013 at 12:10 pm ET


Link TV, August 9, 2013 (Emphasis Added): Tepco advisor Dale Klein: This current leak that they’re dealing with has to do with water that’s located in a trench […]

Japan Times, August 11, 2013: The utility suspects that groundwater has been contaminated at an underground trench by the sea that is connected to the No. 2 reactor building.

Asahi Shimbun, August 3, 2013: One huge problem facing TEPCO in dealing with the water is the maze of pits constructed beneath the Fukushima No. 1 plant site […] The reactor buildings are still connected to the pits […] Water contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation reached the ocean from the pits in the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors in April and May 2011. […] officials said they believed they had properly dealt with the problem at that time. But in reality, contaminated water continued to flow into the ocean.

Japan Times, July 28, 2013: A cable trench running under the turbine building of the No. 2 reactor […] contained 2.35 billion becquerels [per liter] of cesium and 750 million becquerels of other, unnamed radioactive substances, including strontium, that emit beta rays.

Wall St. Journal, July 27, 2013: [Water in trench near No. 2 reactor turbine building]  is probably from one of the damaged reactor cores.

See also: [intlink id=”over-15-quadrillion-becquerels-of-radioactive-substances-suspected-in-trench-that-tepco-admits-are-leaking-into-groundwater” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch Tepco’s advisor confirm the trench leak here

Published: August 12th, 2013 at 12:10 pm ET


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15 comments to Tepco: Trench connected to Unit No. 2 is what’s contaminating groundwater at Fukushima — Has extremely high levels of over 3 billion Bq/liter of radioactive substances — Water is flowing in from reactor building (VIDEO)

  • jackassrig

    Another article on FuKu at zerohedge.com

  • Its an ongoing disaster. Good for mainstream piece on cbc radio this morning. One guest feels Japanese people are apethetic. Tepco not motivated to spend money as Fuku a black hole for money with no return. Government doesnt want to involve itself as then they will be responsible for unforseen events. Will search for links over lunch.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Just that one trench..??
    Let's just say…it's the worst.
    After all..the meltdown /melt through was the entire amount contained in the reactor.

  • W8R W8R

    Really Tepco?
    You pump in millions of gallons of
    water over 2 1/2 years.
    Where did you think it was going?
    Billions of BQ per liter..
    Going straight into the ocean.
    They dont care. Hell, they pulled fuel
    rods and dumped them in local rivers
    and the bay.
    Fukushima, the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Plus burning nuclear waste garbage and then dumping the ashes in Tokyo Bay or the rivers… all of the radioactivity went up into the air, contaminating the whole country all over again. The gift that keeps on giving. In German, gift means poison.. appropriate translation and meaning here.

      Guess who is downwind?

      The rest of the world… all getting free gifts, thanks to the nuclear experts and politicians who are staking their reputations and legacy on the 'no harm' theory..

      Future generations will KNOW who is to blame.

  • weeman

    Mr. Klein you state that Japan has no option but to continue to produce electricity through nuclear power, if it's economy is to thrive?, first Japan is bankrupt and was so before accident, second you state tepco has to be more transparent and change operating procedures, that's a joke and how do you design a reactor facility that can withstand inevitable natural forces, you can't and there is to many natural forces at work.
    If I was Japanese I would be investing in geothermal power production and renewable sources and become a world leader in this field, ask Iceland for information, this makes the most sense to me, since they are close to crustal plates, a endless supply of steam, that's all you need steam to run the turbines, same as a reactor does boils water to make steam, simple physics made complicated.

  • IMO – This guy is a psychopath. Dale Klein, former chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    ; ) He says, "TEPCO has not been covering up at all."

    He says, "They need Nuclear Energy…".
    He uses words like safe and reliable. What???

    From the Link TV video.

    Nuclear Power Plants are now proven to fail. Any conservative estimates toward making these Death Machines safe is an effort in futility and a guarantee of out of control costs.

    Saying its a matter of economics as to why the NPPs in Japan should be restarted is crazy and dangerous. Since when did economics outweigh the DNA of everything on the planet?

    • pure water

      I agree with you about the nature of this person!And thank you for all your efforts to dig out the details from the posts!I think it is of great importance.

  • NeverAnyDanger

    What a pathetic cross section graphic.

    I think the groundwater is flowing over the coriums and is itself contaminated. Not just coming from under the buildings. An opinion only.

  • Cisco Cisco

    1. We need to get some of these, "Main Anti-earthquake building…"

    2. "The well was built last Wednesday, about four meters away from the sea…"

    Brilliant…13 feet from the sea! Great, later it'll work as a discharge well.

    3. The biggest story in the history of mankind the GP doesn't know about; and the absolute, all time, biggest clusterf#ck in the history of mankind the GP doesn't know.

    Truly…a testament to money and propaganda.

    • Cisco Cisco

      All brought to you by the last vestige of freedom, the MSM…no longer a free press, musseled by the government and its advertisers and some elites. The corruption of the press/MSM make those folks in Louisiana look like pikers.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "…from the seawater sample taken on April 3, one day after the construction using sheet piles and vibratory hammer started, radioactive cesium was found again exceeding the legal limit for Cs-137."

    Contaminated water in leaky tunnels and torus basements is incredibly high, but isn't related to the current increase in levels of contamination in the groundwater.

    The increased levels of groundwater contamination are solely related to the construction of the Impermeable Wall, IMO.

    Here are some of the problems with the Impermeable Wall Project:
    1. Vibrating mudrock in an area with corium residue may increase contamination.
    2. Pounding steel pilings into the mudrock further disturbs corium debris.
    3. Groundwater backs up behind the new Impermeable Wall, raising the water table, increasing the flow of contaminated groundwater into the ocean.
    4. Groundwater flow rate decreases behind the Impermeable Wall, increasing contamination as groundwater encounters corium debris for a longer time on its way to the ocean.
    5. The Impermeable Wall is planned to end halfway around Reactors1-4. A better idea is to extend the Impermeable Wall entirely around the reactors, in order to block incoming groundwater from becoming contaminated by corium debris under the reactor buildings.
    6. If TEPCO drops the water table too far, atmospheric contamination is likely to increase.

  • SwimsWithGators

    BREAKING NEWS: TEPCO has found Corium.

    The corium is in the trench under R2.

    We've been wondering where it was, it seems pretty obvious they are telling us the corium has burned through containment and is now in the trench.

    Now where is R1 and R3's coriums? Hopefully, they are a mile deep. If they are not a mile deep we'll be breathing it till our last breaths. If it is a mile deep it may actually be contained somewhat.

    The only solution I see is to build the world's biggest above and below ground swimming pool. Put all that stuff underwater, recirculate the water and allow everything 50 years to cool off and technology to catch up.