Tepco: We should have told public this sooner… we failed to cool molten fuel after meltdowns began — Experts: Fukushima cesium release could be more than triple Chernobyl (PHOTO)

Published: December 14th, 2013 at 6:17 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Dec. 14, 2013: Fire engines were used in a desperate, and ultimately futile, attempt to pump water to cool overheating reactors during the early phase of the 2011 Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant disaster, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. According to a Dec. 13 report by the operator of the crippled facility, water was pumped in sufficient quantity to avert core meltdowns in the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors, but much of it strayed into irrelevant pipes and ended up elsewhere. […] water failed to cool it and the other reactors efficiently, and could not stop the core meltdowns in the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 reactors. […] TEPCO officials said they knew as early as late March 2011 […] “We should have shared the finding with the public in the belief it would help promote universal safety, but failed to do so,” said [a] TEPCO Managing Executive Officer […]

Estimate of Consequences from the Fukushima Disaster, Nordic PSA Conference (nuclear utilities in Finland and Sweden), September 2011: Estimate of releases from aerial survey […] The National Nuclear Security Administration NNSA (USDOE) has published an aerial map of projected one year doses from contamination. […] The assessment takes into account symmetrical deposition on the ocean, weather patterns […] a correction for the remainder of activity in the cloud beyond 100 km, and a further correction for continuous low level releases for the rest of the time that it will take TEPCO to stop them […] which gives the final assumption for Cs137 release of 2.85 E+17 Bq […] it could be assumed that the results obtained with this method can be interpreted as an upper bound of all estimates. […] Table 6 Comparison of estimates of releases

  • Chernobyl 8.5E16 (85 quadrillion Bq of cesium-137)
  • Estimate from USDOE aerial survey 2.9E17 (285 quadrillion Bq of cesium-137)

Full presentation paper here

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Published: December 14th, 2013 at 6:17 pm ET


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394 comments to Tepco: We should have told public this sooner… we failed to cool molten fuel after meltdowns began — Experts: Fukushima cesium release could be more than triple Chernobyl (PHOTO)

  • Nick

    Cold Shutdown.

    That's what you told us TEPCO.

    Now you want us to hear, way after the fact, that Fukushima really was FUBAR'd from the get go?

    Ummm. My own eyes saw Units #1 and #3 go kaboom. You claimed that the explosions were "just" hydrogen explosions, diminishing the severity considerably.

    TEPCO, how about also admitting to your secret weapons program?

    I think Japan should give TEPCO the Cold Shutdown. If the Japanese people have a shred of humanity left in them, all stock in TEPCO should be as worthless as the fission piles that went awol.

    For that matter, all nuclear shills can go to h#ll.

  • Nick

    ..for it is hell that nuclear has bequeathed on our planet….

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    It's maddening / depressing to witness what man has done to this earth.
    I want to live for a very long time but I don't really feel like our species deserves it anymore 🙁
    So crazy we could take this happy earth and it's elements & abuse it and kill it so quickly.
    I just wish the innocent people could live here in harmony. Poor earth… Capitalism will be the end of you 🙁

  • PeterC

    It's been 10 weeks for me, since seeing a FB post.

    I am thankful for the 2.5 years I lived without knowing.

    For 10 weeks I've been digging… hard… to plan a future… but how much shorter a future?

    Now I know, finally… 3 full meltdowns, bleeding into the ocean, arriving with burning force on the west coast, soon… enough.

    Death by radiation, cancer, methane… whatever… Death is mandatory.

    Odds are my life will go another 5 years, maybe… 50 years? – can't see it.

    Inheritance… someone wrote about it earlier… all of this mess, started very long ago.

    I'm thinking it's either the invention of the wheel, or invention of fire… Man is just wired a certain way… And Man has terminated himself.

    Peace to all.

    Ps. This thread is the best I've seen yet… could it be cause this is the 1st real truth.

    And, it is quite interesting that there are 400 million people in N. America, yet only 390 comments here… for the biggest news story in my lifetime (52yo)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Whoa..there is serious fraud going on here.
    And perhaps an admission ..they are about to walk away.

    Nomura Says Buy Tepco as Fukushima’s Cost Cap Seen


  • Radioactive Smoke/Steam Coming Out Of Ground And #3 Reactor Building At Fukushima 2011- 2014 via @AGreenRoad

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