‘The Coming Fallout’: Experts now fear massive reservoir of Fukushima contamination about to reach Pacific Ocean — “Slow, seeping buildup of a second catastrophe” — Workers can’t say when or how they can stop flow

Published: August 27th, 2013 at 2:37 pm ET


NHK WORLD, Aug, 26, 2013: […] Workers are still unable to say when they will be able to stop the water from seeping into the ocean. In May, highly radioactive groundwater was detected in an observation well on the sea side of one of the reactor buildings. Levels of radioactive materials in nearby waters have since risen. The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company has been trying to contain tainted groundwater from leaking into the ocean since the accident. […] But all the attempts have been unsuccessful. In addition, the utility has yet to pinpoint the cause of the contaminated groundwater. TEPCO workers are struggling to remove the existing contaminated water from under the ground. There is also a need to monitor the arrival of large amounts of groundwater to prevent it from being contaminated. […]

Salon, Aug. 23, 2013: […] This week, alarming news has been pouring out of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant […] As we’re now learning, more problems have been building beneath Fukushima’s surface, to a far greater extent than officials have been willing to acknowledge until now, when the severity of the situation has become impossible to ignore. […] Beneath the surface, however, the situation was far from contained. […] From the beginning, that contaminated water has been leaking. […] For the past two and a half years, a “massive underground reservoir” of contaminated water has been building up underneath the plant. Tepco is widely alleged to have not done enough to contain it. The slow, seeping buildup of a second catastrophe came to a head this summer. […] The underground reservoir has been climbing above barriers set to contain it, and experts now fear that it’s about to reach the Pacific Ocean. Amid frustration that Tepco could have done more to prevent this from happening are fears that it’s unprepared to handle the coming fallout. […]

See also: [intlink id=”new-york-times-ultimate-worst-case-scenario-underway-at-fukushima-experts-suspect-extreme-contamination-flowing-from-below-melted-reactors-and-into-pacific-would-surpass-even-the-worst-radia” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

From Yesterday: [intlink id=”nuclear-engineer-276-quadrillion-becquerels-of-cesium-137-estimated-to-have-seeped-into-water-that-fills-fukushimas-reactor-building-basements-triple-chernobyls-total-release-some-has-alr” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 27th, 2013 at 2:37 pm ET


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97 comments to ‘The Coming Fallout’: Experts now fear massive reservoir of Fukushima contamination about to reach Pacific Ocean — “Slow, seeping buildup of a second catastrophe” — Workers can’t say when or how they can stop flow

  • Cisco Cisco

    Allowable/permissible radioactive air and water releases for US nuclear power generating stations, from Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass's book "Secret Fallout-Low Level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island"

    Read Chapter 14, "The Price of Secrecy". You find the answer and it ain't pretty. The entire book is here, and worth the read. Dr. Sternglass's body of work and scientific reputation would be that
    of Dr. Caldicott's in qualifying the book's content and veracity.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Build a bigger 2km seawall outside the existing seawall..
    I volunteer to run the dragline-bargecrane !!
    ..at the same time build a LNG-regasification terminal at Fukushima and use the cryo-cold to form an icewall.

    • We Not They Finally

      Two kilometers? How would that even matter? The coriums have already sunk down three miles and they just keep going. A seawall just pushes some water up over the wall (or backsliding to hypersaturate the ground of the NPP) and the rest down to gush out into the seabed.

      Or maybe there is a magic artifact on "Warehouse 13" to turn all of NE Japan into fairy ice maidens? I don't see that happening.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury


        We won't know for sure where the coriums are until we perform a thorough drilling probe analysis.

        The fracking & HDD & mining/tunneling geotechnical industry has accumulated a tremendous amount of technology and geoscience for generating 3-D analysis of all types of underground structures.. they have drilled into volcanoes and generated dynamic 4-D animations of geothermal activity.


        The same tech used for fracking/mining uranium can be used to help cleanup the coriums… many tricks will be used.
        Hanford is not impossible either.

        Taking a close look at the aerial imagery a trained eye will see the most likely routes for ocean contamination is shallow underground channels running under the turbine buildings into the inner breakwater basin, surface runoff into the basin, and surface runoff direct to the beach on the south side of the breakwater.

        A much bigger breakwater encircling the old breakwater and intersecting the beach a wide distance to the south will provide the best available wastewater impoundment of the disaster site. I would expect to build 3 large concentric breakwaters to provide adequate support for filtration of all the runoff even during typhoons and future Tohoku Tsunamis.

        • We Not They Finally

          You have no reason to even THINK "shallow underground channels" as the primary or likely source. The NPP is built on top of AN AQUIFER, and yes, the coriums have sunk down three miles and still sinking. You may WANT to think it. But why does thinking make it so? And how does one even THINK of inserting a "wastewater impoundment" in between the hyper-saturated earth on the porous soil on top of AN AQUIFER[!!] and the ocean itself?

          Just asking… Great if it were so. I just seriously doubt it.

          • japan has done nothing to stop the disbursement and they've had two and half years, day by day, to do SOMETHING…

            cheap pay duck tape and street cones…
            over radiated workers, rising ground water..

            bunch of idiots or creeps…

            don't expect anything of them but i was hoping the russians were on their way to do something if they are allowed to…
            any navy that sends their men to sea with vodka, caviar, wine and cheese …i figure they have chance to do some work and endure a lot of stress while at it..

            the zero tolerance kids in america are busy policing each other and peeing in tubes all day long…

  • bo bo

    I love how salon STILL slips this line in the beginning :' although the WHO report concluded that hazard to health is low….'

    Acting as though that still means anything…. haha

  • ottawa_dave

    @21stcentury That is the best idea I have heard. LNG terminal, use the gas expansion on its way to pipelines to freeze the ground. Brilliant. This situation is so unprecedented that someone needs to here this idea, keep it up!

    • flatsville

      Agreed. Perhaps Gunderson could give it some play.

      If not try Mother Jones, Alternet, Salon…any on line pub

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury


        Watch this video first.. click on the pic

        BigOil thinks Fukushima is FUNNY, I don't…
        BigOil loves nukepower disasters, it means nosebleed profits !!
        The more heat the nuke industry gets for being dangerous it makes BigOil look good in comparison, but the bigshots have invested their portfolio's in BOTH.

        If you contact the existing Alaska LNG connection to TEPCO you'll bump into Conoco-LNG at Nikiski.. managed by AK-Sen Pete McCicche who hangs out with all the greaseball petroleum junkies in Anchorage. Pete was doing an ok job in Nikiski until he got into politics.

        If you really want to turn the brownfields of Fukushima into a greenfield LNG regasification terminal you will get less BS from the bigshots by contacting the smaller players already in the door…

        Kitimat & Nikiski are already dominated by bigshot players..
        it's good to play Alaska-LNG with Canada-LNG because they are both jealous of eachother and it will make both play more honest.

        Contact: Krish at Kitsault
        Krish has a background in Nuclear Oncology

        Contact: Shun-ichi Shimizu at his Anchorage office
        907-563-0300 talk to Mary Ann

        A Japanese consortium working on an independent Alaska liquefied natural gas project has completed a feasibility study and given it to state officials.

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          A Japanese consortium working on an independent Alaska liquefied natural gas project has completed a feasibility study and given it to state officials.


        • ottawa_dave

          For what it is worth, I emailed Canaport, the builder and operator of the St. John LNG terminal in Canada. The only LNG terminal in Canada.
          If not LNG, then they need refrigerant with another power supply to cycle it. Is the latent heat of LNG being consumed by Japan enough to kepp things frozen? I don't know, I am in semiconductors.
          21stcentury, it's a good idea until someone proves it otherwise.

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            @ottawa_dave… For Sale: Large Industrial Property on Waterfront at Okuma,Fukushima… Make Offer, Motivated Seller

            I'd be happy to assist any Canadian and/or Alaskan qualified LNG-operator to remodel this property for use as an LNG terminal and power production facility.

            I don't think there would be any delay in obtaining construction permits for building several much bigger breakwater's offshore there for providing adequate containment and protection of the blown-NPP.. plus, the newly developed marine harbor basins between 2km and 5km offshore there would be a great location for massive LNG storage and floating powerplants.

            Many huge LNG storage tanks in Japan are built underground, so the big hole in the ground we will have when we dig up the coriums will be a good spot to store LNG.


            Seawater uranium extraction technology can be applied to the impounded waters in the new breakwaters, this will minimize the outflow of radwaste to the open ocean.

            To minimize flash-fire risk a heat transfer fluid such as glycol or syltherm can be used in the chiller loops in the icewalls.

            An offshore Flexsteel gasline can be quickly dropped in to supply the shut down Fukushima Daiini NPP nearby.

            • We Not They Finally

              Oh, that sounds like a GREAT way to take care of the coriums! Just "dig them up"! Then "impound the waters."

              Sure, go to it….

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      21st is very wise and very smart too!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Hundreds of tons of molten coriums unleashed, thanks to nuclear.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "pinpoint the cause of the contaminated groundwater"
    Let us "pinpoint the cause" for you, TEPCO:
    The CAUSE is the CORIUM, which is UNDER Reactor Buildings1-3.
    (Or just the corium lava tube, if the corium really is long gone.)

    Everybody knows the truth, TEPCO.
    (TEPCO is just acting dumb, again.)

    Why don't you release a map of exactly where the corium is, TEPCO?

    Where is the damn corium, eh, TEPCO? 😉

    • yes recenty someone posted they thought it was the corium slag left about as it went out for day excursion…and then the debri contaminated as the visitor went by…

  • weeman

    Do you remember the song " it's only just begun", I think that is fitting, if you think the ecosystem around Japan is contaminated now, just wait year after year uncontrolled release of radioactive isotopes.

    Sitting on the dock of the bay
    Watching the radioactive tide go by
    I'll be sitting on the dock of the bay
    Wasting away.
    Ottis reading.

  • rockyourworld

    fukushima will leave north america a rotten stinking corpse while the shadow govt looks to invade syria on false intel, killing our economy, driving up the price of oil while a small few will get even richer. may fukushima kill them first!

  • rockyourworld

    4.7 namie, japan. 9 pointer lying in wait while barrels of wmd sit vulnerable to a tsunami sending them all our way. is that the japenese govts plan?

  • rockyourworld

    japanese* oops

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    I don't think TEPCO cares about water leaking in the oceans in any numbers. Only we the people do. Governments (outside) Japan act if they care but they don't. It's just an act to ensure us that they are worried over us. All governments and big guy's are an plague on us life. We see the planet get sick over money and power by greedy 'elite' bastards who mostly do coke and have sex (with children) on private parties and have vacations you cannot afford even if you worked 80 hours a week!.. Funding (tax etc) to these sick insane bastards has to stop (industrial, bankers, governments). We should take over the machines, governments and all. Close plants if they perform a health risk and build better/other ones. We don't need the elite,banks or government.. they need US. If your police officer, work at a NPP's/chemical plant etc, please quit your job and stop helping the elite destroying the world.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Totally agree with you Lacsap.
      It do not matter riots, protests, letters, blogs por anything…. they just laugh about "the people", and do not care at anything but their ambition and haughty….
      If we, "the people" do not do nothing but writing blogs,,,,,,,,,they justo will keep vaving more money from tour work …. and more laughing.

      • We Not They Finally

        So true. But they are also turning homicide into suicide. I don't quite get a "human" feel from these people, but I assume that they have genes like anyone else?

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    to 21stcentury
    I think:
    they will not have enough energy to cool the blobs without groundwater flow.
    so much engery can not deliver three nuclear power plants.
    if there are only 3 blobs?

  • Where are the coriums? Three melt throughs. Maybe three different scenarios. Doubt they really dont have a clue. They wont even say where they think they are. Maybe we are lucky they built the plant over an underground river because maybe that river is cooling the coriums and preventing a bigger disaster. Gunderson thinks they spread out on the concrete basement. But some of you think they are boring a hole deep into the earths crust. My honest opinion is I dont know. But right now whatever underground water flowing down from the mountains is at a low flow. Wait till the rainy season. Japan gets most of its water in the 3 or 4 month rainy season. Just imagine the work involved in damming a river. Now think about damming an underground river. Has it ever been done? What they are doing is as futile as sandbagging your house during a flood. If the water rises it rises. Almost think this water thing is a distraction. The real danger is if the spent fuel pools catch fire. If the site becomes too radio active no one will be able to approach the site to maintain the spent fuel pool cooling system.
    Yes it totally sucks Japan is ruining the ocean but lets hope they can keep the spent fuel from melting down.

    • Edward Edward

      I am amazed and angry that they are allowed to keep the public in the dark and guessing. I suspect that some world leaders(U.S., China,Russia) know more information, but will not report how bad things really are. I find it disturbing that we are being lied to in order to protect the industry and/or economy. Greed and corruption!

    • Anthony Anthony

      ** Now think about damming an underground river.**

      Immediately I wonder whats happening underground to accommodate where that water is flowing from! Like a mega underground abscess pus pocket….

      Massive outcome. Massive pressure.

  • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

    Hi all,

    I posed this question a couple of weeks ago but nobody responded…. I'm still concerned.

    If the water table is now only 10" below the surface (as of today) and it starts to form springs rising to the surface (I picture this as an ever increasing cascade of small saturated areas) Which will eventually turn the entire site into a radioactive 'boggy' mess.

    Then if we're talking about the radioactivity of this water being so high that people will not be able to work around it??

    Am I right in foreseeing a point where all these talks of ice walls and dams will be mute because NO one will be able to walk/work in the ever decreasing areas on the site?

    Could somebody please illustrate how radioactive the underground water is (I imagine a large difference between the upper side of the reactors to the seaside) and if it does start reaching the surface how quickly this could degenerate to the point where they may have to evacuate the entire site?

    • Bleifrei Bleifrei

      the longer they wait to build a new containment,
      the bigger, longer, wider, deeper, it will have to be

      the danger is real, maybe the terrain is no longer walked on soon

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      Yes, it's all very dangerous there.
      TEPCO was trying to cook marshmallows on a stick over a big volcano.

      Only semi-suicidal nuts like me are qualified to work there.
      It takes topsecret military technology to provide adequate rad-shielding when working in 5-REM's/hour hot-zones.

      • UncleCrusty

        Semi Suicidal? You too? 🙂 What they need is 100,000 semi suicidal nuts (like us) to be led by (pick: CE, Babcock & Wllcox, Bechtel) AFTER an actual plan is approved. I see video and photos of TEPCo people walking on wood planks through marked hot spots. F'ing WET WOOD PLANKS IN PAPER SUITS!!! TEPCo mgmnt. and the Japan PM are COOKING THEIR STAFF doing PR damage control and god knows what else. These folks will kill through ignorance arrogance and greed. Alot like So.Cal Edisons upper mgmnt (but im not bitter) :-).
        These guys need to be pulled. They are spent. After 2.5yr full on crisis response and they are fried. Bet we both would be. Be well sir.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Pretty soon UncleCrusty….. pretty soon…..
      That will be the next new …..
      And the next …… who knows,, dry the SFP's … or a supercriticality ….
      We are just missing a heartquake…. plus sunami…and we are done….

    • We Not They Finally

      tooktheredpill, THANK YOU for posing intelligent questions rather than posing unintelligible answers. I like that people put forth so many suggestions but YES, they are reaching the point where no one can even work there without being fried in a few minutes' flat!

    • No one knows the answer, because they are avoiding the truth of the matter. No one wanted to know, so they did not research any of this.

      We will find out, as it happens.

      Sometimes it has to get VERY dark, in order for light to be valued.

      • mopar69 mopar69

        A truism if there ever was…how much darker?

      • Just stick around… but keep the light handy for when people want it. 🙂

        Light and truth may yet come back into fashion, after the fads of today pass into obscurity, like the old fashioned beliefs of flat earth, witches and other obsolete illusions.

        It may take the form of a birth; with a sudden rush, or it may be a long slow process with no apparent progress like what you see here on ENENews… which do you prefer?

        What is true though, is that it ALWAYS gets darkest before the light breaks through, both on a personal level, and globally.

        How much darker can it get? Much… but we would not wish that on anyone. Bottom line, no man knows the answer to very specific time, dates, etc..

        Enenews is an important part of pointing at the darkness, explaining it, describing it in great detail, and thereby creating the contrast, showing the value of the light and truth, which is also represented here by many courageous souls.

        It takes a light and truth telling Being with great courage to do this difficult work. So if you are here, participating and doing SOMETHING in some form or fashion, welcome to the light brigade!

        And if you are here for the first time, and some of what you are reading seems very strange, foreign and 'difficult' to digest, we understand, but keep coming back, as you can handle it. Be gentle with yourself and stay positive, and try to stay in your heart.

        This stuff is hard to digest for babies, but you are greatly loved as well.

  • ftlt

    Was there ever any doubt???….

    War in Syria next???…

    What is going on???

    Who can win at this game??..

    Wargames movie comes to mind, "Shall we play a game???"

    Who is running the show, Aliens??? This is insane!!!

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      WE have been insane for a very long time..

      • ftlt

        OBE: True to a point. Never this bad before. We did not have the power in the past to abuse like we do now.

        What took decades in the 20th century until the end off WW2-
        What took centuries before the industrial age (and then only in relatively isolated areas)- now, only takes minutes to achieve… We have become destroyer new age alchemist wizards

        We are nuclear/computer age destroyers now. We have made a techno leap into a new age that we cannot handle without destroying ourselves and our niche in time. Our very nature prevents a mass survival mode that might protect us to occur.

        Things must be mastered, changed or killed… This is at our very core as humans in society and in our environment. This will never change. It is a deadly flaw.

        Has our very nature changed? – No. We always were insane (a failed experiment of nature from the beginning – one that was limited in power until recently though).

        Now however, our means to inflict our insanity has certainly changed in the last 60 years or so… We are metastasizing on the planet at an accelerating exponential growth rate now…

        And I would argue, our clinically defined/observed insanity (a growth based hubris factor) has increased as well.

        It is not treatable either, I'm afraid.. It is quite terminal.

        Mother Earth will soon delouse herself of us – the vectors of insanity…

        What follows this will not be human… As I have stated before, it will have to morph to survive the…

        • ftlt

          …the CHANGE that is coming soon…

          Clearly, Mother Earth has finished with her game with us..

          Time to clear the board..

          "Shall we play game???"

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Hi ftlt , i don't feel like Mother Earth has finished anything regarding us humans , its the other way around..
            The human foetus used its "freedom of choice" to become a extremely aggressive cancer..and now the entire bio-system collapses bio-logically , despite the warnings of those that are connected to the whole..and recognise its Holy beauty..
            We finished our game with the source of our existence..
            The interconnected Life-web Mother Earth has woven..
            And since not all cultures are like this… its a choice..
            to be not aware..to follow liars.. and to make sure the children of your culture are also not aware..
            All choices… criminal choices that is..

            • ftlt

              Di: Sorry think we are out of time… The fellow below said it… We will use the nukes- then all the nukes go 500 FUFUs and any bomb that can be delivered..

              The end

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Now you know that red pill told us nobody died yet and really this nuclear radiation contamination spewing all over the planet is good for us, especially since its from a Nuclear fission process which is the exact opposite of our Sun's fusion process.

                One heals us and one does not and guess which one?

                Now, all this nuclear radiation contamination is good food for us, but 16oz sodas are bad for us and you know they now want to control/tax all this other stuff that could harm us, but remember the Nuclear Radiation Contamination that is spewing all over Planet Earth is really OK for all of us and its only a Class 1 mutagen DNA scrambler.

                Now they are working on "controlling and taxing" these?

                No we are not all just insane as humans, we are all simply bat-shit crazy to put up with this pushed into our head garbage!

                You are bad and we ( and our radiation poison) are good!

                This designed to control mental Zeitgeist is very, very powerful indeed!

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                "Di: Sorry think we are out of time"

                I can , unfortunatly , not argue that ftlt 🙁 , i'm just saying we are 100000% to blame , Mother Earth is not seeking revenge ,
                that's not her way of operating.. its Logic consequences that is whiping us out now.. just like the melting of Icarus wings when he came to close to the sun..
                Logic is not good or bad or angry.. , its the algoritme of the Universe that makes everything possible including our lifes..
                And we (dominant materialistic cultures )operate by the algoritme of GREED and that is the
                opposite.. its the algoritme of cancer..
                Bad Karma is the damage we have done to the natural order of the Universe aka Matrix that logically bounces back sooner or later..
                And now we are in a crossroad of back bouncing dynamics..
                Did i already mention that some "god fearing materialists" politician's in belgium and holland wanne lift the ban on
                fracking for "the greater good" of the country..
                After they "visited" exon-mobile creeps in usa..
                I'm close to 50 but the most severe earthquake we ever had felt like a heavy truck in the street , nothing more.. almost a
                friendly Hi there from Mother Earth..
                But i guess thats economical irrelevant and boring..
                The globe is running out of fresh drinking water , therefore the "greater good" need More nukes , More fracking , and a Boycot on renewables 'till the End…right..
                Still following anyone..? Good.. for you..because i'm lost in the extremely well paid insanity…

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            No we do not want to play, and if we do play, everyone will loose this game, and the boys and girls with their fingers on the red buttons.. better get a grip/clue and do it soon.

            Do we really need more problems in a world that is insane?


            WE all need to take that Red Pill and we need to take it quickly!

            • babbo dorian babbo dorian

              Apparrently, human being has won ,,,,
              Human being has defeted heart…. at the end, when nuclear war arises…. that for sure it will …. human being will be poisoned heart for millions of years making it uninavitable ……. a dry casc ,,, ha ha
              Great!, haugthy human being ….

              • Never give up hope.. 'miracles' can and do happen.

                Stay positive, both personally and globally. All by itself, that has a lot of power.

                We are all connected and ONE.

                What you think, feel and say has a lot of power and creates a future reality.

                That is why it is important to stay positive, despite all of the seeming negativity and darkness around you…

      • Anthony Anthony

        Cant help but laugh as I read your response! I should feel sad right?

    • Who is running the show? Depends…

      If you believe the aliens or the 1% are in control, and you have no power at all, and that we are all victims with no power at all to change anything, that will be true.

      If you believe that YOU have all of the power, and no one can take it away from you, that is true as well.

      It all depends on how one looks at it.

      No matter what, we know who wins in the end.

      "Whatever the mind of man can believe, he can achieve"
      Napolean Hill

      We can use it for good, or for destruction.. it all depends on what we focus on.

  • bo bo

    I had the same question…
    That is the scenario that could turn this slow motion train wreck into fast forward…

  • rockyourworld

    containment? the last thing japan wants is containment. they have nowhere to dump or store it all. nimby!

  • Mack Mack

    "California Coastline Becoming Like Dead Zone, Fukushima to Blame?"


    Quote from article:

    "If you haven’t been to a California beach lately, you probably don’t know that the rocks are unnaturally CLEAN – there’s hardly any kelp, barnacles, sea urchins, etc. anymore and the tide pools are similarly eerily devoid of crabs, snails and other scurrying signs of life… and especially as compared to 10 – 15 years ago…"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Mack, Excellent!

    Wrote about this and was aware of this years ago as I personally visited this coastline looking for life and then I knew what we (mankind) have done to this planet and sadly it will get much worse….weep for all the life that is no longer present.

    I enjoy/appreciate the way that you think!

  • AB AB

    SHIMATSU interview from yesterday on Rense points to secret underground centrifuges of Plutonium and weapons grade Uranium. That could be the source for the massive uptick or spike in the leaks.. You can kiss the entire Ocean good-bye…

    10 tonnes per second is leaking out. No more tritium… now its leaking Plutonium and Uranium.

    If fission event occurs, massive underground hydrogen explosion and chain reaction… it means the end of Japan and evacuation of NORTH AMERICA WEST COAST at least… CANADA, US and MEXICO.
    Listen here:

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    It's too late. IT'S TOO LATE. All of the rhetoric is useless.

    The end of life as we know it will not come quickly. It will be a slow degrade. So slow that people wont enough know the cause. And that's the way they want it.

    And they will have all types of medicine to get us through the pain. Why is marijuana almost legal now? It's great for calming the pain from cancer. And if that's not enough for the future sick, they'll invent Quietus, so that people can choose when and how they die peacefully and on their own terms.

    It will be slow. But be sure that this is how it will be.

  • SOVIET RUSSIA was called a villain, but even they knew that additional catastrophe(s) would follow, if they did not build an immediate tunnel and dam the corium from entering the water tables and the outlying terrain. Apparently, the miscreants that ran the show before the debacle are still in complete charge and denial. Or is it that they simply do not like the price tag of cleanup? If it turns out that this negligence is related only to essential greed, and the lack to commit sufficient funds, then the consequences should be profound.

  • rockyourworld

    now that we'll be wiped out, may as well let gays marry and sick 2 year olds smoke pot?

    • bo bo

      I have always been pro gay marriage, for legalizing marijuana. .. but any progressive social achievement now seem like a consolation prize.

  • irhologram

    Wow, Anne! Considering I said we should,use borax/boron months ago, I'd say that's pretty "inpert" of me (experts vs. inperts.). I had suggested a media campaign to send Borax Boxes to Pres. Obama, orchestrated by the intensity and methods of a political campaign e-mail and massive media contact, with a national level spokesperson. Is it a stunt? Well, heck 'ya! Is it positioned to awaken the common man? Yep.

    • flatsville

      From a campaign PR perspevtive it's inspired. At this syage of the game the boxes with letters eould need to come from leading scientists and nuke groups to get Obama's attention.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, you were correct!

  • Mack Mack

    simplyinfo does a great job explaining "How Fukushima Leaks"


  • does anyone think like i'm beginning to do…that they are actually using psy-ops to communicate with the world…it seems outrageous but so does the situation…
    i'm not a professional but this looks like the baby syndrone to me [my name]…
    when you have a baby that is sick it's like the worst experience ever because they can't speak..describe their symtoms..their pair or discomfort…you have to look and look think and think…create the symtom analysis yourself , carefully relay this info to the doc…they go thru endless trial and error perhaps to get to the right fix for the right problem both variables unidentified until hopefully success is accomplished.

    we have fukushima the baby sick to death and tranfering it's disease all over the world, killing endless other life forms…
    but we have no way to get the baby to tell us what's wrong, what has happened…after some analysis we presume this and that and those become the symtoms we take to higher sources for proposed resolutions…but we can't even get to the child…for experimentation…just hear it's crys…that's tepco spitting out trivial yet frightening data but never never does the baby talk.
    you'd think these people were a bunch of baby sitters not nuclear professionals…

    well this is long winded but i really think they are doing this psy op thing because it's like wearing the right suit to work…
    it's what they're supposed to do…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Its what they have always done and we just did not realize it was happening inside our analog world.

    This will/must change in the future!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Math calculations based on amount of leaking should give an estimate of how long the island can be inhabitable.

  • W8R W8R

    The big misconception lies in the word blobs.. The assumption that the coriums staying intact. Molten liquid melting thru a varied substrate will spread out more and more over time. Some will together again but most wont.
    It is uncontained, and cannot be recovered.

  • Sol Man

    Why the insanity?
    There is more than enough self-hate to go around since so many people gave up their individual sovereignty to become branded for the money and logo. Realization of their error, on some level, sends them spinning deeper, out of control.

  • paschn

    I have begun to see "snippets" here and there about the cause of the collapse of safety measures for the G.E. reactors. These posts say that evidence is beginning to point to Israel and Stuxnet. has anyone seen similar posts or heard anything regarding this?

  • W8R W8R

    Yes. Stuxnet. Yes.
    The switchhouse is still shot and monitoring still shows normal conditions.
    The entire system failed. This cannot happen. It is "double triple reduntant"
    But the Mark One was a doomed design.
    And we have 18 of them in the US..

  • W8R W8R

    Same old song:
    "Just a drop of water in an endless sea"
    While all we do, crumbles to the ground tho we refuse to see.
    All we are is Dust in the Wind….

    Kansas kinda said it all, so long ago…