TEPCO: Unit No. 1 is now “in a state of meltdown” — Suspects there are holes in bottom of reactor (VIDEO)

Published: May 12th, 2011 at 7:50 pm ET


No.1 reactor is in a “meltdown” state, NHK, May 13, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Company says the No.1 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is believed to be in a state of “meltdown”.

The utility company said on Thursday that most of the fuel rods are likely to have melted and fallen to the bottom of the reactor. Earlier in the day, it found that the coolant water in the reactor is at a level which would completely expose nuclear fuel rods if they were in their normal position. […]

But it suspects the meltdown created a hole or holes in the bottom of the reactor causing water to leak into the containment vessel.

Watch the video here.

Published: May 12th, 2011 at 7:50 pm ET


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114 comments to TEPCO: Unit No. 1 is now “in a state of meltdown” — Suspects there are holes in bottom of reactor (VIDEO)

  • TEPCO makes it seem as if the reactor unit is melting down this minute, rather it melted down shortly before the roof blew off in March.

    It’s taken TEPCO this long to get around to checking water levels (looks at watch).

    The cores in units 2 and 3 have also melted down, all three reactor cores are experiencing re- criticality. Give TEPCO another six months and they might get around to checking them out.

    Unfortunately, reactor unit 3’s core appears to be getting hotter. Unit 3 will be where the next problem arises, unless the reactor unit 4 building collapses.

    • FYI

      CNBC is airing a special called “Nuclear Meltdown” on Wednesday, May 18 @ 10 p.m.


      • ocifferdave

        this is supposedly a prophecy from someone in my church back in 1850 in Serbia. I can’t confirm if its true. Lets just pretend its created by a fellow commenter that sizes up these times and says “what if it gets worse and worse”. Interesting things to note on the bellow page: sea, air, land is poisoned (that’s a tall order but with Fukushima its happening now), eat the food and you die (fukushima additives on food are deadly), only those in a mountain that fast will survive (density from radiation…and don’t eat the radioactive food). I’ve been reading and rereading this prophecy for years(and others…there’s more on this site that are easier to historically claim as being original translations) and want to know what you guys think:


        • ocifferdave

          I’m in a spiritually deep funk…must be that (for once) excellent episode of Stargate Universe (where destiny travels back in time a few hours and meets itself) that I just watched. Anyways, here’s something I read a few years ago that stuck in my mind strongly and I think about sometimes…more so these past weeks:

          King James Bible
          And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.


          • Godzilla

            Oh yes, OcifferDave …… for those who weren’t around during the Chernobyl Incident, it turned out that the name Chernobyl means “Wormwood” in Ukrainian, and much was made of that by Bible enthusiasts. According to Wiki,

            “The city is named after the Ukrainian word for mugwort or wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris), which is чорнобиль “chornobyl”. “

          • ocifferdave

            I didnt know that Godzilla. Nice find.

        • kx

          I made 2 prophecy’s, one ended great the other not so. I was 7.

  • Cindy

    I have been speaking with a State Rep. Of the Radiological office, in my state, And I have been assured that the levels of radioactive Isotopes are dropping . Many are non detect.

    I was told that the rise we all saw in the northern Hemisphere were due to the explosions which pushed the particles high into the air, where they were picked up by the jet stream. Locally in Japan is where they will see the problems associated with the lower level steam releases.

    It needs something like an explosion to shoot it up to even reach the jet stream. If nothing more explodes, most places in the US at least should be far enough away to not recieve harmful levels of radiation…

    The situation does continue to be monitored..

    • xdrfox

      It’s called Parroting !

    • Poor Daddy

      WHAT???? WTF! HUH?

    • anne

      “harmful levels of radiation” is semantic rhetoric to hide the truth. There is no level of radiation that is not harmful. If he said that no one in the U.S. would receive any radiation at all he would be lying. To say that the levels we receive is not harmful what he means is that no death can be attributed to Fukushima even if the radiation from Fukushima is what sent the person over the top. There is already way too much radiation in the U.S. both from before and from the increases from Fukushima and from the increases to come from Fukushima. All radiation is accumulative in each person. Each exposure adds up and is harmful to each person. Some of what we do may decrease the effects of that radiation, e.g., having a source of calcium that is non-contaminated can help the bones to take that calcium rather than the Strontium 90 that it is exposed to. Whatever radioactive Cesium has already fallen on the U.S. isn’t going away. The Cesium levels of Chernobyl have never fallen despite the predictions that they would after its half-life of 30 years has passed. Obviously Chernobyl must still be producing Cesium.
      It doesn’t just need an explosion. The meltdowns will go on for years and continue to pollute the ocean. The radiation is more concentrated as it goes up the food chain. Someone said that seaweed attracts radioactive particles. Who do you think is relying on the seaweed for food? Marine animals. The radioactivity of the ocean is going to be increasing for many years, probably 100,000 years or maybe millions of years.
      Then there is continual radioactivity released in the U.S. from every nuclear plant and nuclear weapons plant on a daily basis. There are the scatter machines in the airports and there is the nuclear uses by the medical profession. Then there is the continuing destruction of the ozone layer by HAARP. Did you know that every time something is sent into space like a satellite the atmosphere is sliced and can never be repaired? Every space launch uses terrible fuels that pollute the ocean and longer space missions like to Saturn uses plutonium and every space launch failure also pollutes the earth. Man cannot go permanently out into space because outside the earth’s atmosphere there is terrible radiation. As we destroy the ozone layer we allow more of that radiation in to pollute the earth.
      The chemicals, pesticides, microwave pollution all weaken the immune system and make it more difficult to survive the radiation we are being exposed to.
      The only reason to not publish the results of monitoring radiation levels is that they are still way too high and increasing. And the U.S. would rather spend its money manufacturing and storing weapons using nuclear technology and will do anything to keep its citizens uninformed and uneducated.

      • Anthony

        Well said.

      • Pu239

        Seaweed is (was) considered a power food.

        The ad below extols its virtues as a radiation removal food, but fails to mention anything about the food itself being radioactive in the first place:


        On 5 April, seaweed around Vancouver was 400% above acceptable iodine limits. [Must be above Cesium, Strontium and other limits as well]:


        • Pu239



          “Recently while searching the EPA RADnet database for radiation reports, we found a link to the main database. It included the RADNet monitoring data for many isotopes not released in the public reports.

          Notice that:

          RADnet began monitoring for Plutonium from Day 1
          Plutonium was found from Alaska. to San Francisco California. and down into Guam from 03/18/2011
          Strontium was detected in the United States on 03/18/2011
          Isotopes found not released in public reports Plutonium, Strontium and Cesium”

          • Dbug

            Hmmmm, interesting that they say they found a link to the database, but then don’t list it. Or did I miss it?
            Thanks for sharing.

            I like the idea of getting the raw data direct from the source, but certainly see that some will like the way that site combines some graphs to single pages for easy comparison, and does other things for easy viewing.

            I wish someone would explain and maybe post-process the energy band graph data. All those curves of different energy levels, and it’s not clear what produces what. And they’re almost always nearly identical families. I think that the higher energy sources may also show on the lower energy detection curves, so it might be necessary to subtract one from the other to actually see lower energy sources alone (the longer half life isotopes). With the subtraction/post-processing subtle things may not be visible to the eye. If my guess is correct, that explains why the EPA graphs for Anaheim didn’t look that interesting even when it was the hottest spot in the U.S. (except for Alaska). Always something new to learn it seems 🙂

            The raw database would be interesting to see. The example repackaged page that site had up was a bit funny though. The plutonium amounts were so very low that a bunch of them were negative numbers. Maybe what’s being seen is “noise” in the measuring equipment or a calibration error.
            I guess people get pretty excited over plutonium because of the 24 century half-life. But as an alpha emitter, it’s mainly a problem when inhaled.
            What should be of bigger concern is that in areas with much ground contamination, over the centuries it’ll be slowly decaying to Americium (the stuff in Smoke detectors) which actually gives off more radiation

            State level data for California CDPH-RHB monitoring offers good detail. They provide both the raw data, and a simplified report, so everything is there to see.


            Here’s a map of the sites monitored

            The recent data doesn’t show much, but the way things are going, levels could go up again. Sigh…

        • Dbug

          Thanks for that info on seaweed. I was researching what might be a good natural source of iodine recently, and seaweed was the first thing I saw. It’s a popular food item in Japan. They’ll have to be careful where they get it now.

          I guess the property that makes Seaweed good at absorbing iodine 131 is the same thing that made it naturally load up on regular iodine from the ocean. It’s probably a great source of minerals too. Maybe something to avoid eating where there is pollution from heavy metals?

      • Nary EllenMarucci

        Ann, May I repost your reply in facbook and other places. How would I credit you? YOu said what I have been sayig but much more clearly! thank you.

    • Cuica

      Cindy, Air circulates around the globe. Moving around all kinds of air pollution. The USA has been complaining for years about the air pollution that comes from Chaina. It take more or less 4-5 days for China’s pollutants to reach the USA. So you go and explain that to you Senator that if air pollution can come across so can radiation pollution.
      Check it out….

    • Blue

      Also NILU and other forecast are possible predictions akin to weather forecast and should be viewed as such. I wonder if any anyone is detecting total amounts that have reached the US thus far. Does anyone know of such data? Thanks for your time. Also, since the core has melted and it has been two months and there have been releases but nothing catastrophic in the US and when I hear people saying ‘this is the end… etc I really don’t think anyone knows what exactly is going to happen but we can look at Chernobyl for indications as to how this will play out and I really don’t think it is the “end”. Yes, not good for Japan as I think the missing water from rector one is now in the ground water and of course steam. Take care and no worries.

      • Idea

        Is anyone here smart enough to look at this CTBTO map of cesium detected to-date and calculate how much the US west-coast and east-coast has received to-date?


        • Dbug

          It does confirm something else relating to another discussion here, that the amount hitting the US in the last week of March was over 100 times what it has been the last few days. It’s a base 10 log graph, every major division up is 10 times the one below. It also shows that the level in Japan (wherever that was taken) on March 21st was thousands of times the value on the 28th or a few days ago.

          The plume forecast discussed elsewhere is based on the release rate being constant, but as I’d concluded from other data, this shows a variation of over 2000:1
          The forecaster may still have the strongest locations right, but the intensity is way way off. There really is far less radiation now than earlier. Of course what’s on the ground and into grass/cows/foods varies dramatically with rain.
          Thanks for posting this.

          As far as totals:
          I was thinking we’d integrate the area under the curve, but it is a concentration per volume of air. If the air sat still, it wouldn’t be additive because it would be the same air. So no, this does not tell how much was deposited, just what the concentration per cubic km or whatever is over time. The amount deposited would vary greatly. Material could just blow on by, but if there was rain much of it could be brought down.
          These values no doubt vary a great deal with altitude also.

          If brought down, and in liquid or on the ground, the concentration would be vastly higher because the material in a huge volune would be essentially conpressed to a flat area. If a certain percentage was assumed to cone down, we’d have an amount of material per unit area. To do an estimate for a country, it would probably be best to look at the air county by county, using different estimates of how much came down depending on weather, humidity altitude etc. Then add up the different areas. Per square meter and per county values, and knowing rainfall details might allow a useful risk calculation. It’s the sort of data that had to be used for that Nevada Testing risk calculator I posted about. The pdf science file with that had some integrations (yes calculus really is good for something). It may be worth looking to see what kind of data they crunched. It might at least give some constants to estimate how much comes out of dry air. I get the impression that airborne material sometimes sticks around a while before rain takes it down. The initial Russian concentration showing two weeks after the U.S. west coast peak isn’t all that much lower, and that was air that went around the world. Interesting stuff.

    • ZombiePlanet

      Then how come I can see readings on my equipment that prove otherwise.

      When I need scientific data I DO NOT go to a politician.

      If my tooth hurts I guess I should see Home Depot.

      • anne

        Are you testing the fish, animals and vegetation? Does you equipment detect and measure all the 1300 radioactive substances including plutonium? Can you measure the total radiation exposure an individual has already received in his/her lifetime and what radioactive elements have been breathed in or injested?

    • Cindy I’ve spoken to my state radiation authorities as well. They use the exact same words. They love the banana metaphor even more than the X-Ray one. They are deeply connected to our state’s nuclear power industry.

      These people simply do not believe that low levels of ionizing radiation pose any problem and they are unfamiliar with the technical and medical research that documents exactly how low-levels of radiation, particularly if consumed, impact DNA transcription processes…

      For them, a radiation disaster occurs when radiation levels are HIGH!

      Unfortunately for us all, they are wrong about the effects of low levels, particularly as they accumulate in food chains…

    • anne

      People who defend environmental pollution usually zero in on one element alone. The tests done for industry are done on one element alone. They need to test for the reaction to all elements. Often pollutants act in synergy and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

      • Dbug

        Defend pollution? I’m not sure I’ve heard it put quite that way, but maybe. I was thinking it is more like Deny Pollution. That’s what I’d call those that try to make it seem so normal, by comparing with various sources. Speaking of comparing, many of the monitoring locations are where they are because they’re sites that were/are/ or could easily be polluted. Some are near former nuclear processing sites, development areas, power plants… so the picture of normal can be distorted. Add to that what’s left from other accidents and tests, and a good many people see “normal” background levels that are far higher than before 1940. It’s kinda like people using the word natural. Rattlesnake venom is all natural. So it’s good to be wary of buzzwords and comparisons that people cook up.

        There is some good reason to focus on “just one” isotope sometimes, namely Iodine 131. That’s because it gets more concentrated than others do in the food chain, is more readily absorbed and kept in the body, and then in more concentrated in one area making it even more likely to do damage. For a given amount of material, it also gives off more radiation because radiation occurs during decay and it decays much faster than the others. So it does it’s cellular or genetic damage within the first couple of months in the body and is gone (turns to Xe 131 gas, similar to what camera flash tubes have in them).
        Iodine also gets more attention because there are some things-done/choices before exposure that can reduce the number of people affected.

        That’s not to say that the other isotopes aren’t bad. Some aren’t absorbed as easily by the body and mostly pass through. But inhaled or absorbed in the bones, some of these still can long-term cause cancers even at low doses.

        So while people like the simplicity of lumping everything together, the how, when, and where these things affect us is different, and a full understanding requires an awareness of the differences. In the sense that some things are like minerals or heavy metals in the way they are absorbed, they’re similar to other pollution. I both areas it’s best to avoid getting things in the body. One many have some luck getting bad things out of the digestive tract or body fluids, but not so much with the lungs or bones. Usually anything that would pull those things out also would dangerously pull essential minerals or trace metals.
        Some things can be measured in the body long after exposure, others (like Iodine 131) won’t be there.

        Except in areas near accidents and toxic sites, it really is Iodine that causes most cancers later. Cesium is probably second most common, but on the ground in lower exposure areas, blown around as dust for many years, some people scattered over very wide area will get exposed and perhaps get cancers too. But being spread out, and not easily distinguished from cancer of other causes (smoking, chemicals etc) it’s not very easy to measure. And short of preventing accidents, for most people it becomes a sort of evil background thing… where no one can really do too much (short of moving) and most that do get ill won’t know for sure why. It’s a tragedy that plays out in slow motion over many decades or longer.

        A healthy body an immune system is good in general, but it is less effective against cancers/isotopes than other pathogens because the isotopes and cancer sells look to the body to be much like its’ own minerals or cells.

        But any help with a cleaner stronger body is still a good thing…

    • Godzilla

      Cindy, it’s true that the levels have gone way down, and I’d certainly be happy to see that trend continued. But unfortunately I think that given recent events, we are likely to see more explosions – at least one corium has melted a hole through the bottom barrier of containment and is starting to eat away at whatever lies down there (does anyone here know what’s immediately beneath?) At some point it is likely to meet a large amount of groundwater, but no one knows for sure what will happen at that time – I’d guess steam explosions, but I don’t know if they would break out on the surface and go up into the jet stream. Maybe instead it will all break out into the ocean or contaminate the ground water in that area.

    • extra knight

      impossible Cindy the government isn’t even testing for any dangerous radionuclides in the ground water, the public drinking water systems, and drinking water, including bottled water, let alone for radioactive contamination on the ground and in the atmosphere.

    • extra knight

      I was told that the rise we all saw in the northern Hemisphere were due to the explosions which pushed the particles high into the air, where they were picked up by the jet stream. Locally in Japan is where they will see the problems associated with the lower level steam releases.

      It needs something like an explosion to shoot it up to even reach the jet stream. If nothing more explodes, most places in the US at least should be far enough away to not recieve harmful levels of radiation…

      The situation does continue to be monitored..

      classic disinformation cleverly disguised as a ridiculous, and i must say almost blatantly comical Talking Head script that is really best described as semi-lucid/coherent propaganda which is really orwellian doublespeak. it’s there for all to see. no one is measuring anything, this i do not understand.

  • charlie

    Cindy, have you read about cesium levels in milk in Hawaii?

    • Cindy

      Yes, we have Iodine 131, Cesium 137, and Strontium 95 I think,( something like that , it’s the bad one )

      What a mess…

      We drink Mainland milk. a lot unfortunately

      Where are you from charlie?

  • 67Mopar

    This is total BS!

  • Cindy

    What is BS ?

    • xdrfox

      Cindy, don’t drink the Koolaid !

      • dmz

        Cindy, Don’t drink the milk!!! Aghhh!

        Seriously, have many of you in the Pacific or on the West Coast considered relocation? I know that no place has it too easy in this country now, but I was wondering…

        Also, can anyone recommend how I can best appeal to relatives in coastal CA about being more careful, etc.? Thanks!

        • xdrfox

          Look how few left the GOM (few) and now many are sick and still won’t leave !

        • Anna

          I know! My whole birth family and nieces and nephews are right on the coast. I have sent them a lot of information and KI (overnighted from the other side of the country) and supplements from Ashwaganda to minerals and Adya Clarity plus the filtration system to go with it, etc and what were they doing on Mother’s Day???
          They were outside in the wind having a brunch at the church and then after that they went to my mom’s house for ice cream (!) banana splits. My one sister is nursing a 7 month old.
          I really worry about them. I don’t know what else I can do.

        • extra knight

          the flowers, the trees, the birds, the air. everything. i don’t see how moving anywhere will change anything or make ones life or anyones life more precious and valuable or better, or worse than it already is or anything, besides that will accomplish exactly nothing in long run, when you look down the road. there is nothing to be gained by running from problems and things you have absolutely no control over. especially things of this nature, an uncontrolled chain of events, leading to disaster.

      • Pu239

        Pre-radiation-brewed beer works for me …

        • Dbug

          And coming soon from Tepco, the beer and saki bar with balcony overlooking a reactor with a great ocean view. Experience the thrill of seeing new sea creatures. Classic Japanese monster movies on video. Nuclear tourists can have all the beer they can drink for free, as long as they do their bit on the balcony for recycling and reactor cooling. Experience your first iodine-fortified beer! Enjoy dancing in colorful radiation suits.

      • extra knight

        don’t drink anything that might perhaps be contaminated, for better or worse, if you ask me. drink clean pure bottled drinking water if you must. simple as pie.

  • Oli

    I have been reading enenews since shortly after this all started. Many thanks to the admin and also to all of you who have posted comments.
    Here is my question: worst case scenario- all of the reactor cores melt down through the containment and contaminate the ocean, reactor 4 topples and spent fuel rods are scattered on the ground. What is the result? Will most marine life die? Will there be plutonium in the drinking water or will it be filtered out through the water cycle into the ground? How much of the contamination will spread beyond the area of japan? Will the ocean be large enough to dilute the radiation?
    I’m just trying to get a sense of what will happen next. Do we even know? Has anything like this ever been modeled before?
    I appreciate any thoughts.

    • misitu

      My guess is that they cannot fix it.

      There are four figures of tons of fuel on site, so anything that goes critical will stay that way until something interrupts it. Eh? WTF can interrupt a criticality?

      There is no negative feedback available here.

      Will leave the techies to do some math, but basic system thinking says:


      • xdrfox

        “You have been reading enenews since shortly after this all started”
        Then you have read all the below on this site and through links here !

        It can not be stopped, After melt down there is no cold shutdown, We have never been here before of this magnitude ! Even Chernobyl is still burning and emulating death !

        “scattered on the ground.”

        The explosion already blew the MOX and more all over creation, one more just would add too !

        dilution is not the solution, just spreads further and into more, is oceans !

        Much of marine life will die, and give birth to (non viable life) Monstrosities ! Such as many humans will in the near future and will expand also of still Born’s and mis carried children !
        Same as after effects of Chernobyl there and in the U S !

    • Godzilla

      Concerning the ocean contamination, what we saw during the first meltdowns was that ocean currents brought the radioactive stuff all the way to the Northwest coastal areas, especially around Vancouver, where the seaweed set off the detectors. So basically, wherever the currents go, there the seaweed and later fish will be contaminated – the amount will eventually be highest around the apex of the food chain, the bigger fish.

      The Pacific Ocean is huge and won’t show that much increase in radioactivity, but there could be lots of hot spots along the currents.

      Recommendation as always: eat seafood from the Southern Hemisphere, which is somewhat disconnected by currents (air and water) from the Northern Pacific regions where the bad stuff is being dumped.

      • Anna

        Australia has already tested and found radioactivity in fish. I don’t know what type of fish it was, as it was not in the article.

        I looked at the ocean current map and it looks like the water from Japan goes south and then goes above and below Australia. It looks like to me that the radioactivity in water will go world wide before the radioactive air goes world wide. Sure, it will get diluted along the way but sadly will kill sea life along the way.

        • xdrfox

          Radioactive material found in China, Korea
          “”29 March 2011″”
          southern region of Guangxi had detected very small doses of iodine-131
          detected traces of iodine-131 in Seoul and seven other places across South Korea.

        • Dbug

          From what I’ve read, the radiation will be harder on the oceans’ mammals than the fish. Seals and sea lions do have thyroids that play a major role in their hormone levels. Hopefully there won’t be vulnerable species hit hard by this.

          The iodine 131 levels will fall within months of releases (or at least fission) stopping, but the cesium won’t be going away. Time will tell which species tend to absorb it most, and how they cope.

          I saw a video on France 24 where they interviewed a scientist near a nuclear recycling facility. He’d said that near a low-level discharge pipe in the ocean it was very hit and miss which creatures had the highest radiation. I believe he did say it was higher in lobsters and crabs than in fish.

          I was a bit afraid of eating much fish already. I think it might have had something to do with the little notice at the store advising women, in order to avoid heavy metals, to consider not eating any fish for a year before getting pregnant. No danger of me getting pregnant, but still…

          I suspect that sales of fish will decline some in many places. But I guess if they’re screened with a counter, there really is no new reason to fear them.

          • dan

            I’m not sure if a geiger counter will pick up enough of a radiation difference to notice a tiny radioactive particle embedded in something like a piece of fish. But if that particle gets lodged somewhere inside whoever eats it, it could be dangerous.

      • extra knight

        i hope you meant seaweed, sir. makes more sense to me. simple as pie.

  • Bioritize

    Are there any thermal images from the reactor site? I would think that would be a great indicator of any issues, I would also think they could track down the fissioning material.

  • Oli

    One other thing- why is milk so susceptible to radiation accumulation, more than other foods?

  • micro

    strange fog even for san franciso
    like little cats paws
    cable cars climbing half way to the stars
    oh thats right 100,000 year old lake
    filled marsh no bed rock,,,cool
    on the beach
    a spill here a splash there
    tipping like the leaning tower of ….
    should be ok
    most places
    around your block
    dryer vent hose
    saw dust sticky cement
    newspaper diapers
    hay got an idea
    why nut use the left over golf balls
    and go for a junk shot
    down the rods
    worked there
    im gonna spew

  • micro

    sorry i was watching a 3 stoges movie
    right, ya it just a 3 stoge movie

  • micro

    the best minds at nasa
    and this is all you came up with

  • micro

    the new cancer,,deaths,,birth mutations
    i grew up in the 50s an 60s
    dont tell your phd shit

  • Hellonearthhaiku

    Fuck you BP, GE too
    You totally fucked OUR planet
    You presumed to own

  • Hellonearthhaiku

    5-7-5, missed it, so sorry, pissed to distraction. How about some others???

  • micro

    sippimg anger!!!!!!
    ok,a 1 quart leak,just a garden hose
    just some old rags an a desk burning
    oh i almost forgot great idea must be a phd
    lets put the kids back in school near the reactors
    show the world its ok now
    oh yes it was a stretch to use the word reactor
    how about a nuke pile of shit
    brought to you by the worlds finest minds
    way too go

  • charlie

    If you pour paint down the draon you are dined.
    what’s the pinishment for ruining the earth forever?

  • Major Domo

    This is somehow “news”? It’s been over two months now, and what have we done in all that time, besides piss on the fire?

    Seriously, why is the world not coming together to help on this one? Does the World hate the Japanese? Why is it that the World’s Governments can get together to bomb Libya, but not combine forces and resources in order to deal with what is obviously the worst catastrophe the history the World has ever faced? It’s been unfolding before our eyes for two months, and we’ve pissed on the fire. What? No money in it? No oil to save? Or by helping, would it be an embarrassing admission by the World’s Governments of the true severity of the situation, and further reveal the problem to be so momentous, so catastrophic and out of control, that this may turn out to expose the unimaginable, and reveal this to be one problem for which there is NO solution, and can never be fixed? Think about that for a second, and tell me how far off I am. Deep inside, we know it’s a distinct possibility, yet most of the world it seems, have no idea it’s happening, or are in complete denial. If the World’s Governments joined in to help, it would be an admission that all the risk assessments about “safe”, “clean” Nuclear energy, have been proven to be null and void by this single event, casting doubt, and a perpetual dark shadow over the entire nuclear industry, and indeed mankind. No one ever believed the sh1t would hit the fan, or decided that profit was worth the risk. And now that it has, no one had the faintest clue as to what to do about it.

    Tepco guy #1: “I know, let’s spay water on it!” “For how long?”
    Tepco guy #2: “For how long?”
    Tepco guy #1: “Ummm… Forever”

    But the World’s leading Scientists are all scrambling to come up with the best solutions! A romantic notion. That only happens in the movies. No one has written a script to save us yet. Besides, there’s no money in that. The best Scientists are all working where the money is, big drug companies, or the War machine. They’re watching this unfold, just like you and I. So whatever happened to honour, to heroism and courage? More romantic notions? The Russians showed immense courage in the face of Chernobyl, and they also made a lot of mistakes. But they only had one melting reactor to deal with, and it wasn’t sitting on the edge of the Sea, and on a fault line. They got on it though, fast, not 9 months later, by sacrificing 500,000 courageous souls working in and around, on top, and under, a melting reactor, in order to try and contain it. Extraordinary effort in the face the most adverse conditions. Hardly perfect, but contained. And here we are now, with a virtual handful of Tepco employees, using a squirt gun to put out a volcano. How pathetic. Years from now, we’ll wonder why we didn’t jump in and act sooner. Wonder why we let it fester, while sitting in the comfort of our homes, eating popcorn, and watching radiation spew from a Nuclear volcano on Youtube, as birds chirped unknowingly in the background. Complacency will be our undoing. “Buy ‘N Large!”

    The Japanese have had their hands MORE than full since the Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear meltdown(s). Category 7 Nuclear Disaster? Who makes up these artificial numbers? How about “Category 100”! Now that’s a nice round number, isn’t it? Why the Hell aren’t we helping? Why is the world not coming together to help? Where the Fuk is our humanity? If you know anything about Japanese culture, they are too proud to ask for help. The Russians could help, seeing as they have the ‘benefit’ of experience. But this crisis requires …no DEMANDS, that the whole World help. I mean really, what have we got to lose? What? Or should we “remain calm”, stand back and assess the problem, relax, perhaps take the time to start some new risk assessments studies? We know now this can happen. And it it will happen again. How is it that we find it acceptable? Acceptable, to risk it all?

    Thanks to this site, Arnie, and a few others, we’ve known the truth for a long time, and yet many look at us as if we’re crazy when we share this information with them. They either don’t believe you, or it’s simply too much for them to handle, and they shy away. Makes you question your own sanity. Many listen, and respond with “hey, if it’s not in the main stream news, it can’t be true!” Well it’s starting to look like main stream news will have no choice, other than to tell the truth soon. Due to the insidious nature of this invisible silent killer, it may very well be many years before any doubt is cast aside, and the rest of us wake up. By then, this may be a completely different world than the one we all call home today. The book (and movie) “The Road” comes to mind. People will start to understand the term “Half-life” is more than a video game. As a species, we are carelessly brazen, unwittingly immature, grossly ignorant, and at times, astonishingly stupid. Do we need any more proof than building multiple nuclear reactors on a fault line? Should monkeys be trusted with a hand grenade? It”s time for us to wake up, and wise up. We are slowly killing ourselves, our planet, and everything on it. Right now.

    Am I an alarmist? Nope, not me. A conspiracy theorist? Not bloody likely. A Doomsayer? I’ll admit, I love “Doom, Sci-fi, and Horror” in book and movies, but no. I am the Father of four wonderful children. And for the first time, I am truly concerned about what kind world we are leaving them. Will it be one where all the food and water is contaminated with radiation? Very nice. I’m sure future generations will appreciate it, look back and admire us for it. Will our children agree the risk was worth it? We have stained our planet, over and over, without regard. Yeah, we just can’t wait to get back into the Gulf and start drilling again, before the last mess is cleaned up. How utterly disgusting. Hey, why don’t we throw a nuclear reactor on an oil platform while we’re at it? I’m almost 50, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more pissed off in my entire life.

    I’ve had enough of all the lies, information embargo, and the complete and utter failure of both Canada and the U.S. Governments in being responsible to us, the very people who pay them, and pay the very well, to protect us, inform and advise us, on such serious matters as monitoring radiation levels in air, rain, drinking water, milk, and wherever necessary in the food chain. Scaling back on testing now? “Ummm, excuse me there Mr. EPA Director, but I think you meant to say “step up”, on testing, didn’t you?” Hey, I may not be a Nuclear Scientist, or a Meteorologist, but I am pretty good at a lot of things, not the least of which, is “common sense”. And oh yeah, by the way, a Nuclear Scientist and a Meteorologist also said it might be GOOD FVKING IDEA to step up on testing too! Maybe fish from Japan would be a good start you ignorant anthropoids!

    Any shills deciding to call me out on in, F-off in advance. Anyone uncomfortable by what I have said, should be.

    To the rest, make the most of every day. Enjoy each moment that you have with your family, your loved ones, and your friends. Please don’t let this, or any other crisis get the best of you, we all have to carry on, no matter what. And finally, try to do something nice for a stranger, wherever and whenever you have the opportunity. Peace.

    • Lill

      Hear-hear Major Domo! standing applause and deep appreciation to you. you’ve framed up quite thoroughly the thoughts that’s been running through my mind the past few weeks. this is the truth many refuse to see; both eyes (and ears) wide shut!

      my child is almost 11, me about to trip over 50. i look in her eyes and know that the world she inherits will not be the clean-ish one i knew at her age.

      i didn’t build the nuc-plants, didn’t ‘flip the switch’ to power any of them up either. but when i look into her uncertain, searching eyes, knowing she’s looking to momma for answers and solutions as always before in her life, i feel just as guilty as though i had done it. what the hell kinda legacy is that to leave to our little ones? how is momma supposed to fix it this time?

    • dmz

      Clearly, as a parent, those who should be responsible for this crisis need to be throttled at this point. But, don’t ever forget the Japanese civilians!… Their lives already have been turned upside down, whether they completely know it or not. And don’t ever forget those workers, who operate on a death row tightrope everyday… They now have the most important job in the world! I hope such realizations can help us to transcend our limited perceptions, and thus, ultimately transcend these obstacles.

    • Slammy

      you just said everything i was thinking for about 2 months…
      but you forgot one thing… we tried to help but the japan gov didn’t let us.. they even rejected the help of the russians! and that was there biggest mistake i think… i’m at a point now where i start to believe that they’re hiding something because i can’t believe that this is all about money… but something is really suspicious because i can’t believe that everyone is still trusting TEPCO… the japanese gov is supporting them.. and there’s no way the IAEA believes TEPCO that the reactor is “stable” when the fuel melted down…
      i don’t know what’s really going on but this whole story makes me sad.. really sad

      • isthistheend

        could be an act of war. we are in the middle of (…counting on fingers and toes … oh forget it, i can’t count that high) lots of them right now. japanese people were sacrificed, but by who? and u.s. people also a target.

        many middle east countries already contaminated by du and uninhabitable

    • charlie

      major domo, that was like listenig to my own thoughts daily over the past two months. well said.

    • Novamind

      @Major Domo, The only way to appreciate your post more, would be to see it on the Front Page of the Newspaper Tomorrow.

    • mark V

      “…reveal the problem to be so momentous, so catastrophic and out of control…” that once realized, it would collapse world financial markets in minutes.


      The extinction event that’s unfolding, is not so important.

    • Godzilla

      Major, how could you have been following this all the time and missed the fact that THE ENTIRE WORLD OFFERED UNLIMITED HELP TO JAPAN but were turned down by the Japanese, presumably for reasons of “saving face” or some other cultural nonsense?

      Just to take the Russians for an example, they offered all the many new devices developed to deal with Chernobyl incidents, heavy machinery that was remotely controlled and hardened to radiation ….. they offered food and water, workers, even mobile hospitals. They never heard back from the Japanese. Y’see, the Russians had a history with them and disputes over some wretched little islands.

      Search and rescue teams from several countries were turned back for bureaucratic reasons.

      • Deetu 3

        Perhaps the fact that anyone entering the “nuclear family” needs PERMISSION from the big boys has some bearing on this..i.e-the Japanese are not at the top of the command chain.The nuclear industry is a global cabal,not a local endeavor. the reactors,the technology and the fuel all come from abroad.(Hint;there is no Japanese military base in the US)As for the russians-they did a very good job at covering up the effects of the Chernobyl disaster(that even they admitted had the potential to render europe uninhabitable)-yet in their “expertise” have still not learnt anything of real value,hence their decision to continue to expand nuclear power in their country.More to this than meets the eye.

      • Major Domo

        @Godzilla – I was not referring to simple ‘offers’, or ‘kind gestures’ along the lines of ‘use of our concrete pump’, or ‘here’s a tanker to hold the contaminated water for awhile’. I’m speaking about a more significant, world-wide concerted effort to step in and step up, in dramatic fashion, with every possible effort and resource available. Not simply ask the Japanese if they want help, or offer token measures, but demand action, insist on stepping into the game. We insist! If this is something that affects the world, and the Japanese cannot deal with it on their own, as is evident, then the rest of world must step up to the plate here, wouldn’t you agree? If your neighbour dumps poison in their backyard, whether intentionally or not, and some of it spills over into your yard, do you take no for an answer, if you offer help to clean it up, and they say “no thanks”? Maybe at first, but after two months, you might reconsider, and they might reconsider. Especially after the weight becomes too much to bear.

        I am not disputing that the PTB in Japan have failed to act responsibly, and it is for that very reason the rest of the world should be even more concerned, and act accordingly. That means getting involved, whether or not we are invited to do so, whether or not we are welcome after offering assistance. If they can’t figure out a way to deal with, in the most expedient possible manner, then we must insist! And at all cost. Or else we stand idly by, trust they can handle it themselves, and keep our fingers crossed. That’s what is happening now. I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable with that. The scope of the problem is far too great to expect that any one country can provide a solution. And let me be clear, I have nothing against the Japanese. This is a problem created and shared by humanity, not one country or culture. It is also a problem to be solved by humanity. Two months is far too long of a test to watch and see if Japan can solve it by themselves. I can’t believe that after this long, there has not been that dramatic concerted world-wide effort to assist. As grave as the situation appears to be, there is real potential for it to become dramatically worse. Do we have to wait for more explosions, and high-level radiation blown into the upper atmosphere? Are we waiting for that spectacle? Time is ticking. What the Hell are we waiting for?

        • Godzilla

          Unfortunately, Major Domo, the Japanese have armed forces again, and the nations of the world can’t really make them do anything.

      • Dbug

        Godzilla, I’m how you reached the conclusion that the Japanese have turned down so much help. Even if so, they accepted a great deal.
        Perhaps you’re referring more to the nuclear plant issue than the overall disaster?

        The U.S. military had transport planes for moving supplies, heavy equipment for clearing roads, a drone plane for getting close in to the nuclear plate for photos/measurements, a great deal of other monitoring equipment for mapping out the radiation from the air.
        I believe they also had hospital facilities o ship being used.

        The U.S. France and South Korea, perhaps others too provided multiple tens of tons of boric acid, essential for suppressing criticality.

        The U.S. made and provided several of those water / concrete pumping trucks, the biggest in the world. (I think China or another county helped by allowing a truck they had order to go to Japan instead)

        Many countries sent search and rescue people. The ability to accept them into some areas was limited by problems of access and difficulty getting fuel enough to travel into the more distant areas that had no local fuel. Food was short too. Returning the favor for help with their earthquake, New Zealand sent search and rescue people. Sadly, many of these volunteers also faced finding those that didn’t survive.
        It probably wasn’t easy coordinating with people of every country due to language and cultural issues.

        Japan waived its normal requirement that all doctors be licensed by them, and had them from many countries. Israel brought in what amounted to a small portable hospital and donated it with all of the expensive diagnostic equipment when they left.

        The U.S. and France have provided some robots for inspecting and helping clear debris at the nuclear plant.

        France is heavily involved in the decontamination/purification at the nuclear plant.

        A number of countries sent in advisers to help with the nuclear issues.

        Russia and Qatar have provided extra natural gas. I think it was Thailand that provided a generator for commercial electricity production.

        I’m sure there is far more I didn’t include. Others have raised money, contributed through the Red Cross. Many many people have helped. I’m sure they’d still welcome contributions to the Red Cross. You might consider that if you wanted to help in some way but were unable. There are still over 100,000 people in shelters.

  • anne

    I just got a copy of the alumni magazine from my alma mater. I won’t embarrass them by giving you the name. There is a half page (p.23) devoted to the Japanese disaster. The “environmental health and safety department issued a statement on March 17 that there was no health risk from radiation for California residents or for the … campus at the time and that it continued to monitor the situation.”

    [Someone} “discounted the nuclear accident putting a chill on that form of energy. Countries using nuclear power would beef up efforts to improve safety and disposal of spent fuel, she predicts, but ‘too many countries depend too heavily on it’ to turn back the clock.”

    I have to disagree with her. Abandoning nuclear power would be progress and moving forward, not the other way around.
    My father always thought this university was too “ivory tower” and not integrated with the real world, although he would never have expressed his thoughts in the particular language I have used.

    • Dbug

      If only all of lifes’ choices were simple.

      It might be fun to play a mental game.

      Or pretend you’re a dictator making changes. The goal? To set policy that leads to a country that can maintain its quality of life for the next 500 years or at least meet a goal in 500 years. (it would be rude to kill all but 100 people, but all of the choices are yours. Unless people would revolt…) Imagine doing this for 10 different countries. Where ever you start, the whole world is as it is today.

      You’re in charge tomorrow. Pick your first country. Good luck 🙂

      (Disclaimer: life isn’t always easy)

  • SteveMt

    This is old news, but now it has been begrudgingly and officially acknowledged. A victory, but now what?

    Pre-March 11th salmon and tuna never tasted so good. Enjoy yours while it lasts.

  • Being a sailor I have dreamed of sailing to so may places around the world… but still only 48 years old I’ve been working toward that goal while sailing my local Lake Tahoe. I can prove very simply a media blackout of all information regarding Fukushima. I’ve know nothing but media sensasionalism all my life, yet now we have quite possibly the worst disaster in human history,3-4 nuclear reactor meltdowns, and there’s nothing about it on television… have I died or something?

  • micro

    wow some of my blogs disappeared
    sorrry the truth hurts so much
    better to kill an maim with radiation
    better to build nuke plants on filled ground
    or better yet on top of faults
    just a matter of time before la an 2/3 of califorina is in the microwave
    why the dislike for nuke industry
    old school history,erased, an story chamged to cotton candy
    reno nv
    about 2009 cancer cluster in childern,fallon nv
    government,,nothing to see,,move along……
    cir. 1950s aec test site frenchmens flat
    near nas fallon
    poped nukes there
    and the lies go on

  • hawkeye.aka.micro

    night all
    an dont forget be the first to pay your utility bill this month
    every dollar increases the rad count

  • grandma caesar

    fyi, someone flipped the power back on at haarp 2 days ago.


  • Hilltop

    I’m expecting my first grandchild in one month and my daughter and i both live on the edge of the coast in oregon. I am using this time to keep my eyes wide open, learn all i can, help my daughter consume all the organic miso i can find, stay away from fresh milk etc. It’s like a strange, faraway dream. I never thought it would be quite like this, the grandmother years, that is. I’ve lived a life of activism and outspoken, strong compassionate service work, thanks to the grace of God. At this point in time, it’s just too big a problem for me to address in any way other than living each day in joy and fullness, and giving thanks to God for all I’ve been blessed with. No one I know will even listen to the insanity happening 4000 miles due west, and what it means to us as we are drenched with rain storm after rain storm via Japan direct jet stream. It takes courage, and a deep peace, to take a good look at what’s happening. I’m doing both and somehow life is full of joy. God bless you all.

    • dmz

      I just wish the AWESOME U.S. West Coast, made up of people like you, could put in one more fight against this disaster & the cover-up!!…
      Oregon is a very special place in this world. <3

  • Hilltop

    Thanks for your reply…what would this fight look like in your opinion? Very interested to hear. I’m out of ideas, but certainly not energy.
    Most I’ve endeavored to speak with are overwhelmed generally and specifically with… life. I find there’s been a general psycho shut down following a many year long spate of one life threatening enviro/social disaster after another raining down, real and/or imagined- from global warming to economic meltdown to joblessness…folks can hardly grapple with filling the gas tank to get to work.
    It’s challenging to bring up yet another, even tho all you folks on this forum understand that this one pretty much dwarfs all the rest.
    And thanks again! Yes, Oregon is awesome.

    • isthistheend

      thought about moving to oregon until this. now going south. find someplace safer, and help rebuild when saner people are in control. the world will need all the smart (and wise) people it can get.

  • anne

    “The reactors at Fukushima were built by Gates partner, G.E. and operated by TEPCO. TEPCO, which is being bashed by the Japanese government for spreading lies and misinformation in order to protect themselves and their investors from liability, is currently building more nukes down in South Texas. Partners in the South Texas project include–yes, you guessed it– Gates and Buffett.”


  • hawkeye

    let me take a wild guess
    backfilled the ground for the nuke complex
    100,000 year old lake turned into a mud marsh
    wild guess… the used to be lake,, is a caldera volcano,,explodes every say 50,000 years
    overdue,,,no way,,,,,,way
    happy 4th
    remmber when the 9 hit the hill area vibrated more than the filled lake,,
    let me take another wild guess
    no one checked under the mud an muck
    so they dusted off there papers an back filled a caldera,,cool

  • hawkeye

    ok,before calling it a night
    it just gets worse
    checked internet search and they have caldera volcanoes there,how about that..
    hhhhhmmmm,,wonder how far a volcano can throw a busted reactor

  • hawkeye

    ok all most done found a pdf paper dated 1996
    line of caldeas that explode about every 50,000years in the area
    how about that
    thats what happens when you live in calfornia an nevada to long

    • isthistheend

      life expectancy of human (pre fu) about 70 years

      so approx .14 percent chance happening in a lifetime… much better odds than winning the lotto

      this assumes the 50,000 years for _each_ caldera, and not a whole group

  • Tricky Dick

    They are in a “state of denial”…

  • sandy

    Thank you for the information in this blog entry. I hope more people will try to follow your example and help spread the word about pollution. Something else that’s related to your entry is a video I saw on the GreenopolisTV YouTube channel. You should see it. http://youtu.be/xyH957EEXWE

  • Reyk

    Can someone please post a link to a REAL map of the trajectory and levels of radiation dumped into and over the northern hemisphere and beyond. The official ones have been ‘fixed’ to cover up the huge amount that has been and is still being released. Our food chain is destroyed. All those fish and mammals (that survive) are migrating throughout the world. Thanks A LOT all your greedy short sighted corporations and politicians! You have just created the straw that broke the camel’s back. And guess what? You are going to feel the results with the rest of us from all of this poison because no matter how much money you have, the radiation will eventually (if it hasn’t already) get you too. It’s in the air, water, plants, animal, insects and soil now. I wish I were born 30 sooner so I would not be witness to the end of the world. It’s bad enough that our precious bees are almost extinct. Now everything is on the fast lane to extinction.

  • And, like most evil plagues, it’s the weakest and most helpless that will suffer the soonest!
    May ‘They’ feel the opposite of PEACE fiercely, from this moment forward!” Amen!